2021 USA Wrestling Olympic Team Trials Watch Party

RTC Cards And Special Events Will Be Used In Olympic Trials Seeding

RTC Cards And Special Events Will Be Used In Olympic Trials Seeding

USA Wrestling has announced that most RTC cards and special events will be used in Olympic Trials seeding.

Mar 24, 2021 by JD Rader
RTC Cards And Special Events Will Be Used In Olympic Trials Seeding

From USA Wrestling - For the upcoming U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Wrestling in Fort Worth, Texas, results from the many RTC cards and Special Events, which were developed during the pandemic, will be used as part of the seeding process.

These events, which used international wrestling rules and referees, featured many of the athletes who have already qualified for the U.S. Olympic Team Trials, and others who may qualify during this weekend’s Last Chance Olympic Trials Qualifier in Fort Worth.

TheMat.com covered and documented the results of these event through its coverage of each of them. They were hosted by a number of RTCs and clubs, broadcast on a variety of wrestling platforms.

Relive these great events by going through the results listed below.

NOTES: FS = men’s freestyle, W = women’s freesyle; GR = Greco-Roman

Weight classes not always provided by card organizers. Sometimes in pounds, sometimes in kg

Youth events are not included, but elite high school bouts included (some high school athletes may be Senior eligible)

Saturday, February 27 – Capitol Cup in Virginia (Greco event)

Eight-man Greco-Roman tournament results

1st - Nolan Baker (NYAC) TF Lenny Merkin (NYAC/Curby 3-Style) 14-6

3rd - Jessy Williams (NYAC/Spartan) TF Logan Savvy (NYAC)

5th - Morgan Flaherty (NYAC) TF Eric Hoffman 8-0.

7th - Corbin Nirschl DEC Kabil Soulfan 7-2

Other matches

FS 76kg: Maurice Flemming (Blue Claw) TF Brenton Dotter (unattached)

W 62 kg: Xochitl Mota-Pettis (RISE Wrestling) DEC 5-2 Kendall Bostelman (SEM/OH)

W 62 kg: Xochitl Mota-Pettis (RISE Wrestling) TF Piper Staniford (SEM/PA) 10-0

Thursday, February 25 – PRTC Summit 2

Main Card Results

FS 61 kg: Ryan Miller (PRTC) TF Nick Masters (NJRTC), 12-2

FS 92 kg: Max Dean (Spartan Combat RTC) FALL CJ Brucki (NJRTC)

FS 125 kg: Matt Cover (NJRTC) TF Mauro Correnti (PRTC), 13-2

FS 77 kg: Jevon Balfour (Spartan Combat RTC) TF Dan Vallimont (PRTC), 10-0

FS 99 kg: Ty Walz (SERTC) DEC Ben Honis (PRTC), 9-3

FS 92 kg: Cole Urbas (PRTC) TF CJ Brucki (NJRTC), 10-0

U23 Results

FS 125 kg: Aiden Connor (NJRTC) DEC Nate Hoaglund (PRTC), 3-1

FS 125 kg: Ben Goldin (PRTC) DEC Matt Cover (NJRTC), 9-3

FS 72 kg: Jeremy Ridge (PRTC) DEC Jack Lang (NJRTC), 5-0

FS 86 kg: Chris Foca (Spartan Combat RTC) DEC Jake Hendricks (PRTC), 6-4

FS 86 kg: Jon Lowe (Spartan Combat RTC) TF John Stout (PRTC), 12-2

FS 76 kg: Cam Connor (PRTC) DEC Blaine Bergey (NJRTC), 11-8

FS 82 kg: Neil Antrassian (PRTC) DEC Nate Dugan (NJRTC), 19-14

FS 79 kg: Nick Incontrera (PRTC) DEC Grant Cuomo (NJRTC), 9-3

FS 72 kg: Hunter Richard (Spartan Combat RTC) TF Lucas Revano (PRTC), 12-2

FS 71 kg: Doug Zapf (PRTC) DEC Josh Saunders (Spartan Combat RTC), 8-2

FS 76 kg: Julian Ramirez (Spartan Combat RTC) TF Quincy Monday (NJRTC), 10-0

FS 61 kg: Carmen Ferrante (PRTC) TF Nick Masters (NJRTC), 10-0

FS 63 kg: Michael Colaiocco (PRTC) TF Anthony Clark (NJRTC), 12-0

FS 70 kg: Anthony Artalona (PRTC) TF Marshall Keller (NJRTC), 10-0

Wednesday, February 24 – Wisconsin RTC Underground 4

FS 150 pounds: Colton McCrystal DEC Joe Zargo, 9-4

FS 150 pounds: Mitch McKee TF Henry Pohlmeyer, 10-0

W 112 pounds: Mia Palumbo TF Rose Ann Marshall, 10-0

FS 170 pounds: Collin Purinton DEC Devin Bahr, 11-5

FS 132 pounds: Matt Ramos DEC Ethan Rotondo, 8-4

W 149 pounds: Kylie Welker TF Marisol Nugent, 12-1

GR176 pounds: Ryan Epps DEC Tyler Dow, 6-4

W 141 pounds: Julia Salata DEC Michaela Beck, 5-0

W 114 pounds: Alyssa Lampe DEC Erin Golston, 9-0

FS 150 pounds: Colton McCrystal DEC Mitch McKee, 12-8

FS 205 pounds: Braxton Amos DEC TJ Dudley, 7-2

FS 169 pounds: Evan Wick FALL Tyler Berger

Tuesday, February 23 – NLWC Card – Dake vs. Nolf

Main Card

FS Kyle Snyder dec. Nate Jackson, 6-1

FS Zach Sanders pin Thomas Gilman, 1:47

FS Vito Arujau tech. fall Sean Russell, 14-3

FS Jason Nolf tech. fall Jevon Balfour (Canada), 10-0

FS Kyle Dake tech. fall Vincenzo Joseph, 10-0

W Mallory Velte dec. Jen Page, 6-1

W Ale Bonilla (Mexico/NLWC) dec. Kendall Bostelman, 8-0

FS Max Dean dec. Nate Jackson, 5-5

FS Kyle Snyder tech. fall Scottie Boykin, 11-0

FS Gabe Dean dec. Bo Nickal, 3-2

FS Vito Arujau dec. Zach Sanders, 6-0

FS Thomas Gilman tech. fall Sean Russell, 11-0

W Jane Valencia (Mexico/NLWC) tech, fall Ronna Heaton, 12-2

FS Vincenzo Joseph dec. Jevon Balfour (Canada), 8-2

FS Zain Retherford dec. Evan Henderson, 6-2

FS Kyle Snyder tech. fall Gabe Dean, 13-2

FS Kyle Dake dec. Jason Nolf, 5-0

Feb. 11-12 – America’s Cup, Concord, N.C. (on FloWrestling)

America's Cup results

Feb. 13-14– Captains’ Cup in Iowa City, Iowa. (on FloWrestling)

Captains Cup results

Friday, January 29 – PRTC Summit 1

Main Card

FS 125 kg - Demetrius Thomas tech. fall Mauro Correnti, 10-0

FS 97 kg - Ben Honis dec. Scottie Boykin, 10-8

FS 76 kg - Mitch Finesilver dec. Jasmit Phulka, 3-3

FS 79 kg - Branson Ashworth dec. Dan Vallimont, 8-0

FS 63 kg - Shelton Mack dec. Ethan Lizak, 3-1

FS 150 lbs - Evan Henderson dec. Anthony Artalona, 7-6

FS 205 lbs - Chandler Rogers pin Jonathan Loew;

W 71 kg - Enas Ahmed dec. Skylar Grote, 10-6

FS 88 kg - Myles Martin dec. Max Dean, 4-2

FS 79 kg - David McFadden tech. fall Vincenzo Joseph, 13-2

FS 88 kg - Nate Jackson dec. Mark Hall, 4-3

Tuesday, January 26 – PWC 2

Senior Matches

FS 75 kg - Ronnie Perry (Mat Town WC) dec. Quentin Perez (Navy-Marine Corps RTC), 11-11

FS 120 kg – Demetrius Thomas (Pittsburgh WC) tech. fall Max Lacey (Costa Rica), 15-5

FS 79 kg - Chance Marsteller tech. fall Evan Wick (TMWC/WRTC), 10-0

W 78 kg - Dymond Guilford (TMWC) dec.Victoria Francis (TMWC), 4-2

FS 67 kg - Luke Pletcher (Pittsburgh WC) dec. Dean Heil (Navy-Marine Corps RTC), 7-1

Wednesday, January 20 - Wisconsin Underground 3

Main Card results

FS 185 - Ryan Epps (Minnesota Storm) dec. Ricky Robertson (Wisconsin RTC), 6-2

W 127 - Payton Stroud (McKendree) tech. fall Sophie Smith (Oklahoma City), 11-0

W 148 - Kylie Welker (Team Nazar) tech. fall Rose Cassioppi (The Monster Barn), 10-0

FS 150 - Henry Pohlmeyer tech. fall Joe Zargo (Wisconsin RTC), 11-0

W 137 - Michaela Beck (Sunkist Kids) dec. Brenda Reyna (McKendree), 4-2

GR 185 – Ben Provisor (NYAC) tech fall Tyler Dow (Wisconsin RTC), 8-0;

W 123 - Ronna Heaton (Sunkist/WRTC) tech. fall Felicity Taylor (McKendree), 12-1

FS 174 - David McFadden (Pennsylvania RTC) dec. Evan Wick (TMWC/WRTC), 7-4

W 112 - Erin Golston (NYAC/WRTC) pin Pauline Granados (McKendree), 1:29

W 115 - Mia Palumbo (Illinois) tech. fall Chloe Ayres (NJRTC), 11-0

FS 209 - Braxton Amos (Wisconsin RTC) tech. fall CJ Brucki (NJRTC), 14-3;

FS 139 - Seth Gross (Sunkist/WRTC) dec. Rustam Ampar (Russia), 9-8

FS 150 - Chris Fleeger (Midwest RTC) dec. Joe Dubuque (NJRTC), 4-1

Wednesday, January 13 – Burroughs vs Taylor, Lincoln, Neb.

Card Results

FS 116 lbs:- Anthony Knox dec. Ben Davino, 11-6

W 117 lbs. - Sage Mortimer dec. Audrey Jimenez, 8-5

FS 145 lbs:- Cody Chittum pin Jordan Williams

FS 65 kg - Joey McKenna dec. Seth Gross, 10-0

FS 215 lbs - J'den Cox dec. Nate Jackson, 6-1

FS 86 kg - David Taylor dec. Jordan Burroughs, 4-4

January 9 – FloWrestling Gray vs. Mensah-Stock

Card Results

FS 155 lbs: Mitch McKee TF Tristan Moran, 11-1

W 60 kg: Ronna Heaton DEF Desiree Zavala, 10-8

FS 215 lbs: Nate Jackson TF Wynn Michalak, 12-1

FS 61 kg: Seth Gross DEF Zane Richards, 11-3

FS 143 lbs: Ethan Lizak TF Matt McDonough, 10-0

FS 65 kg: Joey McKenna TF Nahshon Garrett , 12-2

W 51 kg: Erin Golston DEF Emily Shilson, 8-5

FS 152 lbs: James Green DEF Pat Lugo, 3-2

FS 97 kg: J'den Cox DEF Hayden Zillmer, 6-1

W 76 kg: Tamyra Mensah-Stock DEF Adeline Gray, 4-0

Thursday, January 8 – Spartan Combat RTC event

Main Card

FS Vitali Arujau tech. fall Michael Colaiocco, 11-0

FS Gabe Dean dec. Mike Macchiavello, 5-5

FS Yianni Diakomihalis tech. fall Anthony Ashnault, 10-0

FS Kyle Dake tech. fall Dave McFadden, 11-0


FS Ben Darmstadt (Spartan Combat) pin Khalil Shakur (Life), 0:50

FS Ryan Miller (PRTC) tech. fall Benny Gomez (Presbyterian), 11-1

FS Dom LaJoie (Spartan Combat) tech. fall Dominic Chavez (Presbyterian), 13-3

FS Daniel Koll (Spartan Combat) tech. fall Khalid Blankly (Presbyterian), 11-1

FS Anthony Artalona (PRTC) dec. Josh Saunders (Spartan Combat), 2-2

FS Chris Foca (Spartan Combat) tech. fall Neil Antrassian (PRTC), 13-2

FS Jon Loew (Spartan Combat) pin Maximus Hale (PRTC), 5:08

FS Lewis Fernandes (Spartan Combat) tech. fall Ben Goldin (PRTC), 14-4

FS Colton Yapoujian (Spartan Combat) tech. fall Jackson Dean (PRTC), 10-0

FS Julian Ramirez (Spartan Combat) tech. fall Sam Erwin (Reinhardt), 10-0

FS Hunter Richard (Spartan Combat) tech. fall Matt Jenkins (Reinhardt), 10-0

FS Jacob Cardenas (Spartan Combat) tech. fall Khalil Belk (Greensboro), 11-0

FS Evan Henderson (Spartan Combat) pin Hai Siu (Greensboro), 1:58

FS Scottie Boykin (Spartan Combat) tech. fall Brandon Williams (Greensboro), 10-0

FS Dom LaJoie (Spartan Combat) tech. fall Jacob Brosseur (Presbyterian), 10-0

FS Max Dean (Spartan Combat) tech. fall Khalil Shakur (Life), 10-0

Sunday, January 3 - Battle on the Banks (NJRTC)

FS 154 lbs. - - Robert Cleary dec. Jake Benner, 12-8

FS 157 lbs.: Michael VanBrill tech. fall Brandon LaRue, 10-0, 4:28

FS Hwt - Ethan Laird dec. Christian Colucci, 3-2

FS 160 lbs.- Robert Kanniard tech. fall Tony Tolbert, 15-4, 5:10

FS 134 lbs. - Ryan Miller dec. Dylan Shawver, 7-3

FS 177 lbs.- Quentin Perez dec. Joseph Grello, 8-5

FS 190 lbs.- CJ Brucki tech. fall John Poznanski, 12-2, 4:50

FS 197 lbs.- Billy Janzer tech. fall Max Hale, 11-0. 3:37

FS 143 lbs. - Kamol Begakov dec. Ethan Lizak, 4-3

FS 139 lbs. - Michael Colaiocco tech. fall Devin Britton , 10-0, 2:03

FS 143 - Sebastian Rivera tech. fall Shelton Mack, 13-3, 5:57

FS 175 lbs. - Chance Marsteller dec. Tommy Gantt, 3-2

W 132 lbs, - Jacarra Winchester tech. fall Koral Sugiyama, 10-0

Tuesday, December 22 – NLWC #4

Main card

FS Franklin Gomez dec. Malik Amine, 5-2

FS Michael Beard dec. Nick Reenan, 10-6

FS Santa Claus pin The Grinch, 4:00

FS Kyle Snyder tech. fall Ty Walz, 10-0

W Emma Bruntil dec. Jen Page, 2-1

FS Carter Starocci dec. Daniel Bullard, 13-2

FS Hayden Hidlay dec. Brady Berge, 5-0

FS Nick Lee dec. Tariq Wilson, 14-10

W Jane Valencia dec. Xochitl Mota-Pettis, 4-4

FS Roman Bravo-Young dec. Aljamain Sterling, 6-4

FS Zain Retherford dec. Bajrang Punia, 6-0

Tuesday, December 22 – Pitt WC card

FS Luke Werner pin Louis Newell

FS Luke Kemerer dec. Cole Manley, 6-0

FS CJ Brucki dec. Gregg Harvey, 10-6

W Carly Gross dec. Alayna Gil 12-8

FS Isaac Reid dec. Demetrius Thomas, 4-2

FS Shelton Mack dec. Cole Matthews, 5-5

FS Nino Bonaccorsi dec. Travis Stefanik, 8-1

FS Micky Phillippi dec. Ethan Lizak, 4-1

FS Darian Cruz dec. Samat Nadyrbek Uulu, 5-3

FS Luke Pletcher dec. David Habat, 9-0

Friday, December 18 – FloWrestling 150-pound 8-Man Challenge, Austin, Texas

FS Championship bout - Bajrang Punia (Indian Railroad) dec. No. 2 James Green (Southeast RTC), 8-4

FS Third place bout - Alec Pantaleo (Cliff Keen WC) dec. No. 5 Anthony Ashnault (Scarlet Knight WC), 8-1


No. 1 Bajrang Punia (Indian Railroad) dec. No. 5 Anthony Ashnault (Scarlet Knight WC), 9-0

No. 2 James Green (Southeast RTC) dec. No. 6 Alec Pantaleo (Cliff Keen WC), 4-2


No. 1 Bajrang Punia (Indian Railroad) dec.No. 8 Pat Lugo (Hawkeye WC), 6-1

No. 5 Anthony Ashnault (Scarlet Knight WC) dec. No. 4 Evan Henderson (Spartan Combat RTC), 6-6

No. 6 Alec Pantaleo (Cliff Keen WC) dec. No. 3 Jordan Oliver (Sunkist Kids), 4-4

No. 2 James Green (Southeast RTC) tech. fall No. 7 Bryce Meredith (New York AC), 10-0, 2:15

Women’s Featured bouts

W Tiara Ikei (EAP) pin Amy Fearnside (Titan Mercury WC), 3:36

W Jacarra Winchester (Titan Mercury WC) tech. fall Lauren Louive (New York AC), 10-0, 3:00

Wednesday, December 16 – WRTC Underground 2

FS 182 lbs – Graham Calhoun dec Tanner Mendoza, 12-10

FS 150 lbs. –Dresden Simon tech. fall Aiden Medora, 12-1

W 131 lbs. – Katelynn Gunderson tech. fall Mateah Roehl, 15-4

FS 150 lbs. –Joey Bianchi dec. Joe Zargo, 12-4

FS 205 lbs. – Chris Weiler pin Kobe Woods, 1:35

FS 135 lbs.– Paul Bianchi dec. Kyle Burwick, 10-6

FS 130 lbs. –Drew Hildebrandt dec. Eric Barnett, 10-4

W 145 lbs. – Kylie Welker tech. fall Amor Tuttle, 10-0

W 132 lbs. – Ronna Heaton dec. Koral Sugiyama, 10-7

FS 173 lbs.– Evan Wick tech. fall Kennedy Monday, 16-5

W 114 lbs. – Erin Golston dec. Maria Vidales, 7-1

FS 132 lbs.– Seth Gross dec. Thomas Gilman, 4-4

Friday, December 4 – Tar Heel Wrestling Club Open,

Main Card Results

FS 130 pounds Nicolas Aguilar (SKWC) TF Joe Heilmann (THWC), 10-0

FS 200 pounds –Jordan Pagano (SKWC) DEC Max Shaw (THWC), 11-5

FS 143 pounds –Sammy Alvarez (SKWC) TF Gabe Tagg (THWC), 10-0

FS 143 pounds – Kamal Bekaguv (SKWC) DEC Will Guida (THWC), 9-3

FS 165 pounds – A.C. Headlee (THWC) DEC Nestor Taffur (NYCRTC), 10-0

FS 170 pounds – Mitch Finesilver (NYCRTC) DEC Kennedy Monday (THWC), 13-11

FS 180 pounds – Joe Grello (SKWC) DEC Clay Lautt (THWC), 8-2

FS 190 pounds –C.J. Brucki (NJRTC) TF Matt Finesilver (THWC), 17-7.

FS 155 pounds – Austin O’Connor (THWC) TF Dean Heil (NMC RTC), 11-0

W64 kg – Macey Kilty (THWC) DEC Emma Bruntil (McKendree), 3-0.

Undercard Results

FS 165 pounds – Robert Kanniard (SKWC) DEC Sawyer Davidson (THWC), 9-6

FS 200 pounds – Billy Janzer (SKWC) TF Hunter Queen (THWC), 10-0

FS 132 pounds – Timmy Decatur (THWC) DEC Dylan Shawver (SKWC), 6-4

FS 160 pounds – Brett Kaliner (S.I.T) DEC Josh McClure (THWC), 12-5

December 4-5 – FloWrestling RTC Cup, presented by TMWC

FloWrestling RTC Cup results

Tuesday, November 24 – Wisconsin RTC Underground 1

FS- Drew Scharenbrock tech. fall Kevin Meicher, 10-0

FS- Jared Krattiger tech. fall Eddie Smith, 10-0

W- Alexis Gomez pin Ginamarie Santiago-Ayala, 1:23

FS- Joe Zargo tech. fall Hunter Lewis, 10-0

FS- Danny Chaid tech. fall Peter Christensen, 14-4

GR - Ben Provisor tech. fall Fritz Schierl, 8-0

W Sarah Hildebrandt tech. fall Alyssa Lampe, 12-1

FS Seth Gross dec. Bryce Meredith, 10-7

Tuesday, November 24 – Nittany Lion WC card 3

FS Nick Lee TF Brandon Wright, 10-0

FS Nick Nevills TF Mauro Correnti, 12-2

FS Joe Lee FALL Zach Hartman

FS Franklin Gomez DEC Borislav Novachkov, 7-4

FS Max Dean DEC CJ Brucki, 14-3

FS Nate Jackson DEC Michael Beard, 7-0

FS Carter Starocci DEC Chance Marsteller, 4-2

W Jennifer Page DEC Lauren Mason, 10-4

FS Thomas Gilman FALL Frank Perrelli

FS Zain Retherford TF Reece Humphrey, 10-0

FS David Taylor DEC Gabe Dean, 6-2.

Saturday, November 14 – Flowrestling Burroughs v. Zahid

FS 97 kg – Kollin Moore df. Kyven Gadson, win by injury victory

W 62 kg – Kayla Miracle df. Ana Godinez, 8-0

FS 160 lbs. – Tyler Berger df. Sammy Sasso, 8-2

W 59 kg – Alli Ragan df. Lauren Louive, 10-0

103 kg – G’Angelo Hancock df. Alan Vera, 9-0

FS 67 kg – Evan Henderson df. Anthony Echemendia, 8-3

FS 185 lbs. – Jordan Burroughs df. Zahid Valencia, 8-5

Sunday, November 1 – Hawkeye WC Showdown, Coralville, Iowa

Main card results

FS Spencer Lee FALL Zach Sanders

W Erin Golston FALL Devyn Gomez

FS Bryce Meredith DEC Austin DeSanto, 11-2

FS Jaydin Eierman DEC Vladimer Khinchegashvili, 4-1

FS Pat Lugo DEC Matthew Kolodzik, 7-2

W Precious Bell DEC Jordan Nelson, 11-0

FS James Green DEC Alex Marinelli, 5-4

FS Tommy Gantt DEC Michael Kemerer, 10-6

FS Nick Gwiazdowski DEC Tony Cassioppi, 10-0

Undercard results

FS Nodir Safarov dec. Jesse Ybarra, 12-4

FS Carter Happel dec. Justin Stickley, 11-7

FS Cobe Siebrecht TF Leif Schroeder, 10-0

Max Murin dec. Mitch McKee, 4-2

FS Kaleb Young TF Jeremiah Moody, 11-0

FS Patrick Kennedy dec. Myles Wilson, 8-5

FS Nelson Brands dec. Abe Assad, 9-0

FS Jacob Warner TF Zach Glazier, 10-0

Saturday, October 31 – Flowrestling 195-lbs. 8-Man competition

FS Finals - Myles Martin (Ohio RTC) tech. fall Taylor Lujan (Panther WC), 10-0, 4:08

FS Third Place - Nate Jackson (New Jersey RTC) dec. Keith Gavin (Pittsburgh WC), 6-2

FS Semifinals

Taylor Lujan (Panther WC) dec. Keith Gavin (Pittsburgh WC), 9-2

Myles Martin (Ohio RTC) dec. Nate Jackson (New Jersey RTC), 5-2

FS Quarterfinals

Keith Gavin (Pittsburgh WC) dec. Shakur Rasheed (Rare Breed), 9-7

Taylor Lujan (Panther WC) pin Gabe Dean (Spartan Combat RTC), 3:58

Nate Jackson (NJRTC) tech. fall Sammy Brooks (Hawkeye WC), 11-1, 2:56

Myles Martin (Ohio RTC) dec. Drew Foster (Panther WC), 8-0

Featured Womens Bouts

Emily Shilson (Twin Cities RTC) dec. Stefana Jelacic (Sunkist Kids), 7-2

Macey Kilty (Tar Heel RTC) tech. fall Desiree Zavala (Panhandle WC), 10-0, 3:21

Tuesday, October 20 – NLWC2

FS 155 lbs. - Terrell Barraclough df. Kyle Shoop, 15-9

FS 155 lbs. – Jarod Verkleeren df. Brock Zacherl, 15-4

FS 196 lbs. – Brett Pfarr df. Jaime Espinal, 10-0

FS 77kg/170 lbs. – Bekzod Abdurakhmonov df. Nestor Taffur, 12-2

W 60kg/132 lbs. – Jane Valencia df. Vayle-Rae Baker, 13-2

FS 182 lbs. – Carter Starocci df. Devin Skatzka, fall 2:59

FS 205 lbs. – Michael Beard df. Greg Bulsak, 10-9

FS HWT – Greg Kerkvliet df. Demetrius Thomas, 10-0

FS 68 kg/150 lbs. – Alejandra Romero Bonilla df. Alexis Porter, 3-0

FS 67 kg/148 lbs. – Bryce Meredith df. Beau Bartlett, 8-6

FS 140 lbs. – Roman Bravo-Young df. Shelton Mack, 11-0

FS 167 lbs. – Jason Nolf df. Bubba Jenkins, 10-0

Saturday, September 19 – Nittany Lion WC 1

FS 74 kg/163 lbs. – Rick Durso TF Malik Amine (CKWC/San Marino), 10-0

FS 125 kg/275 lbs. – Jordan Wood (Lehigh Valley RTC) DEC Nick Nevills (NLWC), 6-4

W 62 kg/136 lbs. – Jennifer Page (NLWC) DEC Desiree Zavala (Wayland Baptist), 14- 10

FS 196 lbs. – Domenic Abounader (CKWC/Lebanon) DEC Jaime Espinal (NLWC/Puerto Rico), 7-2

FS 157 lbs. – Zain Retherford (NLWC) DEC Alec Pantaleo (CKWC), 3-2

FS 79 kg/174 lbs. – Jason Nolf (NLWC) vs. David McFadden (Pennsylvania RTC), 5-2

FS 77 kg/170 lbs. – Vincenzo Joseph (NLWC) vs. Dan Vallimont (Pennsylvania RTC), 5-0

FS 125 kg/275 lbs. – Greg Kerkvliet (NLWC) vs. Youssif Hemida (CKWC), 10-0

FS 77 kg/170 lbs. – Logan Massa (CKWC), 4-3 Bekzod Abdurakhmonov (NLWC/Uzbekistan)

FS 62 kg/136 lbs. – Jane Valencia (NLWC/Mexico) vs. Julia Salata (Team Tornado WC), 6-6

FS 59 kg/130 lbs. – Thomas Gilman (NLWC) vs. Darian Cruz (Lehigh Valley RTC), 14-4

FS 99 kg/218 lbs. – Kyle Snyder (NLWC) TF Mike Macchiavello (Wolfpack RTC), 12-0

FS 190 lbs. – Bo Nickal (NLWC) DEC Alex Dieringer (CKWC), 1-1

Thursday, September 17 – Beat the Streets Virtual Telethon

W Emily Shilson TF Charlotte Fowler, 10-0

FS Joe Colon DEC Seth Gross, 21-15

FS Rustam Ampar DEC Jack Mueller, 10-6

W Victoria Francis TF Alexandria Glaude, 11-0

FS Gable Steveson TF Trent Hillger, 10-0

FS Vladimir Khinchegashvili DEC Yianni Diakomihalis, 4-4

Saturday, July 25 – FloWrestling Dake v Chamizo card

FS 79 kg/174 pounds – Kyle Dake def. Frank Chamizo, 4-3

FS 200 pounds – David Taylor def. Myles Martin, 11-0

FS 149 pounds – Luke Pletcher def. Darrion Caldwell, 9-2

FS 137 pounds – Roman Bravo-Young def. Jack Mueller, 8-1

FS 140 pounds - Vito Arujau def. Sammy Alvarez, 16-5 TF

June 28 - Rumble on the Rooftop , Chicago, Ill.

FS Mitch McKee (Minnesota Storm) vs Nick Dardanes,(Illinois RTC), 6-2

FS Zac Braunagel (Illinois RTC) dec. Brett Pfarr (Minnesota Storm), 5-4

FS HS bout - Aaron Stewart (IL) tech. fall Joey Ruzik (IL), 10-0

FS HS girls - Mia Palumbo (IL) tech. fall Shea Reisel (IL), 11-0

FS Nazar Kulchytskyy (Minnesota Storm) tech. fall Danny Braunagel (Illinois RTC), 10-0

FS Dylan Ness (Minnesota Storm) dec. Nestor Taffur (NYC RTC/Colombia), 10-4

FS Zane Richards (Illinois RTC) dec. Zach Sanders (Minnesota Storm), 13-11

FS/GR battle - Joe Rau (Illinois RTC) dec. Pat Downey (NJ RTC), 9-4

FS Pat Lugo (Hawkeye WC) dec. Luke Pletcher (Pittsburgh RTC), 5-0

FS Jason Nolf (Nittany Lion WC) dec. Jordan Oliver (Sunkist Kids), 4-1