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#7 Illinois At #1 Iowa: Match Notes

#7 Illinois At #1 Iowa: Match Notes

Live updates of a classic Big Ten rivalry. The Illini of Illinois are in Iowa City to take on the #1 ranked Hawkeyes!

Jan 31, 2021 by Andrew Spey

It's a wonderful Sunday for a live blog. Two top 10 dual meet teams and fierce Big Ten rivals clash in Iowa City. Major rankings and Big Ten tournament seeding implications on the line, especially at 149 and 184. 

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It's a wonderful Sunday for a live blog. Two top 10 dual meet teams and fierce Big Ten rivals clash in Iowa City. Major rankings and Big Ten tournament seeding implications on the line, especially at 149 and 184. 

Iowa's lineup is absurdly stacked, as such, they will be heavy favorites. Should still be a fun one. So let's enjoy and have some fun. 

Projected matchups:

125: #1 Spencer Lee (Iowa) vs #17 Justin Cardani (Illinois)

133: #4 Austin DeSanto (Iowa) vs Lucas Byrd (Illinois)

141: #2 Jaydin Eierman (Iowa) vs #14 Dylan Duncan (Illinois)

149: #6 Max Murin (Iowa) vs #7 Michael Carr (Illinois)

157: #6 Kaleb Young (Punxsutawney) vs Johnny Mologousis (Illinois)

165: Joe Kelly (Iowa) vs Luke Odom (Illinois)

174: #1 Michael Kemerer (Iowa) vs DJ Shannon (Illinois)

184: #9 Nelson Brands (Iowa) vs #8 Zac Braunagel (Illinois)

197: #4 Jacob Warner (Iowa) vs #24 Matt Wroblewski (Illinois)

285: #3 Tony Cassioppi (Iowa) vs #9 Luke "I Like It I" Luffman (Illinois) 

Doesn't look like we'll see either Alex Marinelli or Danny Braunagel, so scratch a ranked matchup at 165. Fingers-crossed that the other starters will toe the line. 

Shane Sparks and Jim Gibbons welcome us to Carver-Hawkeye as the telecast on the Big Ten Network. College wrestling on TV, baybee!

125: #1 Spencer Lee (Iowa) vs #17 Justin Cardani (Illinois)

1st period: Spencer with the takedown in about 5 seconds and here we go. Arm bar tilt and it's 4-0 in no time. Lee wasting no time. Cardani doing what he can on bottom but that almost entirely consists of trying to free his arms from Spencer's bar attempts. Lee setting up a half, Cardani fights off, gonna be some sore shoulders after this one. 

Lee with a title again, readjusts and sticks Cardani! Happened in a flash. No 3rd-period points for Lee but six team points nonetheless! 

Haha, Nomad will never live down that article, which was technically correct but will be misinterpreted forever. 

Iowa 6, Illinois 0

133: #4 Austin DeSanto (Iowa) vs Lucas Byrd (Illinois)

1st period: No fans in the arena so you can hear the Brands urging on DeSanto quite clearly. DeSanto death grip on the tricep and he gets a firemans for two and has back points coming. Byrd nearly folded in half but backwards, the painful-looking way. Ouch. 

DeSanto had Byrd's shoulders flat on the mat but no fall is called. Byrd escapes to make it 6-1.  

2nd period: Byrd starts on bottom and quickly cartwheels out for his second point. Byrd not backing down, he's fighting hard from neutral, tryign to get on his offense. But as he reaches for DeSanto's legs he gives up a gobehind. A quick escapes and its 8-3. Snapdown go behind, escapes, 10-4. Double leg from DeSanto, 12-4 end of the period.

3rd: That DeSanto motor is working as advertised today. Bryd's overhand clubs were deemed to heavy for the ref and it's a penalty point for DeSanto. Austin adds a takedown and its 15-4, make that 15-5 with another escape. One minute to go. Hi-C to a double then an escape and we're at 17-6. And DeSanto got his bell rung and we need injury time. He looks okay to go now and we'll wrestle the final 20 seconds of this match. Major decision, 18-6 with the riding time point. 

Iowa 10, Illinois 0

141: #2 Jaydin Eierman (Iowa) vs #14 Dylan Duncan (Illinois)

1st period: First commercial break is a welcome respite for my weary digits. It's hard work blogging the matches of guys like Lee and DeSanto. Try it sometime if you don't believe me!

The Riddler vs Duncan Donuts. Dylan with an early legal attack. Eierman scrambling. Duncan holding tight to Eirrman's left leg but gives up the takedown. Stalemated. 2-0 Eierman with 1:46 on the clock. Eirerman throws in two boots, rolls Duncan over his back but no nearfall. Boots go back in. Optional start after EIerman sends Duncan tumbling out of bounds. 

Another leg attack from Duncan but it's blown dead due to a potentially dangerous hold. Another shot by Duncan leads to another scramble in short time. Period ends still 2-1 Eierman.

2nd period: Eierman take down. Eierman stands, back tripped but heists his hips and is free. 3-1 with a minute left in the period. Good fakes from Eierman and he's in on a double. Tries some various finishes until a back trip allows him to collect two more. Eierman rides out the period, though had to worry about a defensive fall for a bit. 

3rd period: Duncan on bottom trailing 5-2. I'm missing a point that Duncan scored but will have to worry about that later, action has resumed and so must the blogging! Escape for Duncan and its 5-3. Duncan on a shot, Eierman sits the corner, locks in a cradle, Duncan in trouble! With less than a minute to go Eierman secure the fall! Eierman so dangerous in that position!

Iowa 16, Illinois 0

149: #6 Max Murin (Iowa) vs #7 Michael Carr (Illinois)

1st period: Illinois' best shot at getting team points so far. Murin leads the collegiate series 2-1. Lots of hand fighting in collar ties but no level changes after 90 seconds. A couple half shots, mostly by Murin, no flurries, no scores. 

2nd period: Murin underneath. He escapes, shoots, and here comes the flurry. Big scramble, ankles for both guys. They tumble around a bit and potentially dangerous is called. Less than a minute in the period, shot by Carr, gets arms around a leg but Murin fights free. Short time, 1-0 Murin. Leg attack by Murin, scramble on the edge, time runs out, no score. 

3rd period: Carr's turn on bottom. He's out quickly and we're back in neutral, knotted up a 1-1. Riding time not a factor and won't be one. 70 seconds to go. Hi-C to a double for Murin, he drops Carr to his hip. Carr with a crotch-lock, but Murin fights through and gets the go-ahead takedown. 3-1, 3- seconds to go. Carr gets to his feet, Murin gets hit for stalling but he'll take it. And it's a ride out for a 3-1 win! The shutout continues for the Hawkeyes.

Iowa 19, Illinois 0

157: #6 Kaleb Young (Punxsutawney) vs Johnny Mologousis (Illinois)

1st period: Does Young like being associated with Groundhog Day? He probably did not choose to grow up in Punxsutawney. One wonders if he looks forward to or dreads the advent of Groundhog Day, which is mere days away. 

Anyway, single leg to a takedown and Young leads 2-0. Mologousis is out after 22 seconds. Short time takedown makes it 4-1 for Young. 

2nd period: Mologousis throws a leg in to start the period. Young turns into him, readjusts and scores the reversal. It's 6-1, RT climbing up over 30 seconds. Stall warning on Mologousis and RT continues to climb. 1:44 on the RT clock as the period ends, Young up 6-1 still.

3rd period: Mologousis on bottom, Young mat returns, then cuts him, then quickly takes him down. 8-2. Riding time locked up. Young cuts him loose again with a little over a minute to of. Young shoots in and scores quickly. 10-3. A ride out will be a major. If Mologousis escapes, Young needs another takedown. Mologousis is out, Young is back in. He gets a takedown with 15 seconds left. That'll do it. With the RT point, Young wins by major, 13-4.

Five for five to start the dual for the Hawkeyes. Four by bonus. 

Iowa 23, Illinois 0.

Gonna go ahead and say Iowa's got this point in the bag but we do have 5 more bouts to go and Illinois is mathematically alive for the dual win. 

165: Joe Kelly (Iowa) vs Luke Odom (Illinois)

1st period: Kelly gets the nod as Marinelli is sitting this dual out due to covid protocols. Odom snags a quick takedown and Illinois gets a rare lead. True freshman Odom is in for Danny Braunagel. An escape from Kelly and another takedown for Odom makes it 4-1. Makes that 6-2. Kelly gets an escape in short time to pull back within 3. 

2nd period: Odom goes underneath. He's up and out on the second or third attempt. Odom protects his RT advantage, it's at 1:38. Odom leads 7-3. That's how the period ends. 

3rd period: Kelly out and escapes. Action stating to pick up. Odom pours cold water on Kelly's comeback notion with another takedown. But Kelly escapes quickly so its only 9-6, though riding time is locked up. The match ends with no other scores so 10-6 is the official final. Illinois gets on the board!

Iowa 23, Illinois 3

174: #1 Michael Kemerer (Iowa) vs DJ Shannon (Illinois)

1st period: Strong snap from Kemerer and Shannon is off balance. Kemerer can't capitalize, back to neutral. Kemerer keeping the pressure on. He counters an inside trip attempt and it's 2-0 Kemerer. Shannon tried a granby and Kemerer nearly catches him by timing a step over. Riding time up to a minute. And Kemerer keeps Shannon on the mat for nearly two minutes. 

2nd period: Kemerer stands and is out in about 3 seconds. He leads 3-0. Low single and Kemerer finishes for two more. 5-0, Shannon fighting just go get to his base. Kemerer cuts him and goes back on the hunt for bonus points. Stall warning on Shannon (if I heard that correctly). Takedown and rideout to make it 7-2 after 2 periods. Riding time at approximately one-half hour. 

3rd period: We'll start in neutral. Shannon stuffed on two shots, Kemerer gets the go behind on the second to make it 9-2. Bow and arrow attempt from Kemerer but Shanon doesn't turn. Short time, Kemerer will get the major with the rideout. And it's official, a 10-2 win, total domination by Kemerer. 

Iowa 27, Illinois 3

184: #9 Nelson Brands (Iowa) vs #8 Zac Braunagel (Illinois)

1st period: One of the most anticipated bouts of the dual. Braunagel got the victory last season at Midlands. Brands appears to have jumped a level since then. Now we see how things play out on the mat. Very heavy hands from Brands to start. These snaps are going to open up the offense at some point you have to believe. Brands consistently snapping Braunagel around the mat but neither wrestler with any committed shots. 0-0 after 3 minutes. 

2nd period: Braungel chooses down and gets the first escape point after 6 seconds. Good shot by BTN of Nelson's father Terry crouched behind one of the corner chairs shouting instructions at his offspring. More hand fighting but no points for Brands. Braunagel leads 1-0 going into the final period of regulation. 

3rd period: Brands underneath. He's up and out, RT at 2 seconds for Brands. 1-1. Brands reaches for a high-crotch. Braunagel keeps his distance and is free from danger. One minute left in regulation. Sweep single for Brands but Braunagel spins and slips free. Final seconds of regulation. No risky moves from either wrestler as they half shot their way to overtime. 

Sudden victory: Nelson has some blood that needs cleaning up. Looks like a cut on his forehead. He's back on the mat. Single leg for Brands, Braunagel hopping on one leg. Brands runs him to the boundary. Braunagel doing the splits. Brands sucks him back and dives for the second leg. Braunagel flips his leg free and back into the splits. No takedown. OR WAS THERE? We review. No takedown confirmed. Now Braunagel in on a single. Brands is free. Another shot by Braunagel. Brands with the go-behind, but Braunagel counters and grabs two legs for the takedown! Clutch performance for Braunagel and he is pumped!

Big win over Zac and the Illini. 

Iowa 27, Illinois 6

197: #4 Jacob Warner (Iowa) vs #24 Matt Wroblewski (Illinois)

1st period: Warner strikes first about 90 seconds into the match, he leads 2-0. Wroblewski standing but Warner keeps bringing him down. 30 seconds left in the first, riding time creeping up over a minute. Warner gets the rideout to take the 2-0 lead into the second. 

2nd period: Warner starts on bottom. Warner sits out and escapes with 1:04 preserved on the RT clock. He leads 3-0. Heavy handfighting as both wrestlers trade shot attempts. No scores but some brief flurries. Wroblewski was in on a leg as time expired. Still 3-0. 

3rd period: Wroblewiski underneath. He's up to his feet but Warner eventually brings him down out of bounds, no change. Warner with a couple of mat returns, RT at 1:37 with 1:25 left on the clock. Warner locks up riding time as we enter the final minute of regulation. Add a few more mat returns and its a 4-0 win after a third period ride out! Warner wins by decision.

Iowa 30, Illinois 6

285: #3 Tony Cassioppi (Iowa) vs #9 Luke Luffman (Illinois)

1st: A Big Ten rivalry at heavyweight? You Luff to see it. Both wrestlers active in the first. Luffman attacks, Cass parries, then pounces on a reattack. He'll collect the first points as he gets the go-behind. 2-0 Cass. Luffman having trouble on bottom has Cassioppi is controlling his wrists. The period ends with Cassioppi with about 2 minutes of riding time and a 2-0 lead. 

2nd period: Cassioppi is up and out quickly. Now Cass has a side cradle locked up. Luffman goes to his back. There's the fall! Big ranked win by Tony Cassioppi!

The Cass Man closes us out in style. Domination from a dominant Hawkeye squad, and that's with one of their title contenders our of action. 

Iowa 36, Illinois 6. 

This is a scary good Iowa team. Fun dual, I'm sure less fun for Illinois, but they wrestled tough and Zac Braunagel's OT win over Brands was a big one. But for us fans, tough to beat watching that many quality wrestlers on the television. I will celebrate with tacos.

That'll do it for the live blog. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday or the rest of whatever day it is when you're reading this. Sorry for the typos and see you next time!