FloWrestling: 2020 RTC Cup Presented by Titan Mercury Wrestling Club

Match Notes From Day 1 Of The RTC Cup Live Blogged From Cincinnati!

Match Notes From Day 1 Of The RTC Cup Live Blogged From Cincinnati!

Follow the action from Cincinnati as six wrestling clubs compete with over $200,000 on the line!

Dec 4, 2020 by Andrew Spey

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Follow the action from Cincinnati as six wrestling clubs compete with over $200,000 on the line!

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Follow the action from Cincinnati as six wrestling clubs compete with over $200,000 on the line!

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Friday, Dec 4 - Saturday, Dec 5

Wolfpack WC vs Gopher WC

57: Jakob Camacho vs. Sean Russell

1st Period: Heavy ties.  Russell reaches for a knee, no good.  2:30... Camacho comes behind and finishes a takedown out of bounds.  2-0.  Russell with an underhook, loses it.  Heavy ties.  1:20... Slide by attempt from Russell.  Shot Camacho, nothing.  50... Russell takes Camacho feet to back for 4.  Back to feet, 40 seconds.. Camacho replies with his own 4 point move as they roll out of bounds! 6-4 Camacho as period ends. 

2nd Period: Ankle pick attempt from Russell, re-attack Camacho, Russell grabs a FHL and spins behind for takedown.  Out of bounds now, back to center.  2:26... Low single by Camacho, finishes, retakes 8-6 lead.  Another shot, FHL, no points.  Lot of shots from ties.  Action-packed.  1 minute to go.  Deep double for Russell, Camacho stuffs it and gets to his own single, has leg in the air and finishes to a 10-6 lead.  12 seconds left as they return to center.  Russell tries a big throw and puts himself on his back to close it out.  

65: Kevin Jack vs. Mitch McKee

1st Period: Jack with early low single, gets exposure for 2, then McKee chest wraps for 2, then Jack finishes for a reversal point.  3-2 lead for Jack as they restart.  2:10 to go. Jack catches a heavy ankle and gets behind for another takedown.  5-2 Jack.  1:24... 50... Low single from McKee in short time, gets behind and rolls Jack out of bounds for 4 points, will lead 6-5 at end of period. 

2nd Period:  Shot Jack, McKee chest wraps for exposure, then Jack reverses for 1.  Wolfpack is challenging the exposure.  Call confirmed, so McKee awarded another point.  9-6 McKee.  1:45 to go.  Shot Jack, McKee goes behind for a takedown, exposure, then a gut wrench.  15-6 McKee. 25 seconds to go.  McKee pushing for the tech, time runs out.  

74: Tommy Gantt vs. Evan Wick

1st Period: Gantt in on shot, Wick bouncing, Gantt trips him out of bounds for a takedown.  Now WIck in on single, gets behind and finishes to a cradle locked up.  Will he turn?  Almost but Gantt slips through it--somehow without exposing--and gets the reversal.  3-2 Gantt.  1:25 to go. 45... 20... Double leg Gantt, meets hips, sitting under Wick, clock runs out. 

2nd Period: Trading half shots, now Wick in on a single, snakes the leg, working to other ankle, gets it but Gantt has chest wrap.  Stalemate.  Gantt grabs an ankle with 2 hands right off the whistle.  Acrobatics and back to feet with--somehow--no exposure.  Wick darts to a leg but Gantt sprawls, grabs a single as Wick stands up.  Gantt walks Wick out of bound for a 4-2 lead.  1 minute left. Gantt pushing for single and gets another step out.  5-2.  50... Shot Wick, downblock from Gantt, circles to takedown.  7-2.  13 seconds left.  Over.  

86: Trent Hidlay vs. Brett Pfarr

1st Period: Solid double from Hidlay, straight through Pfarr, who belies down to keep it to 2 points.  Out of bounds.  Pfarr gets a push out to close it to 2-1.  2:20 to go.  2:00... Heavy hands from Hidlay.  Grabs a FHL, stalemate.  1:10... Pfarr another push out as Hidlay didn't realize he was on the edge.  2-2, with Hidlay holding criteria.  20... Pfarr with a whizzer, they go out.  Ref calls take downs but it's overturned.  Still 2-2 as period ends.  

2nd Period:  Hidlay shoves in an underhook, which he uses to throw Pfarr by out of bounds for a takedown.  4-2 Hidlay.  Another for Hidlay now--6-2.  Hidlay very physical, 1 minute to go.  15 seconds... Over.  

97: Michael Macchiavello vs. Hayden Zillmer

1st Period: Heavy hands in 1st minute, but no scoring.  Passivity warning on Macchiavello.  Double leg for Zillmer, feet to back, 4-0 Zillmer.  Back to center.  1:39 to go. Zill with 2 underhooks now, nothing.  They trade some shot attempts, nothing goes to the mat.  Period ends 4-0 Zillmer.  

2nd Period: 1 minute down.  Zillmer with tight FHL, doesn't work with it.  Ref resets them.  1:30... Passivity called on Zillmer--he goes on the clock.  Off the whistle, Macc shoots and Zillmer head pinches him feet to back for 4.  8-0 Zillmer.  Now double Zillmer, but now points.   Macc with the lace, lace again, and then runs out of time!  8-6 Zillmer final.

125: Nick Gwiazdowski vs. Gable Steveson

1st Period: Hand fighting.  2:30... Giving respect... Passivity warning in Gwiz.  Collar tie... 2:00... Passivity warning on Gable, 1:39... Knee pick attempt for Gable, then they flurry and Gable finishes a takedown on the edge.  1:19 left.  2-0. Double attempt by Gable from the tie, falls under Gwiz's weight.  Back to center.  45... 25... Single attempt by Gwiz but Gable slips through.  Period ends 2-0 Gable.  

2nd Period: Heavy collar ties, Gwiz single, quad pod on edge and they are out.  Ref didn't stop it in time and Gwiz smashed him into chairs.  Just a step out point, 2-1.  Now Gable in on a single, Gwiz tries a head pinch, no luck, stalemate.  2-1 Gable.  1:45... Gwiz single, Gable sprawl, Gable works hard to spin around and score!  4-1 Gable.  1:24 to go.  45... Gable holding center, Gwiz working.  Gwiz swing single, Gable dances out.  Gwiz desperation double, Gable sprawls.  More attempts from Gwiz, nothing.  Over.

Biggest win of the stellar Steveson's career, knocking off the multiple time world medalist.

Looking like Gopher Wrestling Club will win off the strength of a 37-36 technical point advantage!  Some tight duals this session.

Cliff Keen WC vs Wolfpack WC

57: Seth Gross vs. Darian Cruz

1st Period: Shot Gross from distance but Cruz no issue ensuring that contact is not even made.  Gross grabs a FHL, passivity warning on Cruz.  Cruz darts in for an ankle, wrangles the other for a takedown, working up the body for an exposure, but ref resets.  2-0.  Gross has merkle, pops leg out to be behind and score his own takedown.  2-2. Cruz in again on a low single, Gross slips out this time.  1:00... Gross gets a push out, leads 3-2.  Another merkle to a takedown for Gross, latches a high trap arm gut for a series of exposures to end the bout 12-2.  

65: Alec Pantaleo vs. Kevin Jack

1st Period: Jack is tall!  Pantaleo is jacked.  2:30.  Not much action.  Passivity warning on Jack.  2:00... Jack on on single, re-attack Pantaleo and he pulls Jack in by the leg for our first takedown.  Back to center at 1:50.  Alec swims to another single but Jack circles back in and grabs a 2-on-1.  Stalemate.  1:00... Dancing... Period ends.  2-0 Pantaleo.

2nd Period: 2:40... 2:30... Not much going on.  Passivity call on Jack--he goes on the clock at 2:26.  Not a ton of aggression from Jack aside from a couple soft shoves.  Pantaleo gets the shot clock point.  Jack attack, Pantaleo re-attack and spins behind and behind and eventually gets the takedown. 5-0.  1:34.  Panteleo drops out of the tie into a single but can't pull it in.  Now Jack shoots and collects his first takedown on the edge.  5-2 Pantaleo with 43 seconds to go.  Blood time for Alec.

We are back at it.  30... Shot Jack, Pantaleo grabs a FHL to milk the clock.  10... Scrappy sprint from Jack but Pantaleo gets another takedown out of it to close this one out 7-2.  

74: Logan Massa vs. Hayden Hidlay

1st Period: 2:30... Hidlay single, cut double, maneuvers behind to finish.  2-0 Hidlay.  2:10 to go as they are back to their feet.  Massa charges and Hidlay throws him by, picks the ankle for another takedown.  A feet to back throw extends Hidlay's lead to 8-0. Massa with a FHL, can't do much with it, trying to snap but can't get Hidlay even to his knees.  Reset.  30... over.

2nd Period: Shot Hidlay, stuffed by Massa.  Lot of hand fighting.  A couple half shots.  Hidlay gets warned for passivity.  Shot Massa--takes Hayden right to his back for 4.  May have been a pin but ref was not in position.  8-4.  1:40 remains. Massa goes upper body, looking for inside trip but Hidlay backs out of it, Hidlay lowers into a double, Massa trying to chest lock.  Massa winds up exposing for 2--CKLV coaches challenge because they want it called as 4 for a feet to back.  As it is, score reads 8-6.  

Call changed--4 more points for Massa!  Criteria belongs to Massa off the strength of (2) 4 point moves! 30 seconds left.  Hidlay sprinting, 10 seconds left, Massa defense very tough, Hidlay never close to getting through head and hands.  Massa pulls off a wild, big league come back.

86: Dominic Abounader vs. Trent Hidlay

1st Period: Hidlay in early on a throwby.  Doesn't work, but he tries it again... and again, it doesn't work.  2:00... 1:45.... Cross ankle pick attempt from a tie from Hidlay, but no joy.  1:30... Abounader now on clock for passivity.  Shot Hidlay, Abounader reshot and has leg in air, now behind in quad pod and rolls him out of bounds for a takedown.  2-1 lead for Abounader (Hidlay awarded shot clock point before takedown).  Period ends. 

2nd Period: Hidlay in on a sweep single, Abounader tries to chest lock and Hidlay dead weights on him for 4 points! 5-2 lead for Hidlay. 2:20... A few shots from Abounader, can't touch a leg.  Swims and gets a leg on a 4th, but can't finish and steps out of bounds in the process.  6-2 Hidlay. Hidlay now with a powerful attack on the edge--finishes the takedown right into a TV, which may now be dead.  CP's life (or at least lower body) was jeopardized.  We are having an IT break.  That TV happens to be the scoreboard, so... it matters. 

Was this a strategic move--a lung time out of sorts?  We may never know.  

We are back!  Takedown Abounader quickly.  1 minute to go.  Dom working for a gut and GETS IT!.  Another?  Ref stops action. Back to center, 40 secs to go.  Another shot from Dom, but Hidlay redirects him, spins behind and gets a takedown for a 10-6 lead.  20... 10... Armspin attempt from Abounader, slip throw called, back to center.  Over.  

97: Timothy Dudley vs. Michael Macchiavello

1st Period: Slide by from Dudley gets him a 2-0 lead.  Back to feet.  2:10 to go.  Macc shot, stood up.  Another from Macc, and finishes this one.  Gut wrench for a turn.  Back to feet.  1:20... 50... 10... Heavy breathing... Over. 

2nd Period: Macc in on shot, Dudley drapes over back, Macc comes through legs, Dudley squares up, back to neutral.  2:10 to go.  Macc in deep on hi-c, lifts dudley who steps around and crotch lifts him, then Macc finishes for a reversal.  5-4 Macc with 1 minute to go.   21 seconds left.  We are back. Shot Dudley.  Both guys spinning for money.  Frantic.  No points.

5-4 Macchiavello.

125: Mason Parris vs. Nick Gwiazdowski

1st Period: Mason in on single early, cuts double and scores first takedown!  Back to feet.  2:30 to go. 2:00... Another single from Mason, cuts double and ANOTHER takedown.  Leglace for 2!  Back to feet.  Mason leads 6-0.  Huge day for the young Wolverine.  Parris with the SAME single-cut-double combo to gain an 8-0 lead.  Back to feet.  Now Gwiz tries for a single, which he can't finish.  Now Parris shoots and Gwiz reshots for a takedown RIGHT into 5 leglaces.  Gwiz now leads 12-8!!!!! WHAT A PERIOD!

2nd Period: Double leg Parris, Gwiz stuffs him and works around for the takedown.  Gwiz trying for a trapped arm gut but ref restarts.  2:30... Blood time for Parris.  Shot Parris, Reshot Gwiz.  Parris looking for crotch lift.  Gwiz gets exposure.  Back to center.  16-8 Gwiz.   45... Low double for Gwiz to lock up the tech--all after he was 2 points from getting teched himself!

Incredible, wild match.

CKLV wins on criteria--they scored 46 points to Wolfpack's 45.

Cliff Keen WC vs Gopher WC

57: Seth Gross vs. Zach Sanders

1st Period: Gross looking grossly larger than Sanders.  Clamps that chin for a front headlock, Sanders dumps out of it for a takedown.  Back to feet.  2:30. Gross drops to outside single, Sanders grabs ankle, scrambling legs.  Gross hooks head and leg, spins around to score 2.  3-2, Sanders.  Fur is flying in this one!  Another exchange goes scoreless.  Double Gross, stiffed by Sanders, who attempts to spin around, but Gross has wrists.  Back up to feet.  30 seconds left.  Nice Hi-C from Sanders, Gross drapes over him and ref stops it for danger before any points can be scored.  Period ends.  Sanders leads 3-2.

2nd Period: Another outside single for Gross, gets behind to finish to a 4-3 lead and exposes with a high gut to extend to 6-3.  Back to feet.  2:25 remain. Sanders double, switches to single, Gross grabs an ankle to scramble.  Gross hooks leg and gets behind for an 8-3 lead.  Exposure for Gross, then Sanders reverses for a point.  10-4, and Gophers are challenging the exposure.  1:14 remain.  Call overturned--score is 8-4.  Sanders catches a finger in his eye and we are paused.  Back in action now.  1:00... Underhook Sanders, attempt, nothing.  Double for Sanders, Gross counters and attempts turk, gets exposure.  12-4.  Match ends.  

65: Alec Pantaleo vs. Brayton Lee

1st Period: Shot Pantaleo, sprawl Lee, no points.  Drag attempt, nothing.  Passivity warning on Lee.  2:10... Half shot from Brayton, nothing.  Passivity called on Lee--he goes on clock starting at 1:39. Blood time for Alec. 

Back in action.  1:20... Single half shot from Lee.  Shot clock expires--point Pantaleo.  1-0.  1:00... Pantaleo now warned for passivity and goes wild swimming for a single that Lee pivots out of.  20... 10... Over.  1-0.

2nd Period: Double for Alec, clean and fast, finishes.  2-0.  Right into lace--5-0 as they go out of bounds.  2:30... They trade a few half shots.  2:00... 1:30... Plenty of shot attempts but they don't go far.  1:15... Pantaleo bull rushes to a takedown, into a gut wrench and a 9-0 lead.  Back to feet.  20... Push out with 13 seconds left for the 10-0 shut out tech.  That means 4 criteria points for CKWC.

74: Logan Massa vs. Evan Wick

1st Period: Lot of heavy hands, Massa drops to a single, forces a step out for a 1-0 lead.  2:00... drag attempt from Wick, Massa spins through.  Ref calling for action from Massa but stop short of warning him.  1:00... Slide by attempt from Wick.  30... Single leg from Wick... no finish, 20... Wick in deep on a double but Massa fends off points with a chest lock.  1-0 Massa after 1 period.  Wick definitely took most of the shots, but shots alone don't pay the bills.  

2nd Period: Hi-C immediately for Wick, and he gets an exposure and eventually takedown.  Back to feet.  2:30... Massa bull rushes but Wick's footwork makes Massa step out--Wick leading 2-2.  Massa doubles and finishes out of bounds for a 4-2 lead.  Ref warns Massa for locking fingers.  1:00... Half shot from Massa.  Shot Wick, Reshot Massa, has leg in air, gets step out for 5-2 lead.  That's final score.

86: Myles Amine vs. Brett Pfarr

1st Period: Shot Amine, finish.  2-0 quick.  2:45... Back to feet.  2:00... Shot Amine, scrambling, this time Pfarr gets around the back and ties it up (criteria favors Pfarr). 1:15... 1:00... Shot Pfarr, no points.  Amine warned for Passivity.  40... 20... Sweep attempt Pfarr.  Over.  Pfarr leads 2-2.

2nd Period: Amine in on a double and lasso's the legs for points.  4-2.  2:40... Sweep single for Amine, Pfarr grabs an ankle, scramble.  Amine comes through the back to finish to a 6-2 lead.  2:00... Single attempt Pfarr, no dice.  Now Amine dives deep for a double, scramble.  Amine around the back but Pfarr has ankle.  Amine frees it to score, leads 8-2.  1:00... Double attempt Pfarr.  30... Single Amine, meets hips.  20... Ref resets them.  Over.

97: Timothy Dudley vs. Hayden Zillmer

1st Period: Heavy hands, Dudley latches a front headlock.  Does nothing with it.  2:20... Shot Zillmer, forces step out from it.  2:10... 1:40... Dudley warned for passivity.  Snap from Zillmer, drives Dudley out of bounds for step out.  2-0 Zillmer.  1:20... Shot Dudley, Zillmer snaps and spins behind for a takedown, transitions to gut wrench for 2 more points.  Dudley reverses for 1.  6-1 as we return to feet.  45... Double leg for Dudley, Zillmer cracks him to his side to expose him, leads 8-1.  Period ends.  

2nd Period: Single leg Zillmer, Dudley resists.  2:30... Zill drops out of a tie to a single leg, and pushes Dudley out.  9-1 Zillmer.  2:00... Another takedown gives Zillmer the tech.  11-1.

125: Mason Parris vs. Tony Nelson

1st Period: Big guns here.  Parris dumps for a takedown, into a gut wrench, 4-0 early lead! Parris swims for a single, doesn't get it but then spins under for another takedown.  Working for another gut, but ref stops it.  2:00... Another single for Parris, stuck under Nelson this time.  Back to feet.  1:15... Attacks have slowed down a little--but still not that slow.  30... Another single attempt from Parris, no penetration.  Period ends 6-0, Parris.

2nd Period: Head inside single for Parris, leg in the air,  fighitng for hand control, cuts double, under Nelson's hips, back to feet.  2:20... 2:00... Nelson in on a single briefly but then stands back up as Parris started to circle behind him.  1:30... 1:00... Single Parris, Nelson feeding hips but Parris is in deep.  Stalemate.  40... Single from Nelson, no dice.  Another attempts and Parris snaps behind.  Works for get but back to feet.  8-0, Parris.  13... Single Nelson, and finishes this one to prevent the shut out.  Match ends 8-2.  

Spartan Combat RTC vs NJRTC/SERTC

57: Vito Arujau vs. Nahshon Garrett

1st Period: We are under way!  Nahshon with a smile, Vito with a focused expression.  These guys are both darting and Nahshon tossing some heavy hands.  Garrett in on a blitz single, collects the second leg and finishes, but Arujau exposes him for a 2-2 lead.  Arujau now around the back, and we return to our feet.  2 minutes remain.  Another quick shot by Nahshon but this time Vito lowers his level at the same time to fend it off.  Attempted leg sweep by Vito, no dice.  40... Single leg Vito, picks Nahshon up of the mat and takes him feet-to-back for a 6-2 lead.  Period ends.  

2nd Period: 2:30... Slower start to this period...2:15... Shot Nahshon, reattack Vito for another takedown.  Caution and 1 against Nahshon for something with the hands, I believe?  Return to par terre , Vito exposes him, 11-2.  Back to feet.  1:00... 45... Double attempt Vito, Sprawl Garrett.  Blast double from Nahshown, gut wrench out of pounds.  Caution and 1 against Vito.  11-7 Vito as we return to center in par terre.  Nahshon guts Arujau and works for a second, but Vito slips through and winds up on top for an exposure of his own as they roll out of bounds.  Score reads 13-9, but SERTC/NJRTC is challenging, saying they were out of bounds before the reversal.  6 seconds remain.  Call confirmed, so Vito's lead is extended to 14-9.  That will be the final score.  Good day for for a young, slick, crisp Vito Arujau.  

65: Yianni Diakomihalis vs. James Green

1st Period: 30 seconds and no action.  Single attempt by Green but can't touch leg.  Passivity warning on Green.  2:00... Shot Yianni, comes out back but Green slips out and spins around before points awarded.  Green darts in for his own attempt, Yianni splits out of it, now in whizzer(Yianni)/seat belt (Green).  Back to neutral.  Green on shot clock at :58 mark.  No action during this time.  No attempts from Green and Yianni awarded point.  15... James double attempt, gets a step out to a 1-1 lead to close out the period.

2nd Period: Immediately to collar tie, Yianni works to Russian tie.  Hi-C attempt from Yianni and James steps out of it.  Double Green, spins in to finish but Yianni has wrapped around the leg, ref awards 2 for a rare takedown against Yianni.  Green leads 3-1.  Yianni in on sweep single and finishes quickly.  Looking for lace but no chance.  Back to feet, 1:34 remains. Yianni leads 3-3.  1:20... 1:00... A couple attempts, no scores.  45... 40... 30... 20 and Green shoots.  10... Can't score and Yianni wins 3-3.  

74: Jevon Balfour vs. Mekhi Lewis

1st Period: Balfour shot, Mehki snaps and spins behind for takedown.  Back to feet at 2:35.  Balfour in on single, runs Mekhi out for a step out.  2:16.  2:00... 1:50... Shot Mekhi, reattack, no Mekhi back in for a finish to a lace, gets the exposure, 6-1 lead as we return to feet.  1:21 left.  1:00... Mekhi drops to a leg from the collar tie, finishes.  8-1.  Shot Balfour and gets behind but runs Lewis out of bounds for a step out, rather than take down. Period ends 8-2.

2nd Period: 2:30... Mekhi may have stepped out but it was not called.  2:10... They circle back to center of mat.  2:00 and Mekhi snaps to a FHL, tries to cradle the leg and can't, but does go behind for takedown and 10-2 lead with 1:40 left.  Shot Balfour, go-behind Lewis to finish it off 12-2 with 1:17 left.

86: Drew Foster vs. Nate Jackson

1st Period: Immediate shot by Jackson, but half-hearted.  Two tall glasses of water here.  2:22... Foster single leg and finish.  Foster has gut, but can't turn. Back to feet. 1:43 left.  1:00.  Push out for Jackson, but overturned as Foster was grounded.  2-0 lead remains for Foster.  40...Double Nate but he's stood up.  In again, Foster defends, but now Jackson pushed him out.  This one sticks--2-1 match.  Jackson in again to end the period and Foster limps to his coaches--he's hurting. 

2nd Period: Foster continues without missing time.  Shot Foster, Jackson sprawls and tries 3/4 Nelson, no finish.  But to feet.  2:20.  Lot of attempts in this match, but most don't penetrate.  Nate now takes Foster down on edge.  3-2 lead for Jackson.  1:56 to go.  1:45... Shot Foster, re-attack, back to feet.  1:30... 1:10... Foster in on a single, stale mate.  50... 40... Ankle pick foster, works around, Jackson whizzers back to feet.  20...  Foster keeps shooting and finishes with 5 seconds left to win the match!

Tons of shots and reshots in that match.

97: Jacob Cardenas vs. Ty Walz

1st Period: Cardenas shot and stuffed under brick Walz.  Back to feet.  2:30.  Shot Cardenas, Sprawl Walz.  FHL.  Reset.  2:13.  Passivity warning on Cardenas.  2:00... Walz head pinches for a takedown, leads 2-0.  Cardenas escapes and shoves Walz out of bounds.  2-1 Walz.  1:15 remains.  Shot Walz, finishes a Hi-C.  4-1.  1 minute remains.  Shot Cardenas, Walz spins behind for TD, working lace, working up to gut wrench, back to feet.  6-1. 40... 30... 20... over.  

2nd Period: Shots and reshots, Walz snags a single and finishes, leads 8-1.  Another takedown for Walz.  10-1.  Back to feet, 2:00.  1:10... 50... 35... Plenty of attempts.  25... 15... Match ends 10-1, Walz. 

125: Dom Bradley vs. Jordan Wood

1st Period: Winner of this match wins the dual.  2:20... 1:50... Wood now on the clock for passivity.  Bradley awarded a point.  1:10... 50... Tight collar ties.  Pushing, clubbing.  Dom controlling center.  30.... 15... over.  1-0 Bradley.

2nd Period: Collar ties.  Hand fighting.  Heavy hands.  2:30... Passivity warning on Bradley.  Bradley tries to grab a single, can't get it but drives Wood from the center of the mat all the way out for a step out.  2-0 lead for Dom.  2:00... 1:40... Very physical in the ties.  1:20... 1:00... 50... Double leg Wood but Dom sprawls and spins for a takedown.  30... working for lace, back to feet.  20... Shot wood, reshot Bradley.  Bradley spins behind another attempt for a final takedown.  Match ends 6-0, and Spartan RTC wins the dual 4-2.  

Ohio RTC vs Spartan Combat RTC

Ohio RTC wrestled very well in their first match to conquer the combined forces of the SERTC & NJRTC.  They will swap Sammy Sasso in for Echemendia to face Yianni Diakhomihalis for this next dual.

57: Jack Mueller vs. Vito Arujau

1st Period: Free-agent Mueller gunning to knock off his second Big Red wrestler after knocking out Cornell alum Nahshon Garrett in the last dual.  Passivity warning on Arujau.  2 minutes left.  Now Mueller warned for passivity.  Vito slick-picks an ankle for a takedown and a 2-point lace. 4-0 lead for Arujau as they return to their feet with 1 minute left.  Not much action in that last minute until Vito snags another ankle with 4 seconds left.  Can't finish it before the period ends 4-0, Arujau.

2nd Period: 30 seconds down, no committed attacks.  Vito slide down, Mueller tries to chest wrap him through but it's Vito who locks up another takedown, and another 2 leg laces for a 10-0 tech.  

Match appears to be over, but Ohio RTC is challenging whether or not Mueller exposed his opponent with the chest wrap.  Call is upheld.

Slick Vito takes this one in Spartan fashion.   

65: Sammy Sasso vs. Yianni Diakomihalis

1st Period: Big challenge here for Sasso against the 2x NCAA champ and near-world team member out of Cornell.  Sasso in on a low single but Yianni slips corner and they scramble, Sasso was eyeing his patent cradle but can't get it.  Sasso awarded 2 for takedown, but Yianni immediately exposes him to take a 2-2 lead on criteria.  Yianni in on another single.  Scrambling again.  Yianni exposes Sasso out of a neutral leg lace.  Back to the feet as Yianni leads 4-2.  1:30 remaining.  Sasso snaps, no points.  Yianni in deep on a double leg, Sasso draping over top and they transition to a scramble on their hips.  Yianni steps over for a takedown and laces an exposure for an 8-2 lead.  Period ends. 

2nd Period: A lot of scrambling in the first period.  Competitive scrambling, but edge Yianni.  Yianni here again on another shot that he'll finish in another such scramble.  Yianni locks up another leg lace for a 12-2 tech.

Spartans now lead the dual 2-0 with both wins coming via technical superiority.

74: Carson Kharchla vs. Jevon Balfour

1st Period: SLICK single from Kharchla after timing some of Balfour's bobbing.  2 points for an exposure, slips behind and attempts a gut wrench but they will return to their feet.  1:54 to go. Slide by attempt from Balfour but Kharchla slips it, locks up a front headlock and works behind for a takedown.  Turks the leg but they return to their feet with 1:12 remaining.  4-0 lead for Kharchla.  

Balfour loosely attempts a double from space but doesn't lower enough to even push Kharchla's defense.  An exchange and slide by attempt for Balfour but no points.  4-0 lead for Kharchla as period ends.  

2nd Period: They shake hands to start second period.  1 minute down in the period.  Ref now tells them to create some action as we have 1:18 to go.  Now 55 seconds... 45... Single leg for Kharchla at 35 but no points.  25... Hi C from Kharchla and finishes to an exposure for 6-0 lead to end match.

86: Sammy Brooks vs. Drew Foster

1st Period: Very heavy hands here to start off.  Foster in on a single and works behind for a takedown.  Working a gut wrench but can't finish it.  Back on their feet, 2-0 Foster.  Foster in on another single but Brooks sprawls and they run out of bounds--action called, back to center.  2 minutes left. Foster forces a step out, somehow has a 4-0 lead.  Brooks trying a chest wrap side roll for a takedown but Foster grabs a leg and claims the takedown, leads 6-0.  35 secs left.  Period ends.

2nd Period: Foster shot, Brooks sprawl, Foster works up and finishes the takedown as they go out of bounds.  8-0.  Brooks single but Foster whizzers out.  Again, same thing and Brooks collects his first point with a step out.  2 minutes remain.  Brooks gaining steam, spins around a Foster shot for a takedown, closes gap to 8-3.  1:40 remains. Brooks attempting to spin around again and DOES, Iowa style!.  Trying a high gut but cannot.  Back to feet with 1:09 remaining.  Emphatic, deep single by Foster from space but Brooks sprawls to a stalemate.  44 seconds remain.  Shot Brooks and finish!  Cradles to back but is only awarded 2 points total.  8-7 reads the scoreboard, but refs are conferring about whether Foster was pinned, or if Brooks should have been awarded 2 more points.  21 seconds left.  

Refs decide Brooks gets 2 more points and a 9-8 lead as action returns.  This time, it's Brooks with the supremely spartan effort to come back from an 8-0 hole to a 9-8 win!  Big win for the team race.  

97: Kollin Moore vs. Jacob Cardenas

1st Period:  Moore with a quick single to a leg lace, again, again.  Again and we are done just 25 seconds into the match.

125: Amar Dhesi vs. Dom Bradley

1st Period: Bucks now lead 3 matches to 2, but if Bradley wins this, Spartan holds a classification points advantage.  Early push out for Bradley for a 1-0 lead.  Dhesi drops to a low Dlagnev single and finishes for a 2-0 lead.  Back to feet, 1:25 left.  1:00... 50... Not much action.  30...  20... 10... period over.

2nd Period: Collar tie, hand fighting... Dhesi taking ground.  Bradley circles back to center.  2:10... 2:00... 1:45... 1:30... 1:00... 50... 40... Blast double for Bradley with 30 seconds left!  Takedown, working for gut.  Back to feet with :15 left.  Dhesi dives for a single but Dom jumps over it for a takedown and 5-2 win.

Spartan wins the dual off the strength of their 2 technical superiority wins. 

Ohio RTC (Blue) vs NJRTC/SERTC (Red)

57: Jack Mueller vs. Nahshon Garrett

1st Period: Mueller slide by attempt, Nahshon slips through and forces step out.  Back to center and tied up, no commited risks for a minute until a Nahshon double attempt.  Mueller chest wraps him for an exposure before Garrett reverses for a takedown.  Back to feet. 1 minute remains.  Another shot (single) from Nahshon, trying to come out the back to finish, but Mueller has both ankles.  Nahshon trying to turn through but we stalemate.  30 seconds left.  A lot of ties, another shot from Nahshon but period ends 2-2, advantage Mueller.

2nd Period: Single attempt for Mueller doesn't get much penetration, but one of his few attacks thus far.  Mueller with a shiner forming on his eye.  2 minutes remain.  Ref stops action to warn Mueller for passivity.  Off the whistle, Nahshon doubles immediately off whistle, nothing.  Another double for Nahshon and Mueller chest wraps him again, but then Garrett exposes him to make it 4-4, advantage Mueller.  Back on feet, Mueller in on a single, Nahshon posts and reshots.  Intense action now.  Garrett aggressing as he trails.  15 seconds left and a low single by Garrett, Mueller slips through and grabs on to a front head lock, spins behind for take down to close it out 6-4.  

65: Anthony Echemendia vs. James Green

1st Period: Echemendia debuts Ohio RTC's Miami-teal singlets.  Looking nice. Sweep single attempt by Anthony, Green fends it off.  Passivity warning on Green at 2:10.  Now James in on single leg, forces a step out.  1-0 Green.  Green go behind to a Navy finish for a 3-0 lead.  1:35 remains as they return to their feet. Echemendia reaches for a leg from a tie but can't penetrate.  Commits to another single but Green keeps him at bay.  Snap from Echemendia, no points.  Physical first period.  Double from Green, sprawl from Echemendia and FHL to single leg and breaks Green's quad pod for a takedown at the buzzer!  3-2, Green to end the period.

2nd Period: Echemendia swings for a free, wild, and failed attempt.  Heavy ties now.  Deep under and a lot of foot motion for Eche.  James drops to single leg and Eche latches onto another front headlock and spins around for another takedown!  4-3 Echemendia.  1:30 to go.  Echemendia seems to be showing a bit more energy at this point, but Green trying to force a push out.  Success.  Back to center, tied 4-4 but advantage Echemendia.  30 seconds remain.  Green takes a double leg with 20 seconds left and immediately transitions to a leg lace.  Echemendia groaning and gives up 4 consecutive turns to surrender the tech with 4 seconds left on the clock.  Wow!

The laces must have been tight, as Echemendia's knees seem to be hurting as he leaves the mat.

74: Carson Kharchla vs. Mekhi Lewis

1st Period: Two talented youngsters here.  Lewis with a FHL, stalemate. 2:30 remains. Shot attempt from Lewis but Kharchla snags an FHL, Lewis slips it and pops around to grab ahold of his own FHL.  Stalemate.  1:40 remains.  Passivity on Mekhi, on shot clock starting 1:20.  Kharchla fends off attacks to grab the 1-0 passivity lead.  40 seconds remain.  Kharchla now warned for passivity.  Period ends 1-0, Kharchla.

2nd Period: Fake from Mekhi from space.  Lot of hand fighting, Kharchla times a dart and drops to a single, now they both have an ankle and scramble around on the mat.  Lewis sitting on Carson's shoulders.  Stalemate.  Kharchla in on another single, trying to crack down, Lewis whizzering but gets exposed for 2!  Kharchla grabs a gut wrench for a couple turns and a 7-0 lead with 1:22 to go.  Duck under from Kharchla for another takedown and a 9-0 lead, trying 3/4 nelson, back to feet.  9-0.  Tervel calling for the tech, Kharchla in on another single, trips.  We have scoring but a challenge.  Match may or may not be over.  

Initial call was takedown and exposure for Kharchla, then 1 for Lewis.  But SERTC thinks there was no exposure for Kharchla, and just a takedown for Lewis.  Refs will decide.  

Call overturned--takedown Lewis with no exposure for Kharchla.  Score is 9-2 with 1 second left as we start in par terre.  

Match ends.  HUGE, HUGE win for the Buckeye redshirt freshman over the 2019 165 NCAA Champion, Mekhi Lewis.

86: Sammy Brooks vs. Nate Jackson

1st Period: Heavy hands and fast feet to start this off.  Brooks a free agent for the Ohio RTC this weekend.  Slide attempt by Jackson, not close to scoring.  Passivity warning on Jackson.  Jackson catches Brooks standing up and levels him with a double leg takedown and 2-0 lead.  1:32 remains as they return to their feet.  Another double attempt for Nackson, Brooks attempts to chest lock but Jackson is hearing none of it as he finishes to the back a 4 point score and 6-0 lead.  

Brooks steps into a body lock, they go big and Brooks winds up on top for a 2 point takedown (no exposure).  Period ends 6-2, Jackson.

2nd Period: They trade leg attack attempts, physical.  No points after 60 seconds though.  Sweep single for Brooks but Jackson feeds him hips and overpowers him for a takedown and 8-2 lead.  1:40 remains.  Jackson keeping Brooks at a distance with a post.  Pummeling.  Jackson snaps Brooks, Back to feet, Brooks dives for a sloppy single and Jackson catches his knee for a counter TD and 10-2 lead.  Back to feet with 45 seconds left.  Jackson slips through a desperation head-and-arm attempt from Brooks to finish off a 12-2 tech.

97: Kollin Moore vs. Ty Walz

1st Period: Walz on a FHL, Moore slips it and grabs a swing single for a takedown.  Back to feet 30 seconds into period.  Moore low single straight into a leg lace for a turn, then works up to a gut wrench for a couple more turns and a quick tech.  

Quick work by the hot former Buckeye who was denied a strong chance for an NCAA title by Covid.

125: Amar Dhesi vs. Jordan Wood

1st Period: Dhesi in deep on a single, picks Wood up onff the mat and finishes a takedown, tries for a lace but can't get it before they move out of bounds.  Back to feet, 2 minutes left.  

Hand fighting from collar ties.  1 minute left.  Dhesi snaps a sloppy Wood shot and spins behind, but can't quite claim the takedown before Wood squares up on him again.  Another exchange leads to a scamble that yields no points before period ends 2-0 in favor of Dhesi.

2nd Period: A lot of hand fighting but no shots until Wood fires a single 1 minute in.  No points, and we're squared up again.  Another Wood shot but Dhesi sprawls on him, tries to work around, work for a crotch lift.  Stalemate.  1:23 remains.  A lot of attempts by a desparate Wood now but Dhesi seems a bit more technically sound and counters everything he sees.  Dhesi scores one counter for a 4-0 lead.  40 seconds remain.  

Valiant effort from from an aggressive wood, he gets a takedown at the last second as Dhesi kept dancing away from him, but it is no matter.  4-2 win for Dhesi.

Ohio RTC wins the dual 4 matches to 2.