2020 EIWA Championship

Pre-Seeds For The 2020 EIWA Conference Tournament

Pre-Seeds For The 2020 EIWA Conference Tournament

Pre-seeds have been released for the 2020 EIWA conference tournament at Lehigh.

Mar 1, 2020 by Wrestling Nomad

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The pre-seeds have been released for the 2020 EIWA Championships at Lehigh. This year's conference tournament will be Friday, March 6, and Saturday, March 7, at Stabler Arena.

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March 6-7 | 11AM & 10AM Eastern Time

From the official conference release:

"The pre-seeds for the 2020 EIWA Championships at Lehigh University are shown below, subject to change by coaches' vote prior to the tournament. The coaches will meet Thursday afternoon at Lehigh to review the pre-seeds and make adjustments. The seeds will remain preliminary until locked in at weigh-ins on Friday morning."

Official brackets will eventually be in FloArena.

125 Pounds

  1. Patrick Glory Princeton
  2. Michael Colaiocco Penn
  3. Brandon Paetzell Lehigh
  4. Trey Chalifoux Army West Point
  5. Gage Curry American
  6. Logan Treaster Navy
  7. Joe Manchio Columbia
  8. Nolan Hellickson Harvard

133 Pounds

  1. Chas Tucker Cornell
  2. Zack Trampe Binghamton
  3. Nick Farro Lehigh
  4. Casey Cobb Navy
  5. Darren Miller Bucknell
  6. Andrew Wert Army West Point
  7. Carmen Ferrante Penn
  8. Angelo Rini Columbia

141 Pounds

  1. Sal Profaci American
  2. Doug Zapf Penn
  3. Matt Kazimir Columbia
  4. Cody Trybus Navy
  5. Noah Baughman Cornell
  6. Wil Gil F&M
  7. Ryan Pomrinca Lehigh
  8. Anthony Sparacio Binghamton

149 Pounds

  1. Kizhan Clarke American
  2. Jimmy Hoffman Lehigh
  3. Hunter Richard Cornell
  4. Matt Kolodzik Princeton
  5. Matthew Kolonia Bucknell
  6. PJ Ogunsanya Army West Point
  7. Ricky Cabanillas Brown
  8. Lucas Revano Penn

157 Pounds

  1. Markus Hartman Army West Point
  2. Quincy Monday Princeton
  3. Josh Humphreys Lehigh
  4. Anthony Artalona Penn
  5. Hunter Ladnier Harvard
  6. Kyle Mosher Columbia
  7. Jaden Fisher Bucknell
  8. Holden Heller Hofstra

165 Pounds

  1. Tanner Skidgel Navy
  2. Philip Conigliaro Harvard
  3. Zach Hartman Bucknell
  4. Cael McCormick Army West Point
  5. Ebed Jarrell Drexel
  6. Grant Cuomo Princeton
  7. Ricky Stamm Hofstra
  8. Brian Meyer Lehigh

174 Pounds

  1. Jordan Kutler Lehigh
  2. Spencer Carey Navy
  3. Ben Harvey Army West Point
  4. Brandon Womack Cornell
  5. Michael O'Malley Drexel
  6. Sage Heller Hofstra
  7. Kevin Parker Princeton
  8. Mitch Hartman Bucknell

184 Pounds

  1. Lou DePrez Binghamton
  2. Chris Weiler Lehigh
  3. Noah Stewart Army West Point
  4. Tanner Harvey American
  5. Jonathan Loew Cornell
  6. Travis Stefanik Princeton
  7. Kyle Davis Sacred Heart
  8. Joe Franzese Columbia

197 Pounds

  1. Patrick Brucki Princeton
  2. Jake Koser Navy
  3. John Jakobsen Lehigh
  4. Ben Darmstadt Cornell
  5. Drew Phipps Bucknell
  6. Cole Urbas Penn
  7. Bryan McLaughlin Drexel
  8. JT Brown Army West Point

285 Pounds

  1. Yaraslau Slavikouski Harvard
  2. Jordan Wood Lehigh
  3. Ben Sullivan Army West Point
  4. Brendan Furman Cornell
  5. Ben Goldin Penn
  6. Joe Doyle Binghamton
  7. Zachary Knighton-Ward Hofstra
  8. Connor Fredericks Sacred Heart