2019 Walsh Jesuit Ironman

2019 Walsh Jesuit Ironman Pre-Seeds Released

2019 Walsh Jesuit Ironman Pre-Seeds Released

Pre-seeds have been released for the 2019 Walsh Jesuit Ironman this weekend in Ohio, the nation's toughest high school tournament.

Dec 9, 2019 by Wrestling Nomad
2019 Walsh Jesuit Ironman Pre-Seeds Released

Pre-seeds are out for this weekend's Walsh Jesuit Ironman, the nation's toughest in-season high school tournament.

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December 13-14 | 10:00 AM Eastern

Blair Academy leads the way with four guys seeded first and is the only team with more than one guy in the top slot. The New Jersey prep school has 12 guys seeded, second to Wyoming Seminary, who has a wrestler seeded at every weight.

Top seeds include Braxton Amos at 220 and Travis Mastrogiovanni at 126, both of whom are going for their third Ironman titles. Also earning one seeds are #1-ranked Beau Bartlett and Victor Voinovich, plus Cadet world champ Marc-Anthony McGowan.

The tournament starts at 10 AM this Friday and Saturday. Check out all the pre-seeds below.

106 pounds

  1. Marc-Anthony McGowan: Blair Academy, NJ
  2. Mac Church: Waynesburg Central, PA
  3. Daniel Sheen: Wyoming Seminary, PA
  4. Joe Fernau: Montini Catholic, IL
  5. Gabe Giampietro: Smyrna, DE
  6. Cael Keck: Park Hill, MO
  7. Pacey Najdusak: Mason, OH
  8. Marlon Yarbrough: Copley, OH
  9. Codie Cuerbo: Aurora, OH
  10. Pito Castro: Brecksville, OH
  11. Colin Noel: Elyria, OH
  12. Caleb Schroder: Troy Christian, OH
  13. Wyatt Richter: St. Edward, OH
  14. Brock Herman: Lake Catholic, OH
  15. Dominic Hoffarth: Louisville, PA
  16. Matt Eberly: New Kent, VA

113 pounds

  1. Brett Ungar: Notre Dame, PA
  2. Erik Roggie: St. Christopher’s, VA
  3. Gary Steen: Reynolds, PA
  4. Diego Sotelo: Marmion Academy, IL
  5. Jacob Moon: Clay, OH
  6. Peyton Fenton: Elyria, OH
  7. Cole Skinner: Cincinnati La Salle, OH
  8. Brennen Cernus: Wyoming Seminary, PA
  9. Richard Treanor: Hough, NC
  10. Nasir Bailey: Thornton Fractional North, IL
  11. Sean Seefeldt: St. Edward, OH
  12. Kenneth Crosby: St. Vincent-St. Mary, OH
  13. Paul Garcia: Scottsbluff, NE
  14. Sergio Lemley: Mt. Carmel, IL
  15. Nick Gonzalez: Montini Catholic, IL
  16. Mason Brugh: Wadsworth, OH

120 pounds

  1. Jordan Titus: Center Moriches, NY
  2. Kyle Rowan: Perry, OH
  3. Ryan Miller: Blair Academy, NJ
  4. Cooper Flynn: McDonogh, MD
  5. Christopher Kim: Germantown Academy, PA
  6. Dustin Norris: Cincinnati La Salle, OH
  7. Dayton Delviscio: Malvern Prep, PA
  8. Colton Drousias: Mt. Carmel, IL
  9. Cael Woods: West Holmes, OH
  10. Brennan Van Hoecke: Palmetto Ridge, FL
  11. Gregor McNeil: Wyoming Seminary, PA
  12. Nain Vazquez: Montini Catholic, IL
  13. Rich Delsanter: St. Edward, OH
  14. Matt Mayer: Bethlehem Catholic, PA
  15. Brandan Chletsos: Notre Dame, PA
  16. Brandon Crowder: Christiansburg, VA

126 pounds

  1. Trevor Mastrogiovnni: Blair Academy, NJ
  2. Ryan Crookham: Notre Dame, PA
  3. Nic Bouzakis: Wyoming Seminary, PA
  4. Dylan Ragusin: Montini Catholic, IL
  5. Dylan Shawver: Elyria, OH
  6. Chris Barnabae: Mount St. Joseph, MD
  7. Vince Cornella: Monarch, CO
  8. Antoine Allen: Cincinnati La Salle, OH
  9. Jackson Cockrell: Broken Arrow, OK
  10. Logan Agin: Lancaster, OH
  11. Garrett Lautzenheiser: Louisville, OH
  12. Rocco Welsh: Waynesburg Central, PA
  13. Kyren Butler: Copley, OH
  14. Connor Williams: Lake Gibson, FL
  15. Landon Hacker: Wadsworth, OH
  16. Dy’Vaire VanDyke: Walsh Jesuit, OH

132 pounds

  1. Alejandro Herrera-Rondon: Seneca Valley, PA
  2. Chris Rivera: Lake Highland Prep, FL
  3. Drew Munch: Wyoming Seminary, PA
  4. Ethen Miller: Park Hill, MO
  5. Jimmy Carmany: Brecksville, OH
  6. Ethan Turner: Troy Christian, OH
  7. Casey Wiles: Cincinnati La Salle, OH
  8. Davin Rhoads: Louisville, OH
  9. Noah Mis: Mt. Carmel, IL
  10. Ethan Stiles: Montini Catholic, IL
  11. Cole Homet: Waynesburg Central, PA
  12. Evan Buchanan: Atlee, VA
  13. Scott Richter: St. Edward, OH
  14. Wyatt Yapoujian: Byers, CO
  15. Logan Ours: Beaver Local, OH
  16. Daniel Wask: Blair Academy, NJ

138 pounds

  1. Beau Bartlett: Wyoming Seminary, PA
  2. Justin Rivera: Lake Highland Prep, FL
  3. Mick Burnett: Elyria, OH
  4. Kenny Herrmann: Bethlehem Catholic, PA
  5. Wyatt Henson: Waynesburg Central, PA
  6. Frankie Tal-Shahar: American Heritage, FL
  7. Nick Moore: St. Paris Graham, OH
  8. Drew Roberts: Coeur d’Alene, ID
  9. Jake Niffenegger: Cincinnati La Salle, OH
  10. Cody Chittum: Blair Academy, NJ
  11. Gavin Brown: Legacy Christian Academy, OH
  12. Kal Miller: Park Hill, MO
  13. Zack Witmer: St. Joseph’s Catholic Academy, PA
  14. Sincere Bailey: Thornton Fractional North, IL
  15. Cole McComas: Beaver Local, OH
  16. Joey Miller: Musselman, WV

145 pounds

  1. Victor Voinovich: Brecksville, OH
  2. Lachlan McNeil: Wyoming Seminary, PA
  3. Manzona Bryant: Western Reserve, OH
  4. Fidel Mayora: Montini Catholic, IL
  5. Matt Lackman: Bethlehem Catholic, PA
  6. Blake Saito: Perrysburg, OH
  7. Jackson Dean: Caesar Rodney, DE
  8. Dustin Morgillo: Genoa, OH
  9. Aaden Valdez: Pueblo East, CO
  10. Luke Geog: St. Edward, OH
  11. Travis Ragland: New Kent, VA
  12. Gavin Quiocho: Parkersburg South, WV
  13. Lorenzo Norman: Blair Academy, NJ
  14. Myles Griffin: Lake Highland Prep, FL
  15. Grayston DiBlasi: Park Hill, MO
  16. Connor Gaynor: Mt. Carmel, IL

152 pounds

  1. Travis Mastrogiovanni: Blair Academy, NJ
  2. Peyton Hall: Oak Glen, WV
  3. Bilal Bailey: Thornton Fractional North, IL
  4. Brayden Roberts: Parkersburg South, WV
  5. AJ Kovacs: Iona Prep, NY
  6. Connor Kievman: Wyoming Seminary, PA
  7. Cole Handlovic: Bethlehem Catholic, PA
  8. Bryce Hepner: St. Edward, OH
  9. Noah Castillo: Lake Highland Prep, FL
  10. Derek Fields: Brunswick, OH
  11. Enrique Munguia: Elyria, OH
  12. Caleb Dowling: St. Joseph’s Catholic Academy, PA
  13. Vinny Zerban: Christian Brothers College, MO
  14. Nick Vafiadis: New Kent, VA
  15. Dalton Harkins: Malvern Prep, PA
  16. David Cumberledge: Aurora, OH

160 pounds

  1. Paddy Gallgher: St. Edward, OH
  2. Thayne Lawrence: Frazier, PA
  3. Andrew Cerniglia, Notre Dame, PA
  4. John Martin Best: Parkersburg, WV
  5. TJ Stewart: Blair Academy, NJ
  6. Dominic Isola: Lake Highland Prep, FL
  7. Brett McIntosh: Harrison, OH
  8. Aaron Morton: Westerville South, OH
  9. Keegan Rothrock: St. Joseph’s Catholic Academy, PA
  10. Tyler Lillard: Aurora, OH
  11. Noah Ewen: Perrrysburg, OH
  12. Brayden Thompson: Montini Catholic, IL
  13. Luca Augustine: Waynesburg Central, PA
  14. Jonathan Conrad: Carrollwood Day, FL
  15. Gabe Arnold: Wyoming Seminary, PA
  16. Harrison Trahan: McDonogh, MD

170 pounds

  1. Nevan Snodgrass: Kettering Fairmont, OH
  2. Domonic Mata: Blair Academy, NJ
  3. Tyler Stoltzfus: St. Joseph’s Catholic Academy, PA
  4. Andrew Donahue: Wyoming Seminary, PA
  5. Jaden Bullock: Oscar Smith, VA
  6. Jax Leonard: Louisville, OH
  7. Hudson Hightower: St. Edward, OH
  8. Caden Rogers: Malvern Prep, PA
  9. Ethan Anderson: Aurora, OH
  10. Lucas White: Christian Brothers College, MO
  11. Dillon Walker: Cincinnati La Salle, OH
  12. Bailey Flanagan: Lake Highland Prep, FL
  13. Stephen Little: Union County, KY
  14. Anthony DeRosa: Bethlehem Catholic, PA
  15. Anthony Rizzo: Brecksville, OH
  16. Tye Rozell: Broken Arrow, OK

182 pounds

  1. Anthony D’Alesio: Canfield, OH
  2. Rylan Rogers: Blair Academy, NJ
  3. Ashton Habeil: Lake Gibson, FL
  4. Jake Evans: Elyria, OH
  5. Nathan Warden: Christiansburg, VA
  6. JT Davis: Smyrna, DE
  7. Trevor Swier: Montini Catholic, IL
  8. Micah Ervin: Union County, KY
  9. Jack Darrah: Christian Brothers College, MO
  10. Bryce Mattioda: Broken Arrow, OK
  11. Cole Rees: Wyoming Seminary, PA
  12. Cole Hivnor: Lake Catholic, OH
  13. Walker Stephenson: Hillcrest, SC
  14. Matt Rogers: Wantagh, NY
  15. Lucas Cochran: Box Elder, UT
  16. Dominic Solis: McDonogh, MD

195 pounds

  1. Peyton Craft: Blair Academy, NJ
  2. Sam Fisher: Fauquier, VA
  3. Seth Shumate: Dublin Coffman, OH
  4. Jack Wimmer: McDonogh, MD
  5. Nicholas Feldman: Malvern Prep, PA
  6. Emmanuel Skillings: Broken Arrow, OK
  7. Jordan Greer: Avon, OH
  8. Matt Kelly: Iona Prep, NY
  9. Ben Vanadia: Brecksville, OH
  10. Brent Paulus: Louisville, OH
  11. Kyle Costello: Wyoming Seminary, PA
  12. Dom Loparo: Wadsworth, OH
  13. Josh LaBarbera: Montini Catholic, IL
  14. Parker Warner: Mount St. Joseph, MD
  15. Keith Bodnar: Steubenville, OH
  16. Tai Carter: Perkins, OH

220 pounds

  1. Braxton Amos: Parkersburg South, WV
  2. Ethan Hatcher: Brecksville, OH
  3. Kolby Franklin: Wyoming Seminary, PA
  4. Noah Pettigrew: Blair Academy, NJ
  5. Kyonte Hamilton: Georgetown Prep, MD
  6. Grady Griess: Northwest, NE
  7. Max Fausnaugh: Bowling Green, OH
  8. Blake Robbins: Louisville, OH
  9. Matt Kaplan: Lake Highland Prep, FL
  10. Lazar Gasic: North Royalton, OH
  11. Riley Ucker: Dublin Coffman, OH
  12. Nik Mishka: Mt. Carmel, IL
  13. Nick Lisco: St. Edward, OH
  14. Nolan Neves: St. Paris Graham, OH
  15. Jake Noon: Findlay, OH
  16. Chase Thompson: American Heritage, FL

285 pounds

  1. Isaac Righter: Mount St. Joseph, MD
  2. Garrett Kappes: McDonogh, MD
  3. Andy Garcia: Pueblo East, CO
  4. Kade Carlson: Corner Canyon, UT
  5. Matthias Ervin: Union County, KY
  6. Max Millin: Massillon Perry, OH
  7. Cole Potts: St. Frances DeSales, OH
  8. Cole Deery: Malvern Prep, PA
  9. Kevin Hudson: Caesar Rodney, DE
  10. Hugo Harp: Smyrna, DE
  11. Nate Miller: Wyoming Seminary, PA
  12. Ryan Elrod: St. John, OH
  13. Caden Hill: Crestview, OH
  14. Breslin Walker: Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy, OH
  15. Daniel Wirth: Beaver Local, OH
  16. Ryan Howard: Waynesburg Central, PA