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A College Wrestling Fan's Guide To Fargo 2021

A College Wrestling Fan's Guide To Fargo 2021

Breaking down all the committed and uncommitted wrestlers in the boys' divisions at Fargo 2021.

Jul 13, 2021 by Andrew Spey
A College Wrestling Fan's Guide To Fargo 2021

It's Fargo time, one of the biggest high school wrestling events of the year. Which means it's also one of the biggest events of the year for college wrestling fans.

Whether it's wrestlers looking to get another tough tournament under their belts before attending a school they've already committed to, or uncommitted wrestlers looking to raise their stock in the eyes of their future coaches, Fargo is fertile grounds for college recruiters and for college fans searching for a glimpse at what lies ahead. 

With that in mind, we've prepared the information below to help NCAA fans more easily follow the action in North Dakota.

Below is a list of committed wrestlers by their weight and age division in which they have registered to compete, as well as national ranking, and state team, by college alphabetically.

Arizona State

126 16U: Kyler Larkin, AZ

138 Junior: Ramon Ramos, AZ

152 Junior: #13 Michael Kilic, GA

Army West Point

160 Junior: Gunner Filipowicz, GA

285 Junior: Gage Cook, WA

Cal Poly

152 Junior: #8 Luka Wick, CA


126 Junior: Sebastian Melguizo, FL

195 Junior: #14 Brandon Hoselton, IL

Cleveland State

113 Junior: #11 Benjamin Aranda, IL


138 Junior: #12 Richard Fedalen, MD


126 Junior: #8 Nico Provo, CT

152 Junior: #18 Erik Gibson, PA

170 Junior: Evan Canoyer, NE


120 Junior: #12 Kannon Webster, IL

220 Junior: #3 Christian Carroll, IN


145 Junior: #16 Henry Porter, CA

160 Junior: #17 Tyler Lillard, PA

182 Junior: Jake Evans, OH


126 Junior: #2 Drake Ayala, IA

145 Junior: #4 Caleb Rathjen, IA

Iowa State

138 Junior: #7 Casey Swiderski, MI

152 Junior: Jack Gaukel, IA

160 Junior: #16 Paniro Johnson, PA

170 Junior: #4 (at 182) Manny Rojas, MI


195 Junior: #9 Caden Rogers, PA


145 Junior: Kal Miller, MO


195 Junior: #2 Rylan Rogers, WA


126 Junior: #3 Troy Spratley, TX

132 Junior: Jager Eisch, MN

138 Junior: #15 Tagen Jamison, TX

170 Junior: #10 Hunter Lyden, MN

220 Junior: #10 Bennett Tabor, MN


132 Junior: #5 Zeke Seltzer, IN

132 Junior: Korbin Shepherd, MO

182 Junior: #5 Clayton Whiting, WI

North Carolina State

145 Junior: #8 Jackson Arrington, PA

195 Junior: #8 Dylan Fishback, OH

285 Junior: #1 Chase Horne, GA


160 Junior: #12 Antrell Taylor, NE

160 Junior: Adam Thebeau, IL

285 Junior: #3 Harley Andrews, OK

North Carolina

220 Junior: #4 Noah Pettigrew, GA

North Dakota State

152 Junior: #15 Gabriel Schumm, CA

160 Junior: #5 Michael Caliendo, IL

182 Junior: #20 Deanthony Parker, IL

220 Junior: #15 Dominik Vacura, MN

Northern Colorado

138 Junior: #4 Ben Alanis, AZ

285 Junior: #8 Xavier Doolin, MO

Northern Iowa

145 Junior: Cael Rahnavardi, IA

182 Junior: Jared Simma, KS

182 Junior: Adam Ahrendsen, IA

220 Junior: #13 Kalob Runyon, IA


195 Junior: #10 Evan Bates, IN

Ohio State

145 Junior: Gavin Brown, OH

195 Junior: #5 Seth Shumate, OH


106 Junior: #4 Christian Forbes, OK

Oklahoma State

145 Junior: Teague Travis, OK

Oregon State

126 Junior: #7 Gabe Whisenhunt, OR

138 Junior: Chase DeBlaere, MN

182 Junior: #16 Asher Ruchti, OR

285 Junior: Jacob Barnes, OR


120 Junior: Sean Seefeldt, OH

126 Junior: Kelly Dunnigan, NJ

132 Junior: #19 Richard Delsanter, OH

138 Junior:  #17 Alex Almeyda, NJ

220 Junior: #4 Martin Cosgrove, NJ


126 Junior: #2 Dean Peterson, NJ


220 Junior: #6 Ben Vanadia, OH


138 Junior: #16 Brandan Chletsos, PA

182 Junior: #3 Brian Soldano, NJ

South Dakota State

132 Junior: Derrick Cardnal, MN

152 Junior: #4 Cael Swensen, MN


120 Junior: Marlon Yarbrough, OH

132 Junior:  Kyren Butler, OH

132 Junior: #17 Garrett Grice, NE

Virginia Tech

120 Junior: #2 Cooper Flynn, TN

152 Junior: #3 Caleb Henson, GA

West Virginia

132 Junior: Garett Lautzenheiser, OH


126 Junior: #16 Jore Volk, MN

195 Junior: Quayin Short, MN

Let us know if we missed anyone!

Unsurprisingly, the Big Ten will be well represented in the Fargodome. Of particular interest will be the 195-pound bracket, not least of which is because future Michigan vs Ohio State rivals Rylan Rogers and Seth Shumate will be in it duking it out. 

The ACC will also have its future stars on display, with the state of Georgia flexing its blue-chip muscles by having a top-five wrestler at Fargo committed to three different ACC schools: #1 Chase Horne (NC State), #3 Caleb Henson (VTech), and #4 Noah Pettigrew (UNC).

But what of the uncommitted wrestlers? Below is an incomplete list of the top prospects that have yet to announce their collegiate plans as well as which Fargo bracket in which you should look for them.

#1 Nic Bouzakis, PA: Junior 132

#2 (at 106) Aden Valencia, CA: 16U 120

#3 (at 106) Carter Freeman, IA: 16U 113

#3 Vincent Kilkeary, PA: 16U 113

#3 Jordan Williams, OK: Junior 145 (school list: Mizzou, Nebraska, UNC, Oklahoma, OK State)

#4 Braeden Davis, MI: Junior 113 

#5 Mason Gibson, PA: 16U 120 (school list: tOSU, Minnesota, Iowa, OK State, PSU, Cornell)

#5 Gabe Arnold, GA: 16U 170

#6 (at 106) Gylon Sims, IL: Junior 113

#6 Hunter Mason, TN: Junior 132

#7 Isaiah Quintero, CA: 16U 106

#8 Ethan Rivera, FL: 16U 106

#8 Rocco Welsh, PA: Junior 160

#8 Bennett Berge, MN: Junior 182

#9 Mitchell Mesenbrink, WI: Junior 152

#9 Jett Strickenberger, CO: Junior 120

#9 TJ Stewart, MD: Junior 182 (school list: PSU, VTech, UVA, tOSU, Michigan, Navy)

#10 (at 106) Jaxon Joy, OH: 16U 106

#10 Caleb Thoennes, MN: Junior 113

And that's just the start. The radars of college coaches will be swarmed with more names, but don't hesitate to let us know about egregious omissions and absent school lists.