Spey's Stupid Podcast

Spey's Stupid Pod: Folkstyle Rule Changes & Jiu-Jitsu

Spey's Stupid Pod: Folkstyle Rule Changes & Jiu-Jitsu

Spey has a lengthy discussion with the cool and chill guy from grappling, Michael Sears, plus some thoughts on folkstyle out-of-bounds rules.

Oct 17, 2019 by Andrew Spey
Spey's Stupid Pod: Folkstyle Rule Changes & Jiu-Jitsu

Michael Sears, the cool and chill guy of jiu-jitsu, has an extended conversation with Spey about his life in the sport of grappling, and how he became one of the newest team members at FloSports. What a fun time with pals!

Show Run Down

0:01:54 - It’s Who’s Number One weekend (when the recording happens).

 0:04:50 - You should be penalized for going out of bounds. Plain and simple, end of story.

0:10:08 - A brief comment about the new Flo logo.

0:17:40  - The Chill and Cool Dude of Jiu Jitsu, Michael Sears.

0:25:00 - Comparing and contrasting wrestling and grappling.

0:28:20 - The origin story of Michael Sears begins, which quickly flies off into a tangent about the World Championships of Wrestling, No-Gi Grappling, and cold spray.

0:36:30 - Sears gets into jiu-jitsu.

0:42:20 - Sears gets even more into jiu-jitsu, quitting his day job and going all in, evening moving to Brazil.

0:47:00 - When Sears first heard about FloGrappling.

0:56:08 - Sears dives head first into the grappling content game.

1:13:09 - How Sears got his gig with Flo and moves to Texas.

1:19:48 - Some ADCC talk. 

1:23:40 - Sears explains how scoring works in grappling, which eventually gets back to the differences between wrestling and grappling. And then a bunch of 

2:00:22 - The outro - time to pack up and go home to watch Who’s #1, which had yet to happen when this was recorded. 

2:04:43 - Ferrari and Gallagher play us out.