2021 Senior World Championships

How Every Olympic Medalist Performed At Worlds And What It Means

How Every Olympic Medalist Performed At Worlds And What It Means

Find out which Olympic medalists performed better or worse at the World Championships, and decide for yourself how tough the brackets were in Oslo.

Oct 13, 2021 by JD Rader
How Every Olympic Medalist Performed At Worlds And What It Means

With the 2021 World Championships occurring 8 weeks after the Tokyo Olympics, not every Olympic medalist was going to compete in Oslo. Some people went as far as to say there should be an asterisk next to this year's World medals with the lack of top competition. I wouldn't go that far, but some of the numbers may surprise you.

Of the 72 Olympic medalists just 24 competed at Worlds: 10 in MFS, 9 in WFS, and 5 in Greco. Of the 24 that competed, 21 also medaled at Worlds. Of the 21 that won medals at both, 12 finished higher, 6 stayed the same, and 3 finished worse. Although I counted bronze to silver as better, keep in mind that the difference between those two can just be what side of the bracket you end up on. The only two Olympic gold medalists that didn't double up were David Taylor and Tamyra Mensah Stock. Also of note, the 3 wrestlers to not repeat as medalists were all in women's freestyle.

Interestingly enough, 50% of the medalists at the Olympic weights in Oslo in all three styles (both individually and combined as a whole) did not compete at the Olympics either due to not making their own team or not qualifying the weight. One of those in men's freestyle might earn an asterisk as it was Aryan Tsiutryn who was a late transfer to Belarus from Russia.

Below are all of the 2021 Olympic medalists and how they finished at Worlds broken down by style and weight.

Men’s Freestyle

57 kg

GOLD: Zaur Uguev → DNC

SILVER: Ravi Kumar → DNC

BRONZE: Nurislam Sanayev → DNC

BRONZE: Thomas Gilman → GOLD

65 kg

GOLD: Takuto Otoguro → DNC

SILVER: Haji Aliyev → DNC

BRONZE: Gadzhimurad Rashidov → DNC

BRONZE: Bajrang Punia → DNC

74 kg

GOLD: Zaurbek Sidakov → DNC

SILVER: Magomedhabib Kadimagomedov → DNC

BRONZE: Kyle Dake → GOLD

BRONZE: Bekzod Abdurakhmonov → DNC

86 kg

GOLD: David Taylor → SILVER

SILVER: Hassan Yazdani → GOLD

BRONZE: Artur Naifnov → BRONZE

BRONZE: Myles Amine → DNC

97 kg

GOLD: Abdulrashid Sadulaev → GOLD

SILVER: Kyle Snyder → SILVER

BRONZE: Reineris Salas → DNC

BRONZE: Abraham Conyedo → DNC

125 kg

GOLD: Gable Steveson → DNC

SILVER: Geno Petriashvili → SILVER

BRONZE: Amir Zare → GOLD


Women’s Freestyle

50 kg

GOLD: Yui Susaki → DNC

SILVER: Sun Yanan → DNC

BRONZE: Mariya Stadnik → DNC

BRONZE: Sarah Hildebrandt → SILVER

53 kg

GOLD: Mayu Mukaida → DNC

SILVER: Pang Qianyu → DNC

BRONZE: Vanesa Kaladzinskaya → DNC

BRONZE: Bat-Ochiryn Bolortuyaa → DNC

57 kg

GOLD: Risako Kawai → DNC

SILVER: Iryna Kurachkina → DNC

BRONZE: Helen Maroulis → GOLD

BRONZE: Evelina Nikolova → 8th

62 kg

GOLD: Yukako Kawai → DNC

SILVER: Aisuluu Tynybekova → GOLD

BRONZE: Iryna Koliadenko → DNC

BRONZE: Evelina Nikolova → 8th

68 kg

GOLD: Tamyra Mensah-Stock → BRONZE

SILVER: Blessing Oborududu → 8th

BRONZE: Ala Cherkasova → DNC

BRONZE: Meerim Zhumanazarova → GOLD

76 kg

GOLD: Aline Rotter-Focken → DNC

SILVER: Adeline Gray → GOLD

BRONZE: Yasemin Adar → DNC

BRONZE: Zhou Qian → DNC


60 kg

GOLD: Luis Orta → DNC

SILVER: Kenichiro Fumita → DNC

BRONZE: Walihan Sailike → DNC

BRONZE: Sergey Emelin → DNC

67 kg

GOLD: Mohammad Reza Geraei → GOLD

SILVER: Parviz Nasibov → DNC

BRONZE: Frank Stabler → DNC

BRONZE: Mohamed Ibrahim El-Sayed → DNC

77 kg

GOLD: Tamas Lorincz → DNC

SILVER: Akzhol Makhmudov → DNC

BRONZE: Shohei Yabiku → DNC

BRONZE: Rafig Huseynov → GOLD

87 kg

GOLD: Zhan Beleniuk → DNC

SILVER: Viktor Lorincz → DNC

BRONZE: Denis Kudla → DNC

BRONZE: Zurab Datunashvili → GOLD

97 kg

GOLD: Musa Evloev → DNC

SILVER: Artur Aleksanyan → DNC

BRONZE: Tadeusz Michalik → DNC

BRONZE: Mohammad Hadi Saravi → GOLD

130 kg

GOLD: Mijan Lopez → DNC

SILVER: Iakob Kajaia → BRONZE

BRONZE: Riza Kayaalp → DNC

BRONZE: Sergey Semenov → DNC