FloWrestling: 2020 RTC Cup Presented by Titan Mercury Wrestling Club

Ranking Every Entry For Each Weight At The RTC Cup

Ranking Every Entry For Each Weight At The RTC Cup

Find out how every team stacks up at up each weight at the FloWrestling: 2020 RTC Cup Presented by TMWC.

Nov 20, 2020 by JD Rader
Ranking Every Entry For Each Weight At The RTC Cup

Rosters have been released for the first ever FloWrestling: RTC Cup Pres. by TMWC, so let's have some fun! Who doesn't love rankings? Below is a ranking of every entry from every team at each weight. An entirely subjective ranking just for fun, produced by me, JD Rader, to spur conversation and further the discussion of this great event.

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Friday, Dec 4 - Saturday, Dec 5

57 kg

1Seth GrossCliff Keen WC
2Vito Arujau

Spartan Combat RTC

3Nahshon GarrettNJRTC/SERTC
4Dylan RagusinCliff Keen WC
5Jack MuellerOhio RTC
6Darian CruzWolfpack RTC
7Sean RussellGopher WC
8Zach SandersGopher WC
10Jakob CamachoWolfpack RTC

Dylan Ragusin has really come on the past six weeks with a finals appearance at Senior Nationals and championship performance at U23 Nationals, but it's another Michigan Man (for the weekend) holding the top spot at 57 kg. Seth Gross had a huge Bill Farrell almost exactly one year ago picking up wins over Nick Suriano, Nathan Tomasello, and Darian Cruz.

Nahshon Garrett and the fact that this event is +3 kg throw a wrench into things. At 61 kg back in 2018, Garrett beat Seth Gross at the Open and WTT and then Joe Colon at Final X. However, that was over two years ago and since then Nahshon has had some mixed results below 61 kg including losing to NATO, Suriano, and Zane Richards. So, while a healthy 60 kg Nahshon very well could the take here, have to go with the hot recent hands for rankings purposes. 

65 kg

2Yianni Diakomihalis

Spartan Combat RTC

3David HabatCliff Keen WC
4Matt KolodzikNJRTC/SERTC
5Alec PantaleoCliff Keen WC
6Brayton LeeGopher WC
7Sammy SassoOhio RTC
8Mitch McKeeGopher WC
9Kevin JackWolfpack WC
10Anthony EchemendiaOhio RTC
11Tariq WilsonWolfpack WC

An exciting matchup at the top, but as a two-time World medalist, James Green gets the nod as #1. A couple of interesting roster choices for CKWC and Gopher WC. Alec Pantaleo is a 3X All-American, but Dave Habat is an NCAA finalist and European bronze medal. At the 2019 Dave Schultz he beat Sammy Sasso 5-3. Mitch McKee just won a U23 title, but I imagine he'll be undersized at 65 + 3 kg, so 2019 Junior World Teamer Brayton Lee will most likely get the nod.

74 kg

1Kyle Dake

Spartan Combat RTC

2Logan MassaCliff Keen WC
4Tommy GanttWolfpack WC
5Hayden HidlayWolfpack WC
6Evan WickGopher WC
7Malik AmineCliff Keen WC
8Carson KarchlaOhio RTC
9Elroy PerkinGopher WC

Pretty clear order here. Kyle Dake is a two-time World champion, Massa beat Lewis at 2019 Senior Nationals, where Lewis beat Gantt, and Hidlay beat Wick at 2020 Senior Nationals. Now who will the Wolpack start?

86 kg

1Myles MartinOhio RTC
2Myles AmineCliff Keen WC
3Gabe Dean

Spartan Combat RTC

4Nate JacksonNRTC/SERTC
5Trent HidlayWolfpack WC
6Brett PfarrGopher WC
7Max Dean

Spartan Combat RTC

8Domenic AbounaderCliff Keen WC
9Nick ReenanWolfpack WC
10Devin SkatzkaGopher WC

Big Myles weight. In addition to taking up the top two spots here, Martin and Amine are #10 and #11 in the world respectively. Gabe Dean comes in at #3 after beating Nate Jackson at Senior Nationals, and Hoagie Hidlay is #5 after a strong Senior Nationals performance.

97 kg

1Mike MacchiavelloWolfpack WC
2Kollin MooreOhio RTC
3Hayden ZillmerGopher WC
4Tim DudleyCliff Keen WC
6Timmy McCallWolfpack WC
7Scotty Boykin

Spartan Combat RTC

J'den Cox being forced to withdraw was one of the biggest let downs in recent memory. Still an interesting potential matchup if the Wolfpack WC and Ohio RTC meet on day two. NCAA champion Mike Macc comes in at #1 with wins over everyone at the weight excluding Timmy McCall and Kollin Moore. However, Moore looked as good as he ever has at Senior Nationals in Iowa City.

125 kg

1Nick GwiazdowskiWolfpack WC
2Gable StevesonGopher WC
3Mason ParrisCliff Keen WC
4Adam CoonCliff Keen WC
5Dom Bradley

Spartan Combat RTC

6Tony NelsonGopher WC
7Amar DhesiOhio RTC
9Youssif HemidaCliff Keen WC

The money weight in Cincinnati. However you think the top three will play out, this is how they have to be ranked. Adam Coon comes in at #4 since he beat Dom Bradley the last time they wrestled in 2018, the same year he made Final X.

And there you have it. Should be a fun team race and plenty of good matches!