Dustin Schlatter Visits Austin, TX

The Great Dustin Schlatter On Spey's Stupid Podcast

The Great Dustin Schlatter On Spey's Stupid Podcast

Dustin Schlatter sits down with Spey to discuss his incredible career and his current role as the head coach of the Gopher Wrestling Club.

Feb 12, 2020 by Andrew Spey

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NCAA champ and USA World Team member Dustin Schlatter sits down for a chat in which we discuss growing up in Ohio, coaching the Gopher Wrestling Club, and learn all about the Minnesota Storm. It’s a fun time with pals!


Show rundown:

0:00:20 - Welcome to another podcast! This one was recorded on January 23. I start things off by continuing to mess up the episode numbers.

0:02:30 - Why does Flo cover what they cover? I will tell you.

0:09:30 - When wrestling wins, Flo wins, plain and simple, end of story. Now here’s the Schlatter Man.

0:11:20 - Dustin’s impression of Austin? It is hot, but the food is amazing.

0:14:12 - The Dustin Schlatter origin story begins.

0:19:00 - When did Dustin know he wanted to compete at the highest level in the world, and how did the then prepare himself to reach that goal?

0:27:00 - Dustin was 56-0 at Fargo, won six titles and was three-time OW at freestyle. Pretty decent.

0:30:30 - A look back at how far Minnesota has come since Dustin got to Minneapolis.

0:35:00 - Is international wrestling headed in the right direction? The good and the bad.

0:44:00 - Takeaways from training in Dagestan, which is an awesome place for wrestling.

0:50:00 - How do USAW RTCs and the NCAA work together?

0:54:15 - RTC vs RTC competitions? Dustin would love that.

0:56:30 - What is the Minnesota Storm?

1:04:30 - The future of the Gopher Wrestling Club, which involves a trip to Cuba and hosting the NCAAs.

1:18:30 - Wrapping up another stupid podcast that was actually not stupid at all because of our excellent guest, the great Dustin Schlatter.