2021 U23 World Championship

LIVE From Serbia: Day 1 U23 Worlds Match Notes

LIVE From Serbia: Day 1 U23 Worlds Match Notes

Get in-real-time live updates from the U23 World Championships in Belgrade, Serbia.

Nov 1, 2021 by JD Rader
LIVE From Serbia: Day 1 U23 Worlds Match Notes

Follow along here for the latest happenings from the 2021 U23 World Championships in Belgrade, Serbia. Day one features five US wrestlers in Greco-Roman action: Taylor LaMont (55 kg), David Stepanian (63 kg), Britton Holmes (77 kg), Spencer Woods (87 kg), and Brandon Metz (130 kg).

Competition begins at 5:30 am Eastern Time with prelims and quarterfinals with semifinals beginning at 1 pm. You can view the full schedule HERE and brackets in FloArena.

Go time! You can see mat assignments HERE.

Update: David Stepanian received a first-round forfeit and his first match will be #36 on Mat B

Round of 32 (77 kg): Britton Holmes, USA vs Dilshod Omondeldiyev, UZB

1st period: Britton Holmes kicking things off for Team USA in Belgrade! Lefty headlock for UZB 30 seconds in nets UZB four points, but Holmes is able to lock around the body and roll through for 1 point on the reversal. Unable to get a turn, the referee stand them back up. Good arm spin attempt for Holmes at the 1:20 mark, but referees rule it a slip. Passive called on Holmes 2 minutes in. The side judge white paddled, but 2 out of 3 agree to put Holmes down. UZB was able to get to a body lock and even get Holmes in the air, but is unable to turn Holmes with his solid defense. 5-1 at the break.

2nd period: Halfway through this period and still no points. Holmes has been controlling the center and attacking. UZB should have already been called for passive. 30 seconds to go, still not sure how UZB hasn't been called for passive. And that will do it. The headlock early in the period and passive point nets Uzbekistan the victory.

Omondeldiyeb dec. Holmes, 5-1

Round of 32 (87 kg): Spencer Woods, USA vs Szymon Szymonowicz, POL

1st period: Poland comes out aggressively and goes high dive to the body 25 seconds into the match. Woods tries to grab double overs and throw Poland through but ends up in big trouble on his back. After holding Woods on his back for around 15 seconds, the officials confirm the fall.

Szymonowicz FALL Woods

Round of 16 (55 kg): Taylor LaMont, USA vs Artiom Deleanu, MDA

1st period: 50 seconds in Moldova is looking for a duck under, but LaMont is keeping his arms in. At the 59 second mark the officials call passive on LaMont, giving Deleanu a point and putting LaMont down. Deleanu comes out front in par terre looking for front head action, but can't make it work. 2 minutes in the mat official offers passive on MDA, but it is white paddled. 1st period comes to a close 1-0. Taylor spent a good amount of time in front headlock from the feet, but was unable to score. We'll see if it was at least able to wear on Deleaun

2nd period: Moldova called for passive eat the 28 second mark. This gives LaMont the lead on criteria and an opportunity on top. LaMont gets to a lock, but is unable to score. Taylor doing a good job of controlling center now. 1 minute to go. Moldova trying valiantly to push LaMont out with 35 seconds to go, but LaMont goes matador while he snaps him to the mat and grounded is called while they go out of bounds. Deleanu gets to double under and attempts and throw with 10- seconds to, but LaMont spins on his head avoids giving up points. Moldova challenges, but loses, so the score is 2-1 with five seconds to go. LaMont advances to the quarters!

LaMont dec. Deleanu, 2-1

Round of 16 (130 kg): Brandon Metz, USA vs Vladyslav Kovalenko, UKR

1st period: Metz appears to have a size advantage over his opponent. He's a large heavyweight. 1 minute in and Metz locks up double overs. H'es goes for a throw off to the side, and the official blows it dead and fingers wags Metz, but I'm not sure why. 1:30 in Metz gets put down on passivity. UKR comes out front looking for front head, but Metz stands up and escapes. Metz goes double overs and does the same throw, this time it's allowed! Mat official goes 2 for proper throw as UKR clearly didn't expose, but side and table white paddle. Still 1-0 Ukraine.

2nd period: Metz attacks the body and sprints at Kovalenko, who uses Metz own momentum against him to throw him. Metz doesn't expose, but gives up 1 point for proper throw. Ukraine called for passive 1:16 in. Metz gets the point, but opts to keep it on the feet. Metz is unable to get anything going the final minute and falls.

Kovalenko dec. Metz, 2-1

Round of 16 (63 kg): David Stepanian, USA vs Corneliu Rusu, MDA

1st period: 1 minute in, not a whole lot happening. 15 seconds later and Stepanian gets put down. Rasu locks up a gut wrench and drives Stepanian all the way to the edge, but they go out of bounds. That brings the 1st period to a close. 1-0 MDA.

2nd period: Both wrestlers trade getting to locks, but neither really committing to attacking. Finally Stepanian goes for an arm spin about halfway through, but it's ruled a slip. 25 seconds later Stepanian is called for passive, which puts him down 2-0 and underneath once again. Good defensive par terre from Stepanian once again. Rasu shuts it down for the final minute and wins 2-0.

Rasu dec. Stepanian, 2-0

Quarterfinal (55 kg): Taylor LaMont, USA vs Giorgi Tokhadze, GEO

1st period: The Georgian is coming out aggressive attack the body and looking for a pinch headlock. 1:09 in and LaMont goes down on passive. It takes a couple of attempts, but Tokhadze gets a righty gut wrench to go up 3-0. LaMont is turning into the aggressor now and gets a step out with 17 seconds in the period.

2nd period: The break didn't help the Georgian much as he is clearly still exhausted. LaMont gets another step out 30 seconds in. Another step out makes it 3-3. Tokhadze still leads on criteria but is clearly gassed. Yet another step out for LaMont gives him the lead with 2 minutes to go. LaMont's 5th stepout of the match comes just 15 seconds later and is hit for with caution as well and will have to go down. Georgia might as well throw in the towel now. LaMont isn't able to get a turn and slows down a little bit once back on the feet, but Tokhadze still has nothing in the tank. Tokhadze tries a headlock as time winds down and is able to get LaMont down, but not expose. LaMont knows he broke Tokhadze as he gives the break stick hand gesture 7 or 8 times at the conclusion. Georgia challenges, but the call is upheld. LaMont wins and is headed to the semifinals! 

LaMont dec. Tokhadze, 6-3

Semifinal (55 kg): Taylor LaMont, USA vs Poya Soulat Dad Marz, Iran

Taylor LaMont has looked great so far in Belgrade, but he is going to be in for a challenge here. Dad Marz has two age level World titles under his belt and Zagreb title as well. Time to put the pace on!

1st period: The two are pummeling for position. I thought LaMont was controlling center better, but he is put down 1:20 in. Lefty gut wrench for Dad Marz and then he readjusts and goes to the right as the two go out of bounds. Now 5-0. 

2nd period: 54 seconds in Iran gets put down. LaMont looks for the reverse lift, but Dad Marz is able to throw him off with one arm and stand up to escape par terre. Dad Marz shuts it down for the second half of the period. LaMont can't break through and goes down to a tough opponent. 

Dad Marz dec. LaMont, 5-1

Day 1 Final Results

55kg: Taylor Lamont (Mapleton, Utah/Sunkist Kids WC) - bronze medal match

WIN Aritom Deleanu (Moldova), 2-1

WIN Giorgi Tokhadze (Georgia), 6-3

LOSS Poya Dad Marz (Iran)

63kg: David Stepanian (Macomb, Mich./New York AC) - eliminated

WIN Zolt Zonai (Serbia), forfeit

LOSS Corneliu Resu (Moldova), 2-0

77kg: Britton Holmes (Peyton, Colo./Army WCAP) - eliminated

LOSS Dilshod Omongeldiyev (Uzbekistan), 5-1

87kg: Spencer Woods (Shungnak, Alaska/Army WCAP) - eliminated

LOSS Szymon Szymonowicz (Poland), fall 0:46

130kg: Brandon Metz (West Fargo, N.D./Bison WC) - eliminated

LOSS Vladyslav Kovalenko (Ukraine), 2-1