Match Notes: NC State Rolls To Another ACC Title

Match Notes: NC State Rolls To Another ACC Title

If you can't watch the ACC Championships live, don't worry. We'll have you covered with live updates here.

Feb 28, 2021 by David Bray

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We'll be keeping ACC fans in the loop with live updates here. If you can't watch the action, refresh this page often to keep up with all the action.

Team Scores

1NC State 89.5
2Virginia Tech
3North Carolina63
4Virginia 55.0
5Pittsburgh 45.0
6Duke 7.5


133 lbs - #4 Micky Phillippi (Pittsburgh) vs #6 Korbin Myers (Virginia Tech)

1st Period: Myers in on a head inside single just 15 seconds in, gets Phillippi up on one foot hopping, front trips Phillippi down to the mat, and locks up a cradle, but Phillippi avoids going down to his hip and gets out of bounds. Incredible defense from Phillippi. With 25 seconds to go, Myers go slide by and then drops down to a single, and this time is able to trip and finish with just 10 seconds to go. Myers is able to ride out the final seconds of the period and takes a 2-0 lead to the second period. 

2nd Period: Phillippi starts on bottom. Phillippi was able to get to his feet, but a nice return from Myers before they go out of bounds with 1:41 to go. Phillippi up to his feet again, but Myers once again returns him and pushes his riding time over a minute. With just under a minute to go, Phillippi is able to finally escape and get on the board. 2-1 now, but Myers with 1:12 of riding time. 

3rd Period: Myers will start on bottom and is able to get up to his feet right away, but Phillippi returns him on the edge and they get a restart with 1:51 to go. Right off the restart Myers is away, but Phillippi was able to erase Myer's riding time. It's 3-1 now in favor of the Hokie. Phillippi coming hard here in the final 20 seconds and Myers is dinged with stalling with 8 seconds to go, but Phillippi is unable to get to the legs of Myers, and Myers grabs the first title of the night with a 3-1 win.

Korbin Myers dec Micky Phillippi, 3-1

141 lbs - #8 Tariq Wilson (NC State) vs #9 Zachary Sherman (North Carolina)

1st Period: Straight on double from Sherman at the 2:43 mark, but its shutdown by Wilson. Under a minute to go, neither wrestler has been able to get to the legs of their opponent. We will end the opening period scoreless. 

2nd Period: Wilson will start on bottom and is out in four seconds to get on the board first, 1-0. A straight on double from Sherman, but Wilson catches it and pancakes Sherman over to his back and will get a takedown and two back points to take a 5-0 lead. It's worth noting that Wilson was dinged for stalling as Sherman fired off that shot. With 30 seconds to go, Sherman gets to his feet and tries to turn into Wilson, but Wilson body locks Sherman to his back and scores another two back points. He extends his lead to 7-0 now. Wilson will also ride out the period and push his riding time over 1 minute heading into the final period. 

3rd Period: Sherman will start neutral, but 50 seconds into the period has yet to get to Wilson's legs as the get a restart with 1:10 to go. With 35 seconds to go, Wilson is dinged for stalling off a Sherman shot, but Wilson counters that shot once again and he scores a takedown to take a 9-1 lead. Wilson will ride out the period and with riding time wins it 10-1. What a performance by Tariq Wilson.

Tariq Wilson maj dec Zach Sherman, 10-1

149 lbs - #2 Austin O'Connor (North Carolina) vs #12 Bryce Andonian (Virginia Tech)

1st Period: This one is going to be wild. At the 2:10 mark, Andonian with a hip toss like move, but O'Connor is able to roll through, but Andonian is able to turk the bottom leg and he takes O'Connor over to his back with almost like a navy ride type action. It's a takedown and four near fall for the Hokie. He takes a 6-0 lead. O'Connor with a standup and Andonian is called for an illegal mat return as he left his feet to bring O'Connor back down to the mat. After the re-start, O'Connor is able to escape and scores a takedown with a really nice takedown. O'Connor rides out the period and Andonian leads 6-4 going into the second period. 

2nd Period: Andonian starts on bottom, but O'Connor will cut him right away. 7-4 in favor of Andonian. At the 1:30 mark a head inside single from Andonian, but O'Connor earns the stalemate at 1:17 as he had stuffed the shot. Right off the restart O'Connor gets in on a single, but comes up to a body lock, and Andonian goes double over throws, but O'Connor is able to avoid giving up the takedown, and nearly scores again when he fires off a double, but they go out of bounds. At the 46 second mark, O'Connor with another body lock and this time he trips Andonian down and scores the takedown to cut Andonian's lead to 7-6. O'Connor with a massive rideout to end the period as well. 

3rd Period: O'Connor will start on bottom and hits a nice switch within the first 10 seconds. Andonian is hit for locked hands and earns the escape to take a 8-7 lead. With 1:15 to go, O'Connor with another really nice double and extends his lead to 10-7. With just under a minute to go, Andonian earns the escape to make it 10-8. Andonian is dinged for stalling with 18 seconds to go as he backed right out of bounds. On the restart, Andonian is able to get rear standing on O'Connor, he drops down to a leg of O'Connor, but is unable to secure the second leg of O'Connor and bring him to the mat before time runs out. What a match!

Austin O'Connor dec Bryce Andonian, 10-8

157 lbs - #2 Hayden Hidlay (NC State) vs #21 Justin McCoy (Virginia)

1st Period: At the 2:35 mark, Hidlay in on a single and working to finish out the back door. After a full minute, Hidlay is finally able to free his ankle, step over McCoy's ankle, and finally scores the takedown. Hidlay rides for about 20 seconds, but McCoy is able to escape. 2-1. With 30 seconds to go, Hidlay scores another takedown to extend his lead to 4-1. Hidlay is able to ride out the rest of the period and push his riding time to 1:04. 

2nd Period: Hidlay on bottom to start the period and is able to escape in 10 seconds. 5-1 now, but McCoy was able to erase Hidlay's riding time. At the 50 second mark, Hidlay with some toe drag swag to earn another takedown and extends is lead to 7-1. His riding time is now well over a minute as well as he rides out the remainder of the period. Riding time now sits at 1:47. 

3rd Period: McCoy starts on bottom, but Hidlay will kick him away and work to score more on his feet. Hidlay in on another single, brings McCoy up to his, trips him down and scores again. 9-2 with 1:15 remaining. McCoy with another escape to make it 9-3. Hidlay in once again as he looks to finish out the back door, and does with 6 seconds remaining. He becomes a four-time ACC champion with a 12-3 major.

Hayden Hidlay maj dec Justin McCoy, 12-3

165 lbs - #6 Jake Wentzel (Pittsburgh) vs #10 Jake Keating (Virginia)

1st Period: Wentzel immediately coming forward trying to dig underhooks, but Keating is able to clear. No real attacks as we get a restart with 1:45 to go. At the 1:30 mark, Wentzel is able to get in on Keating's leg and gets it up in the air. Wentzel pulls Keating back to the middle at the 1 minute mark, trips Keating, but Keating is able to create a scramble and is able to earn a stalemate. Really nice defense. We end the period scoreless. 

2nd Period: Keating will start on bottom, and Wentzel quickly has over a minute of riding time as he went to work with double boots in. Keating is unable to escape and despite being scoreless on the scoreboard, Wentzel will take 2 minutes of riding time into the final period. 

3rd Period: Wentzel will start on bottom, Keating goes optional start to kick Wentzel away. 1-0 in favor of Wentzel. Keating immediately gets in on a head outside shot, but some really nice scrambling from Wentzel gives him the takedown to extend his lead to 3-0. Wentzel locked through the crotch, rolled Keating through, and was able to come out on top, and throw boots in. Keating once again has no answer for Wentzel's leg riding and is unable to escape. Wentzel wins it 4-0 after racking up over 3 minutes of riding time.

Jake Wentzel dec Jake Keating, 4-0

174 lbs - #13 Daniel Bullard (NC State) vs #14 Clay Lautt (North Carolina)

1st Period: Lautt will strike first with a low level attack, but Bullard is able to escape right away. 2-1 Lautt with just over 1:30 to go. WIth just under 10 seconds to go, Bullard is dinged for stalling. We go to the second with with Lautt in control, 2-1. 

2nd Period: Lautt will choose neutral, but next to nothing happens. A few half shots from both guys, but no real committed attacks. Lautt still leads 2-1 after two periods. 

3rd Period: Bullard will start on bottom and is out right away to tie the match at 2. Nothing doing the rest of the period and we'll go to sudden victory.

Sudden Victory: Lautt immediately in on a head inside single off the whistle, but Bullard now working to come out the back door, Lautt recovers and we are hip to hip, but Bullard is able to scoot behind Lautt and throw in a boot to score the takedown and win it in sudden victory. North Carolina challenging the call. 

Daniel Bullard dec Clay Lautt, 4-2

184 lbs - #1 Hunter Bolen (Virginia Tech) vs #2 Trent Hidlay (NC State)

1st Period: In the first 15 seconds, Hidlay throws an underhook and drives into a double leg, but great hips from Bolen and he's able to clear out of the shot. With 19 seconds to go, Hidlay drives Bolen out of bounds with an underhook and Bolen is dinged for stalling. We'll end the first period scoreless. 

2nd Period: Bolen will start on bottom. At the 1:46 mark, Bolen with a nice granby and he scores the escape on the edge right before they go out of bounds. 1-0 Bolen leads. At the 1:20 mark, Hidlay gets in on an underhook throw by single, but Bolen jumps over the top and gets in on a single of his own, but runs out of room on the edge. With 18 seconds to go, Hidlay gets in on a high crotch, sits Bolen to his butt, but Bolen is able to fend Hidlay off and time runs out in the period. 

3rd Period: Hidlay on bottom and is up and out in 30 seconds. We are tied at 1 and riding time not a factor right now. Restart with 57 seconds to go. Just before it, Hidlay got in on a high crotch on the edge, but Bolen was able to fend it off as he nearly whipped him over to his back, but they both ran out of room. Hidlay nearly scores a takedown with under 10 seconds to go, but Bolen able to square up just before the buzzer.

Sudden Victory: Hidlay is dinged for stalling with 30 seconds to go as he was backing up. Hidlay with an underhook throw by to an ankle pick and he scores it as he collected both legs of Bolen and sat him to his butt with about 10 seconds to go. Hidlay raises the roof in Raleigh. 

Trent Hidlay dec Hunter Bolen, 3-1 SV

197 lbs - #5 Nino Bonaccorsi (Pittsburgh) vs #8 Jay Aiello (Virginia)

1st Period: At the 2:25 mark, Aiello in on a sweep singe. Bonaccorsi defending with a closed whizzer and he's able to earn a stalemate. Off the restart, Bonaccorsi opens the scoring with a takedown with just under two minutes to go. Aiello is able to escape and get on the board. 2-1 now. And that is how we'll end the period. 

2nd Period: Bonaccorsi starts on bottom and is out in 15 seconds to extend his lead to 3-1. Bonaccorsi with a really nice sweep single reattack that he converts and extends his lead to 5-1. Aiello is out right away, but Bonaccorsi scores again as he quickly runs behind Aiello to make it 7-2. Bonaccorsi now going to work on top and with 20 seconds to go, he pushes his riding time over a minute. That's how this period will end. 1:19 of riding time for Bonaccorsi. 

3rd Period: Aiello starts on bottom, escapes quickly, and Bonaccorsi immediately drops in on a single and looks to finish out the back door. Aiello is able to tie Bonaccorsi's ankle's and earn a stalemate. 7-3 in favor of Bonaccorsi with under a minute to go. Bonaccorsi with another really nice reattack and he scores again to make it 9-3. Aiello escapes once again and it's 9-4. Aiello unable to score the rest of the way, and Bonaccorsi takes this one 10-4 with riding time.

Nino Bonaccorsi dec Jay Aiello, 10-4

285 lbs - #22 Deonte Wilson (NC State) vs Hunter Catka (Virginia Tech)

1st Period: At the 1:53 mark, Catka with a head inside single, but some nice hips from Wilson and he is able to clear. At the 1:08 mark, Catka with another head inside single, but is unable to score again. Those were really the only two attacks of the periods. We'll end the opening period scoreless. 

2nd Period: Wilson will start on bottom and is up and out quickly to get on the board and take a 1-0 lead. That's how the period will finish as well. 

3rd Period: Catka will start on bottom. In the first 30 seconds, Catka has been able to get up to his feet, but unable to escape. After a restart, Catka is able to get up to his feet and this time earn the escape to tie this match at 1. This one will come down to a takedown. At the 28 second mark, Wilson takes Catka out of bounds with an underhook and Catka is dinged for stalling. Catka with a shot with under 10 seconds to go, Wilson runs around for the takedown. But the assistant official comes in and says that time was out. The officials will now look at it on replay. No takedown is confirmed.

Sudden Victory: At the 20 second mark, Catka in on another head inside single. Wilson with another nice reattack, but they go out of bounds with 10 seconds to go. Catka shoots again on the restart, Wilson close to running behind again, but Catka able to square up and avoid the takedown just before the buzzer sounds. 

Tiebreaker 1: Wilson on bottom. Catka drops down to a leg, but Wilson able to kick out and earn the escape with 20 seconds to go to make it 2-1. 

Tiebreaker 2: Catka up to his feet, but Wilson just runs him out of bounds from rear standing and Wilson is hit for stalling. Catka up to his feet again and Wilson able to run him down and return him to the mat on the edge. Restart with 9 seconds to go. Catka up to his feet once again, but Wilson returns him again and will ride out the second tiebreaker to win it, 2-1. 

Deonte Wilson dec Hunter Catka, 2-1 TB-1

125 lbs - #2 Sam Latona (Virginia Tech) vs #3 Jakob Camacho (NC State)

1st Period: Not much doing in the first minute. A couple of shots from both guys, but neither able to get in deep or get a lock on a leg. Camacho with a couple ankle pick attempts but unable to connect on anything. No score through one. 

2nd Period: Camacho on bottom. After 37 seconds, Camacho able to get to his feet and earn the escape to take a 1-0 lead. Once again, no one is able to get to the legs of their opponent and that's how this period ends. 

3rd Period: Latona on bottom and wastes no time escaping. Tied at one and this one will come down to takedown again. At the 1:35 mark, Camacho with a head inside, but really good defense from Latona as he squares up and clears out of the shot. At the 11 seconds mark, Camacho with another head inside single, hooks the leg of Latona, but unable to clear the whizzer of Latona. We're heading to sudden victory. 

Sudden Victory: Another really nice shot of Camacho just 10 seconds in, Latona defending with a whizzer again, now looking for a Churella cradle. Latona able to clear out of Camacho's shot and get in on a single of his own and gets Camacho up on a leg hopping, but this time Camacho's dive roll works and he's able to avoid the takedown and time runs out. What a scramble!

Tiebreaker 1: Latona on bottom first and is out right away. At the 8 second mark, Camacho with a nice high crotch, sits Latona to his hip, and nearly hooks the ankle and scores a takedown, but time runs out. 2-1 Latona heading to the second tiebreaker.

Tiebreaker 2: With 10 seconds to go, Camacho up to his feet, dive rolls, creates a scramble, but Latona able to hang on and earn the ride out. Latona wins another wild one with Camacho.

Sam Latona dec Jakob Camacho, 2-1


125 lbs - (3 AQs) - Sam Latona (Virginia Tech) vs Patrick McCormick (Virginia)

1st period: Latona with three takedowns to none and leads 6-2 entering the second. 

2nd period: Now a 9-3 lead and nearly a minute of RT for Latona. 

3rd period: McCormick fighting back, gets a couple takedowns. Latona was looking for a tech, now he's trying to hold on to a major. And McCormick does enough to keep it to a decision. Latona nevertheless advances to the finals.

125 lbs - (3 AQs) - Jakob Camacho (NC State) vs Logan Agin, (Duke)

1st period: Camacho takes a few shots but nothing lands in the first minute. Agin trying to go two for two against Camachoes in Raleigh. No scores at the end of the period.

2nd period: Excape for Camacho. Takedown late in the period, get the rideout and leads 3-0 going into the final period of regulation.

3rd period: Camacho riding tough. He gets Agin in a chin-drop suck-back and picks up a set of four nearfall. Agin fights off his back and later escapes. Camacho with another TD and is trying to secure a major. Camacho gets a bonus team point and advances to the finals. 

133 lbs - (4 AQs) - Micky Phillippi (Pittsburgh) vs Louie Hayes (Virginia)

1st period: A cautious first period so far, no scores after a minute. Phillippi strikes first with a takedown. Hayes escapes, and the period ends 2-1 in favor of Micky. 

2nd period: Phillippi starts on bottom. Escapes and makes it 3-1. Handfighting and collar ties but not a lot of attacks. Micky with a sweep single with 30 seconds left, he horshoe whips with just a few seconds left in the period to make it 5-1.

3rd period: Hayes on bottom. Hayes sits, Phillippi tries to pull him back for some swipes, Hayes gets out and its 5-2. A takedown by Phillippi and he extends his lead to 7-2. An escape with just 30 seconds on the clock gives faint hope to Hayes. Antoher TD by Micky ices it. He wins 9-3 and advances to the finals. 

133 lbs - (4 AQs) - Korbin Myers (Virginia Tech) vs Joe Heilmann (North Carolina)

1st period: A tactical first period so far, no scores after a minute. At the edge of the mat Myers is deep in a shot, Heilmann hits a forward somersault and a scramble ensures. Two is awarded but they will review. Very long review. 1:08 still left in the first. Two is confirmed. Strong rideout for Myers to end the period.

2nd period: Myers is out quickly to start the second, leads 3-0. Myers gets another takedown on the edge, less controversially this time. 5-0, now 5-1 after a quick escape. Short time snap down go behind for Myers and he's got a 7-1 lead now.

3rd period: Heilmann out but riding time over a minute. Myers answers with another takedown. Escape makes it 9-3 with 30 seconds to go. Myers going for the major but Heilmann fights to the buzzer and keeps it at 10-3 regular decision. 

141 lbs - (3 AQs) Tariq Wilson (NC State) vs Cole Matthews (Pittsburgh)

1st period: Uncharacteristic quite first period so far. No scores or flurries after two minutes. Now some action, Wilson putting Matthews in danger. Gets the neutral danger count and is awarded two. Here comes the challenge brick from Cole's corner. Wilson and Matthews were on the mat, parallel, facing other directions. Wilson had Matthews trapped by his legs. Call confirmed. Tariq gets the short rideout. 2-0 going to the 2nd. 

2nd period: Slick reversal by Wilson to pick up two more. Putting on a solid ride. Matthews escapes late in the second. 4-1 Wilson.

3rd period: Matthews on bottom, escpaes to make it 4-2. 30 seconds to go, RT essentially locked up for Wilson. Matthews goes mixer at the end. Wilson makes it his points. he wins 7-2. 

141 lbs - (3 AQs) Zachary Sherman (North Carolina) vs Brian Courtney (Virginia)

1st period: Blast double by Sherman scores two in the first minute. Sherman riding tough, picks up an extra point, not quite sure how, maybe a penalty point? No one knows. Ghost point. Sherman with 2 minutes of RT and counting. Courtney finally escpaes and we go to the 2nd 3-1 for Sherman.

2nd period: Courtney escapes again to make it 3-2. RT at 2:09. Sherman hit for stalling as Courtney mounts his comeback. He's unable to get through Sherman's defenses, 3-2. 

3rd period: Courtney riding tough on top. Gets RT under a minute. Courtney cuts Sherman with 30 seconds to go. 4-2 Sherman. Courtney shoots, Sherman counters and scores to ice it. 6-2 for Sherman, and 1:00 of RT makes it 7-2 for the win.

149 lbs - (3 AQs) - Austin O`Connor (North Carolina) vs Josh Finesilver (Duke)

1st period: Attacks from both wrestlers but no scores yet. O'Connor working for a throw by but Finesilver turns to face. No scores after 3 minutes.

2nd period: Finsilver escapes but O'Connor finds his offense and regains the lead quickly. Another escape from Finesilver and O'Connor right back on top to make it 4-2. O'Connor rides out the period. 

3rd period: We'll go neutral in the third. A takedown late in the match will give O'Connor a 7-2 win after the RT point is added. AOC to the finals.

149 lbs - (3 AQs) - Bryce Andonian (Virginia Tech) vs Ed Scott (NC State)

1st period: Andonian right off the whistle runs right through Scott for a quick two. Scott escapes, Andonian goes right back in for another takedown. Escape makes it 4-2. But not for long, another double leg for a 6-2 lead. Andonian locks up a cradle but can't take Scott over. Does amass 1:54 of RT. And a review gives Scott a last second escape. 

2nd period: Upper body lock, both guys looking for a homerun. They tumble out of bounds for no score but that could've been big. Andonian settles for a takedown after a scramble. 8-3. Late period reversal for Scott makes it 8-5, although riding time over to 1:50 still. 

3rd period: Scott takes down. Scott escapes after 20 some seconds. 8-6 Andonian with RT locked up. A crazy scramble takes up the last minute. Got a little dicey for Andonian but he eventually gets a go behind to win 11-6. Andonain will wrestle for a title. 

157 lbs - (4 AQs) - Hayden Hidlay (NC State) vs Joshua McClure (North Carolina)

1st period: Hidlay with a quick takedown to earn an early advantage. Tight tilt for four nearfall and Hidlay as a 6-0 lead with over a minute remaining in the first. McClure escapes but gets nearly immediately takedown. 

2nd period: McClure starts on bottom, 8-2 Hidlay leads. Escape and takedown makes it 10-2, 10-3 after another ecapes. McClure hit for stalling as Hidlay picks up another TD. Riding time essentially already locked up. 

3rd period: Hidlay hunting for bonus points. Takedown-let em up. And it's a 21-6 tech-fall with about a minute left. Hidlay will wrestle for an ACC title. 

157 lbs - (4 AQs) - Connor Brady (Virginia Tech) vs Justin McCoy (Virginia)

1st period: Low single after a minute by McCoy and Brady secures a takedown after a brief scramble. Brady works hard for an escape to cut the lead in half, RT sits exactly at a minute. 2-1 McCoy.

2nd period: McCoy out in a hurry this time. Then finds his offense to take the lead, 4-2. Reversal by McCoy and then an escape by Brady to make it 5-4, Tech in the lead. Riding time at 1:03 in favor of McCoy. 

3rd period: McCoy chooses bottom. He's out quickly but riding time is under a minute. Score is tied 5-5. With 90 seconds remaining McCoy gets a takedown to make it 7-5. Brady escapes but RT is locked up. He's in on a shot, long scramble, no TD called but VT wants a review. 30 seconds on the clock and score is 7-6 McCoy as we wait for the official decision. Call stands, no takedown. Brady has 30 seconds to get it down. McCoy keeps him at bay and wins to advance to the ACC finals. 

165 lbs - (4 AQs) - Jake Wentzel (Pittsburgh) vs Kennedy Monday (North Carolina)

1st period: Tactical first period half way through. Wentzel digs underhooks and walls Monday out of bounds. Monday hit with stalling. Still no scores, or even much in the way of attacks. 0-0 going to the second. 

2nd period: Monday chooses neutral (I'm pretty sure) and the second period begins as the first period did. Collar ties, Wentzel tying up. Monday backing out of bounds, does enough not to pick up his second stall. The period ends with 0-0 still on the scoreboard.

3rd period: Wentzel on bottom, he's out in 2 seconds and we're back to neutral. Stalemate with 30 seconds to go. Upper body ties, they're going to the mat. 50/50 position but no scores. Last-ditch shot by Monday but no score. Wentzel wins 1-0. 

165 lbs - (4 AQs) - Mekhi Lewis (Virginia Tech) vs Jake Keating (Virginia)

1st period: Mekhi got the bye and then immediately injury defaulted. He got dinged up in his bout against Wentzel at the end of the regular season. Keating advances to the finals. 

174 lbs - (3 AQs) Daniel Bullard (NC State) vs Cody Howard (Virginia Tech)

1st period: Howard in on a single early, tries to finish at the edge, no TD call, but we'll review. Call confirmed, no takedown. Bullard in on a shot, a scramble ensues. Bullard gets the two with a little less than a minute to go in the period. 

2nd period: We'll do neutral to start the second period. Collar ties but but no scores, Bullard still leads 2-0. 

3rd period: Bullard on bottom, gets an escape to make it 3-0. Shot by Howard, Bullard counters, far ankle scramble. Bullard claims the points to make it 5-0 with precious few seconds left on the clock. Bullard to the finals. 

174 lbs - (3 AQs) Clay Lautt (North Carolina) vs Victor Marcelli (Virginia)

1st period: Not much besides collar ties after a minute. We head to the final 30 seconds of the first period, still 0-0. We go to the second still tied.

2nd period: Lautt starts underneath and escapes fairly quickly for the first point of the match. Lautt follows it up with some offense and leads 3-0. Marcelli escapes to make it 3-1 with 30 some seconds to go in the period. No more scores in the period.

3rd period: Marcelli stats on bottom. He escapes with RT at 0:53. But Lautt answers with a takedown to put himself firmly in control. He leads 5-2 with 1:32 of RT with 23 seconds left. Escape and another takedown for Lautt and he wins convincingly. 8-3 win sends a Tar Heel to the finals.

184 lbs - (3 AQs) Hunter Bolen (Virginia Tech) vs Gregg Harvey (Pittsburgh)

1st period: Couple shots by Bolen but Harvey counters. No scores but Harvey hit with a stall.

2nd period: Bolen escapes quickly to make it 1-0. Another stall to make it 2-0. No other scores in the period. 

3rd period: Harvey on bottom, he doesn't escape until 0:38 left in the period. 2-1 Bolen leads. Harvey tries to mount a comeback but Bolen keeps him off his legs. Bolen wins 3-1 with the RT point.

184 lbs - (3 AQs) Trent Hidlay (NC State) vs  Devin Kane (North Carolina)

1st period: Hidlay aggressive, Kane gets hit with a stall call early. Hidaly scores off a Kane attack with less than a minute left in the period. Kane escapes and we go to the second. 

2nd period: Kane escapes again but not before Hidlay racks up nearly 2 minutes of riding time. period ends tied 2-2.

3rd period: Hidlay will go underneath. He escapes quickly to make it 3-2, 1:46 of RT. Kane answers with a takedown of his own to take the lead. It's 4-3 and Hidlay's RT is running down. He escpaes though and keeps RT at 1:19 in his favor. It's 4-4, but Kane needs a score. A flurry at the edge of the mat. Hidlay holds off Kane to win 5-4 and advance to the finals. 

197 lbs - (3 AQs) Nino Bonaccorsi (Pittsburgh) vs Nick Reenan (NC State)

1st period: Bonaccorsi scores a takedown in the first minute to make it 2-0. Reenan escapes, picks up a stall call then gets taken down. Nino leads 4-1 going into the second. 

2nd period: Bonaccorsi on bottom, he escapes to make it 5-1. Another takedown and its 7-1, looking for bonus. 

3rd period: It's all Bonaccorsi in the third, he'll win and advance to the finals with an 8-2 win.

197 lbs - (3 AQs) Jay Aiello (Virginia) vs Max Shaw (North Carolina)

1st period: Shaw wasting no time, goes fireman's carry and gets two and two. He leads 4-0 as Aiello gets dinged for stalling. Aiello escapes at the 1:20 mark. Shaw leads 4-1 going into the second. 

2nd period: Aiello starts on bottom. He gets an escape and then a takedown at the eds of the mat to tie the score. RT at 1:38 in favor of Shaw. Aiello rides out the period. 

3rd period: Shaw goes underneath. Aiello gets RT down to zero, score tied. Shaw dinged for stalling, his first. Aiello staying on top, if he rides out he'll win. He does it, Shaw can't get out and Aiello wins 5-4 thanks to the riding time point. 

285 lbs - (4 AQs) Deonte Wilson (NC State) vs Andrew Gunning (North Carolina)

1st period: No scores after two minutes. And after three minutes as well.

2nd period: Wilson on bottom, he escapes quickly, leads 1-0. Another point for Wilson, I need to look up how it was scored but it 2-0 going into the third. 

3rd period: 2-0 in neutral. Slick sweep single for Gunning, he converts for two. Wilson escapes to regain the lead. RT not a factor. Final 20 seconds. Low level shot for Gunning, Wilson defends, so close but its Wilson who prevails. He wins 3-2 by the skin of his teeth. 

285 lbs - (4 AQs) Quinn Miller (Virginia) vs Hunter Catka (Virginia Tech)

1st period: Miller and Catka in a simoltaneous shot, they bonk noggins. We'll hold here as they both get attended to. They're both okay to continue, 90 seconds left in the period. Shot by Miller, reattack by Catka and he scores off a single leg. 2-0 with less than a minute to go in the period. Miller gets a reversal, but Catka escapes before time runs out. Leads 3-2.

2nd period: Miller goes underneath, escapes in a hurry. It's 3-3, Catka has 31 seconds of RT. That's how the period ends. 

3rd period: Catka on bottom. He's up and out to gain the lead, 4-3, RT not a factor. Miller shoots with a minute to go in regulation. They go out of bounds, restart with 49 seconds left. Catka holds off Wilson and he makes the finals.


125 lbs - (3 AQs) - Will Guida, UNC vs Patrick McCormick, UVA

McCormick scrambled to a takedown on the edge to score the first takedown of the tournament. He leads 2-0 with 1:38 left. Guida escapes on the restart to make it 2-1.

McCormick starts on bottom in the second. McCormick works hard for an escape and gets another point at 1:47. It's 3-1. McCormick was close to a neutral danger takedown, but he's unable to score. The action goes out of bounds. McCormick was close to another takedown on the edge but couldn't score.

Guida takes bottom in the third. Guida was close to an escape, but McCormick followed hard. He locked hands on the edge though, so it will be 3-2. Riding time is at 45 seconds for McCormick. After a long review, that locked hands call was confirmed. 1:14 left. McCormick goes over a minute in riding time with 52 seconds to go, and Guida gets an escape. It's 3-3, and McCormick gets a takedown to ice it 5-3 with a riding time point coming and 20 seconds left in the match. He finishes on top and wins 6-3.

125 lbs - (3 AQs) - Colton Camacho, Pitt vs Logan Agin, Duke

No score through the first half of the first period. Scoreless first period.

Agin starts the second on bottom. Camacho was close to a suck-back and then close to making a half work, but no points so far. He's riding tough at 1:19. Agin gets out to make it 1-0. Agin earns a takedown, and Camacho gets an escape. It's 3-1 for Again at the end of the second.

Camacho starts the third on bottom. He's out right away, and it's 3-2 for Agin. Camacho can't score, and Agin wins 3-2 for the upset!

133 lbs - (4 AQs) - Jarrett Trombley, NC State vs Louie Hayes, UVA

Neither Trombley nor Hayes can score in the first period despite some good sequences.

Trombley starts the second on bottom and escapes quickly for a 1-0 lead. No more points in the period.

Hayes starts the third on bottom. Hayes ties it with an escape, and riding time isn't factor. Hayes finishes a takedown with a body lock and takes a 3-1 lead! Trombley battles on bottom, but Hayes follows and finishes on top. He's moving on to the semis.

133 lbs - (4 AQs) - Joe Heilmann, UNC vs Drake Doolittle, Duke

Heilman works to a takedown with just under a minute left and leads 2-0. He cuts Doolittle and quickly scores on a go-behind. He cuts him again and gets a third takedown by go-behind. He leads 6-2. Heilman turns D. Doolittle with a leg ride and puts two more on the board to make it 8-2.

Heilman chooses bottom in the second and gets a quick escape to make it 9-2. Another go-behind makes it 11-3 for Heilman, and he cuts Doolittle again to make it 11-3 but gets another takedown. It's 13-4. Heilman scores with another go-behind after a cut to make it 15-4.

Doolittle chooses bottom in the third. Heilman locks up a tilt on the edge and gets two nearfall. It's 17-4. Heilman cuts Doolittle to make it 17-5 but gets another takedown to make it 19-5. He rides out the match and gets a riding time point for a 20-5 tech.

141 lbs - (3 AQs) - Sam Hillegas, VT vs Cole Matthews, Pitt

No score after the first period.

Hillegas goes bottom in the second. He's out a few seconds into the period, and it's 1-0.

Matthews chooses bottom in the third. He's out to tie it 1-1. With 30 seconds left, this seems like it might be destined for overtime.

Sudden victory time. No committed attacks, and we're going to rideouts.

Hillegas is on bottom first. Matthews slaps on a leg ride to ride it out.

Matthews gets a reversal from bottom to take a 3-1 lead. Hillegas escapes, but Matthews wins 3-2.

141 lbs - (3 AQs) - Brian Courtney, UVA vs Patrick Rowland, Duke

Courtney scores on a double to take a 2-0 lead. Rowland gets an escape, but another takedown for Courtney makes it 4-1.

In the second, Courtney started on bottom, escaped, got a takedown, cut Rowland then took him down again and scored 4 nearfall. He leads 13-2.

Rowland starts the third on bottom. Courtney cuts him to make it 13-3. Courtney scrambles to another takedown for a 15-3 lead. Riding time makes it 16-3 for Courtney.

149 lbs - (3 AQs) - Denton Spencer, UVA vs Josh Finesilver, Duke

Spencer works for a quick takedown and leads 2-0. Finesilver escapes to make it 2-1. Finesilver takes a 3-2 lead with a takedown.

Finesilver starts the second on bottom. Finesilver has strung together a series of takedowns and leads 9-6. He has Spencer on his back after another takedown and will get 4 nearfall. It's 15-6.

Spencer takes bottom in the third. With riding time, Finesilver wins 16-6.

149 lbs - (3 AQs) - Ed Scott, NC State vs Mick Burnett, Pitt

Burnett scores the opening takedown, and Scott gets out quickly. It's 2-1. That's how the first period will end.

Scott starts the second on bottom. He's out quickly to tie it 2-2. Scott threatened with a headlock on the edge, but the action went out of bounds. 

Burnett takes bottom in the third. Scott follows Burnett's stand ups out of bounds a couple times, and his riding time goes over 30 seconds. Scott rode out for the win. Burnett created action that could have led to a reversal at the end, but Scott ended up with the win.

157 lbs - (4 AQs) - Brandon LaRue, Duke vs Josh McClure, UNC

McClure earns a takedown near the end of the first period to take a 2-0 lead into the second.

McClure is bottom in the second. He hits a reversal to lead 4-0 after some questionable tactics by McClure. LaRue now scores on a reversal. It's 4-2. 

LaRue chooses bottom in the third. He's out half way through the period. McClure leads 4-3. McClure gets hit for stalling with about 30 seconds left. LaRue attacks but can't score. McClure wins 4-3.

165 lbs - (4 AQs) - Thomas Bullard, NC State vs Kennedy Monday, UNC

Monday works for a takedown and takes a 2-0 lead 40 seconds in. Bullard escapes to make it 2-1. Monday attacks again, but Bullard scrambles for the takedown to take a 3-2 lead. Monday creates space for a reversal and leads 4-3 after the first period.

Monday chooses neutral in the second. Half way through the period, Monday attacks. The scramble ends potentially dangerous when Monday was close to scoring.

Bullard goes bottom. He's out, and it's 4-4. Monday leads with a re-attack takedown. It's 6-4. Bullard's out to make it 6-5, but he can't score. Monday's on to the semis.

165 lbs - (4 AQs) - Jake Keating, UVA vs Eric Carter, Duke

Keating takes Carter down for an early lead and tacks on a power half for 4 more. It's 6-0. He gives up a reversal, and it's 6-2. Keating hits a reversal to make it 8-2. He's close to a tilt, but can't score.

Carter chooses bottom in the second. Keating puts in a leg and turns Carter with a crossface. It's 12-2. He gets the turn to go again, and it's 16-2. Keating goes back to the well, and ends this match with a tech.

174 lbs - (3 AQs) - Jared McGill, Pitt vs Dakota Howard, VT

McGill gets a takedown in the first to lead 2-0. Howard escapes with 21 seconds left. It's 2-1.

McGill takes bottom in the second and gets out quickly to make it 3-1.

Howard chose bottom in the third and got a reversal. McGill escaped to make it 4-3. He tacked on a takedown to make it 6-3 with 30 seconds left. Howard got an escape and a takedown to force overtime late!

Howard hits a go-behind immediately and wins to move on to the semis!

174 lbs - (3 AQs) - Victor Marcelli, UVA vs Conor Becker, Duke

Becker had an early takedown, but Marcelli had an escape and a takedown. Marcelli leads 3-2. 

Marcelli goes bottom in the second. He's out and gets a quick takedown to lead 6-2. Marcelli gets two nearfall, but Becker gets a reversal. Marcelli escapes, and it's 9-4.

Becker goes neutral in the third. He shoots a couple times but can't score. Marcelli hits a slide by and leads 11-4. Riding time gives him the 12-4 major.

184 lbs - (3 AQs) - Gregg Harvey, Pitt vs Michael Battista, UVA

No score after the first period.

Harvey chooses bottom in the second. He gets out with a granby 40 seconds in and leads 1-0. 

Battista takes bottom in the third and escapes to make it 1-1. Harvey takes him down at 52 seconds and leads 3-1. Battista escapes and it's 3-2. Havey holds on for the win.

184 lbs - (3 AQs) - Devin Kane, UNC vs Vincent Baker, Duke

Kane opens with a quick takedown and cuts Baker loose. It's 2-1. Kane is in on a shot, and Baker tries to sit the corner. Kane thought he had a takedown, and they reviewed it, but no takedown with 30 seconds left in the first. Kane attacks again in the first but can't score.

Baker goes bottom in the second. Kane puts Baker on his back with a bar half. Baker fights off, and it's 6-1. Baker escapes, Kane gets another takedown. Baker escapes again and it's 8-3. 

Kane goes bottom in the third. He escapes then gets a takedown to make it 11-3. 2 Nearfall makes it 13-3. Baker escapes. Riding time makes it 14-4.

197 lbs - (3 AQs) - Andy Smith, VT vs Nick Reenan, NC State

Reenan takes Smith down for an early 2-0 lead. Smith escapes to make it 2-1. Smith gets deep on a single late but can't score at the end of the period.

Smith starts the second on bottom. He escapes to make it 2-2. Riding time is at 1:06 for Reenan.

Reenan goes bottom in the third and gets an escape but not before smith took riding time under a minute. It's 3-2. Smith attacks, but the shot goes out of bounds with 45 seconds left. Smith earns a stall call, but he can't score. Reenan wins 3-2.

197 lbs - (3 AQs) - Max Shaw, UNC vs Kaden Russell, Duke

Shaw gets an early takedown for a 2-0 lead. He gets 4 nearfall for a 6-0 lead. Russell escapes to make it 6-1.  Shaw gets another takedown, and it's 8-1. Russell's out and it's 8-2 at the end of the first.

Shaw goes underneath in the second. He's out and gets a quick takedown to make it 11-2. Russell's out again, and it's 11-3. Russell shoots near the end of the period, and Shaw gets hit for stalling. 

Russell starts the third on bottom and gets out right away. It's 11-4. Shaw shoots, but it ends in a stalemate. Russel shoots Shaw off the mat and earns a stall point. It's 11-5. A riding time point at the end makes it 12-5 for Shaw.

285 lbs - (4 AQs) - Austin Cooley, Pitt vs Andrew Gunning, UNC

No committed attacks through the first couple of minutes. Cooley gets deep on a high crotch, and we're scrambling. Gunning gets to a hard sprawl, and the action is stalemated with 5 seconds left. No score after the first.

Gunning took bottom in the third and earned an escape.

Cooley takes neutral in the third. He can't score, and Gunning wins 1-0.

285 lbs - (4 AQs) - Hunter Catka, VT vs Jonah Niesenbaum, Duke

Catka hits a pancake to make take an early 6-0 lead then tacks on 4 more with a tilt, and it's 10-0. 

Catka takes bottom in the second. He gets an escape and a quick takedown. It's 13-0. Catka gets another turn, and it's a tech.