2021 NCAA Wrestling Championship Watch Party

Match Notes: 2021 NCAA Wrestling Championships, Session III

Match Notes: 2021 NCAA Wrestling Championships, Session III

Match notes of the quarterfinal round of the 2021 NCAA DI Wrestling Championships from St. Louis.

Mar 19, 2021 by Andrew Spey
We're really doing it. It's finally here. We've all waited long enough. Get your screens ready or just follow along with all the words I type, it's time for the 2021 NCAA Wrestling Championships!

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We're really doing it. It's finally here. We've all waited long enough. Get your screens ready or just follow along with all the words I type, it's time for the 2021 NCAA Wrestling Championships!

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Thursday-Saturday, March 18-20

Do you have your brackets ready? I hope you mocked at least one friend who bragged about how long they spent on their measly singular basketball bracket. Fools. 

It's session III, which means the always excellent quarterfinal round, where guaranteed All-American honors are on the line. Win in this round and you make the podium by finishing no worse than 6th. 

Like the first two sessions, this will be broken up into two halves, with the lighter weights wrestling through the round before the mats are cleared and the upperweights get their turn. 

125 Pounds

And after about a 7 minute delay, quarterfinals are underway!

Spencer Lee (Iowa) vs Devin Schroder (Purdue) - Spencer in on a shot, Schroder does well to work for a stalemate. Another shot by spencer and Schroder able to once again scramble to a stalemate. Third shot is the charm for Spenny who collects two with 30 seconds to work on top. Second period, Schroder takes neutral, and Schroder in on a shot. Schroder converts to tie the score. Escape Lee, 3-2. Lee takes down in the third. Spencer reverses, puts on a punishing ride. Schroder is flat, Lee leads 5-2. Backpoints for Spencer and order is restored. 10-2 is the final, major for Spencer!

Brody Teske (Northern Iowa) vs Drew Hildebrandt (Central Michigan) - No scores after 2 minutes. 0-0 first. Reversal for Teske in the second. Hildebrandt chooses neutral. No scores, short time. Hildy with a clutch TD to tie. OT! Scramble half way through SV, and Hildebrady gets it! Fire up Chips! CMU wins 4-2. 

Brandon Courtney (Arizona State) vs Jakob Camacho (NC State) -  No scores after 2 minutes. 0-0 first. Escape for Camacho in the second. Stall warning on Camacho, end of two. Courtney escapes to knot it up. Take down on the edge, Courtney leads 3-1, 50 seconds of RT. Camacho out with RT at 1:09 for Courtney. Camacho in on a shot, but time runds out, SUn Devils get a semifinalist!

Sam Latona (Virginia Tech) vs Taylor Lamont (Utah Valley) -  That's French for The Tona vs The Mont. No scores after 2 minutes. quiet bouts on the other 3 mats. Latona in a scramble, LaMont has him stuck! At least that's the way it looked. No fall call. 4-0 on the board for LaMont in a last second flurry of the first. Refs will confer. Extremely long review is finally over. No change in the score, Latona chooses bottom. Latona escapes in the second, no scores. LaMont escapes in the third, he leads 5-1. RT at 58 seconds. Stall on LaMont, point for Latona. Takedown Latona, escape LaMont, penalty point on Latona. And the final is 7-4 LaMont, Utah Valley with the semifinals!

Quarterfinal Results

Spencer Lee (Iowa) MD Devin Schroder (Purdue), 10-2

Drew Hildebrandt (Central Michigan) DEC Brody Teske (Northern Iowa), 4-2

Brandon Courtney (Arizona State) DEC Jakob Camacho (NC State), 4-2

Taylor Lamont (Utah Valley) DEC Sam Latona (Virginia Tech), 7-4

Also of note, Robbie Howard had a comeback win against Fab Gutierrez of Chattanooga. He'll face Pat McKee next and then Brody Teske in the bloodround.

Semifinal Matchups

Spencer Lee (Iowa) vs Drew Hildebrandt (Central Michigan)

Brandon Courtney (Arizona State) vs Taylor Lamont (Utah Valley)

133 Pounds

Austin Desanto (Iowa) vs Micky Phillippi (Pittsburgh) - Huge bout for Iowa. A win here is big for their team points. And DeSanto gets the first takedown. DeSanto cuts Phillipi with a minute on the clock, RT at 52 seconds. Long review as the refs decided whether ADS had a takedown at the end of the period. No takedown, 2-1, Phillippi takes down in the second. Now Austin goes on a roll. 3 TDs in the second. Goes to the third up 8-4. 10-4, DeSanto hunting for bonus. Two more TDs plus a RT point and DeSanto gets the major to advance to the semis! Impressive work fighting for that team point. 

Daton Fix (Oklahoma State) vs  Chris Cannon (Northwestern) - Fix with the first takedown, Cannon is out after a minute. Fix with a second takedown. Fix escapes in the second to make it 5-2. Another TD for Fix. Daton looking for the fall. Tight head and arm. And there's the pin! Fix to the semis for the second time!

Korbin Myers (Virginia Tech) vs Matthew Schmitt (Missouri) - No scores after 2 minutes. 0-0 in the second, Myers escapes in 2 seconds. Nothing else. Into the third, Schmitt take neutral. Can't score. Myers advances to the semis!

Louie Hayes (Virginia) vs Roman Bravo-Young (Penn State) - Like Iowa, Penn State needs points this round. RBY gets the first takedown and is holding Hayes down on the mat. RT over a minute for RBY. 3-0 RTB in the second, RT at 1:30. NomMore scores in the period. Hayes takes neutral. RBY picks up a second stall. 3-1 RBY, and that's how it ends. RBY in the semis!

Quarterfinal Results

Daton Fix (Oklahoma State) F Chris Cannon (Northwestern), 5:10

Korbin Myers (Virginia Tech) DEC Matthew Schmitt Morgantown, WV (Missouri), 1-0

Roman Bravo-young (Penn State) DEC Louie Hayes (Virginia), 4-1

Austin Desanto (Iowa) MD Micky Phillippi (Pittsburgh), 13-5

Semifinal Matchups

Daton Fix (Oklahoma State) vs Austin Desanto (Iowa)

Korbin Myers (Virginia Tech) vs Roman Bravo-Young (Penn State)

141 Pounds

Zachary Sherman (North Carolina) vs Nick Lee (Penn State) - Nick Lee gets the first TD of this round. Escape, TD, 4-1 with over 1 minute of RT, still in the first. 6-1, 2 minutes + of RT, 2nd period.8-2 after two, RT essentially locked up. Sherman takes neutral. Lee scores in 8 seconds of the third. Sherman needs blood time, trails 10-2. Sherman gets an escape but that's it. Penn State with a bonus point win as Lee goes to the semis, 11-3 win!

Sebastian Rivera (Rutgers) vs Allan Hart (Missouri) - Hart with the first takedown after 90 seconds, Rivera with the quick escape.Seabass answers with a takedown of his own to take the lead 3-2. Rivera escapes to go up 4-2 in the second. TD Rivera, nearly 2 minutes of RT as the NJ native begins to assert himself. Hart chooses bottom in the 3rd, trails 6-2. Rivera gets the ride out and RT point, wins 7-3. Scarlet Knights with a semifinalist and guaranteed All-American. 

Jaydin Eierman (Iowa) vs Dresden Simon (Central Michigan) - Scoreless first. Eirrman escapes, take the lead, Simon keeping him from scoring so far. Simon shoots, Eierman sits the corner, slaps in a cradle, there's the fall. Big bonus for Iowa! Iowa goes 3-3 to the semis, all with bonus points. 

Real Woods (Stanford) vs Tariq Wilson (NC State) - Goose eggs after 3 minutes. Escape and TD for Tariq gives him a 3-0 lead. Long review, takedown confirmed. An escape from Woods but that's all he can get. 3-1 Tariq Wilson wins and the Wolfpack get big points for the team trophy hunt!

Quarterfinal Results

Jaydin Eierman (Iowa) F Dresden Simon (Central Michigan), 3:49

Tariq Wilson (NC State) DEC Real Woods (Stanford), 3-1

Sebastian Rivera (Rutgers) DEC Allan Hart (Missouri), 7-3

Nick Lee (Penn State) MD Zachary Sherman (North Carolina), 11-3

Semifinal Matchups

Nick Lee (Penn State) vs Sebastian Rivera (Rutgers)

Jaydin Eierman (Iowa) vs Tariq Wilson (NC State)

149 Pounds

Brock Mauller (Missouri) vs Bryce Andonian (Virginia Tech) - Mauller gets the first TD in the first minute of wrestling. Escape, takedown, escape, Mauller leads 4-2 after one. Andonian escapes to make it 4-3 Mauller, tho the Tiger has 1:21 of RT. Headlock in the second from Andonian but Mauller avoids danger. Gets a TD, 6-3 going in the 3rd. Andonian with another headlock scare but Mauller wins it no problem. Mizzou into the semifinals!

Sammy Sasso (Ohio State) vs Yahya Thomas (Northwestern) - Sasso the 1 seed vs Thomas the 25, though Yahya is no typical 25 seed. In fact, Thomas beat Sasso two matches to none at the UWW junior world team trials in 2019. Yahya in on the first deep shot but Sasso locks up a jonesy tilt hold, takes Yahya over, gets two but no backpoints. Thomas is out, 2-1. Ohio State challenges for nearfall. Challenge denied. Into the 2nd, still 2-1.Sasso takes bottom. Sasso hit with a penalty point, not sure what for, but then he escapes and takes Thomas down again, 5-2 Sasso. Thomas can't get on his offense and Sasso will take it. Buckeyes into the semis with an 8-3 win!

Austin O'Connor (North Carolina) vs Jonathan Millner (Appalachian State) - Takedown AOC, escape Milner, AOC dinged for stalling, 2-1 after 3 minutes. O'Connor takes down. 5-2 O'Connor in command late in the third. AOC cruises to victory, Tar Heels have a semifinalist!

Max Murin (Iowa) vs Boo Lewallen (Oklahoma State) - Big opportunity for Iowa to distance themselves from Penn State, who did not qualify this weight for the NCAAs. No scores after 2 minutes. And no scores after 3 minutes as well. Boo escapes in the second. TD Lewallen, escape Murin. Into the 3rd, 3-1 Lewallen, Murin takes down. Murin attacks, Lewallen reattacks, Lewallen gets the takedown. Cowboys with their second semifinalist!

And Murin throws his headgear in anger and they take away a team point from Iowa. Very bad rule but that's what's in the rule book. Can't blame the ref. Hopefully that gets fixed in the off season, it remains one of the dumbest things about college wrestling. 

Quarterfinal Results

Sammy Sasso (Ohio State) DEC Yahya Thomas (Northwestern), 8-3

Boo Lewallen (Oklahoma State) DEC Max Murin (Iowa), 6-4

Brock Mauller (Missouri) DEC Bryce Andonian (Virginia Tech), 8-3

Austin O'Connor (North Carolina) DEC Jonathan Millner (Appalachian State), 5-2

Semifinal Matchups

Boo Lewallen (Oklahoma State) vs Sammy Sasso (Ohio State) 

Austin O'Connor (North Carolina) vs Brock Mauller (Missouri)

157 Pounds

Brady Berge (Penn State) vs Jesse Dellavecchia (Rider) - Massive opportunity for Penn State to make up some ground as Berge sent Iowa's Kaleb Young to the wrestlebacks last round. Dellavecchia on a single in short time, Berge diving away, Jesse gets the two. But Berge is hurt. Looks like a knee. Berge slapping the mat in pain. They call it, as Berge limps away. Hate to see it. Dellevecchia shows good sportsmanship and Rider has a semifinalist. Not the way he wanted to earn All-American honors no doubt but its part of the sport. 

Ryan Deakin (Northwestern) vs Jared Franek (North Dakota State) - Franek with the first takedown, Fargo's native son trying to pull off a massive upset. Still 2-1 into the second. Deakin escapes, they're in a scramble. Franke with another two! It's 4-2! 4-3 after another escape, still in the second. We go to the third, Franek takes neutral. Franek almost in on another takedown! Stalemated. Short time. 10 to go. Double leg Deakin! ICE COLD. UPSET DENIED. Wild way to end the round! Or half-round. Either way, dang, what a finish by Deakin. And he runs off the mat as if it was all no big deal 

David Carr (Iowa State) vs Brayton Lee (Minnesota) - The attacks and reattacks in this bout should be electric. First period has seen a lot of them. No scores but plenty of action. Escape from Carr is the only score in the second. Lee on bottom in the third. Carr putting on a ride. He's got RT. Now RT is locked. 24 seconds to go. Still 1-0, effectively 2-0. Granby roll, reversal and rideout! Brayton forces OT! Carr on a low shot, he gets it! Carr prevails! Iowa State with a semifinalist!

Hayden Hidlay (NC State) vs Jacob Wright (Wyoming) - Lighting quick TD for Hidlay. Another takedown, and a fall! Happened so quick it didn't see it. Maybe a tilt? Either way, 2 bonus points for the Wolfpack and a semifinalist. 

Almost had a couple of crazy upsets but it's the 1, 2, 3 & 4 seed in the semifinals. 

Quarterfinal Results

Ryan Deakin (Northwestern) DEC Jared Franek (North Dakota State), 5-4

Jesse Dellavecchia (Rider) DEF Brady Berge (Penn State)

David Carr (Iowa State) DEC Brayton Lee (Minnesota), 4-2

Hayden Hidlay (NC State) F Jacob Wright (Wyoming), 2:33

Semifinal Matchups

Hayden Hidlay (NC State) vs David Carr (Iowa State)

Ryan Deakin (Northwestern) vs Jesse Dellavecchia (Rider)

165 Pounds

Zach Hartman (Bucknell) vs Mekhi Lewis (Virginia Tech)

:'- (

Terrible news for Mekhi and Virginia Tech but congrats nonetheless to Hartman and the Bucknell Bison. A semifinalist and All-American for Lewisburg, PA's #1 wrestling team. 

Alex Marinelli (Iowa) vs Shane Griffith (Stanford) - Scoreless first period. Bull takes down and is out quickly. Low scoring match as nothing else happens. Griffith goes down, escapes and its 1-1 in the third, neutral. We're going into overtime. Griffith on a shot, Marinelli fighting, and there's two! Shane Griffith is on the semis and Marinelli suffers quarterfinal heartbreak again! Stanford guaranteed an All-American!

Jake Wentzel (Pittsburgh) vs Keegan O'Toole (Missouri) - O'Toole Wentzel in a 50/50 scramble. O'Toole too savvy and gets the TD. Wentzel escapes, RT at 42 seconds as the time expires in the period. Scramble in the second, Wentzel puts O'Toole's head in a leg scissor and gives up a penalty point. Wentzel shakes if off, gets a takedown and two nearfall to take the lead 5-3. Wild scrambles in the third, as if it would go any other way. Wentzel winning the majority of the positions, and he hands the true freshman the first loss of the season. A 9-6 win and Pitt gets a semifinalist!

Ethan Smith (Ohio State) vs Anthony Valencia (Arizona State) - Air Valencia gets the first quarterfinal takedown of the second half of the sessions. Escape Smith. 2-1 Valencia early. Repeat and it's 4-2 Valencia. Second period, Smith takes down, gets reversed and now needs injury time. Smith gets choice after the restart and chooses down. Another reversal and it's 6-4. Valencia chooses neutral for the third. Smith goes feet to back and has Valencia in trouble. He'll pick up nearfall and dominates his way to a 13-4 victory. 

Quarterfinal Results

Ethan Smith (Ohio State) MD Anthony Valencia (Arizona State), 13-4

Shane Griffith (Stanford) DEC Alex Marinelli (Iowa), 3-1 SV1

Zach Hartman (Bucknell) M FOR Mekhi Lewis (Virginia Tech)

Jake Wentzel (Pittsburgh) DEC Keegan O`toole Hartland, WI (Missouri), 9-6

Semifinal Matchups

Ethan Smith (Ohio State) vs Jake Wentzel (Pittsburgh)

Griffith (Stanford) vs Zach Hartman (Bucknell) 

174 Pounds

Kaleb Romero (Ohio State) vs Demetrius Romero (Utah Valley) - Romero Bowl is underway. It's D Romero who draws first blood. 2-0 Demetrius. Big ride out for Demetrius. Then he escapes in the second to lead 3-0. D Romero keeping K Romero at bay, adds a late TD to ice it, will win 6-0 with the RT point. Utah Valley has their second semifinalist!

Michael Kemerer (Iowa) vs Daniel Bullard (NC State) - Kemerer will look to pick the sports up for the Hawkeye faithful. He gets an early takedown and is looking for a cradle. No nearfall, then an escape and another takedown and ride out. Kem underneath in the second, reversal, escape, takedown to lead 8-2. Escape then TD. Kem looking for bonus, leads 10-3, RT will be locked up at some point. Kemerer keeps working for a 13-4 major decision. 

Bernie Truax (California Poly) vs Mikey Labriola (Nebraska) - Labriola gets the first TD but picks up a stall. Truax escapes. Then a huge 2nd period rideout for Truax. Gets a stall point and has 1:40 of RT. 3rd period Truax goes down, escapes, preserving 1:40 of RT and lead 3-2. Truax keeping Labriola from scoring despite many shots. Truax wins 4-2 with the RT point. Cal Poly with a semifinalist! 

Andrew Mcnally (Kent State) vs Carter Starocci (Penn State) - Takedown Starocci, as Penn State will try and capitalize on on Marinelli's loss. Starocci gets the rideout and then chooses bottom. He's out, leads 3-0. A takedown make its 5-0. McNally battles back to get a late TD but its not enough, Starocci wins 5-3. Penn State with their third semifinalist. 

Quarterfinal Results

Demetrius Romero (Utah Valley) DEC Kaleb Romero (Ohio State), 6-0

Bernie Truax (California Poly) DEC Mikey Labriola (Nebraska), 4-2

Michael Kemerer (Iowa) MD Daniel Bullard (NC State), 13-4

Carter Starocci (Penn State) DEC Andrew Mcnally (Kent State), 6-3

Semifinal Matchups

Michael Kemerer (Iowa) vs Bernie Truax (California Poly) 

Carter Starocci (Penn State) vs Demetrius Romero (Utah Valley)

184 Pounds

Trent Hidlay (NC State) vs Brit Wilson (Northern Illinois) - Wilson on a good single leg, spending a long time trying to drag Trent back into the middle of the mat to finish, but can't finish. Hidlay denies him and we go to the second scoreless. Wilson starts down. Both wrestlers in red and white singlets, might get confusing. Two for Hidlay in short time. Hilday down in the third. Gets an escape. Gets a stall call. But he'll hold on to to win 3-1. A subdued raising of the roof for the freshman Wolfpacker. 

Aaron Brooks (Penn State) vs Taylor Venz (Nebraska) - Venz does have a win over Brooks, but that came very early in Brooks career, and which has since been avenged. Brooks in on a shot early, Venz fights but Brooks overcomes for the first two. Venz doesn't spend long on bottom. Reversal for Venz in the second to take the lead. Escape and takedown by Brooks to go back ahead, 5-3. RT over a minute and counting for Brooks. Venz never stops attacking but Brooks in command. He'll take it 8-4 final. The fourth semifinalist for Penn State!

Lou Deprez (Binghamton) vs John Poznanski (Rutgers) - DePrez gets the first TD as the Bearcat looks to cool off a red hot Scarlet Knight. Poz is out quickly. No more scores. Poz chooses down and gets a reversal to take the lead. Poz on top in the third. DePrez with the reversal, he goes ahead. RT back down under a minute. 4-3 lead for DePrez, over a minute for Poz to escape. There's the escape to tie it. DePrez back in on a shot, they award two. Or do they? It's waved off, and the stop with 17 seconds on the clock to review. Still under review. I would keep track of the amount of time that passed since we started the review but I have no concrete way of doing so, per se. And we reset in neutral with 28 seconds on the clock. Shot by Poznanski, has DePrez on his hip, he covers and gets two. Two nearfall for good measure. Short ride out for the 8-4 win. Rutgers gets two in the semis!

Hunter Bolen (Virginia Tech) vs Parker Keckeisen (Northern Iowa) - No scores after two minutes. Make that three. Bolen gets an escape in the 2nd but that's the only score. Keck down in the third. Tied 1-1 in neutral. No more scores, we're going to overtime. Nothing in sudden victory. Keckeisen escaped in the first tiebreaker, now he'll try to hold Bolen down for the win. Bolen's out and we're headed to SV-2. Beautifully timed level change for Keckeisen and gets two for the win. Northern Iowa 184lb U confirmed. Keckeisen to the semis!

Quarterfinal Results

Trent Hidlay (NC State) DEC Brit Wilson (Northern Illinois), 3-1

Parker Keckeisen (Northern Iowa) DEC Hunter Bolen (Virginia Tech), 4-2 SV2

Aaron Brooks (Penn State) DEC Taylor Venz (Nebraska), 9-4

John Poznanski (Rutgers) DEC Lou Deprez (Binghamton), 8-4

Semifinal Matchups

Aaron Brooks (Penn State) vs Parker Keckeisen (Northern Iowa)

Trent Hidlay (NC State) vs John Poznanski (Rutgers)

197 Pounds

Myles Amine (Michigan) vs Stephen Buchanan (Wyoming) - Takedown for Amine in short time, but is Buchanan out in time. Buchanan gets another escape early in the second to tie it up. Takedown escape and it's 4-3 Amine in the second. Amine extends his lead, 7-4, late in the third. The San Marinese Olympian Myles Amine is in All-American once again!

Kordell Norfleet (Arizona State) vs Nino Bonaccorsi (Pittsburgh) - No scores in the first, but Norfleet picks up a stall. Second period, Norfleet escapes, Bonaccorsi on a shot, no score, but another stall gives Nino a point. Now a takedown and rideout makes it 3-1. Nino on bottom in the 3rd. Escapes, 4-1, about a minute to go now. Nino takes it 4-1 and will join Micky in the semis!

AJ Ferrari (Oklahoma State) vs Jacob Warner (Iowa) - Classic Cowboy/Hawkeye rivalry on mat 4. 0-0 into the second, Warner on bottom. Warner escapes but AJ has over a minute of RT. Warner trying to keep the ride on. A switch from Ferrari. Textbook! RT locked up now. Warner is finally out, but RT is locked. Desperation shots, time runs out. True freshman AJ Ferrari is in the semis. All-American on his first try!

Michael Beard (Penn State) vs Jake Woodley (Oklahoma) - Normally a #26 seed is what you want to see in the quarters but Woodley is no ordinary #26 seed. He's been on Beard's legs a couple times but deep sprawls stops his offense. Woodley gets two on the third attempt. Escape Beard. Second period, escape Beard, takedown Woodley. RT over a minute and climbing. Woodley on a mission, gets another takedown. Escape, 7-3 but RT locked up. Woodley wins 8-3 and the Sooners secure an All-American!

Quarterfinal Results

Jake Woodley (Oklahoma) DEC Michael Beard (Penn State), 8-3

AJ Ferrari (Oklahoma State) DEC Jacob Warner (Iowa), 3-2

Myles Amine (Michigan) DEC Stephen Buchanan (Wyoming), 7-6

Nino Bonaccorsi (Pittsburgh) DEC Kordell Norfleet (Arizona State), 4-1

Semifinal Matchups

Myles Amine (Michigan) vs AJ Ferrari (Oklahoma State)

Nino Bonaccorsi (Pittsburgh) vs Jake Woodley (Oklahoma)

285 Pounds

Greg Kerkvliet (Penn State) vs Gable Steveson (Minnesota) - This was an epic high school match a few years ago. A lot has changed since then but the anticipation of this match is still quite high. Steveson scores first, quickly. 2:28 of riding time as Kerk can't escape. 2nd period, Masson underneath and is out quickly. Kerk gets a single leg but Gable kicks free. Still 3-0. Kerk takes neutral in the third, shoots, Gable scores. Escape Kerk, its 5-1 in neutral, RT locked up. Steveson keeping the pressure on but Kerkvliet capitalized and scores a takedown, dashing the hopes of a major. Escape, plus RT point and it's a 9-4 win by Gable. Impressive victory for the Gopher!

Mason Parris (Michigan) vs Ethan Laird (Rider) - Parris gets a takedown early in the first. An escape and another takedown makes it 4-1 after 3 minutes. Parris on bottom to started the second. Quick escape, 5-1 Parris. 9-2 Parris thanks to another 2 takedown, Laird on bottom in the 3rd period. Parris riding tough, 4 minutes of riding time. It's a major for Parris, 14-4 the official final. Parris goes back to back with teammate Amine to make the semis!

Gannon Gremmel (Iowa State) vs Trent Hillger (Wisconsin) - Very tactical first period. Slender lead for Gremmel as he escapes in the second. 1-1 we go to sudden victory. We go to tiebreakers. Gremmel wins it! Cyclones have two in the semis!

Cohlton Schultz (Arizona State) vs Tony Cassioppi (Iowa) - Hawkeye fans would feel much better about this session if Cass can get the (very minor) upset here. Goose eggs after three minutes. Cautious period. Cass escapes to take the slim lead. Big takedown for Cassioppi. He'll get the ride out and a stall point to win 4-1. Iowa fans will feel good about that one!

Quarterfinal Results

Gable Steveson (Minnesota) DEC Greg Kerkvliet (Penn State), 9-4

Tony Cassioppi (Iowa) DEC Cohlton Schultz (Arizona State), 4-1

Gannon Gremmel (Iowa State) DEC Trent Hillger (Wisconsin), 2-1 TB1

Mason Parris (Michigan) MD Ethan Laird (Rider), 14-4

Semifinal Matchups

Gable Steveson (Minnesota) vs Tony Cassioppi (Iowa)

Gannon Gremmel (Iowa State) vs Mason Parris (Michigan)

And that does it for the championship bouts of session III! Wouldn't say Iowa definitely has it wrapped up yet but they are getting closer. 5 hawkeyes in the semifinals and 4 in the bloodround. Penn State has four in the semis and 3 waiting in the round of 12. 

Next session? The celebrated dog bone formation as we wrestle for finals appearances on the top side and podium steps on the bottom side. A truly wonderful evening. Apologies for the typos and see you then!