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Who's #1 Coming To Carver Hawkeye Arena

Who's #1 Coming To Carver Hawkeye Arena

FloWrestling announces Who's #1 will take place in Carver Hawkeye Arena.

Aug 17, 2019 by Willie Saylor

For the first time in its history, Who's #1 is on the move.

Earlier in the summer we determined that we'd like to consider moving Who's #1, our annual clash of the top ranked wrestlers in the country, from Grace Hall at Lehigh University where it was held for six years since its inception.

We found our spot for 2019, in Iowa's historic Carver-Hawkeye Arena.

Who's #1 - Carver-Hawkeye Arena

October 5th, 2019   |   5PM


We had a good start at Lehigh; such memorable moments. But it was time to try something new. As Akron and Fargo played out and the matchups became clearer, it was evident that a Midwest location would best fit the bill. After discussing enticing options with several venues, we happily arrived at a contract with Carver-Hawkeye Arena which sits among the most hallow wrestling venues in the world.

Who's #1 has pitted the #1 and #2 ranked wrestlers (based on performance) over the years to let there be no question regarding who the best wrestler in the nation is at contentious weight classes. As such, the competitors at Who's #1 represent some of the brightest prospects for college and international level wrestling in the country. 

In its brief history, Who's #1 alumni have made a World Team over 50 times, winning nearly two dozen medals, 14 of them Gold. Six of this year's Cadet World Team Members are on the Who's #1 card, while four WNO alum made this year's Junior Team.

The card will feature plenty of Iowa flair as Iowa commitments Jesse Ybarra, Ryan Sokol, and Patrick Kennedy will compete along with a few wrestlers who are considering Iowa.

Who's #1 will take place in Carver-Hawkeye Arena on Saturday, October 5th. Weigh ins and press conference will take place on Friday, October 4th. Media that would like to attend the press conference and/or competition should contact willie@flosports.tv.

Tickets are available here

Who's #1 Line-Up Reveal Show


2019 Honorary Coaches

Cornell Robinson, Christian Brothers (MO)

Mike Kulczycki, The Wrestling Factory (OH)

Zac Dominguez, MWC Academy (NE)

Paul Donahoe, Davison (MI)

2019 Referees 

Sammy Julian (PA)

Zac Errett (IN)

2019 Full Event Line-Up

Match #1

132lbs - #1-Jesse Mendez (IN) vs. #4-Ryan Jack (CT)  -  Freestyle

Colleges: Mendez (Uncommitted); Jack (NCST)

Match   #2

132lbs -  #3-Shayne Van Ness (NJ) vs. #2-Dom Serrano (CO) - Freestyle 

Colleges: Van Ness (Uncommitted); Serrano (Nebraska)


Match #3

120lbs. - #1-Jesse Ybarra (AZ) vs. #2-Jakason Burks (NE)  - Folkstyle

Colleges: Ybarra (Iowa); Burks (Oklahoma St.)


Match #4

113lbs - #1-Richard Figueroa II (CA) vs. #2-Stevo Poulin (NY)   -  Folkstyle

Colleges: Figueroa (Arizona St.); Poulin (Uncommitted)


Match  #5

145lbs - #1-Victor Voinovich (OH) vs.  #2-Jesse Vasquez  (CA)  -  Folkstyle

Colleges: Voinovich (Uncommitted); Vasquez (Uncommitted)


Match #6 

65kg  -  Joshua Saunders (MO) vs. Anthony Echemendia (AZ)

Colleges: Saunders (Cornell); Echemendia (RTC to be decided)


Match  #7

152lbs. -  #1-Sonny Santiago (CA) vs. #2-Travis Mastrogiovanni (NJ)  -  Folkstyle

Colleges: Santiago (Arizona St.); Mastrogiovanni (Uncommitted)


Match #8

160lbs - #1-Paddy Gallagher (OH) vs. #2-Keegan Daniel O'Toole (WI)  -  Freestyle

Colleges: Gallagher (Uncommitted); O'Toole (Missouri)


Match  #9

182lbs. -  #1-Dustin Plott (OK) vs. #2-Rocky Elam (MO)  -  Folkstyle

Colleges: Plott (Oklahoma St.); Elam (Missouri)


Match #10   

126lbs. - #1-Robert Howard (NJ) vs. #2-Trevor Mastrogiovanni (NJ)  -  Freestyle

Colleges: Howard (Penn St.); Mastrogiovanni (Oklahoma St.)


Match #11

138lbs. - #1-Beau Bartlett (PA) vs. #2-Ryan Sokol (MN)  -  Folkstyle

Colleges: Bartlett (Penn St.); Sokol (Iowa)


Match #12

170lbs. - #1-Alex Facundo (MI) vs. #2-Patrick Kennedy (MN)  -  Folkstyle

Colleges: Facundo (Uncommitted); Kennedy (Iowa)

Match #13

132lbs. -  Winner Match #1 vs. Winner Match #2  - Style to be determined by highest ranked opponent    

Who's #1 History


132lbs. - Fredy Stroker (IA) dec. Seth Gross (MN), 4-3

132lbs - Michael Kemerer (PA) dec. Zac Hall (MI), 3-1 OT

120lbs. - Nathan Boston (KY) dec. Sean Russell (GA), 4-2 in SV

145lbs. - Mason Manville (VA) dec. Grant Leeth (MO), 3-1 in SV

152lbs. - Fox Baldwin (FL) dec. Nick Reenan (TX), 7-1

126lbs. - Ryan Millhof (GA) dec. Jered Cortez (IL), 4-1

138lbs. - Jason Nolf (PA) dec. Joey McKenna (NJ), 10-5

160lbs. - Ryan Blees (ND) dec. Zach Kelly (PA), 5-2

132lbs. - Fredy Stroker (IA) dec. Michael Kemerer (PA), 3-1 OT

182lbs. - Johnny Sebastian (NJ) dec. Michael Pixley (MO), 7-2

70kg Jordan Oliver dec. Bubba Jenkins, 7-2


106: #1-Cade Olivas (CA) dec. #3-Gavin Teasdale (PA), 3-1

150: #4-Larry Early (IL) dec. #3-Jo Jo Smith (OK), 7-5 OT

120: #1-Nick Suriano (NJ) dec. #2-Daton Fix (OK), 3-1 in 32:12

195: #1-Bobby Steveson (MN) dec. #5-Hunter Ritter (MD), 5-1

138: #2-Matt Kolodzik (OH) dec. #1-Ke-Shawn Hayes (MO), 4-0

152: #2-David McFadden (NJ) dec. #1-Isaiah White (IL), 3-1 in 10:56

132: #1-AC Headlee (PA) dec. #3-Mitchell McKee (MN), 5-3

126: #3-Kaid Brock (OK) dec. #1-Nick Piccininni (NY), 3-2

145: #1-Vincenzo Joseph (PA) dec. #2-Fredy Stroker (IA), 3-2

182: #2-Zahid Valencia (CA) dec. #1-Myles Martin (NJ), 3-1 OT

170: #2-Mark Hall (MN) md. #1-Anthony Valencia (CA), 10-2

190: Bob Hamlin - Bethlehem, PA dec. Chris Perry - Stillwater, OK, 4-1


132lbs -  #1-Chad Red (IN) dec. #4-Taylor LaMont, (UT) 5-2

132lbs - #2-Luke Pletcher (PA) dec. #3-Yianni Diakomihalis (NY), 6-5

182lbs - #1-Dakota Geer (PA) dec. #2-Beau Breske (WI), 3-2

113lbs - #1-Gavin Teasdale (PA) dec. #2-Roman Bravo-Young (AZ) 2-1 OT

145lbs - #1-Jarod Verkleeren (PA) dec. #2-Kyle Bierdumpfel (NJ), 3-2

152lbs #2-Mason Manville (VA) dec. #1-Hayden Hidlay (PA) 3-1 OT

195lbs - #1-Nick Reenan (TX) dec. #2-Sammy Colbray (OR) 5-1

220lbs - #1-Gable Steveson (MN) dec. Jordan Wood (PA) 5-4

126lbs - #1-Daton Fix (OK) dec. #2-Rudy Yates (IL) 5-3

132lbs - #1-Chad Red (IN) dec. #2-Luke Pletcher (PA) 3-1 OT


120: Jordan Decatur, OH dec. Gavin Teasdale, PA, 8-7.   

145: Jarod Verkleeren, PA dec. Kaden Gfeller, OK, 10-3.

138: Nick Lee, IN dec. Sammy Sasso, PA, 8-3

126: Roman Bravo-Young, AZ dec. Nick Raimo, NJ, 3-2.

182: Michael Beard, PA dec. Jelani Embree, MI, 12-6.

160: Brady Berge, MN dec. Shane Griffith, NJ, 7-5.

152: David Carr, OH dec. Cameron Coy, PA, 4-2.

32: Daton Fix, OK dec. Austin Gomez, IL, 8-2.

170: Mikey Labriola, PA dec. Travis Wittlake, OR, 3-1.

61kg: Cody Brewer tf. Tony Ramos, 12-0.


113: No. 2 Kurt McHenry (MD) DEC No. 1 Malik Heinselman (CO) 8-7

120: No. 4 Pat McKee (MN) DEC No. 1 Robert Howard (NJ) 7-5

170: No. 1 Trent Hidlay (PA) PINS No. 2 Julian Ramirez (FL) SV 6:20

152: No. 2 Brayton Lee (IN) DEC No. 6 Justin McCoy (PA) 7-3

126: No. 3 Pat Glory (NJ) DEC No. 2 Gavin Teasdale (PA) 3-0

132: No. 2 Joey Silva (FL) DEC No. 1 Roman Bravo-Young (AZ) SV 3-1

138: No. 1 Jacori Teemer (NY) DEC No. 3 Mitch Moore (Ohio) 4-2

160: No. 1 David Carr (OH) DEC No. 2 Joe Lee (IN) 6-1

125: No. 1 Gracie Figueroa (CA) DEC No. 1 Macey Kilty (WI) 6-4

195: No. 2 Gavin Hoffman (PA) DEC No. 1 Micheal Beard (PA) 7-6

145: No. 3 Sammy Sasso (PA) PINS No. 1 Anthony Artalona (FL) 3:50


138: Keegan O'toole (Wisconsin) DEC Jaden Abas (California), 8-0

138: Jojo Aragona (Pennsylvania) DEC Gabe Tagg (Ohio), 8-4

106: Richard Figueroa ii (California) DEC Jacob Decatur (Ohio), 1-0

113: Greg Diakomihalis (New York) DEC Jakason Burks (Nebraska), 6-4

120: Eric Barnett (Wisconsin) DEC Kurt Mchenry (Virginia), 1-0

132: Jordan Decatur Akron, OH (Ohio) DEC Joshua Saunders (Missouri), 5-3

152: Macey Kilty (Wisconsin) VPO1 Kennedy Blades Broadview, IL (Illinois), 6-5

170: Carson Kharchla (Ohio) VPO1 Julian Ramirez (Florida), 11-4

152: Andrew Alirez (Colorado) DEC Jace Luchau (California), 3-2

160: Alex Facundo Davison, MI (Michigan) DEC Brevin Balmaceda (Florida), 7-3

182: Devin Winston (Missouri) DEC Abe Assad (Illinois), 6-2

138: Jojo Aragona (Pennsylvania) DEC Keegan O'toole (Wisconsin), 5-2