2021 US Marine Corps Junior and 16U National Championships

Complete & Total 16u Freestyle Preview And Predictions

Complete & Total 16u Freestyle Preview And Predictions

The 16u division at Fargo will cement some of the top high schoolers in the country and allow new stars to break out. Here's what you need to know.

Jul 16, 2021 by David Bray
Complete & Total 16u Freestyle Preview And Predictions
The 16u division in Fargo is where some of the nation's top recruits make a statement and where a whole lot of wrestlers get on college coaches' radars for the first time. Here's a preview of some of the action you could see as well as predictions for who might find success.

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The 16u division in Fargo is where some of the nation's top recruits make a statement and where a whole lot of wrestlers get on college coaches' radars for the first time. Here's a preview of some of the action you could see as well as predictions for who might find success.

The Sub 106 Group

Fargo has three weight classes before the first high school weight of 106 lbs, These weights offer the nation's smallest wrestlers to showcase their skills, and while they tend to provide some of the tournament's smallest brackets, there are still names to keep an eye on.

Javaan Yarbrough placed at the u15 trials this year where Haakon Peterson won a title. That could very well be the final at 88 lbs. At 94 lbs, Mack Mauger will be a force. He'll see some tough competition, but his double finals performance at Cadet Trials suggests he'll be up for the challenge.

The group at 100 lbs is a bit deeper. Expect several of these young studs to be ranked this year.

Names to Watch

88 lbs - Javaan Yarbrough, Ohio

88 lbs - Haakon Peterson, Wisconsin

94 lbs - #14 Mack Mauger, Idaho

94 lbs - Moses Mendoza, California

94 lbs - Tyler Garvin, Maryland

94 lbs - Michael Olson, Minnesota

94 lbs - Cadell Lee, Virginia

100 lbs - Davis Motyka, Pennsylvania

100 lbs - Antonio Mills, Georgia

100 lbs - Seth Mendoza, Illinois

100 lbs - Dru Ayala, Iowa

100 lbs - Everest Sutton, Oregon

100 lbs - Aaron Seidel, Pennsylvania

100 lbs - Christian Castillo, Arizona

100 lbs - Talan Parsons, Michigan

100 lbs - Chase Quenault, New Jersey

100 lbs - Carson Walsh, New Jersey

100 lbs - Mason Rohr, Ohio

100 lbs - Shane McFillin, Pennsylvania

100 lbs - Chase Van Hoven, Virginia

100 lbs - Colin Martin, Virginia


88 lbs: Javaan Yarbrough over Haakon Peterson

94 lbs: Mack Mauger over Michael Olson

100 lbs: Chase Van Hoven over Dru Ayala

106 lbs

This bracket gets pretty deep as Isaiah Quintero, Ethan Rivera, and Jameson Garcia are all in the top 20. A number of incoming freshman will be in the rankings after Fargo from this group as well.

Every year, the 106 bracket serves as a launch pad for a bunch of incredible careers, and this year should be no different.

Names to Watch

106 lbs - #7 Isaiah Quintero, California

106 lbs - #8 Ethan Rivera, Florida

106 lbs - #17 Jameson Garcia, Illinois

106 lbs - Louis Gill, Pennsylvania

106 lbs - Carter Nogle, Maryland

106 lbs - Nathan Desmond, Pennsylvania

106 lbs - Noah Nininger, Virginia

106 lbs - Anthony Knox, New Jersey

106 lbs - Sam Herring, Pennsylvania

106 lbs - Elias Navida, California

106 lbs - Sebastian Degennaro, Florida

106 lbs - Carson Doolittle, Iowa

106 lbs - Marcus Blaze, Ohio

106 lbs - Landon Bainey, Pennsylvania

106 lbs - Tahir Parkins, Pennsylvania

106 lbs - Matthew Martino, Idaho

106 lbs - Evan Boblits, Maryland

106 lbs - Jackson BLum, Michigan

106 lbs - Gerald Harris, Oklahoma

106 lbs - Carson Dupill, Virginia


Finals: Isaiah Quintero over Ethan Rivera

AAs: Anthony Knox, Jameson Garcia, Nathan Desmond, Louis Gill, Noah Nininger, Sam Herring

113 lbs

This group has five ranked wrestlers including 113-pounders and 106-pounders who are moving up. That group includes Carter Freeman, Vinny Kilkeary, Jaxon Joy, Jack Consiglio, and Logan Lau. The competition for AA honors here will be stiff.

Names to Watch

113 lbs - #3 Carter Freeman, Iowa

113 lbs - #3 Vincent Kilkeary, Pennsylvania

113 lbs - #10 Jaxon Joy, Ohio

113 lbs - #15 Jack Consiglio, Pennsylvania

113 lbs - #18 Logan Lau, Hawaii

113 lbs - Drew Gorman, Georgia

113 lbs - Reid Spurley, Wisconsin

113 lbs - Brock Mantanona, California

113 lbs - Miles Anderson, Nebraska

113 lbs - Jax Forrest, North Carolina

113 lbs - Billy Greenwood, Colorado

113 lbs - Nick Treaster, Kansas

113 lbs - Marcello Milani, Michigan

113 lbs - Logan Swensen, Minnesota

113 lbs - Draegen Orine, Missouri

113 lbs - Jackson Heslin, California

113 lbs - Koufax Christensen, Iowa

113 lbs - Kale Petersen, Iowa

113 lbs - Dawson Johnson, Wisconsin

113 lbs - Matthew Botello, Massachusetts


Finals: Vinny Kilkeary over Logan Swensen

AA: Carter Freeman, Jaxon Joy, Jack Consiglio, Drew Gorman, Brock Mantanona, Nick Treaster

120 lbs

Mason Gibson is the frontrunner here although after Kael Lauridsen's impressive finals performance at the Cadet Trials, this is clearly a competitive weight. Throw in Aden Valencia (who was at 48kg for Cadet Greco in the Dells), #18 Omar Ayoub, and #19 Kamdyn Williams, and you've go the makings of an incredible bracket.

This group also includes several impressive rising freshmen alongside a handful of guys have already seen time in the high school rankings. You won't want to miss this one.

Names to Watch

120 lbs - #2 Aden Valencia, California

120 lbs - #5 Mason Gibson, Pennsylvania

120 lbs - #12 Kael Lauridsen, Nebraska

120 lbs - #18 Omar Ayoub, Ohio

120 lbs - #19 Kamdyn Williams, Pennsylvania

120 lbs - Derek Guanajuato, Arizona

120 lbs - Colby Crouch, Illinois

120 lbs - Tyler Ferrara, New York

120 lbs - Gianni Silvestri, New York

120 lbs - Dalton Perry, Pennsylvania

120 lbs - Adrian Meza, Arizona

120 lbs - Alex Braun, Minnesota

120 lbs - Zan Fugitt, Missouri

120 lbs - Luke Stanich, New Jersey

120 lbs - Moses Mirabal, California

120 lbs - Mason Gutenberger, Montana

120 lbs - Gauge Botero, Pennsylvania

120 lbs - Joseph Simon, Pennsylvania

120 lbs - Jacob Myers, Colorado

120 lbs - Tyson Charmoli, Minnesota

120 lbs - Donny Almeyda, New Jersey

120 lbs - Casen Roark, Tennessee


Finals: Mason Gibson over Kael Lauridsen

AA: Aden Valencia, Omar Ayoub, Dalton Perry, Zan Fugitt, Derek Guanajuato, Adrian Meza

126 lbs

Once the seniors come out, a number of these guys are primed for spots in the rankings, and this tournament will go a long way in determining those spots. We'll learn a lot about this group over the weekend.

Names to Watch

126 lbs - Vince Bouzakis, Pennsylvania

126 lbs - Collin Guffey, California

126 lbs - Cash Raymond, Minnesota

126 lbs - Max Gallagher, New York

126 lbs - Ayson Rice, South Dakota

126 lbs - Tyler Wells, Minnesota

126 lbs - Kyler Larkin, Arizona

126 lbs - Landon Robideau, Minnesota

126 lbs - Nathan Taylor, New Jersey

126 lbs - Clayton Giddens, Oklahoma

126 lbs - Logan W. Paradice, Georgia

126 lbs - Kane Naaktgeboren, Iowa

126 lbs - Anders Kittelson, Iowa

126 lbs - Joshua Neiwert, Washington

126 lbs - Gunner Andrick, West Virginia

126 lbs - Dmitri Alarcon, Colorado

126 lbs - Aaron Lucio, Michigan

126 lbs - Devon Magro, Pennsylvania

126 lbs - Hunter Sturgill, Tennessee


Finals: Tyler Wells over Kyler Larkin

AA: Clayton Giddens, Vince Bouzakis, Collin Gufey, Cash Raymond, Landon Robideau, Nathan Taylor

132 lbs

Guys like Brock Herman, Christopher Coates, and Zach Hanson have been knocking on the door of the rankings, and incoming freshmen like Ladarion Lockett will make a name for themselves here as well.

Names to Watch

132 lbs - Brock Herman, Ohio

132 lbs - Kollin Rath, Pennsylvania

132 lbs - Zach Hanson, Minnesota

132 lbs - Laird Root, California

132 lbs - Cameron Catrabone, New York

132 lbs - Christopher Coates, Missouri

132 lbs - Cross Wasilewski, New Jersey

132 lbs - Ladarion Lockett, Oklahoma

132 lbs - Cameron Milheim, Pennsylvania


Finals: Brock Herman over Christopher Coates

AA: Ladarion Lockett, Laird Root, Kollin Rath, Zach Hanson, Cameron Catrabone, Cameron Milheim

138 lbs

This bracket is filled with nationally recognized names like Tyler Kasak, Mekhi Neal, Jace Roller, Nicholas Kunstek, Ethan Mojena, and Joel Adams. That's a dangerous group, but their will certainly be surprise All-Americans who emerge from the 138 bracket as well.

Names to Watch

138 lbs - Mekhi Neal, Maryland

138 lbs - Nicholas Kunstek, Pennsylvania

138 lbs - Tyler Kasak, Pennsylvania

138 lbs - Jace Roller, Oklahoma

138 lbs - Ethan Mojena, Florida

138 lbs - Joel Adams, Nebraska

138 lbs - Coby Merrill, California

138 lbs - Dylan Pile, California

138 lbs - Angelo Posada, California

138 lbs - Emil Necula, Georgia

138 lbs - Jaydon Robinson, Illinois

138 lbs - Claudio Torres, Illinois

138 lbs - Tycho Carmichael, Iowa

138 lbs - Justin Avila, Iowa

138 lbs - Judah Aybar, Maryland

138 lbs - Cade Ziola, Nebraska

138 lbs - Alessio Perentin, New Jersey

138 lbs - Beau Hickman, Oklahoma

138 lbs - Tyler Eise, Colorado

138 lbs - August Hibler, New Jersey

138 lbs - Luke Sipes, Pennsylvania


Finals: Joel Adams over Tyler Kasak

AA: Mekhi Neal, Jace Roller, Nicholas Kunstek, Ethan Mojena, Justin Avila, August HIbler

145 lbs

This is another weight that will shape the rankings once the seniors come out. Angelo Ferrari is down from 152, and Pierson Manville is up. Those two headline a solid group.

Names to Watch

145 lbs - William Henckel, Connecticut

145 lbs - Pierson Manville, Pennsylvania

145 lbs - Dylan Evans, Pennsylvania

145 lbs - Angelo Ferrari, Oklahoma

145 lbs - Latrell Schafer, Georgia

145 lbs - Logan Swaw, Illinois

145 lbs - Bas Diaz, Iowa

145 lbs - Paul Ognissanti, Maryland

145 lbs - Brodie Dominique, Ohio

145 lbs - Brett Back, Wisconsin

145 lbs - Charlie Millard, Wisconsin

145 lbs - Hudson Rogers, Idaho

145 lbs - Layton Schneider, Oklahoma


Finals: Angelo Ferrari over Pierson Manville

AA: William Henckel, Dylan Evans, Bas Diaz, Logan Swaw, Paul Ognissanti, Brett Back

152 lbs

Zack Ryder has established himself as one of the top young prospects in the class of 2024. He's the favorite here, but he has a tough road to navigate to win this weight.

Names to Watch

152 lbs - #11 Zack Ryder, New York

152 lbs - Braxton Strick, Missouri

152 lbs - Creed Thomas, Georgia

152 lbs - Dominic Bambinelli, Georgia

152 lbs - Jayden Colon, Illinois

152 lbs - Nicholas Fox, Iowa

152 lbs - Wyatt Reisz, Iowa

152 lbs - Wynton Denkins, Ohio

152 lbs - Moses Espinoza-Owens, Utah

152 lbs - Israel Ibarra, Arizona

152 lbs - Bryce Burkett, Minnesota

152 lbs - Max Nevlin, New Jersey

152 lbs - KJ Evans, Oklahoma

152 lbs - Macon Ayers, Virginia

152 lbs - Lars Michaelson, Washington


Finals: Zach Rider over Braxton Strick

AA: Creed Thomas, Wynton Denkins, Moses Espinoza-Owens, KJ Evans, Lars Michaelson, Jaydon Colon

160 lbs

This weight doesn't have any ranked guys, but it has a whole lot of opportunity for guys to establish themselves.

Names to Watch

160 lbs - Daschle Lamer, Oregon

160 lbs - Hoke Poe Hogan, Georgia

160 lbs - David Mayora, Illinois

160 lbs - Brent Slade, Iowa

160 lbs - Vaughn Spencer, Pennsylvania

160 lbs - Aeoden Sinclair, Wisconsin

160 lbs - Travis Smith, Minnesota

160 lbs - Louie Cerchio, New Jersey

160 lbs - Luke James, Ohio

160 lbs - Talon McCollom, Oklahoma


Finals: Aeoden Sinclair over David Mayora

AA: Hoke Poe Hogan, Daschle Lamer, Travis Smith, Talon McCollom, Brent Slade, Luke James

170 lbs

Gabe Arnold is one of the biggest favorites in the 16u division, but he'll see some tough competition. More big men will emerge as big recruits by the end of this tournament.

Names to Watch

170 lbs - #5 Gabriel Arnold, Georgia

170 lbs - Justin Rademacher, Oregon

170 lbs - Nathan Taylor, Connecticut

170 lbs - Cody Merrill, California

170 lbs - Brian Burburija, Florida

170 lbs - Abraham Wojcikiewicz, Illinois

170 lbs - Aidan Ysaguirre, Arizona

170 lbs - Harvey Ludington, New Jersey

170 lbs - Oscar Williams, Oklahoma


Finals: Gabe Arnold over Nathan Taylor

AA: Cody Merrill, Brian Burburija, Abraham Wojcikiewicz, Aidan Ysaguirre, Harvey Ludington, Justin Rademacher

182 lbs

Connor Mirasola's Cadet Trials finals appearance makes him the favorite here, but he'll have his hands full with his brother Cole and a number of credentialed opponents.

Names to Watch

182 lbs - Omaury Alvarez, Georgia

182 lbs - Luke Vanadia, Ohio

182 lbs - Cole Mirasola, Wisconsin

182 lbs - Connor Mirasola, Wisconsin

182 lbs - Ryland Whitworth, California

182 lbs - Dominic Thebeau, Illinois

182 lbs - Jude Correa, Massachusetts

182 lbs - Soren Herzog, Minnesota

182 lbs - Noah Blair, Nebraska

182 lbs - Camden McDanel, Ohio

182 lbs - Kingsley Menifee, Virginia


Finals: Connor Mirasola over Omaury Alvarez

AA: Cole Mirasola, Jude Correa, Luke Vanadia, Ryland Whitworth, Soren Herzog, Kingsley Menifee

195 lbs

This is an upper classmen-heavy weight, but some of the names on this list will take over soon. Expect to see a number of these guys in the rankings after the seniors come out.

Names to Watch

195 lbs - Max McEnelly, Minnesota

195 lbs - Carter Neves, Ohio

195 lbs - Sonny Sasso, Pennsylvania

195 lbs - Sawyer Bartelt, Florida

195 lbs - Noah Wenzel, Illinois

195 lbs - McCrae Hagarty, Iowa

195 lbs - Adam Haselius, Michigan

195 lbs - Alexander Uryniak, New Jersey

195 lbs - Richard Thomas, Oklahoma


Finals: Carter Neves over Sonny Sasso

AA: Max McEnelly, Sawyer Bartelt, Noah Wenzel, McCrae Hagarty, Richard Thomas, Adam Haselius

220 lbs

Koy Hopke has won just about everywhere, and now he has a chance on a very big stage, but he'll have a number of tough guys to get past.

Names to Watch

220 lbs - Koy Hopke, Wisconsin

220 lbs - Nicholas Sahakian, California

220 lbs - Jacob Walker, Iowa

220 lbs - Austin Johnson, Pennsylvania

220 lbs - Parker Ferrell, Virginia


Finals: Koy Hopke over Parker Ferrell

285 lbs

A whole lot of seniors will be coming out of the rankings after Fargo, so expect to see some of these names move in soon.

Names to Watch

285 lbs - Aidan Fockler, Ohio

285 lbs - Navarro Schunke, South Dakota

285 lbs - Griffin Empey, Wisconsin

285 lbs - Will Sather, Minnesota


Finals: Navarro Schunke over Aidan Fockler