2019 Final X - Lincoln

Final X: Lincoln - Live Updates

Final X: Lincoln - Live Updates

Live updates from session II of Final X: Lincoln.

Jun 15, 2019 by Andrew Spey

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We're in Lincoln, Nebraska, watching the best wrestlers in America compete for the final nine world team spots in all three styles. In the immortal words of Forrest Molinari: "Let's go and have a good time together while watching awesome wrestling."

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We're in Lincoln, Nebraska, watching the best wrestlers in America compete for the final nine world team spots in all three styles. In the immortal words of Forrest Molinari: "Let's go and have a good time together while watching awesome wrestling."

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Sat. June 15 | 6PM CT

Made it back from the Railyard, which featured an extraordinary amount of Final X fan fellowship. I enjoyed between one and nine ice cold adult beverages. 

Here's my view for the evening. It's quite nice, I am very lucky!

The anthem is complete, the fans are ready, the wrestlers are here, let's go ahead and have ourselves a competition.

Women’s Freestyle 62 kg - Match 1

Mallory Velte vs Kayla Miracle

1st period: a rematch of last year's Final X, it was Velte in 2018, Miracle will look to turn the tables on the world bronze medalist in 2019. Second effort on a fireman's carry give Miracle an early four-point lead and potentially a fall Velte bellies out after about 30 seconds of fighting off her back and we're back to neutral. Single leg shot by Miracle and after another 30 seconds of scrambling, Miracle adds two points to her lead. That's how the period ends, Miracle leading 6-0.

2nd period: Velte comes out firing, blasting a double for two early in the period. Miracle counters with an exposure off a single leg shot to make it 8-2. Another exposure and it's 10-2. Miracle now locks up a cradle and goes for the kill. No pinfall, but a fall of the technical variety. First match goes to Kayla Miracle!

Women’s Freestyle 53 kg - Match 1

Sarah Hildebrandt vs Katherine Shai

1st period: Hildy walks out to classical music. Wonderful uplighting violens. Shai comes out to a popular pop song that I should probably know but don't. Hildebrandt has a world silver medal to her name, giving her a bye to this match right there. Fierce hand fighting ensues in the first minute plus. Shai goes on the activity clock first. She gets in on a shot but the scramble is stalemated and Hildebrandt scores the first point. A quiet period ends with a one point lead for Hildebrandt.

2nd period: Hildebrandt gets in on another shot but it's Hildebrandt who nearly scores. Shai defends the counter and they restart with 1: 45 on the clock, still 1-0 Hildy. Hildebrandt gets in on a single but Shai defends. Hildebrandt avoids going on the activity clock somehow but then moots the point by scoring on throw-by to make it 3-0. Time expires and Sarah Hildebrandt wins the first match!

Women’s Freestyle 76 kg - Match 1

Adeline Gray vs Precious Bell

1st period: The four-time world champ Adeline Gray looks to defend her world team spot from the young Precious Bell, who has been on a meteoric rise over the last year. Gray scores first, methodically finishing a single leg for two. Gray then gets to work on her exceptional top game. A couple turns later and it's a pinfall for Gray in dominant fashion! Adeline leaves no doubt in bout number one!

Men’s Greco-Roman 130 kg - Match 1

Adam Coon vs Cohlton Schultz

1st period: Coon runs out to some classic 'Tallica. Harvestor of Sorrow I believe. Schultz walks out to potentially Kanye, but I am admittedly out of my depth with regards to recognizing hip hop songs. The 18-year-old Schultz goe for a headlock but Coon catches him and gets the takedown. Three gut wrenches later and it's a quick 8-0 tech! The world silver medalist wins round one!

Men’s Freestyle 61 kg - Match 1

Joe Colon vs Tyler Graff

1st period: Eminem ushers Colon on to the stage. A call-and-response chant that I can't place is how Graff walks out. A quick double for Graff gives him an early two point lead and then Graff goes for his gut but it's not there. Graff shoots in again but Colon catches the far arm and whips Graff over for two points of his own. Another turn makes it 6-2. Graff fires back with a slick takedown to make it 6-4. This one is living up to expectations. Another attack from Graff but it's stalemated. Time runs out in the period and it's still 6-4, Colon in the lead. 

2nd period: Graff gets in on a single once again in the second but Colon counters with a chest wrap. Colon comes close to getting an exposure but instead we're stalemated. Still 6-4 with a little over a minute to go. Graff continues to attack but a scramble and then a stalemate eats up a lot of clock. Colon kills the rest of the clock and takes the first match, 6-4. The returning bronze medalist gets that initial dub!

Men’s Freestyle 97 kg - Match 1

Kyle Snyder vs Kyven Gadson

1st period: Snyder shoots a low single and finishes by hip heisting Gadson to his back and then covering. That's worth an early two for the Olympic and two-time world champ. Some seriously heavy hands do a lot of fighting for the next couple minutes but neither wrestler threatens. At least until the 30 second mark when Snyder fires off a nifty hi-c which he converts for two more. That's how the period ends. 

2nd period: Tervel Dlagnev and Kevin Snyder (Kyle's brother) in the corner for Snyder. Nate Carr Sr and Derek St. John are advising Gadson at the break. Back to the action, Snyder continues to control the ties and the center of the mat. Shot by Kyle half way through the period. Gadson reshoots and then Kyle counters. The go-behind fails, however, and they go back to the center. Snyder still leads 4-0 with less than a minute to go. Angry snap downs from Snyder keep Gadson off balance and Captain America takes it. Snyder wins match one!

Men’s Freestyle 70 kg - Match 1

Ryan Deakin vs James Green

1st period: Deakin walks out to Billy Squier The Stroke, made famous by the hit 90's movie Billy Madison. It's DMX Ruff Ryders for Green. Green reshoots and scores the first points. Then transitions right into a lace. Four turns later and the crowd is on their feet and cheering on their Husker. Deakin's corner wants a review. The replay is on the big board and the arena counts out each turn in unison. Tremendous. Green officially wins 11-0. Lincoln is delighted. 

Men’s Freestyle 57 kg - Match 1

Daton Fix vs Thomas Gilman

1st period: Daton Fix roll-jumps on to the mat fittingly to 'Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy'. Gilman comes out to a country song I cannot recognize. Fix is just 21 years-old but Gilman is still very young at 25. First passivity is given to Gilman. The first deep shot is by Gilman. He climbs up and has Fix in a quad-pod. Gilman manages a step out but no more. He leads 1-0. Next it's Fix in on a hi-c to a single and in a nearly identical sequence scores one on a step out while Gilman is in a quad-pod. In short time, Fix capitalizes, finishing his subsequent shot, then scoring two more on a gut wrench. He leads 5-1 at the break.

2nd period: Gilman shoots early and nearly has an angle on a single leg but Fix wrestles to a stalemate. On Gilman's next shot Fix snaps and spins and runs the score to 7-1. Less than two minutes to go. Gilman continues to attack but Fix has all the answers. 30 seconds left. Gilman in on his deepest shot but he goes for four and it's Fix who counters for two more and that'll do it. It's the Cowboy riding high in the saddle and taking the first match!

Men’s Freestyle 74 kg - Match 1

Jordan Burroughs vs Isaiah Martinez

1st period: Crowd is getting pretty hype for Burroughs. When Jordan walks out the arena lets him hear it. Burroughs swiftly snatches a leg and forces IMar out of bounds. He leads 1-0 after eight seconds. IMar answers though, with a step out of its own. It's 1-1, Martinez with criteria, after less 30 seconds. IMar holding center for the next minute, then scores another step out point to make it 2-0 in favor of the former Illini of Illinois. Reshot by IMar and we've got another step out point as Burroughs avoids giving up a takedown with some sturdy quad-pod defense. IMar keeps the pressure on and Burroughs can't get to his counters. The period ends Martinez leading 3-1. 

2nd period: Crowd cheering Burroughs on as he takes the center for period number two. No scores after a minute. A great sequence of reattacks by both wrestlers but no more points. Until Burroughs hits a lightning quick low double and retakes the lead on criteria. It's 3-3 with 50 seconds to go. Seatbelt-whizzer position on the edge of the mat, they go out of bounds and it's 1 for Burroughs. The Official and the Judge agreed but the Chair thought it was one for Martinez. IMar's corner also thinks that and they challenge the call. IMar wins the challenge and Burroughs is in a 4-3 hole with 21 seconds to go. And Burroughs is up for the challenge. He pressures IMar and gets a go behind with about 8 seconds left on the clock. They'll end in par terre and the champ takes round 1. The crowd loves it. They are going wild for Burroughs. 

Women’s Freestyle 62 kg - Match 2

Mallory Velte vs Kayla Miracle

1st period: Miracle stakes herself to a 3-0 lead thanks to a single leg that Miracle finishes for two and then a step out on a shot. Velte battles back in short time by can't finish her attack before time runs out. Its still 3-0 in favor of Miracle. 

2nd period: Yet another step out for Miracle opens up the second period and runs her lead up to four. Two minutes to go in the match. Velte shoots in, Miracle block, then reshoots, and we get a stalemate. Clock down to 1:20. Miracle chews up more clock in on a single leg and we're down to 45 seconds. Time runs out on Velta and Miracle gets revenge, knocking off a world bronze medalist to make her first senior world team! Kayle Miracle is going to Kazakhstan!

Women’s Freestyle 53 kg - Match 2

Sarah Hildebrandt vs Katherine Shai

1st period: Shai starts things off with some very physical wrestling, pummeling Hildebrandt to the edge of the mat. No scores after a minute, though it's likely Hildebrandt goes on the clock soon. And there is the second passivity for Hildy. And just before time runs out on the clock, Hildebrandt swings down on a leg, then transitions to a leg lace and racks up 8 points in a hurry. Shai now in a big hole as we get to short time. The period ends and Hildebrandt takes a commanding eight-point lead to the break.

2nd period: Action at a more measured pace as Hildebrandt is content to sit on her lead. Shai not creating a lot of opportunities for herself. And the match ends in a scramble but Shai gets blanked. Sarah Hildebrandt wins two in a row and makes another world team! 

Women’s Freestyle 76 kg - Match 2

Adeline Gray vs Precious Bell

1st period: Adeline Gray struts to the center of the mat as Return of the Mack tastefully blares on the loud speakers. Bell shoots in first but Gray counters with a roll through for two points on the exposure. Another roll through into a tilt makes it 6-0 in less than a minute. Gray with superior power and technique. Bell continues to shoot but Gray counters fro a go-behind and a trap arm gut and that's the match. Leaving no doubt about it, Adeline Gray is our national champion. She will look for her fifth world championships in Nur-Sultan!

Men’s Greco-Roman 130 kg - Match 2

Adam Coon vs Cohlton Schultz

1st period: Schultz comes out to the Chain by Fleetwood Mac. Not enough time to get to the good part, unfortunately. Coon rumbles out to Enter Sandman by the masters themsevles, of course I mean Metallica. By the way, Coon weighed in at 129 kilos, or about 284 pounds. After 80-some seconds of no scores, Coon gets hit with his second passivity call so he concedes a point to Schultz and they will go to par terre. Schultz can't manage a turn so they'll go back to their feet, Schultz with a one point lead. And that's how the period ends. 

2nd period: No scores after a minute in the second. Schultz is about to be hit with a passivity call but Coon has a body lock so whistle lets action continue. Coon walks Schultz to the boundary and they hit the mat in a 50/50 position. It's ruled two for Coon as he gets the benefit of the doubt with continuation. Schultz' corner wants to challenge but Schultz himself kicks the brick back. A few second later Schultz gets that passivity call and Coon picks up his third point and will get an opportunity on top. A gut wrench gives Coon a 5-1 lead late in the match. That's how the match end, and Adam Coon will go back to the World Championships to try and improve on his silver medal performance in 2018! Big applause for Coon from the knowledgable fans in the Devaney Center. 

Men’s Freestyle 61 kg - Match 2

Joe Colon vs Tyler Graff

1st period: Good activity but no scores after a minute. Colon gets warned for passivity. A straight on double from Graff gets blocked by Colon. 30 second later Colon goes on the activity clock, scoreboard still at double goose eggs. Graff picks up the activity clock point with a little less than a minute left in the period. Graff taking more shots but not finishing. Although in short time Graff does finish off a single leg after good scramble. Colon's corner wants a challenge, but they will lose and Graff picks up a fourth point. 

2nd period: Colon has a four point deficit to make up if wants to finish things off in two matches. Graff keeps the pressure on Colon who has yet to get in deep on a shot in this second match. A little over a minute to go and Graff still has a 4-0 lead. Graff got in on another shot but Colon gets in a chest wrap. Colon rolls over his back but the officials say it's Graff's move. He gets four more. Than Colon gets a two and Graff one more in the ensuing scramble. That is how the match will end, with Colon winning 9-2, and 61 kilos continues to be the most insane weight in America. We will have a third bout!

Men’s Freestyle 97 kg - Match 2

Kyle Snyder vs Kyven Gadson

1st period: Snyder goes to work immediately and collects two, then locks up a trap arm. He rolls Gadson over twice for an early 6-0 lead. At the edge of the mat, Gadson tries to whizzer Snyder out of bounds. The point is awarded to Snyder but then given to Gadson after a successful challenge by Kyven. Kyle wastes no time on the restart, hitting a powerful leg attack that sends Gadson to his back for four. Another gut wrench (looks like guts are going to be a thing for Kyle going forward. Take note Nomad) and Kyle wraps up his national title. That's five straight world or Olympic teams for Kyle Snyder!

Men’s Freestyle 70 kg - Match 2

Ryan Deakin vs James Green

1st period: Green, who has recently acquired Dad-Strength thanks to the birth of his baby girl yesterday, will try to make his fifth consecutive world time (same number as Snyder) by winning his second bout with Deakin. Green has been the aggressor so it's no surprise when Deakin is put on the clock. Deakin can't get anything going to Green picks up the first point of the match. A shot that drives Deakin out of bounds in short time gives Green a second point. That's how the period ends. 

2nd period: Deakin will need to break open that donut on the scoreboard if he wants to force a third bout. Green and Deakin trade shots in the center but no scores. Deakin goes on the clock again. Green takes a shot that Deakin counters for two just before the shot clock, giving the Northwesterner the lead via criteria. Green ups the pace and eventually breaks through Deakin's defenses for two on the border. They restart with just 23 seconds left in the match, Green leading 4-2. Deakin gets a step out, barely, with 9 seconds left in the match. Green avoids any further points for the rest of the match and makes another world team! The crowd showers the new dad with a thunderous 'Go Big Red'!

Men’s Freestyle 57 kg - Match 2

Daton Fix vs Thomas Gilman

1st period: After 30 seconds Fix gets dinged for hands to the face. Gilman picks up a point. This hand fighting is the roughest I've seen. No love lost between these two ultimate competitors. Gilman in on a single but Fix stretches him out and we get a stalemate. Back to the clubbing in neutral. Period ends with Gilman still clinging to the slim one point lead. 

2nd period: Gilman shoots in early but it's Fix who scores the points to take the lead. Gilman nearly scores on a shot from Fix but no points after a wild scramble. Another scramble, and this time Gilman finally gets his takedown, the first of the series. Less than a minute to go, Gilman leads 3-2. 20 seconds. 10. And Gilman circles just in time. The clock hits zero and we're getting a third match! Thomas GIlman takes round 2!

Men’s Freestyle 74 kg - Match 2

Jordan Burroughs vs Isaiah Martinez

1st period: JB comes out with a new singlet, new shows, and a bandage around his head. Burroughs gets in deep on a reattack and nearly gets two but it's a quad-pod from IMar that limits the damage to a single point. Head samp from Burroughs sets up another shot and gets Martinez to step out again. Burroughs leads 2-0. Both wrestlers trade shots but no more scores, JB takes a 2-0 lead to the break.

2nd period: Martinez avoid a low shot from Burroughs and then drives Burroughs out of bounds for 1. A perfectly timed double by IMar gives him two more. Then a standing finish on a leg lace gives Martinez a three point lead. It's 5-2  IMar with 1:40 left in the match. Martinez trying ot keep the pressure on, Burroughs taking his time on the restarts. With 40 seconds to go Burroughs finishes a double to cut the lead to 1. Its 5-4 IMar. 20 seconds to go. Martinez is hit for interlocking fingers with 12 seconds to go. Martinez still holds criteria but it's 5-5. Burroughs pressuring in. They're on the boundary. Martinez stays in bounds. Martinez wins round two! Or does he? Burroughs' corner wants to challenge. They are denied and that makes it official, Isaiah Martinez wins and we'll get a third match! 

Men’s Freestyle 61 kg - Match 3

Joe Colon vs Tyler Graff

1st period: Our first of three round 3 matches! Bonus wrestling! Graff shoots in first but it's Colon with the chest wrap for two. That's how these matches have gone, Graff in deep and counters for Colon. Graff's second shot finishes cleanly and he ties it up, taking the lead on criteria. Graff has Colon's legs wrapped up in a lace. He spins for two, two more. He's going for the match ender. That's it, Tyler Graff makes his first world team at the age of 30! 

Men’s Freestyle 57 kg - Match 3

Daton Fix vs Thomas Gilman

1st period: We're going to have a short break as we wait the required 30 minutes before matches. And here we go! Duck under by Fix after a minute doesn't connect but it's the first major action of the match. Gilman picks up a passivity warning shortly thereafter. Fix already had a warning, however, and he picks up a second warning with a little over a minute left in the period to go on the clock. A go-behind with a couple seconds to spare on the activity clock gives Fix a 2-0 lead with 36 left in the period. Gilman in deep on a shot in short time but Fix somehow manages to square up and avoids giving up any points. Period ends with Fix holding the two point lead.

2nd period: Gilman gets put on the activity clock after 45 seconds of wrestling. This is a pivotal juncture in the match. Gilman gives up the shot clock point but then manages a step out point to make it 3-1 in favor of Fix. A shot by Gilman has FIx in trouble. With Fix sprawled over his back, Gilman manages to lean back and get an exposure, taking the lead by criteria with a minute left in the match. it's 3-3. Gilman gets in on a shot, but it's Fix who manages to come out behind to collect the two points. Gilman's corner challenges though, and with 5 seconds left in the match we'll get a review. Gilman had Fix's leg the whole time but Fix was behind Gilman and it looked like a takedown from my blogging perch. I'm just glad I don't have to make the call. Challenge is denied and Fix has a three point lead. 5 seconds is not enough time and Daton Fix reverses the result from Final X 2018. Daton Fix is our 57 kilogram world team representative!

Men’s Freestyle 74 kg - Match 3

Jordan Burroughs vs Isaiah Martinez

1st period: Our last match of Final X! Only one more team spot left to be decided! Jordan in on a shot. Martinez makes him wor for it but eventually he finishes for an early 2-0 lead. IMar gets some blood on the nose cleaned up and we're back to the center. 2 minutes left in the first. Martinez has Burroughs tightrope walking along the edge but no step out is awarded. Another pause for blood clean up. Burroughs in on another shot. Whizzer defense by IMar. Burroughs steps over for two and it's 4-0. JB stays on the attack on the restart, earning another step out point. It' 5-0 Burroughs in short time. Another step out and it's 6-0 with 20 seconds left in the period. The arena screams "Husker Power" at Burroughs as they go to the break with the same score. 

2nd period: Burroughs finding new reservoirs of strength. He shoots Martinez out of bounds for a seventh point of the match. Martinez ramping up the pressure with some heavy hands. He still trails by seven with 90 seconds to go. Burroughs continues to keep Martinez off his legs. IMar getting frustrated as the clock keeps ticking away. Finally Martinez gets on the board with a step out but only 19 seconds remaining in the match. And time runs out on Martinez. Jordan Burroughs makes his ninth straight world team at 74 kilograms! An unprecedented middleweight accomplishment. Jordan Burroughs is going to Kazakhstan!

That was simply incredible. You all witnessed wrestling history. Final X is in the books and I am completely exhausted. Thanks for reading along you, the wise and intelleigent wrestling fan. Apologies for the typos and see you next time!