The Definitive NCAA Division II Wrestling Super Region Preview

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Everything you need to know about the NCAA Division II Super Regions.

NCAA Division II Super Region I Preview

Pitt-Johnstown will enter the Super Region I tournament as heavy favorites to win the team title. The Mountain Cats will be led by returning national qualifiers Brendan Howard (125), Tyler Warner (133), Chris Eddins (149), Devin Austin (165), Brock Biddle (174), and Connor Craig (184). 

Gannon will be led by Jacob Dunlop (125), Austin Hertel (133), Dominic Means (149), Evan Fisler (157), Alex Faranchek (165), Connor Day (174), and Freddie Nixon (197). Mercyhurst has Alexis Soriano (141), Logan Grass (165), Luke McGonigal (197), and Jacob Robb (285). Seton Hill is led by Austin Shaw (149) and Billy Bowlen (197). Kutztown is led by Colin Wickramartna (133) and Andrew Dunn (285). East Stroudsburg is led by Mike Raccioppi (174) and Elliot Riddick (184). Millersville is led by Devin Flannery (125) and Ryan McGuire (141). Alderson Broaddus has Giovanni Sita (184) and American International has JoJo Gonzalez (157).

Wrestlers will compete for 30 qualifying spots. The top three wrestlers per weight qualify for the NCAA Division II National Tournament March 13-14 in Sioux Falls, SD.

Team Predictions

  1. Pitt-Johnstown
  2. Gannon
  3. Mercyhurst
  4. Seton Hill
  5. Kutztown
  6. East Stroudsburg 
  7. Millersville
  8. Shippensburg
  9. Alderson-Broaddus
  10. American-International
  11. Fairmont State


1. Brendan Howard, Sr. Pitt-Johnstown

2. Jacob Dunlop, Jr. Gannon

3. Devin Flannery, Fr. Millersville

4. Joe Renne, Jr. Kutztown

5. Frank Bonura, So. Seton Hill 

6. Jacob Ruggeri, Jr. Mercyhurst

7. Noah Hodges, Fr. Alderson-Broaddus

8. Jacob Marselli, Fr. American-International

Howard (Pitt-Johnstown), Dunlop (Gannon) and Renne (Kutztown) enter the tournament as returning national qualifiers. Howard holds a recent 2-0 decision over Dunlop entering the tournament and the two look to have a solid hold on the top two spots. Flannery (Millersville) is likely the final qualifier, but to do so, he will have to get past Renne, as well as Ruggeri (Mercyhurst) who finished fourth in the region last season. Bonura (Seton Hill) and Noah Hodges (Alderson-Broaddus) will likely spoil the show somewhere in the bracket.


1. Tyler Warner, Jr. Pitt-Johnstown

2. Colin Wickramaratna, So. Kutztown

3. Austin Hertel, Jr. Gannon

4. Eric Bartos, So. Mercyhurst

5. Vincent Distafanis, Jr. Seton Hill

6. Jacob Downing, So. Shippensburg

7. Jacob Lehman, Fr. Millersville

8. Nick Conetta, So. East Stroudsburg

This is one of the deeper weights in the region with four wrestlers competing in a national tournament during their college career. Returning national champion Tyler Warner (Pitt-Johnstown) made his return from a season-long injury the final dual of the season and was tested right away by Hertel (Gannon) escaping with a 1-0 decision. Given more mat time, he should be primed to defend his title in March. Wickramaratna (Kutztown), a Division III qualifier last season while wrestling for Ursinus, holds regular-season wins over Hertel (Gannon) and Bartos (Mercyhurst), but are all equally matched along with Distafanis (Seton Hill). Look for spots two and three to be an all-out battle.


1. Jacob Ealy, Fr. Pitt-Johnstown

2. Ryan McGuire, So. Millersville

3. Alexis Soriano, Jr. Mercyhurst

4. Nick Young, So. Gannon

5. Joel Cawoski, So. Seton Hill

6. Curtis Cox, Sr. Alderson-Broaddas

7. Matt Rosa, Fr. East Stroudsburg 

8. Jacob Jones, Jr. Kutztown

This is likely the most up in the air weight going into the tournament, but it does have national tournament experience from Soriano (Mercyhurst). Soriano had a slow start to this season moving up to 141 from 133, but he has been the most consistent down the stretch. Ealy (Pitt-Johnstown) has quality wins over national competition and will likely be one of the three punching their tickets out of this weight.


1. Chris Eddins, Sr. Pitt-Johnstown

2. Austin Shaw, So. Seton Hill

3. Dominic Means, So. Gannon

4. Joel Morth, So. American-International

5. De’Andre Reed, Jr. Shippensburg

6. Mike Cusick, So. Kutztown

7. Alex Samson, Fr. Mercyhurst

8. Pierre Liciaga, Jr. East Stroudsburg

Chris Eddins (Pitt-Johnstown) is the heavy favorite at this weight both regionally and nationally. He will be pushed by national qualifier Austin Shaw (Seton Hill) and Dominic Means (Gannon) who are both nationally ranked. Two wrestlers looking to complicate the bracket are Joel Morth (American International) and De’Andre Reed (Shippensburg).


1. JoJo Gonzalez, Jr. American-International

2. Evan Fisler, So. Gannon

3. Nathan Smith, Sr. Pitt-Johnstown

4. Mike Clark, So. Mercyhurst

5. Marquan Payne, Jr. East Stroudsburg

6. Brandon Connor, Fr. Millersville

7. Patrick Duggan, So. Shippensburg

8. Logan McKoy, So. Seton Hill

Returning national qualifier JoJo Gonzalez (American-International) enters the tournament as the top seed; however, he will be tested by every wrestler at this weight. Gonzalez is the most exciting wrestler at this weight, but wrestlers 2-8 are all equally matched making this weight the most unknown. Patrick Duggan (Shippensburg) has the best shot at wrecking the bracket, but has really struggled through January and February so far. My best guess is that Fisler (Gannon) and Smith (Pitt-Johnstown) will be favored to claim two of the three qualifying spots. 


1. Logan Grass, Sr. Mercyhurst 

2. Alex Faranchek, Fr. Gannon

3. Devin Austin, Sr. Pitt-Johnstown

4. Alec Shaw, So. Seton Hill

5. Cade Moisey, So. Fairmont State 

6. Nick Sulhoff, So. Alderson-Broaddas 

7. Jarrett Feeney, Fr. Millersville

8. Nick Weilkel, Fr. East Stroudsburg

Grass (Mercyhurst), Faranchek (Gannon), and Austin (Pitt-Johnstown) are heavy favorites for the top three spots. Grass will likely hold the top seed and cruise into the finals. Faranchek and Austin will battle to face him in the finals. Austin is a returning All-American, but does have a recent 4-1 loss to Faranchek. Alec Shaw (Seton Hill), Cade Moisey (Fairmont State) and Nick Sulhoff (Alderson-Broaddus) are all dangerous matches for the top three.


1. Mike Raccioppi, Sr. East Stroudsburg

2. Brock Biddle, So. Pitt-Johnstown

3. Connor Day, Jr. Gannon

4. Brandon Matthews, Fr. Seton Hill

5. Kevin Holman, Jr. Mercyhurst

6. Colton Babcock, So. Shippensburg

7. Malik Jackson, Fr. Millersville

8. Anthony Emig, So. Kutztown 

Returning All-Americans Mike Raccioppi (East Stroudsburg) and Brock Biddle (Pitt-Johnstown) are heavy favorites to punch their tickets to the national tournament. The final spot will be a true test. Connor Day (Gannon) and Brandon Matthews (Seton Hill) are the likely front-runners to advance into the third-place match. 


1. Connor Craig, Jr. Pitt-Johnstown

2. Elliot Riddick, Sr. East Stroudsburg

3. Giovanni Sita, Jr. Alderson-Broaddas 

4. Joel Leise, So. Gannon

5. Evan Morrill, Sr. Millersville

6. James Potts, Jr. Kutztown

7. Trevor Begin, So. Mercyhurst

8. Joey Romjue, Jr. Seton Hill

Returning national champion, Connor Craig (Pitt-Johnstown) will be the top wrestler with a target on his back. He will be pushed by returning national qualifier Giovanni Sita (Alderson-Broaddus) and Elliot Riddick (East Stroudsburg). Riddick is a dark horse to win this bracket. Look for Craig and Riddick to battle it out in the finals with Sita holding off Leise (Gannon) for the final qualifying spot at this weight.


1. Luke McGonigal, So. Mercyhurst

2. Freddie Nixon, Jr. Gannon

3. Billy, Bowlen, Jr. Seton Hill

4. Alex Delp, Jr. Pitt-Johnstown 

5. Alexi Castro, Jr. Shippensburg

6. Raul Martinez, Jr. American-International

7. Scazar Charles, Jr. East Stroudsburg

8. Robert Spezza, Fr. Kutztown

This weight looks to be a three wrestler race between McGonigal (Mercyhurst), Nixon (Gannon), and Bowlen (Seton Hill). Nixon and McGonigal are 1-1 against each other this season and are likely the top 2 at this weight. Bowlen is without question the one to knock off one or both of them somewhere in the bracket. Delp is the lowest seed of Pitt-Johnstown’s 10 wrestlers and could definitely enter the conversation for the 3rd qualifying spot.


1. Andrew Dunn, So. Kutztown

2. Jacob Robb, Jr. Mercyhurst

3. Allan Beattie, Jr. Pitt-Johnstown

4. Jake Beistel, Jr. Seton Hill

5. Joshua Walls, So. Millersville

6. Derek Berberick, Jr. Shippensburg

7. Gehrig Hutchison, So. Gannon

8. Nick Nittoli, Fr. East Stroudsburg

Returning national champion Andrew Dunn (Kutztown) is the top wrestler at this weight, but spots 2-3 are going to be the most exciting to watch. Robb will likely be the #2 seed, but does have a loss during the season to Beistel (Seton Hill). Allan Beattie (Pitt-Johnstown) holds a solid three spot, but do not count out returning national qualifier Derek Berberick (Shippensburg).

Super Region II Preview

Super Region II is a very wide-open region as far as the team race goes. UNC-Pembroke is a very slight favorite to win the region over Newberry and Limestone. The top three teams will be very close.

UNC-Pembroke will be led by Nick Daggett (125), Logan Seliga (133), Jon Miller (141), Tyler Makosky (149), Kaleb Warner (165), Brandon Sloop (184), and Nick Kee (197). Newberry will be led by Isaiah Royal (141), Damien Penichet (149), Caleb Spears (174), ZeBrandon Gant (184), and Nick Weldon (285). Limestone will be led by Majid Corbett (133), John Burger (141), Garrett Beam (165), Kenneth Prince (174), and Matt Rudy (197).

Team Prediction

  1. University of North Carolina-Pembroke 
  2. Newberry
  3. Limestone
  4. Coker
  5. Belmont Abbey 
  6. Emmanuel
  7. Queens
  8. King 
  9. Mount Olive
  10. Davis & Elkins 
  11. Lander


1. Nick Daggett, Jr. UNC-Pembroke 

2. Rylee Billings, Fr. King

3. Melvin Rubio, So. Queens

4. Evan Carrigan, Fr. Newberry 

5. James Sass, Jr. Limestone

6. John Watts, So. Coker

7. Vincent Scollo, Fr. Davis & Elkins

8. Josh Vega, Fr. Belmont Abbey

Nick Daggett will be the wrestler to beat. The returning All-American has dominated all of his regional opponents, so it will be hard not to expect him to repeat as regional champion. Rylee Billings seems to be his likely opponent. Billings does not have a head-to-head matchup with Daggett this season, but is also undefeated in the region and does have a win over returning National Qualifier, Melvin Rubio 5-4. After the top three, the rest of the weight is pretty evenly matched. 


1. Chris Poland, Jr. CC 

2. Majid Corbett, Sr. LC

3. Logan Seliga, Fr. UNCP 

4. William Olivas, Sr. LU

5. Austin Neal, Jr. NC

6. Craig Cook, Fr. DE

7. Elijah Hicks, Fr. KC

8. Noah Gilbert, So. QC

Chris Poland is the likely top seed at this weight with the limited amount of mat time he’s had this season. Poland holds wins over Majid Corbett, William Olivas, and Austin Neal during the season. Corbett has had a solid season and his only regional loss is to Poland. Look for these two to find each other in the bracket at some point. Logan Seliga has shown flashes this season, and if healthy, could be one of the three at this weight to punch their ticket to the national tournament. Olivas could be the first wrestler for Lander University to qualify for the national tournament. Look for Seliga, Olivas, and Neal to battle it out for the final qualifying spot at this weight.


1. Isaiah Royal, Jr. NC

2. John Burger, So. LC

3. Jon Miller, Sr. UNCP

4. Justin Payne, Sr. BAC 

5. Nicholas Volies, So. EC

6. Devinaire Hayes, So. QC

7. Zach Van Alst, So. CC

8. Elijah Gray, Fr. LU

Isaiah Royal is the top-ranked wrestler in the country, so it leaves little doubt to think he will not repeat as region champion. His biggest test will come from John Burger and Jon Miller. Both wrestlers will likely match up in the semifinals to face Royal. After the top three, 4-8 seem to be evenly matched. Devinaire Hayes is my best guess to play spoiler in this bracket, but as of right now, Royal, Burger, and Miller are the top three in the region.


1. Tyler Makosky, Sr. UNCP

2. Josh Blatt, So. BAC

3. Damien Penichet, Sr. NC

4. Dalton Flint, So. EC

5. Riley Alderman, Jr. KC

6. Phil Ruiz, So. LC

7. Matt Kieta, So. CC

8. Anthony Pencook, Jr. DE

Tyler Makosky looks to cap off his final season with another trip to the national tournament and finally find his way on the national podium in March. To do so, he will have to battle Josh Blatt and Damien Penichet. Blatt seems to be the likely candidate to match up with Makosky in the finals, but former All-American, Penichet will look for one last push to find his way in the mix nationally at 149.


1. Drew Wierchers, Fr. MOU

2. Mitch Dean, So. BAC

3. Kurtis Aimable, Jr. LC

4. Nick Giantonio, So. NC

5. John Finnerty, Fr. DE

6. Sammie Peticos, So. UNCP

7. Jacob Catagas, Fr. EC

8. Jude Lloyd, Jr. QC

At the beginning of the season this weight was one of the toughest in the country. With season-ending injuries, conduct dismissals, and eligibility casualties, the weight is anyone’s to claim. My pick is Mitch Dean, but Drew Wierchers and Nick Giantonio will likely factor in the final mix for qualifying spots when it's all said and done.


1. Greg Hilliard, Sr. BAC 

2. Garrett Beam, So. LC

3. Kaleb Warner, Sr. UNCP

4. Matt Schmall, So. EC

5. Noah Tarr, Jr. DE

6. Corey Christie, So. CC

7. Stephon Halliburton, Jr. QC

8. Easton Griffin, Fr. MOU

This weight is a tough one to predict. Greg Hilliard finished the season with a win over Garrett Beam. Beam has a win over Kaleb Warner, and Warner has a win over Hilliard. Two wrestlers who will throw a wrench in the bracket are Matt Schmall and Noah Tarr. 


1. Caleb Spears, Jr. NC

2. Noah Curreri, So. QC

3. Kenneth Prince, So. LC

4. Jhavon Innocent, Jr. CC

5. Garrett Hill, So. UNCP

6. Luke Glunt, Sr. MOU 

7. Cliff Ruggiero, So. DE

8. Myles Williams, So. EC

This weight is one of the strongest in the region top to bottom. My pick for region champion is Noah Curreri after his recent move down from 184. Caleb Spears and Kenneth Prince are two who will factor into the final mix, but expect strong match-ups from Jhavon Innocent, Garrett Hill, Luke Glunt and Cliff Ruggiero.


1. ZeBrandon Gant, So. NC 

2. Brandon Sloop, Sr. UNCP

3. Kyle Wojtaszek, Fr. DE 

4. Corey Perkins, Jr. CC

5. Myles Starke, Fr. LU

6. Jay Skaleck, Fr. QC

7. Logan Branham, So. BAC

8. Matt Danner, Jr. KC

ZeBrandon Gant and Brandon Sloop are the top two wrestlers at this weight without question. After that is a battle for the final spot. 


1. Matt Rudy Sr. LC 

2. Nick Kee, Sr. UNCP 

3. Elijah Seay, Sr. KC 

4. Darius Parker, Fr. LU

5. Ross Sealby, Jr. MOU

6. Hunter Tobiasson, Fr. QC 

7. Marcus Bisono, So. NC

8. Seth Bell, So. EC

Matt Rudy and Nick Kee is my pick for the best finals match in the region. Both wrestlers will likely compete for a spot in the national finals, so this match will be a definite treat to see. Eliah Seay is the likely candidate for the final qualifying spot; however, Darius Parker, Ross Sealby, and Hunter Tobiasson will likely push the final spot.


1. Roman Correa, Jr. CC 

2. Ogden Atwood, Fr. MOU 

3. Nick Weldon, Sr. NC 

4. Mike Siwiec, Sr. BAC

5. Cade Ridley, So. KC

6. Jervey Sistrunk, Jr. LC

7. Ryan Monk, So. UNCP

8. Cameron Coffman, So. LU

Roman Correa has been the top wrestler at this weight all season, so there is little doubt he will not win the region. He will have a strong test from either Ogden Atwood or returning national qualifier Nick Weldon. Outside the top three, the remaining wrestlers are all evenly matched.

Super Region III Preview

Super Region III is one of the deepest regions in DII. It is not out of the question to predict that 20 of the 30 national qualifiers will find their way on the All-American podium in March. The team race will be an all-out battle with Notre Dame, Ashland, Indianapolis, and Tiffin. 

Team Predictions

  1. Notre Dame
  2. Ashland
  3. Indianapolis
  4. Tiffin
  5. Lake Erie
  6. West Liberty
  7. Findlay
  8. Davenport 
  9. Urbana
  10. Ohio Valley


1. Ana Abduljelil, Sr. UI 

2. Cole Laya, So. WLU 

3. Roberto Campos, So. NDC

4. Zach Collins, Jr. UF 

5. Daniel Poupore, Fr. DU 

6. Christian Wellman, Jr. AU

7. Jake Johnson, Fr. LEC

8. Ray Adams, Fr. TU

Ana Abduljelil, Cole Laya, and Roberto Campos are the three top wrestlers at this weight. Laya is a returning All-American at this weight and will likely battle it out with Abduljelil in the finals. Campos is a strong third in the region, but is coming in dealing with an injury that might keep other wrestlers in the region in matches with him. 


1. Hunter Bray, Jr. NDC

2. Lawrence Dudgeon, Sr. AU

3. Chase Wilkerson, Fr. UI 

4. Jacob Donahue, Jr. LEC 

5. Derek Sharp, So. UF

6. Rico Puente, Jr. TU

7. Robert Altland, Fr. DU 

8. Corey Secrist, Jr. WLU

Hunter Bray and Lawrence Dudgeon are the clear top two in the region. The two should be this weights finals match with little challenge. The fun battle will be on the backside of the bracket for the final spot at this weight. My prediction is Chase Wilkerson; however, Jacob Donahue and Derek Sharp are evenly matched wrestlers who will factor into the final spot. 


1. Kelan McKenna, Sr. NDC 

2. Darius Bunch, Sr. WLU

3. Chandler Minnard, Sr. AU

4. Branson Proudlock, Fr. UF 

5. Andrew Lieb, Jr. LEC 

6. Matt McKinney, Jr. UI 

7. Dylan Mansor, Jr. TU

8. Jacob Edwards, Fr. UU

This weight will be a treat to watch top to bottom. All-Americans Kelan McKenna and Darius Bunch are likely finals candidates, but Chandler Minnard and Branson Proudlock will likely give both McKenna and Bunch a battle in the semifinals.


1. Carson Speelman, Jr. AU 

2. Chris Donathan, Fr. TU 

3. Devin Rogers, Sr. UF

4. Kyle Barkovich, Jr. UI

5. Brandon Tenney, So. LEC 

6. Jacob Simpson, Fr. WLU

7. Jared Ford, So. UU

8. Jordan Ringler, Jr. DU

Carson Speelman and Chris Donathan met in the Midwest Classic Finals in a very deep weight class and the match was an all-out war. Expect nothing less than fireworks in a regional finals match. This matchup will be exciting to watch. Devin Rogers and Kyle Barkovich have posted quality victories nationally at this weight and figure to be the 3-4 match that leads to the national tournament. Brandon Tenney has posted a win over Speelman this season and Simpson earned his lineup spot the final week of the season with a win over national qualifier Austin Shaw. Top to bottom this weight is loaded with talent, so it's anyone's guess how things will turn out in the end.


1. Trey Grine, Sr. TU

2. Taylor Misuna, Sr. NDC 

3. Dawson Combest, Fr. UI

4. Sean O’Hearon, Jr. LEC

5. Cole Houser, So. UU

6. Alex Isbrandt, Sr. UF

7. Blake Miller, So. WLU 

8. Cam Jenkins, So. AU

Returning national finalist Trey Grine looks to cap off his final season one podium spot higher, so it leaves me little doubt he does not win the region. Taylor Misuna and Dawson Combest will battle for the spot to get a shot at Grine. Sean O’Hearn has put together a solid season and could play spoiler for one of the top three.


1. Christian Price, Sr. AU 

2. Jack Eiteljorge, Fr. UI

3. Brian LaVearn, Jr. TU 

4. Jordan Tague, Sr. NDC

5. James Penfold, Fr. LEC

6. Hunter Reed, Fr. UF

7. Chase Morgan, Jr. WLU

8. Caleb Norris, So. DU

Christian Price is my pick to win this weight, but overall, Jack Eiteljorge, Brian LaVearn, and Jordan Tague are evenly matched to win the weight. 


1. Bret Romanzak, Sr. AU 

2. Hayden Bronne, Jr. TU 

3. Gleason Mappes, So. UI

4. Alonzo Turner, Sr. NDC

5. Chance Morgan, Jr. WLU

6. Hunter Moore, So. OVU

7. John Penfold, Jr. LEC

8. Nate Vandermeer, So. UF 

Bret Romanzak is my pick to win the weight. Romanzak will be tested by Hayden Bronne in a likely finals match. Gleason Mappes and Alonzo Turner will battle for the final spot to punch their ticket to the national tournament.


1. Aidan Pasiuk, Jr. AU 

2. Tony Vezzetti, Sr. NDC

3. Zane Lanham, Fr. WLU

4. Brody Conner, Sr. UI

5. Richard Screptock, Sr. TU

6. Brylan Clouse, Fr. LEC

7. Connor Dixon, So. UU

8. Daniel Rosales, So. UF

This will likely be the most interesting weight to watch in Region III. Aiden Pasuik will likely enter the bracket as the top seed, but he will be tested by national runner-up Tony Vezzetti, Zane Lanham, and Brody Connor. In all honesty, it will be tough to see one of these three not wrestling in the national tournament, because they are all four potential top eight national finishers. 


1. Nick Mason, Jr. TU 

2. Mike Viramontes, So. NDC 

3. Chris Droege, Jr. LEC

4. Pete Abraham, So. AU

5. Zach Fry, Jr. IU

6. Keigan Yuhas, So. UF

7. Ronnie D’Amico, Jr. WLU

8. Jacob Holmes, So. DU

This weight is owned by Nick Mason. My guess is he ends the tournament with most falls, because that’s just what Nick mason does. Pin to win is a method to his madness and in all honesty it is just flat-out fun to watch. Zach Fry has started to come into his own at 197 and I can see him finding his way into the finals at this weight.


1. Jared Campbell, Jr. NDC 

2. Tristen Weirich, Jr. AU

3. David Henson, Jr. TU 

4. Chase Logan, Sr. WLU

5. Devin Uzelac, So. LEC

6. Jeremy Splix, So. UI 

7. River Fox, Sr. DU

8. Caleb Carpenter, Fr. UF

Jared Campbell and Tristen Weirich are without question the two best wrestlers at this weight. The final spot favors David Henson, but wrestlers 3-8 are all evenly matched. Campbell is a national finalist contender, so he is my pick to win this weight.

Super Region IV Preview

Super Region IV is arguably the toughest region in DII. This region in its two years has produced the highest amount of All-Americans and it looks like it will continue to do the same. Top to bottom, there is no room for error gunning for three spots at each weight.

Team Predictions

  1. McKendree
  2. Central Oklahoma
  3. Lindenwood
  4. Maryville
  5. Newman
  6. Fort Hays State
  7. Bellarmine
  8. Drury 
  9. Central Missouri
  10. Ouachita Baptist
  11. Kentucky Wesleyan


1. Marcus Povlick, Sr. MKU 

2. Carlos Jacquez, Sr. LU

3. Tanner Cole, So. UCO 

4. Tyler Kreith, Jr. MU

5. Blake Lucas, So. BU

6. Mason Turner, Fr. FHSU

7. Jake Patch, So. NU

8. Nick Ornelas, Jr. KWU

Right off the bat, the weight features three returning All-Americans. Last season Tanner Cole was the outside wrestler looking in. This season, returning All-American Tyler Kreith and national qualifier Blake Lucas are two wrestlers who will have to battle for that third qualifying spot. Marcus Povlick is currently the top-ranked wrestler nationally and he will have a huge test in a potential semifinals match with Kreith. Returning national champion Carlos Jacquez will be on the same side as Cole. This weight is going to be a treat to watch, because it currently features the top three wrestlers nationally.


1. Cody Karstetter Jr. UCO 

2. Tyler Lawley, Jr. NU

3. Tanner Hitchcock, So. LU

4. Zach Larue, Fr. BU 

5. Christian Mejia, So. MKU 

6. John Feeney, Sr. UCM

7. Dy’Juan Carney, Sr. FHSU

8. Anthony Pisciotta, So. MU

Cody Karstetter made a midseason move from 125 to 133 and he now finds himself as the top wrestler in the region to beat. Tyler Lawley has a head-to-head loss to Karstetter, but the two look to be the potential finals match. Returning national qualifiers Tanner Hitchcock and John Feeney will factor in the final spot, but they will be tested by Zach Larue and Christian Mejia as well as Dy’Juan Carney and Anthony Pisciotta. Pisciotta and Larue are the most dangerous wrestlers at this weight to wreck the bracket. Overall this is a very deep weight.


1. Brandon Ball, Sr. FHSU 

2. Colby Smith, Jr. LU

3. Gage Branson, Sr. BU 

4. Peter Kuster, So. DU

5. Nate Keim, So. UCO

6. Charles McNeal, Sr. MKU

7. Connor Dalton, So. UCM

8. Baylor Smith, So. NU

Brandon Ball will look to punch one last ticket to the national tournament. To do so, he will have to go through an absolute gauntlet for one of the three qualifying spots. Colby Smith and Gage Branson will likely battle on the 2-3 side of the bracket, but Charles McNeal could play spoiler. Peter Kuster and Nate Keim have spent most of the season in the national rankings, but now find themselves in a dog fight in this very loaded weight.


1. Kevin Kissane, Sr. NU 

2. Juwan Edmond, Jr. MKU

3. Brik Filippo, So. UCO 

4. Anthony Scantlin, So. FHSU 

5. Danny Swan, Sr. LU

6. Tyler Stegall, So. MU

7. Emmett Kuntz, Jr. UCM 

8. Mitch Collica, Fr. BU

Kevin Kissane enters the tournament as the likely top seed at this weight, but I honestly don’t know how this seeding will turn out overall. Wrestlers 2 through 6 are all worthy national tournament contenders and it is an absolute bummer that wrestlers 4-6 will not be in a national tournament bracket. Swan is a returning All-American, but does not have an easy road to find his way into the final three.


1. Ty Lucas, So. UCO 

2. Kameron Frame, So. NU

3. Nate Smalling, Sr. MKU

4. Devan Hendricks, Fr. BU 

5. Ben Stahlman, Jr. DU 

6. Nate Trepanier, Jr. LU

7. Tanner Sparks, So. MU

8. Tristan Porsch, So. FHSU

Ty Lucas, Kameron Frame, and Nate Smalling are clear-cut top three seeds. Wrestlers 4-7 are all evenly matched. This bracket will look crazy when it's all over. 


1. Nick Foster, Sr. MKU

2. Tyler Harrington, Sr. MU 

3. Austin Stofer, So. LU

4. Zach Moore, Sr. UCO

5. Eric Beck, Jr. BU 

6. John Ridle, Fr. UCM

7. Alex Garrett, Fr. DU

8. Kendall Frame, So. NU

Nick Foster and Tyler Harrington are the clear cut top two wrestlers at this weight. These two have battled for three seasons and it has been fun to watch. Foster is currently the top wrestler in the weight class, so there is little doubt that he doesn’t earn another regional title. Zach Moore has spent the majority of the season at 149, but a season-ending injury to Dayton Garrett has left open an opportunity for Moore to end his final season of competition in a national tournament. Style matchups between Austin Stofer, Moore, and Kendall Frame will make this weight a highlight to watch. Expect big things.


1. James Jones, Fr. MKU 

2. Abner Romero, Jr. LU

3. Brett Heil, Fr. MU

4. TreVaughn Craig, So. UCO 

5. Martin Verhaeghne, Jr. FHSU

6. JD Johnson, Fr. NU 

7. Andy Dobben, Sr. BU

8. Charlie Genisio, So. DU

This is a very young and talented weight. James Jones is currently ranked #2 in the country, so he will likely enter the tournament as the top seed. Abner Romero, a semester addition to Lindenwood will look to challenge Jones with more mat time. Brett Heil has had a solid freshman season and holds an early spot as the third-ranked wrestler at this weight. TreVaughn Craig is currently getting out of football shape and into wrestling shape, so he could be a big surprise to the weight class when it is all said and done.


1. Heath Gray, Jr. UCO 

2. Dan Filipek, Jr. MKU 

3. Bailey Kelley, Jr. MU

4. Aryus Jones, So. FHSU

5. Nate Panagakis, So. NU 

6. Elijah Mahan, Fr. LU

7. Dominique Hampton, Jr. UCM

8. Gavin Grime, So. BU

This weight on a national level is Heath Gray’s to lose. Gray has been on a dominating pace since the end of last season and I would not expect anything less than another regional title. Dan Filipek is healthy and figures to be the two seed with two wins over returning national qualifier Bailey Kelly. Aryus Jones will likely factor into the final spots when this tournament is finished, but as of right now is outside, looking in for that final qualifying spot. 


1. Ryan Vasbinder, Jr. MKU 

2. Dalton Abney, Fr. UCO 

3. Augustus Boyd, Jr. OBU 

4. John Anderson, Jr. MU

5. Jared McKindley, Sr. LU

6. Ivan Balavage, So. NU 

7. Jordan Davis, Sr. FHSU

8. Zach Hazen, Fr. UCM

Ryan Vasbinder has dominated this season so far and there is little doubt he won’t dominate this weight regionally. Vasbinder is likely the front runner for tournament outstanding wrestler in my opinion. Dalton Abney has come on strong down the stretch of the season. He is my pick for Vasbinder's final match-up. The final spot in this weight will be a battle. Wrestlers 3-7 are all evenly matched, so the battle for third is going to be interesting who pulls through. Jordan Davis is a dark horse at this weight, so I would expect him to be in the final mix. 


1. Courvoisier Morrow, Jr. LU 

2. Caleb Gossett, Sr. MKU 

3. Jared Rennick, Sr. DU 

4. AJ Cooper, Jr. FHSU

5. Logan Radik, Jr. MU

6. Christian Arriola, Fr. UCO

7. Thor Balavage, Jr. NU

8. Chase Miller, Sr. UCM

This weight is likely the deepest and strongest weight in DII. Courvoiser Morrow is the topped ranked guy at this weight, but will be tested in every match moving forward. As of right now Morrow, Caleb Gossett, and Jared Rennick hold the top three seedings, but it is not hard to say that AJ Cooper, Logan Radik, and Christian Arriola will be the ones heading to the national tournament. This weight will be fun to watch.

Super Region V Preview

Super Region IV has been owned by St. Cloud State for many years. This season as the #1 team in the county and defending national champions, there is little doubt that they will not repeat. The rest of the region will be battling it out for essentially 20 qualifying spots. Region V is a dogfight top to bottom at every weight, so it should be a very entertaining regional tournament.

Team Predictions

  1. St. Cloud State
  2. Upper Iowa
  3. Minnesota State-Mankato
  4. Augustana
  5. Northern State
  6. Wisconsin-Parkside
  7. Mary
  8. Minot State
  9. Southwest Minnesota State
  10. Minnesota State-Moorhead 


1. Dean Arevalo, Sr. MSU 

2. Joseph Arroyo, Jr. UWP

3. Brandon Bentacourt, Jr. SCSU

4. Jared Hensley, So. UIU 

5. Jeremy Leintz, Fr. UM

6. Trenton McManus, Jr. MSMK

7. Hunter Pfantz, Fr. SWMS

8. Ethan Cota, Fr. AUG 

Dean Arevalo and Joseph Arroyo are clear cut 1 and 2 in the region, but after that begins a huge question mark on who comes out as the final qualifier at this weight. Between Brandon Bentacourt, Jared Hensley, Jeremy Leintz, Trenton McManus, Hunter Pfantz, and Ethan Cota, they have all found a way to round-robin wins and losses against each other. My pick is Betancourt, but I think Hensley is the final qualifier out of this weight.


1. Garrett Vos, Fr. SCSU

2. Justin Folley, Jr. UIU

3. Arik Furseth, Jr. UWP

4. Jack Huffman, Fr. AUG 

5. Jackson Stauffacher, Fr. SWMS

6. Dayne Morton, So. NSU

7. Seth Hutchinson, Jr. MSMR

8. Lucas Hagel, So. MSMK

This is likely one of the toughest weights in NCAA Division II regional. Garrett Vos, Justin Folley, and Arik Furseth are all three returning All-Americans, so it makes it difficult to pick against them. I really don’t expect much change in finishes, but that’s why they wrestle.


1. Joey Bianchini, Fr. SCSU 

2. Hunter Burnett, Fr. AUG 

3. Louie Sanders, Sr. MSMK

4. Pernevlon Sheppard, Sr. UWP

5. Kenny Jones, Sr. NSU 

6. Tate Murty, Sr. UIU

7. Mason Schultz, So. MSMR

8. Trevor Fauver, So. UM

Joey Bianchini replaces Garrett Aldrich for St Cloud in the lineup and they both would likely finish in the same spot. Hunter Burnett has put together a great freshman season and to continue it he will have to fend off three seniors looking to punch a final national tournament ticket. Louie Sanders and Pernevlon Sheppard both have national tournament experience, so these vets will likely find a way to make one more trip to the national tournament.


1. James Pleski, Sr. SCSU 

2. Kyle Rathman, Jr. MSMK 

3. Chase Luensman, Fr. UIU 

4. Caden Moore, So. NSU

5. Zach Hensley, Jr. UWP

6. Jebben Keyes, So. AUG

7. Zach Scott, Sr. MSMR

8. Shadi Mitwalli, Fr. MSU

James Pleski and Kyle Rathman are returning All-Americans and have maintained a high national ranking all season long. Both wrestlers win the paper match up as potential finals matchup, but to do so they will have to get past talented freshman Chase Luensman and Caden Moore. Always dangerous Zach Scott will definitely throw a wrench in the weight class. 


1. Jake Barzowski, Jr. SCSU 

2. Braydon Huber, Fr. UM 

3. James Burks, Fr. NSU

4. Cooper Siebrecht, So. MSMK

5. Jacob Tvinnereim, Fr. AUG

6. Mac Spotts, Jr. UIU

7. Tell Ward, Jr. MSMR

8. Nathan Moore, So. SWMS

Jake Barzowski has maintained the top spot in the region, but Braydon Huber and James Burks will definitely factor into the final two spots. Burks has wrestled limited matches this semester, but my guess is he is fully ready to make a push for a spot in the national finals as a true freshman. Cooper Siebrecht and Jacob Tvinnereim have had quality wins over national competition, so this weight will end up being very unpredictable.


1. Devin FitzPatrick, Jr. SCSU 

2. Shane Gantz, Jr. UWP

3. Nathan Baca, So. MSU 

4. Bailey Neises, Sr. AUG 

5. Brock Benitz, Jr. UIU

6. Billy Holtan, Jr. NSU 

7. Logan Saltou, Jr. MSMK

8. Payton Hume, So. UM

Devin Fitzpatrick owns this region, but wrestlers 2-8 will definitely not fall in the order listed above. National qualifiers Brock Benitz and Logan Saltou will make things interesting and Payton Hume settling in at 165 from 157 will certainly factor into the remaining two qualifying spots. 


1. Kolton Eischens, Jr. SCSU 

2. Phillip Springsteen, Jr. UM 

3. Ben Kelvington, Sr. AUG

4. Zach Johnston, Sr. MSMK

5. Evan Foster, So. MSMR

6. Dalton Nelson, Jr. UIU

7. Hayden Voxland, Fr. SWMS

8. Tanner Wiese, Jr. NSU

This is a very deep weight with returning All-Americans Kolton Eischens and Philip Springsteen; however, Ben Kelvington, Zach Johnston and Evan Foster will battle for the final qualifying spot. My guess is that Kelvington or Johnston will match up in the 3-4 place match with one of the two seniors moving on.


1. Tyree Overton, Sr. SCSU 

2. Trevor Turriff, So. MSMK 

3. Marcus Placide, Jr. NSU

4. Dalton Hahn, So. UIU

5. Kolby Kost, So. AUG

6. Cole Hennen, Jr. SWMS

7. Grant Litke, Fr. UM

8. Tanner Anthony, Sr. UWP

Tyree Overton is the top wrestler at this weight, but he will have to be taken to deep waters for someone to knock him off. Trevor Turiff, Marcus Placide, Dalton Hahn, Kolby Kost, and Cole Hennen will battle it out for the remaining spots at this weight.


1. Nick Baumler, Sr. UIU 

2. Noah Ryan, So. SCSU 

3. Matt Blome, Jr. MSMK 

4. Jackson Ryan, Jr. SWMS

5. Daniel Bishop, So. AUG 

6. Diego Gallegos, Jr. NSU

7. Gerardo Jamie, So. UM

8. Logan Rhode, Sr. MSMR

Nick Baumler has spent time as the top wrestler at this weight nationally, so it is hard to go against him winning the weight. Noah Ryan continues to improve and will have to hold off Matt Blome and Jackson Ryan who have spent time in the national rankings. Gerardo Jamie is a returning national qualifier down from 285, and with his weight under control will likely knock off someone along the way. 


1. Triston Westerlund, Jr. UIU 

2. Ezayah Oropeza, Fr. SCSU

3. Jordan Will, So. MSU

4. Steven Hajas, Fr. AUG 

5. Dominic Tudor, Jr. UM 

6. Caleb Lefferdink, So. NSU 

7. Jordan Magnuson, Jr. MSMR

8. Andrew Peterson, Jr. SWMS

This is the most unpredictable weight in all of Division II. Jordan Will and Jordan Magnuson are returning national qualifiers, but will have to put things all together in the end to punch another ticket to the national tournament. Dominic Tudor has a lot of quality wins this season, but also finds himself in some head-scratching losses. Honestly, ranking 1-8, this is my best guess. David Griffet (Minnesota State-Mankato) will also add to this crazy weight.

Super Region VI Preview

Super Region VI will come down to many factors, but figures to be a close race between Nebraska-Kearney and Colorado Mines. The talent that comes out of this region will definitely push for podium spots at the national tournament. 


  1. Nebraska-Kearney
  2. Colorado School of Mines
  3. Adams State
  4. Western Colorado
  5. Colorado Mesa 
  6. Colorado State-Pueblo
  7. Chadron State
  8. San Francisco State
  9. New Mexico Highlands 
  10. Simon Fraser


1. Patrick Allis, Fr. WCU 

2. Josh Portillo, Jr. UNK

3. Isaiah DeLaCerda, So. ASU 

4. Matt Lavengood, Sr. CSM

5. Collin Metzgar, So. CMU

6. Aaron Perez, Fr. SFSU 

7. Parker McBride, Jr. CSUP

8. Tate Stoddard, Fr. CSC

Patrick Allis has burst on the scene with wins over both national finalists from last season. Allis will enter the regional tournament as the top seed, and will likely face Josh Portillo in the finals. The fight for the third spot will be very interesting. Isaiah DeLaCerda and Matt Lavengood expect to battle it out to punch the final ticket at this weight.


1. Wesley Dawkins, Jr. UNK 

2. Jonathan Andreatta, So. ASU 

3. Cody Fatzinger, So. WCU 

4. D’Andre Brumfield, Sr. CSUP

5. Brandon Kile, Sr. CSC 

6. Jake Woods, Sr. CSM

7. Dylan Keeney, So. CMU

8. Angelo Reyes, Fr. SFSU

Wesley Dawkins figures to be the top seed and the returning national runner-up will have stiff competition from Jon Andreatta, Cody Fatzinger, D’Andre Brumfield, and Brandon Kile. In all honesty, these five wrestlers should be competing in the national tournament, but two will be sitting at home after all of this. My guess is that Brumfield finds his way into the third-place match and punches his final ticket to a national tournament.


1. Noah Hermosillo, So. ASU 

2. Jon Trujillo, So. NMHU 

3. Jason Hanenberg, So. WCU 

4. Jon Killingsworth, Jr. UNK

5. Dan Van Hoose, Sr. CMU

6. Taylor Gambill, Jr. CSM

7. Randy McDonald, So. SFU

8. Joe Taylor, So. CSC

Noah Hermosillo, Jon Trujillo, Jason Hanenberg, Jon Killingsworth, and Dan Van Hoose are likely the five wrestlers who will battle down to the final three spots in the bracket. In all honesty, this weight is any one of theirs to win. This will definitely be a fun weight to keep an eye on. 


1. Josiah Rider, Fr. ASU 

2. Sam Turner, Sr. UNK 

3. Chase Clasen, Sr. CSC 

4. Gavin Melindez, Jr. CSUP

5. Logan Pine, Jr. NMHU

6. Noah Ottum, Jr. CSM

7. Giovanni Cassioppi, Fr. WSC

8. Mason Boutain, Jr. SFSU

This is hands down the deepest bracket at this weight in any division. Earlier in the season, Josiah Rider was bonused out by Mason Boutain, but I don’t see Rider losing that match again. Rider will have a stiff challenge from returning national qualifiers Chase Clasen and Noah Ottum, along with midseason addition Sam Turner. Above is my best guess on how the bracket will turn out, but, again . . . this is the toughest qualifying region at this weight.


1. Max Schneider, Sr. SFSU

2. Isaiah Diggs, Sr. CSUP 

3. Natrelle Demison, Sr. ASU

4. Payton Tawater, Jr. CMU

5. Jacob Wasser, Jr. UNK 

6. Tate Allison, Jr. CSC

7. Cole Mortenson, So. WCU 

8. Ryan Fidel, So. CSM

This is my most favorite bracket in region 6 with the pinning machine Max Schneider and in my opinion the toughest 157 in the country, when healthy, Payton Tawater. National qualifiers Isaiah Diggs and Natrelle Demison will look to push for two of the three spots. My best guess is all three seniors lead the bracket when it's all said and done.


1. Matt Malcom, Jr. UNK

2. Fred Green, Jr. CMU 

3. Skyler Lykins, Jr. CSM

4. Elijah Valdez, So. CSUP 

5. Ryan Rochford, So. ASU 

6. Michael Thelen, So. WCU

7. Thomas Tolbert, So. NMHU

8. Elias Rosales, So. SFSU

Returning national champion Matt Malcolm will get one of his toughest tests in a potential finals match against Fred Green. Green will have to get past Skyler Lykins to do so. These three wrestlers lead the way in this bracket and it's hard to go against them.


1. Robert Gambrell, Sr. CSM

2. Logan Nelson, Jr. SFU

3. Jimmy Laconte, Fr. WCU 

4. Isaac Lopez, Sr. ASU 

5. Terrell Garraway, So. UNK 

6. Brenden Kelly, Jr. CSUP

7. Seth Lathem, Jr. CMU

8. Kenneth Yara, Sr. NMHU

Robert Gambrell leads the way in this bracket. Logan Nelson is his top competition. My guess is that Jimmy Laconte is the final qualifier, but Isaac Lopez is certainly formattable to push the top three in this weight. 


1. Anthony Mancini, Sr. UNK 

2. Nolan Krone, So. CMU 

3. Justin Pichedwatana, Jr. SFSU

4. Anderson Salisbury, So. CSM

5. Ruger Wyneken, So. WCU

6. Terry Winstead, Fr. CSC

7. William Tyler, So. ASU 

8. Jayson Davis, Fr. CSUP

Anthony Mancini looks to dominate this bracket. My guess is that he will be matched up with Andersoon Salisbry in the semifinals while Nolan Krone and Justin Pichedwatana will match up on the other side of the bracket. My pick is Pichedwatana finds his way into the finals against Mancini, but I don’t see Mancini losing this bracket.


1. Wade French, Sr. CSC 

2. Nolan Funk, Sr. CSM 

3. Donald Negus, So. CMU

4. Nolan Badovinac, Sr. SFU

5. Kris Davis, So. WSC 

6. Denzell Morrow, Jr. NMHU

7. Andrew Demos, So. UNK

8. Andrew Herrera, Jr. SFSU 

Wade French should be the one to beat in this weight and he will be challenged by Nolan Funk and Donald Negus. Negus is 1-1 against French this season, so it should be a battle on the bottom side of the bracket to see who will meet French in the finals. Outside the top three in the region at this weight, 4-8 will play spoiler along the way.


1. Jarrod Hinrichs, Jr. UNK

2. Weston Hunt, Jr. CSM 

3. Gavin Nye, So. CSUP 

4. Mason Watt, Fr. CSC 

5. Samuel DeSeriere, Jr. WSC

6. Julian Sanchez, Jr. NMHU

7. Hunter Mooring, So. CMU 

8. Justin Ramos, Fr. SFSU

Jarrod Hinrichs will likely find his way into the finals without much challenge. His biggest test will come from who wins on the opposite side of the bracket between Weston Hunt and Gavin Nye. These three are a solid 1, 2, 3 in the region, so 4-8 will have to be on their game here.

By The Numbers: Old Dominion In The Steve Martin Era


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