EIWA Dual Of The Week 2021-22

LIVE BLOG: Iowa vs Army

LIVE BLOG: Iowa vs Army

Can't watch Army at Iowa? Follow all the action minute by minute with our live blog.

Nov 28, 2021 by Andy Hamilton
LIVE BLOG: Iowa vs Army
Iowa's weekend plans temporarily got derailed due to Oregon State travel difficulties. The Hawkeyes' dual against the Beavers was originally scheduled for Saturday afternoon, then it got pushed back to Sunday, then it got scrapped altogether, which left Iowa scrambling for an opponent.

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Iowa's weekend plans temporarily got derailed due to Oregon State travel difficulties. The Hawkeyes' dual against the Beavers was originally scheduled for Saturday afternoon, then it got pushed back to Sunday, then it got scrapped altogether, which left Iowa scrambling for an opponent. 

Army West Point agreed to step in, and now we have a Hawkeyes vs. the Black Knights for a Sunday afternoon showdown. If you can't watch on BTN+, you can catch up on all the action by refreshing this live blog throughout the contest, which is also our EIWA Dual of the Week.

Probable Lineups:

125: Jesse Ybarra (Iowa) dec. Ryan Chauvin 3-1 SV

First period: Chauvin changes levels a couple times in the opening minute, but he can’t penetrate to Ybarra’s legs. Ybarra is controlling center and moving Chauvin toward the edge. Scoreless at the end of the first. 

Second period: Ybarra starts down to begin the second. Ybarra is up to his feet and out in 24 seconds to take a 1-0 lead. Ybarra first off a shot to Chauvin’s right leg but can’t get a lock. Quick flurry of activity with an Ybarra shot followed by a Chauvin reattack, but we’re still neutral. Ybarra leads 1-0 at the end of 2. 

Third period: Chauvin starts down to begin the third. He’s out in 15 seconds to tie it 1-1. Chauvin has :10 RT. Ybarra is digging underhooks with a minute left. Stoppage with :53 to go. Sweep single attempt by Ybarra earns him a stall warning on Chauvin. Hi-C shot by Ybarra with roughly 10 seconds left, but he runs out of time. We’re heading to sudden victory. 

Sudden victory: Great flurry of action in the first 40 seconds with Ybarra working a front-headlock on the edge and Chauvin coming out of it and nearly scoring on the edge. Ybarra fires off another sweep and has Chauvin draped over the top. Chauvin comes out of it. 

Ybarra shoots another sweep and quickly switches off to a double, Chauvin is wrapped around the waist, neutral danger count begins and Ybarra is awarded two. We’re going to video review. The call is upheld and Ybarra wins 3-1. 

Iowa leads 3-0. 

133: #3 Austin DeSanto (Iowa) TF Dominic Carone (Army) 21-6 in 4:57

First period: DeSanto comes out fast with two takedowns and 48 seconds of RT in the first 1:13 of action. DeSanto is in on Carone’s left leg and works around behind for his third takedown of the period. DeSanto tacks on two backs on a tilt to push his lead to 8-2. DeSanto leads 8-2 with 2:09 RT at the end of 1.  

Second period: DeSanto starts down to begin the second. He’s up and out in five seconds and right back in on a carry for two more. Carone escape. DeSanto go-behind for two more. Carone escape. DeSanto runs around behind for two more. Carone escape. DeSanto goes feet-to-back. Carone escape. Double by DeSanto for two more. That’ll do it. DeSanto wins 21-6 in 4:57. 

Iowa leads 8-0. 

141: #2 Jaydin Eierman (Iowa) pinned #24 Corey Shie (Army) 5:54 

First period: Eierman chases to the corner, sticks a leg in and picks up the takedown and kicks Shie out after accumulating 24 seconds of RT. Another takedown for Eierman. Eierman crossbody ride. Eierman cuts Shie after a stalemate. Eierman fires off a shot and comes up to a bodylock and takes Shie down for two more. Stall warning on Shie on bottom. Eierman is trying to run Shie over, but it gets stopped for potentially dangerous with 9 seconds left in the period. Eierman takes a 6-2 lead with 2:12 RT into the second. 

Second period: Eierman switch off the whistle for an escape. Eierman throws Shie by for two more. Eierman locks up a cradle and takes Shie over for four backs to make it 13-2. Eierman cuts Shie with 13 seconds left in the period. It’s 13-3 at the end of 2. 

Third period: Shie escape. Eierman pushes his lead to 15-5 with another takedown. Eierman throws him by once again for a takedown and locks up a cradle. There’s the fall in 5:54. 

Iowa leads 14-0. 

149: #22 PJ Ogunsanya (Army) major dec. Cobe Siebrecht (Iowa) 11-3

First period: Siebrecht head-inside single, elevates Ogunsanya’s left leg. Ogunsanya gets his foot back to the mat. Potentially dangerous with 1:43 to go in the period. Ogunsanya low-single, collects the other leg for two. Siebrecht gets to his feet and escapes on the edge with a minute left in the period. Siebrecht gets to Ogunsanya’s left leg again in the closing seconds of the period, but he can’t finish in time. End of 1: Ogunsanya leads 2-1 with :26 RT. 

Second period: Siebrecht escape. Ogunsanya has :40 RT. Big scramble midway through the period that leads to no points. Ogunsanya fires off a shot and finishes quickly to extend his lead. He’s looking for points on top, but Siebrecht fights it off. End of 2: Ogunsanya leads 4-2 with 1:38 RT. 

Third period: Ogunsanya picks neutral. Ogunsanya headlocks Siebrecht to his back for a takedown and has Siebrecht in trouble. Siebrecht fights off his back to come out of danger, but Ogunsanya picks up four backs. Siebrecht escapes with :20 to go, but he trails 10-3 and Ogunsanya has RT locked. Ogunsanya wins 11-3. 

Iowa leads 14-4. 

157: #8 Kaleb Young (Iowa) dec. HM Markus Hartman (Army) 4-1

First period: Rematch of the 2019 Midlands final. Young won that one 5-3 in SV. Hartman gets in deep on a shot in the opening minute, but Young hips into him and forces a stalemate. Young fires off a shot from space and gets to Hartman’s right leg and finishes to open the scoring. Young gets too high on top and puts himself in a reversal situation. Hartman comes out of it with an escape. End of 1: Young leads 2-1 with :32 RT. 

Second period: Goofy scramble situation kills most of the first 40 seconds of the period with Hartman on top and Young working for a reversal before a stalemate. Iowa bench wants a stall warning on Hartman for hanging on a leg. Crab ride situation on the restart. Hartman pulls Young back and gets a one count. Kevin Ward wants a second count and tosses in the brick. Video review upholds the call on the mat. Young escapes off the restart to push his lead to 3-1. End of 2: Young leads 3-1. Hartman has :27 RT. 

Third period: Young breaks Hartman down and has erased Hartman’s RT advantage and now has RT working in his favor. Stall warning on Young on top with :49 to go. Hartman gets to his feet and Young returns him. Young now has more than a minute of RT. Young comes close to taking Hartman over. Young rides out Hartman in the third to win 4-1.  

Iowa leads 17-4 at intermission. 

165: #1 Alex Marinelli (Iowa) pinned Christian Hunt (Army) 6:37

First period: Marinelli changes levels on a double and finishes roughly 20 seconds in. Hunt escapes and Marinelli is back in right away for another takedown. Marinelli scores his third takedown in the first 90 seconds to push his lead to 6-2. Hunt escape. Hunt stall warning after a series of Marinelli attacks. Marinelli sweep single attempt, Hunt kicks out. Marinelli is looking for a bodylock, now comes up around the head for a cowcatcher, but he runs out of turf on the edge. Hunt gets hit for another stall call during the previous sequence to make it 7-3. End of 1: Marinelli leads 7-3. 

Second period: Marinelli escape. Marinelli gets to an angle and gets behind Hunt and drags him down for another takedown. Hunt escape. Marinelli gets to a bodylock, Hunt turns away on the edge for another stall call to make it 11-4. End of 2: Marinelli leads 11-4 with 1:04 RT. 

Third period: Hunt starts down to begin the third. Marinell comes out front, looking for another cowcatcher while Hunt heads toward the edge and gets hit with another stall warning as they go OB. Marinelli has another cowcatcher in the center of the mat and he takes Hunt over for the fall. 

Iowa leads 23-4.

174: Nelson Brands (Iowa) major dec. Clayton Fielden (Army) 18-5

First period: Brands throws Fielden by, lifts and finishes for two. Fielden escape. Brands shoots to Fielden’s left leg, switches off to a double and finishes. Fielden escapes on the edge with :07 left in the period. End of 1: Brands leads 4-2 with :42 RT. 

Second period: Fielden escape. Hard snap by Brands and he runs around for two more. Brands rides Fielden out after the takedown. He takes a 6-3 lead into the third with 2:33 RT. 

Third period: Brands quick escape. Brands goes feet-to-back for a takedown and four backs to extend his lead into bonus territory. Fielden escape. Brands double for another takedown. Fielden escape. Brands double for two more. Brands wins 18-5 with 3:40 RT. 

Iowa leads 27-4. 

184: Myles Wilson (Iowa) dec. HM Brad Laughlin (Army) 4-1 

First period: Scrappy first 90 seconds with both guys taking some attacks but neither able to penetrate to the legs. Wilson hoists Laughlin off the mat with double unders, setting off a flurry late in the period. Time expires with no points in the first. 

Second period: Laughlin gets high on top and Wilson tries shaking him loose, but it gets stalemated after 15 seconds. Wilson gets to his feet, clears hands and escapes to take a 1-0 lead. Laughlin gets to the corner and momentarily is behind Wilson before Wilson squares up. Laughlin gets warned for stalling on the edge midway through the period. Shot by Laughlin that Wilson feels coming and he runs around and covers for two. Wilson leads 3-0 at the end of 2. 

Third period: Laughlin starts down. RT isn’t a factor at the moment. Laughlin gets to his feet before a big Wilson mat return. Stall warning on Wilson on top. Wilson pushes his RT past a minute. Laughlin gets to his feet and peels the hands to escape. It’s 3-1 with :30 left. Wilson has 1:09 RT. Shot by Laughlin, but Wilson fends it off to win 4-1. 

Iowa leads 30-3. 

197: #23 JT Brown (Army) dec. Zach Glazier (Iowa) 4-1

First period: Not a lot happening here in the first 90 seconds and both guys are handfighting in the center. Glazier gets to a leg and Brown dives through and comes out in an advantageous position. Brown finishes with 13 seconds left in the period. Brown leads 2-0 at the end of 1. 

Second period: Brown escapes in 16 seconds to push his lead to 3-0. Lots of handfighting in the center. End of 2: Brown leads 3-0. 

Third period: Glazier starts down to begin the third. Brown is staying solid on top and building his RT. Brown has more than a minute of RT now. OB with :22 left and Brown still on top. He has RT locked. Glazier escapes with :16 to go and takes a quick shot, but Brown feels it coming. Brown adds the RT point and wins 4-1. 

Iowa leads 30-7. 

285: #5 Tony Cassioppi (Iowa) pinned Brandon Phillips (Army) 5:54

First period: Cassioppi is controlling center and drives Phillips out for a stall warning. Nice level change by Cassioppi to get to a leg and a hard finish. Phillips escape. Cassioppi snatch single and persistent finish on the edge for his second takedown. Cassioppi cuts Phillips to make it 4-2. Cassioppi backs Phillips to the edge again and drops in on a leg for two more. Cassioppi breaks Phillips down and looks for a bar. End of 1: Cassioppi leads 6-2 with 1:34 RT. 

Second period: Cassioppi starts down, gets to his feet peels, the hands and escapes. Stall warning on Phillips on the edge. Cassioppi goes bodylock and takes Phillips to his back. There’s the fall. 

Iowa wins the dual 36-7.