2021 NCAA D1 Transfer Tracker

2021 NCAA D1 Transfer Tracker

Take a look at every NCAA D1 wrestler that has entered the portal since the 2021 season began on October 10, 2020.

Apr 16, 2021 by Kyle Bratke

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Since the transfer portal opened in October of 2018, it has been one of the hottest topics in college athletics. While the portal hasn't been utilized as much in wrestling as it has in football and basketball, there are still plenty of big-time transfers that have already gone down and talented wrestlers currently looking for a new home.

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Since the transfer portal opened in October of 2018, it has been one of the hottest topics in college athletics. While the portal hasn't been utilized as much in wrestling as it has in football and basketball, there are still plenty of big-time transfers that have already gone down and talented wrestlers currently looking for a new home.

This season we'll be keeping track of every NCAA D1 wrestler that goes into the transfer portal, and letting you know where they transfer to. I began keeping track from the first official day of the season, October 10, 2020. The year listed for each wrestler is their current year of eligibility. Wrestlers are listed as graduates if that's what they are entered in the portal as. 

If you see someone missing, know where a wrestler is transferring to, or just want to talk, you can email me at: kyle.bratke@flosports.tv 

Name YearWeightEntered PortalTransferring FromTransferring To
Tahron SheffieldJunior149April 15Maryland
Isaac ReidRedshirt Fresh285April 15Lock Haven
Cory CrooksGraduate149April 13Arizona StateOregon State
Warren StanfieldGraduate141April 13Michigan State
Chris GaxiolaJunior157April 12Fresno State
Dustin MorgilloFreshman149April 9George Mason
Andrew BloemhofFreshman141April 9CSU Bakersfield
Austin GomezRedshirt Jr133April 8Iowa State
Max DeanJunior184April 8Cornell
Jason MirandaFreshman133April 8Stanford
Kyle RowanFreshman133April 8Stanford
Spencer LeonhardtRedshirt Fresh141April 7Campbell
Sam SchuylerGraduate285April 7Buffalo
Michael CassidyRedshirt Fresh133April 6Edinboro
Anthony ColelloRedshirt Jr157April 6Pittsburgh
Tyler GianakopulosFreshman184April 6Cal Poly
Lucas CookFreshman285April 3Cal Poly
Tyler JohnsonFreshman141April 1George Mason
Robert GarciaRedshirt Fresh157April 1Oregon State
Jamarcus GrantGraduate285April 1Purdue
Andrew DavisonGraduate197April 1Michigan
Bo PipherGraduate157April 1Penn State
David LeonFreshman184April 1George Mason
Andrew McNallyGraduate174April 1Kent State
Joseph MechamFreshman133March 31Gardner-Webb
Colby WhitehillFreshman285March 31PittsburghLock Haven
Austin OsumiRedshirt Fresh197March 30Drexel
Hunter OlsonFreshman133/141March 29Campbell
Dylan AndersonGraduate197March 29Minnesota
Joey PrataRedshirt Sr125March 29Virginia TechOklahoma
Peter PappasRedshirt Jr157March 29Edinboro
Real WoodsRedshirt Soph141March 28Stanford
Ethan LeakeRedshirt Soph141March 26Northern Colorado
James EmmerRedshirt Fresh149March 26Utah Valley
Nick LombardGraduate149March 26Michigan
Kelby HawkinsRedshirt Jr174March 26South Dakota State
Daniel BenoitSophomore184March 26The Citadel
Jacob DadoSophomore141March 26The Citadel
Nick ColasurdoRedshirt Fresh157March 26Kent State
Elijah ClearyRedshirt Sr157March 25Ohio State
Chase SingletaryRedshirt Jr197/285March 25Ohio State
Billy HigginsRedshirt Soph165March 25Northern Colorado
Gage CurryRedshirt Sr125March 25American
Alex LalezasFreshman133March 25Campbell
Tucker AllenFreshman141March 25Campbell
Ben MaholtzFreshman149March 25Campbell
Brayden LittellFreshman125March 24Ohio
Austin WadlowFreshman125March 24Gardner-Webb
Cameron PineRedshirt Soph165March 24Campbell
Nick RaimoRedshirt Fresh133March 23Arizona StateRutgers
Louis NewellRedshirt Soph133March 22Pittsburgh
Gary TraubRedshirt Sr285March 22Ohio State
Jared KrattigerRedshirt Soph174March 22Wisconsin
Kizhan ClarkeGraduate149March 22American
Greg BulsakGraduate197March 22ClarionRutgers
Diavantae' ReddickRedshirt Jr165March 22Campbell
Devin WinstonRedshirt Fresh184March 20SIUE
Logan SanomFreshman149March 19Bucknell
William FinneartyFreshman125March 19Edinboro
Anthony BartoloRedshirt Fresh149March 18West Virginia
Dawson SihavongSophomore149March 17Stanford
Liam LusherSophomore149March 17West Virginia
Aaron GanderaFreshman149March 16Fresno State
Kyle JasenkiGraduate184March 16Maryland
Drew BennettRedshirt Soph141March 16Northern Iowa
Kolton GagnonFreshman285March 16Sacred Heart
Jarod VerkleerenGraduate149March 15Penn StateVirginia
Tanner HarveyGraduate184March 15AmericanOregon State
Nunzio CrowleyGraduate197March 12Binghamton
Adam BusielloRedshirt Fresh149March 12Penn State
Julian GorringSophomore184March 11Appalachian State
Marc ShaefferFreshman149March 11North Dakota State
Hunter DeLongGraduate184March 10West VirginiaGlenville State College
Gage BraunRedshirt Soph197March 10Northern Illinois
E'lan HeardFreshman149March 10Illinois
Dane HeberleinGraduate141March 9Binghamton
Jaden FisherSophomore157March 9Bucknell
Robert PryhockiGraduate149/157March 8Campbell
Austin KraisserGraduate165/174March 5Campbell
Gavin ParkRedshirt Jr125March 4Clarion
Max LivingstonGraduate157March 1Drexel
Ethan BaneyFreshman165Feb. 26Campbell
Jack CampbellFreshman149Feb. 26Appalachian State
Jack Ervien Jr.Redshirt Fresh165Feb. 23Campbell
Evan BockmanJunior197Feb. 19Cal Baptist
Brandon TessauRedshirt Soph165/174Feb. 19Iowa StateGrand View
Mateo MoralesFreshman197Feb. 17Fresno State
Michael FerreeSophomore174Feb. 17CampbellKent State
Luke RasmussenFreshman197Feb. 16North Dakota State
Timothy DecaturSophomore133Feb. 16North Carolina
Franics MorrisseyFreshman149Feb.11Appalachian State
Will BetancourtFreshman133Feb. 10Lock HavenOhio State
Luke KaramGraduate141/149Feb. 10Lehigh
Zachary SchraderSenior285Feb. 9Cal Baptist
Baylor FernandesRedshirt Fresh165Feb. 9MinnesotaNorthern Colorado
Cody HarrisonRedshirt Fresh157Feb. 9Rutgers
Devin GomezFreshman157Feb. 8Wyoming
Brayden PalmerSophomore133/141Feb. 4Clarion
Dylan BurnoskiRedshirt Fresh133Feb. 4Clarion
Leo MushinskyRedshirt Fresh157Feb. 4Buffalo
Tommy HoskinsRedshirt Soph125Feb. 3Oklahoma
Gabriel TaggRedshirt Fresh141Feb. 3North Carolina
Daniel HermanGraduate285Feb. 2Columbia
Justin WrightFreshman285Jan. 30Rider
Chris BarnabaeFreshman125Jan. 25Lehigh
Mike VernagalloRedshirt Soph174Jan. 25Clarion
Michael LeandrouFreshman157Jan. 23AmericanHofstra
Matthew CardelloSophomore125Jan. 20Navy
Christian TrimbleJunior157Jan. 13Gardner-Webb
Abdullah AssafGraduate133Jan. 12Illinois
Myles NorrisFreshman285Jan. 6Long IslandIowa Lakes CC
Trent SvingalaSophomore133Jan. 4ColumbiaBuffalo
Kyle HometRedshirt Soph174/184Jan. 4Gardner-Webb
Jimmy NoelRedshirt Soph174Jan. 4North Dakota State
Austin AlmaguerRedshirt Fresh133Dec. 30Campbell
Josh WilsonFreshman133Dec. 30CampbellGreensboro College
Greg GaxiolaGraduate149Dec. 26Fresno StateHofstra
Tyshawn WhiteRedshirt Jr125Dec. 23Lock HavenGlenville State College
Bailey WilkinsFreshman133Dec. 22Gardner-Webb
Samuel GroveRedshirt Soph197Dec. 17South Dakota StateMinnesota St Moorhead
Christopher HiseyJunior165Dec. 16NavyFranklin & Marshall
Joshua ScottRedshirt Soph141/149Dec. 16Campbell
Marcus CastilloRedshirt Fresh133Dec. 15Little Rock
Gregg WertSophomore133Dec. 14Army West Point
Haydn MaleyGraduate197Dec. 9Stanford
Jaden AbasRedshirt Fresh149Dec. 9Stanford
Nathan TraxlerGraduate285Dec. 9Stanford
Shane GriffithGraduate165Dec. 9Stanford
Logan AshtonRedshirt Fresh133Dec. 9Stanford
Ryan FigueroaFreshman133Dec. 5Rider
Theodore PowersGraduate141Dec. 1Brown
Owen PentzRedshirt Fresh197Nov. 30Fresno StateNorth Dakota State
Jeffrey GellerRedshirt Fresh174Nov. 30Long Island
Adam SantoroGraduate157Nov. 25Cornell
Zack GonzalezRedshirt Jr174Nov. 23Fresno State
Cevion SeveradoRedshirt Soph125Nov. 23MissouriLindenwood
Laurence KosoyGraduate165Nov. 20Columbia
Mark SchleiferGraduate133Nov. 19Princeton
Seth LambersFreshman149Nov. 18Campbell
Joshua GroffFreshman149Nov. 17Franklin & Marshall
Dillon RossRedshirt Soph165Nov. 16Buffalo
Michael BlockhusRedshirt Soph149Nov. 16Northern IowaMinnesota
Will EdmistonSophomore125/133Nov. 12Gardner-Webb
Cade BelshayGraduate184Nov. 11Arizona State
Louden HagaRedshirt Fresh285Nov. 10LehighWest Virginia
Anthony MoltonRedshirt Fresh125Nov. 2Fresno StateCampbell
Nicholas MontalbanoRedshirt Fresh149Oct. 30George Mason
Carter TuttleRedshirt Fresh149Oct. 27Pittsburgh
Cole NyeRedshirt Jr285Oct. 27Pittsburgh
Kolby HoJunior165Oct. 26George MasonClarion
Ryan NeuRedshirt Fresh174Oct. 23Kent StateWisconsin-Parkside
Anthony FedericoFreshman149Oct. 22Fresno State
Matthew OlguinRedshirt Fresh165Oct. 22Fresno StateOregon State
Isaiah PerezRedshirt Soph197Oct. 21Fresno State
Kyle ParcoRedshirt Fresh141/149Oct. 19Fresno StateArizona State
Lawrence SaenzRedshirt Soph141Oct. 19Fresno StateCal Poly
AJ NevillsRedshirt Jr285Oct. 19Fresno StateSouth Dakota State
Adam KempRedshirt Soph165Oct. 19Fresno StateCal Poly
Jacob WrightRedshirt Jr157Oct. 19Fresno StateWyoming
Haiden DruryFreshman133Oct. 19Fresno State
Hunter CruzRedshirt Soph184Oct. 19Fresno State
Jackson HemauerRedshirt Jr174Oct. 19Fresno StateNorthern Colorado
David CampbellGraduate141Oct. 15Bucknell
William FeldkampGraduate197Oct. 14Northern IllinoisClarion

Notable Entrants Still Available 

After a notable entrant commits to a new school, we'll remove them from this section. 

  • Shane Griffith was going to be one of the most sought after wrestlers in the portal, but that stock rose even higher after this weekend when he won the 165-pound national title beating Alex Marinelli, Zach Hartman, and Jake Wentzel. Griffith is a native of New Jersey and wrestled at Bergen Catholic. 

  • The Cardinal also have two heavyweights who a number of teams in the country will be interested in. The first is Nathan Traxler who made a successful transition up to heavyweight and was in the bloodround of this year's NCAA Championships. The other is Haydn Maley who qualified for the NCAA Championships in 2019. 

  • Jaden Abas is another Cardinal who raised his stock at the NCAA Championships. The former top 10 recruit in the class of 2019, finished seventh and picked up a big win over Max Murin in the bloodround. Abas also won a Pac-12 title and Southern Scuffle title during his redshirt year beating Andrew Alirez in the finals.

  • Former NCAA qualifier Luke Karam is one of the few big names in the portal right now. Karam was a three-time Pennsylvania state champion and a top 30 recruit in the class of 2016. Including his redshirt year, Karam is 57-23 on the collegiate level.

  • Despite winning over 20 matches three different years as a starter, Austin Kraisser has yet to earn a bid to the NCAA Championships. However, he's 67-38 in his collegiate career, and been in and out of the rankings. He has notable wins over Bernie Truax, Austin Matthews, Hunter Willits, and Neal Richards. 

  • While he never started a dual for North Carolina, Gabe Tagg was a top 40 recruit in the class of 2019 and won a Junior world bronze medal in 2019. Including the seven matches he won while training at the Olympic Training Center his senior year of high school, Tagg was 22-6 against collegiate opponents. 

  • Gage Braun has been the starter for Northern Illinois the past two seasons and qualified for the NCAA Championships in 2020. He's 44-20 throughout his college career and has wins over NCAA qualifiers Greg Bulsak, Ben Smith, Landon Pelham, Bryan McLaughlin, Brandon Whitman, Hunter Ritter, Colin McCracken, and Cole Urbas. 

  • This is the second time that Adam Busiello has hit the transfer portal. The three-time Super 32 champion and five-time New York state champion originally went to Arizona State before transferring to Penn State in January of 2020. Busiello has wrestled in just one tournament on the collegiate level and has a career record of 3-2. 

  • After only wrestling one match this season, Jarod Verkleeren will look to finish up his college career somewhere outside of Happy Valley. The Cadet world champion has a 41-17 record on the collegiate level and was a 2020 NCAA qualifier. Verkleeren has notable wins over Yahya Thomas, Kizhan Clarke, and Graham Rooks. 

  • Like Busiello, this is Winston's second time in the portal. The Missouri prep product originally committed to North Carolina before signing with Minnesota as the 27th ranked recruit in the class of 2019. However, he never wrestled a match for the Gophers and went into the portal for the first time in November of 2019. Winston would quickly transfer to SIUE where he went 4-1 in open tournaments, and the lone loss was an injury default. He did not wrestle a match for the Cougars this season. 

  • It's not everyday a four-time NCAA qualifier goes in the portal. Clarion's Greg Bulsak has entered the portal and will be looking for a new home to finish up his college career. The past two seasons, Bulsak has been consistently ranked in the top 10 at 197 and has wins over Michael Beard, Jay Aiello, Tanner, Sloan, Stephen Buchanan, just to name a few. Including his redshirt year, he's 94-29 in college. 

  • Kizhan Clarke is another former NCAA qualifier that will be looking for a new home to use their final year of eligibility at. Clark was 37-7 during the 2020 season and earned the #15 seed at the 2020 NCAA Championships. American did not compete this season until the EIWA Championships, but Clarke did not wrestle. During his career, he has wins over Jaden Abas, Requir van der Merwe, Kanen Storr, Markus Hartman, and many more. He began the season ranked at #13 in our preseason rankings.

  • Gary Traub, better known as Gas Tank Gary, will be looking for a new city to open up his gas station in. Traub took the country by storm during the 2019-20 season with his motor and wins over Lewis Fernandes, Luke Luffman, Seth Nevills, and Thomas Penola. However, in the offseason, Ohio State added transfer Tate Orndorff from Utah Valley and he would win the starting spot and go on to become an All-American in St. Louis. Wherever he ends up, he's sure to be a fan favorite.

  • While Jared Krattiger has yet to qualify for the NCAA Championships, he was #21 in our rankings after the Big Ten Championships and had two wins over Jake Allar and a win over Emil Soehnlen, who began the season ranked. 

  • Brent Moore qualified for the NCAA Championships back in 2018 at 141, but hasn't wrestled since December of 2019 when he suffered an injury. However, earlier that season he pinned Sammy Sasso in an early season dual. He also had wins during his Hokie career over Kevin Jack, Jonathan Millner, Kizhan Clarke, and AC Headlee. 

  • Another four-time NCAA qualifier has entered the portal. This time it's 125-pounder Gage Curry. During his time in the varsity lineup, Curry compiled a record of 79-41 and picked up notable wins over Killian Cardinale, Justin Cardani, and Brandon Courtney to name a few. Curry is the third former American NCAA qualifier that has entered the portal since the season ended. 

  • Ohio State's upperweight depth took another hit as Chase Singletary has entered the transfer portal. The Buckeye big man has wrestled his first three seasons in Columbus at heavyweight where he compiled a 45-12 record. At 285 he picked up wins over Mason Parris, Matt Stencel, Conan Jennings, Demetrius Thomas, and John Borst. After a 2-2 performance at the 2019 NCAA Championships, Singletary started the season ranked in the top 15, but his season was cut short just three matches in due to injury. This past season with Tate Orndorff and Gary Traub at heavyweight, he made the cut to 197 to try to get into the lineup. Singletary was 4-1 on the year, but it was Hoffman who got the nod for Ohio State at the Big Ten Championships. 

  • Shortly after Stanford announced their decision to discontinue the wrestling program following this season, Real Woods went into the transfer portal. Just a few months later, in hopes the program would be saved, Wood removed his name from the portal. However, with no signs pointing to the Stanford administration changing their mind, Woods has entered his name back into the portal. Woods fell shortly of the podium in St. Louis falling in the bloodround, but including his redshirt year, has a 47-5 career record as a collegiate wrestler. Woods will work to finish his Stanford degree and likely not officially transfer to his new school until the second semester. 

  • Three-time NCAA qualifier Andrew McNally has entered the portal as a graduate transfer and is looking for a new home to finish up his career. At 2021 NCAA Championships, the Ohio native made the quarterfinals before falling to eventual NCAA champion Carter Starocci and Jackson Turley in the bloodround. Including his redshirt year, McNally is 118-41 in his college career and has wins over Cam Caffey, Daniel Bullard, and Peyton Mocco just to name a few, and finished the season ranked 9th in our rankings.

  • NCAA finalist Max Dean became maybe the most shocking entrant to the portal this season. On his way to the 2019 NCAA finalCash Wilcke, Nino Bonaccorsi, and avenged earlier losses to NCAA champion Myles Martin in the semifinals. At the 2018 NCAA Championships on his way to the podium, Dean picked up a win over his eventual NCAA finals opponent Drew Foster on his way to the podium. 

  • That's Austin Gomez's music! After announcing he was medically retiring earlier this year, it appears the former Cyclone will return to the mat and move up to 141. During his lone season in the Iowa State lineup, he posted a 24-7 record with wins over Roman Bravo-Young, Austin DeSanto, and Montorie Bridges. Gomez would fall in the bloodround at the 2019 NCAA Championships to DeSanto. Gomez is originally from Illinois where he won three state titles. 

Be sure to bookmark this page and check back often. We'll close this page and start a new one on October 10, 2021, the first day of the 2021-22 NCAA wrestling season. If you want to learn more about the portal you can do that right here.