Mark Ironside Uniting Community During Pandemic

Mark Ironside Uniting Community During Pandemic

Mark Ironside is doing his part to unite people during a pandemic.

Mar 29, 2020 by JD Rader

Two-time NCAA champion Mark Ironside is doing his part during the COVID-19 pandemic to help bring people together by selling UNITE Wrestling shirts. 

The t-shirt, which can be purchased online HERE, boasts wrestling shoes, an NCAA team trophy, the colors of the Olympic rings in a rainbow, and inspirational quotes. All of these represent the different levels in wrestling and how everyone should come together.

The colors of this rainbow represent the Olympic Ring colors in Uniting us together worldwide to help overcome something bigger and more powerful than any one of us. In the end we will rise above to compete again.

"This shirt exemplifies that we, the wrestling community can overcome a devastating time in our personal lives, our business lives and in our great sport of wrestling," said Ironside. "We all unite together. This shirt represents the sport of wrestling from a kids level through the Olympic level and everywhere in between. It does not matter your age, your gender, your race, the club that you wrestle for, the school that you attend, what brand of shoes you wear, or the country in which you live. We can all unite together as we are all affected by this humbling time as we are all in this together. Let’s promote our great sport and allow this shirt to symbolize a light of hope during a period of dark time."

Ironside started his company, Iowa Style Apparel, over 10 years ago out of his home in Iowa City. Hear him talk about it below.