2021 America's Cup

Wild Quarterfinal Matchups Kick Off Money Round At America's Cup

Wild Quarterfinal Matchups Kick Off Money Round At America's Cup

Day 2 of America's Cup features the quarterfinals, semifinals, and placing matches. Here's everything you need to know.

Feb 11, 2021 by David Bray

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On day 2 of America's Cup, we're guaranteed some incredible matches in the quarterfinals and could see anything from there. Here's everything you need to know before the money rounds get rolling.

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Yianni vs Nahshon Highlights Quarterfinal Matchups

Team Lee Kemp vs Team Carl Adams

Team Lee Kemp finished second in Pool A, so they'll see Team Carl Adams who finished third in Pool B. The first two weights in this one are packed with former Gophers, so familiarity could play a pretty big role in those matches. The clash of styles between Mitch McKee and Ethan Lizak could make for fireworks. At 97 kg we'll see another J'den Cox vs Hayden Zillmer rematch, and those guys regularly create high quality wrestling action. This dual has excellent matchups from top to bottom. The winner here gets Team Simon Roberts.

57 kg - Zach Sanders, Team Lee Kemp vs Sean Russell, Team Carl Adams

65 kg - Mitch McKee, Team Lee Kemp vs Ethan Lizak, Team Carl Adams

74 kg - Jasmit Phulka, Team Lee Kemp vs Josh Shields, Team Carl Adams

86 kg - Max Dean, Team Lee Kemp vs Muhamed McBryde, Team Carl Adams

97 kg - Hayden Zillmer, Team Lee Kemp vs J'den Cox, Team Carl Adams

125 kg - Tanner Hall, Team Lee Kemp vs Tony Nelson, Team Carl Adams

J'den Cox vs Hayden Zillmer's match from FloWrestling 3: Adeline vs Tamyra


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Team Bobby Douglas vs Team Kenny Monday

Pool B second place finishers Team Bobby Douglas will compete for a spot in the semis against Team Kenny Monday who were third in Pool A, and it's a Cornell Alumni Dual for the first two bouts. Circle the 65 kg match as must-watch as NCAA champs Nahshon Garrett and Yianni Diakomihalis will meet for the first time. The winner of this dual will see Team Lloyd Keaser in the semis.

57 kg - Vito Arujau, Team Bobby Douglas vs Frank Perrelli, Team Kenny Monday

65 kg - Nahshon Garrett, Team Bobby Douglas vs Yianni Diakomihalis, Team Kenny Monday

74 kg - Elroy Perkin, Team Bobby Douglas vs Quincy Monday, Team Kenny Monday

86 kg - Brett Pfarr, Team Bobby Douglas vs Ryan Epps, Team Kenny Monday

97 kg - Scott Boykin, Team Bobby Douglas vs Austin Schafer, Team Kenny Monday

125 kg - Dom Bradley, Team Bobby Douglas vs Shawn Streck, Team Kenny Monday

Potential Matchups We Need To See

After the quarterfinals, we have a whole lot of amazing potential bouts in the semifinals and placing matches, and while we're guaranteed to see some outstanding matchups, we won't know what those are until after the quarterfinals. Here are five outstanding matchups we're hoping to see.

65 kg - Yianni Diakomihalis vs Pat Lugo - We wouldn't see this one til the placing matches, but I really hope it happens. Yianni has made it a point to hit clean attacks in his last few competitions, but Lugo's tough to get to. Can the physicality of Lugo mitigate any of Yianni's savvy freestyle prowess? Let's hope we find out.

65 kg - Pat Lugo vs Mitch McKee  - Lugo's handfight is elite, but McKee has a way of turning his opponents' pressure into points. While Lugo is the favorite here, this match presents the threat of danger which is a good thing. This could happen in the semis.

65 kg - Evan Henderson vs Nahshon Garrett - Nahshon's attacks against Lizak were precise and devastating, but Henderson's control ties have a way of giving him opportunities for big moves. This is a clash of styles between gunslingers, and I hope we see it in the semis.

86 kg - Mark Hall vs Max Dean - Hall really opened up on day 1, but Dean might be his toughest opponent yet. We wouldn't see this until until the placing matches, but I'm hoping it happens.

97 kg - Ben Honis vs Hayden Zillmer - After Zillmer beat Mike Macchiavello for the second time in just a few months, he reminded everyone that he's one of the top guys at this weight, but Ben Honis has had some incredible moments already in his young career. This could go down in the semis.

125 kg - Nick Gwiazdowski vs Dom Bradley - Gwiz was relentless yesterday against Shawn Streck and Tanner Hall, but big Dom Bradley is a mountain of a man who creates a whole lot of problems. How close is Dom to the elite heavyweights in the US, and can Gwiz keep up his insane point-scoring run? We could find out in the semis.