2019 Big Ten Wrestling Championship

Big Ten Championship Match Notes: First Round

Big Ten Championship Match Notes: First Round

Match Notes of the first round of the 2019 Big Ten Wrestling Championship from Minneapolis.

Mar 9, 2019 by Andrew Spey
Folks we are about 15 minutes out from first whistle. Your humble love blogger is perched in the crow's nest situated in upper bend of the arena, section 203-ish. The buzz on the concourse is electric, and there are rumors of a sell out. The snowy Minnesota weather has not deterred the crowd. This should be fun.

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Folks we are about 15 minutes out from first whistle. Your humble love blogger is perched in the crow's nest situated in upper bend of the arena, section 203-ish. The buzz on the concourse is electric, and there are rumors of a sell out. The snowy Minnesota weather has not deterred the crowd. This should be fun.

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We'll begin with the round of 16, as the fourteen man brackets dictate. 

125 Pounds Round of 16

And away we go! 

I'll add results here as they happen and keep you updated with the big news live in REAL TIME. 

Travis Piotrowski scores the first points of the tournament, taking down Devin Schnupp in the first. Sean Russell is the next to score, delighting the Gopher partisans in historic Williams Arena. 

Schroder and Heinselman are locked in a 3-3 tie after the first period. Pio gets back points on Schnupp for a 6-0 lead. Foley has a 2-0 lead over Metzler. 

Schroder starts the second on top and immediately goes to work on a roll through tilt. He's got a four point lead, make that a six point lead after another set of swipes. Russell taking control of his match against Rotundo of Wisconsin. Piotrowski nearly gets the fall over Schnupp, will instead hold a 13-0 lead as we pause for blood time. Foley of Michigan State cruising 5-0 with tons of riding time over Metzler of Rutgers. 

Schnupp shows tremendous grit fighting off a deep half nelson from Piotrowski, but it was all Pio as he wins via technical fall, 17-0. Foley still pitching a shut out against Metzler. 

Zeke Moisey and Elijah Oliver take the mat, and Moisey and Oliver will walk off the mat 18 seconds later, as Oliver slapped on a near side cradle and stuck Moisey just like that! The first pinfall of the 2019 Big Ten Championship!

Drew Mattin and Brandon Cray are the final 125-pound match to get rolling. Mattin off to a quick 2-0 lead. 


Devin Schroder (Purdue) 18-8 won by major decision over Malik Heinselman (Ohio State) 21-8 (MD 13-5)

Travis Piotrowski (Illinois) 17-8 won by tech fall over Devin Schnupp (Penn State) 6-15 (TF-1.5 4:39 (17-0)

RayVon Foley (Michigan State) 30-3 won by major decision over Shane Metzler (Rutgers) 8-16 (MD 11-0)

Sean Russell (Minnesota) 23-3 won by major decision over Ethan Rotondo (Wisconsin) 13-8 (MD 19-8)

Elijah Oliver (Indiana) 25-14 won by fall over Zeke Moisey (Nebraska) 12-9 (Fall 0:18)

Drew Mattin (Michigan) 16-5 won by major decision over Brandon Cray (Maryland) 8-14 (MD 13-3)

Seabass and Spencer receive byes to the quarters. 

133 Pounds Round of 16

Suriano wasting no time against Anderson of Maryland. The Scarlet Knight leads 4-1, and picks up the bonus points with the second fall of the day!

All-American Luke Pletcher is leading 2-1 Paul Konrath of Indiana and Tutolo of MSU versus Duncan of Illinois gets underway. Pletcher extends his lead to 6, now down to 5 as Konrath escapes in the second. 7-2 Pletcher. Mattin blanking Cray 7-0 as they head to the 3rd. 

Tutolo and Duncan are going to sudden victory as they each scored an escape each to make it 1-1 after 3 periods. A mad scramble off of Tutolo's shot but it's Duncan that comes out on top and he'll advance to the quarters. 

The rest of the 133 bouts coming on to the mats now. RBY has a 2-1 lead over Parrish of Nebraska in the first. Make that 4-1, Roman Bravo-Young is fast. Two-time AA Ethan Lizak has Jens Lantz. Purdue's Ben Thornton leads Colin Valdiviez of Northwestern 2-0.

RBY extends his lead to 6, it's 8-2 still in the second period. Lizak gets the first point in the second period, it's 2-0, Lantz trailing as they go to the final period of regulation. Bravo-Young now pouring it on, it's 15-5 as the Nittany Lion is on the hunt for a tech.

Backpack Lizak rides out the third period and wins 3-0. He walks off the mat to a shower of applause. 


Nick Suriano (Rutgers) 21-3 won by fall over Orion Anderson (Maryland) 4-19 (Fall 2:14)

Dylan Duncan (Illinois) 12-9 won in sudden victory - 1 over Anthony Tutolo (Michigan State) 18-13 (SV-1 3-1)

Luke Pletcher (Ohio State) 21-4 won by major decision over Paul Konrath (Indiana) 18-11 (MD 12-4)

Ethan Lizak (Minnesota) 24-4 won by decision over Jens Lantz (Wisconsin) 12-5 (Dec 3-0)

Roman Bravo-Young (Penn State) 18-2 won by major decision over Jevon Parrish (Nebraska) 13-11 (MD 18-5)

Ben Thornton (Purdue) 19-7 won by decision over Colin Valdiviez (Northwestern) 13-14 (Dec 3-0)

141 Pounds Round of 16

Nebraska's All-American Chad Red and Rutgers' Peter Lipari are the first 141-pounders on the mat, and Red goes upper body and has Lipari in trouble. There's the fall! Huskers pick up bonus points. 

We've got McKenna on McKenna crime as Alec of Northwestern takes on Joey of Ohio State. And the Buckeye McKenna prevails with a first period pinfall!

Minnesota's favorite Mitch McKee takes the mat against Kyle Luigs of Indiana. it's 3-2 in favor of McKee early. Murin and Limmex scoreless deep in the second, Murin putting a ride on Limmex. 

Tristan Moran has a 3-2 lead over Danny Bertoni in the first. Moran riding tough, about to get RT over 60 seconds. McKee getting swipes, looking for the fall, and Luigs is saved by the bell. McKee taking control with a 11-3 lead as we go to the second period on Mat 3. 

Michigan's Kanen Storr has Michigan State's Austin Eicher. In the third period Storr is leading 4-1. Storr will take it 5-2 with the riding time point and advance to the quarters. 

Nate 'Take it to the' Limmex of Purdue facing off against Iowa's Max Murin of Iowa.

Max Murin blanks Limmex and the sizable Hawkeye contingent here in Minneapolis is pleased. 


Chad Red (Nebraska) 16-10 won by fall over Pete Lipari (Rutgers) 10-11 (Fall 0:47)

Kanen Storr (Michigan) 22-4 won by decision over Austin Eicher (Michigan State) 14-12 (Dec 5-2)

Joey McKenna (Ohio State) 17-2 won by fall over Alec McKenna (Northwestern) 9-11 (Fall 0:36)

Mitch McKee (Minnesota) 17-3 won by fall over Kyle Luigs (Indiana) 17-15 (Fall 4:09)

Max Murin (Iowa) 13-6 won by decision over Nate Limmex (Purdue) 17-13 (Dec 4-0)

Tristan Moran (Wisconsin) 21-6 won by major decision over Danny Bertoni (Maryland) 16-14 (MD 14-4)

149 Pounds Round of 16

Big fall for Cole Martin via headlock as the Badgers pick up a couple of bonus points. We kick off 149-pounds with a bang. 

Ashnault mobs on to mat 2 to take on Fernie Silva. Ashnault comes out guns blazing, pancaking Silva for two and nearly had nearfall points. Now a cradle and its 4-1 in a hurry. Make that 6-1 after a tilt. 

Lugo and Shearer are underway in a Hawkeye vs Husker bout. All-American Tommy Thorn has Jaden Enriquez. Lugo leads 2-0 in the first, Thorn has a 7-1 lead in the second. Parriott and Barone are tied 2-2. 

Lugo chin drops Shearer on the Husker's sit out. He sags his hips and nearly gets the fall but it's 4 points instead. Ashnault leading Silva 6-2 as the near the end of the second. 

Ashnault smells blood, he goes double to a bow and arrow to a navy ride. Ashnualt is getting all sorts of back points and he'll win via major decision 14-2. Lugo taking control of his bout. it's 8-2 as they head to the final stanza. 

Tommy Thron wins via major over Enriquez and the Gopher fans are elated. 

Brady Berge and Parker Filius takes the mat, as does Baby J Bannister and Micah Jordan, which completes the 149-pound division. Jordan taking over, leading 7-2 in the second. Likewise for Berge, he has a 6-2 lead in period #2. 

Berger advances via major decision as we're about to get to Penn State's big dogs. Jordan will also advance with a major, winning 16-6.


Cole Martin (Wisconsin) 17-9 won by fall over Christian Kanzler (Illinois) 4-13 (Fall 2:35)

Anthony Ashnault (Rutgers) 24-0 won by major decision over Fernie Silva (Indiana) 4-10 (MD 14-2)

Thomas Thorn (Minnesota) 16-8 won by major decision over Jaden Enriquez (Michigan State) 15-19 (MD 10-1)

Pat Lugo (Iowa) 16-6 won by decision over Jordan Shearer (Nebraska) 9-9 (Dec 8-5)

Micah Jordan (Ohio State) 23-1 won by major decision over Alfred Bannister (Maryland) 14-8 (MD 17-6)

Brady Berge (Penn State) 17-2 won by major decision over Parker Filius (Purdue) 9-19 (MD 12-3)

157 Pounds Round of 16

Barone and Parriot in sudden victory, knotted at 4-4. Parriott and Barone are going to tiebreakers in an early round banger. And Barone takes the longest match of the tournament so far, riding out Parriott and then escaping in the next tiebreaker period to win 5-4.

Alec Pantaleo wastes no time, jumping out to a 10-4 lead in the first over Wisconsin's Garrett Model. Pantaleo now up 16-7 as we start the third, it's been all Michigan in this match. 

John Van Brill of Rutgers is on mat 2 wrestling Ke-Shawn Hayes of Ohio State. Hayes dominated their first meeting this year, winning 10-2. Hayes is on pace to match that result, leading 4-1 at the end of the first. Van Brill steps over a shot in the third from Hayes and he's looking for the fall. Third period pinfall, vintage Van Brill! Rutgers gets a quarterfinalist at 157. 

The very nice Steven Bleise takes on Jake Danishek. Bleise now leads 4-1 in the second. Bleise recives rapturous applause as he earns the decision to advance.  

The condor-like Ryan Deakin leads Maryland's Adam Whitesell 6-2 in the second. Deakin cruises 12-3. 


Eric Barone (Illinois) 15-11 won in tie breaker - 1 over Griffin Parriott (Purdue) 13-10 (TB-1 5-4)

Kaleb Young (Iowa) 17-3 won by forfeit over Jake Tucker (Michigan State) 21-14 (For.)

Alec Pantaleo (Michigan) 15-6 won by major decision over Garrett Model (Wisconsin) 8-12 (MD 21-8)

Ryan Deakin (Northwestern) 26-2 won by major decision over Adam Whitesell (Maryland) 6-13 (MD 12-3)

John Van Brill (Rutgers) 18-11 won by fall over Ke-Shawn Hayes (Ohio State) 18-8 (Fall 6:41)

Steve Bleise (Minnesota) 17-4 won by decision over Jake Danishek (Indiana) 17-12 (Dec 8-5)

165 Pounds Round of 16

We're rounding the midway point as Carson Brolsma for the Gophers is on the mat wrestling Joey Gunther of Illinois. These two are locked in a 1-1 tie as we go to the sudden victory. No points after SV1, a pair of escapes in TB1 and TB2 makes it 2-2 as we go to SV2. Nothing in the second sudden victory period. After the second and final set of tiebreakers its Gunther with the ride out and then escape to win 3-2, much to the dismay of the pretty much packed house here in Minneapolis. 

All-American Logan Massa leading Stephan Glasgow 5-1 in the second. Cole Wysocki with an early 2-0 lead over Evan Wick of Wisconsin as the upset alert antennae are raised. And cancel that, as Wick calmly pins Wysocki and advances to the quarters. Massa extends his lead to 8 as he looks to advance comfortably. 

Bryce Martin has a 2-0 lead over Philp Spadafora. Isaiah White leads Austin Hiles 2-0. Whie in control, leading 6-3 now. Martin races to a 6-1 lead with over a minute of RT, still in the second. 

Te`Shan Campbell and Tyler Morland are the final 165-pound match to get underway. Campbell now has a 3-1 lead in the third, and he will take it 4-1 with the RT point. 


Joseph Gunther (Illinois) 17-10 won in tie breaker - 2 over Carson Brolsma (Minnesota) 17-9 (TB-2 3-2)

Logan Massa (Michigan) 17-4 won by major decision over Stephan Glasgow (Rutgers) 6-8 (MD 12-4

Evan Wick (Wisconsin) 26-2 won by fall over Cole Wysocki (Purdue) 9-20 (Fall 1:46)

Isaiah White (Nebraska) 17-5 won by decision over Austin Hiles (Michigan State) 12-14 (Dec 8-4)

Bryce Martin (Indiana) 19-7 won by decision over Phillip Spadafora (Maryland) 12-17 (Dec 9-2)

Te`Shan Campbell (Ohio State) 18-4 won by decision over Tyler Morland (Northwestern) 5-7 (Dec 4-1)

174 Pounds Round of 16

Mikey Labriola is here to usher in the 174-pound weight class. He goes double to half and navy ride, or perhaps a claw, whatever you call is Josh Ugalde is in trouble. Labriola adjust, slaps on a headlock, and gets the fall! 2 bonus points on the board for Nebraska. 

Mitch Bowman has Ryan Christensen in a battle of seniors. Drew Hughes will take on Joe Grello in a battle of sophomores. Bowman gets a reversal late in the second and the large Hawkeye contingent is happy. Christensen escapes in short time of the second and has 1:06 of RT as the Badger starts the third underneath. Christensen with the late reversal gives the Badger the win. And the Wisconsin fans (and there are a good amount of them in the arena as well) are pumped. And Hughes' top game is the difference maker in his match, has one take down and then almost four minutes of riding time gives him the 3-0 win over Grello.

Devin Skatzka, the Gopher by way of Indiana, takes on Jake Covaciu, the Hoosier by way of Wisconsin. They transferred schools is what I mean. Skatzka cruising 6-0 after 3 minutes of wrestling.

Dylan Lydy holds a 8-1 lead after 3 minutes over Braxton Cody. And still in the second Lydy gets the tech-fall, 18-2. Dominant win for the Boilermaker. 


Mikey Labriola (Nebraska) 23-4 won by fall over Josh Ugalde (Maryland) 6-12 (Fall 0:50)

Drew Hughes (Michigan State) 24-11 won by decision over Joe Grello (Rutgers) 14-8 (Dec 3-0)

Devin Skatzka (Minnesota) 23-7 won by major decision over Jake Covaciu (Indiana) 15-10 (MD 10-0)

Dylan Lydy (Purdue) 24-6 won by tech fall over Braxton Cody (Northwestern) 0-9 (TF-1.5 4:16 (17-2))

Ryan Christensen (Wisconsin) 16-6 won by decision over Mitch Bowman (Iowa) 7-6 (Dec 3-2)

Ethan Smith (Ohio State) 16-8 won by decision over Carver James (Illinois) 6-12 (Dec 5-2)

184 Pounds Round of 16

Cash Wilcke and Brandon Krone is the first match of the 184-pound division to begin. By the slimmest of margins, 1:08 of riding time to be precise, Wilcke advances to the quarters. 

Nick Gravina begins his final postseason and is immediately in a scramble with Max Lyon. Gravina loves to cut the corner on these shots and is nearly behind Lyon. Lyon is not letting go of that leg so we stalemate, still scoreless. Gravina trails 2-1, Lyon will start the third on bottom. Lyon holds on to win 3-1. 

Taylor Venz makes short work of Brendan Devine, advancing via first period pinfall. The Huskers tack on two more bonus points. 

All-Amerkcan Emery Parker has a slim 2-1 lead over Kyle Jasenski deep in the second. Parker now with the 3-2 lead in the third, riding time not a factor. 

Mitten state rivals Jelani Embree and Cam Caffey face off on Mat 3. Caffey takes an early lead 2-0. Now in the second Caffey gets four nearfall and is leading 6-0. Caffey also has the RT clock over one minute and counting. Caffey with a 7-1 victory, smothering Embree and advancing to the quarterfinals. 

Conley and Reinhardt will close out the 184-pound round of 16.


Cash Wilcke (Iowa) 18-4 won by decision over Brandon Krone (Minnesota) 8-14 (Dec 2-1)

Max Lyon (Purdue) 21-10 won by decision over Nick Gravina (Rutgers) 4-3 (Dec 3-1)

Taylor Venz (Nebraska) 19-5 won by fall over Brendan Devine (Northwestern) 0-20 (Fall 1:52)

Emery Parker (Illinois) 14-2 won by decision over Kyle Jasenski (Maryland) 10-16 (Dec 7-3)

Mason Reinhardt (Wisconsin) 20-10 won by decision over Norman Conley (Indiana) 19-14 (Dec 2-0)

Cameron Caffey (Michigan State) 27-5 won by decision over Jelani Embree (Michigan) 13-5 (Dec 7-1)

197 Pounds Round of 16

Eric Schultz with a 6-3 lead over Niko Capello as we get 197 matches going. Schultz is laying it on, holding a 22-10 lead in the second period. 

Wilton of Michigan State and Kleimola of Indiana scoreless in the first. Anderson of Minnesota and Lee of Illinois also underway with bagels on the scoreboard. Wilton scores late in the first and then escapes early in the second to make it 3-0 in his favor. Anderson escapes in the second to take a slim 1-0 lead. Anderson takes a 3-1 lead in the third off a takedown to an eruption of applause here in historic Williams Arena. Now Wilton picks up a third-period pinfall to advance just as Anderson finishes his third-period rideout for a 4-1 with the extra RT point. 

Zack Chakonis and U23 world team member Christian Brunner are up on Mart 1. Brunner doing work, leads 7-0 and is looking for the fall in the second period. Chakonis survives as the clock runs out. Brunner will advance via fall of the technical variety with a clean 15-0 victory. 

Striggow of Michigan and Breske of Wisconsin on mat 3. Scoreless here halfway through the first period. 

Two-time All-American Kollin Moore leads Matt Correnti 7-3 in the second period. And it will be a amajor decision for Moore, he wins 12-3. 


Brad Wilton (Michigan State) 19-12 won by fall over Jake Kleimola (Indiana) 12-16 (Fall 6:16)

Eric Schultz (Nebraska) 19-9 won by tech fall over Niko Cappello (Maryland) 3-19 (TF-1.5 4:57 (27-11))

Christian Brunner (Purdue) 20-7 won by tech fall over Zack Chakonis (Northwestern) 5-17 (TF-1.5 5:33 (15-0))

Dylan Anderson (Minnesota) 13-7 won by decision over Andre Lee (Illinois) 12-13 (Dec 4-1)

Beau Breske (Wisconsin) 11-7 won by decision over Jackson Striggow (Michigan) 13-9 (Dec 7-5)

Kollin Moore (Ohio State) 17-1 won by major decision over Matt Correnti (Rutgers) 12-14 (MD 12-3)

285 Pounds Round of 16

Gable Steveson fittingly leads the charge as the first heavyweight bout of the tournament. The Gopher true frosh leads Christian Colucci of Rutgers 6-2 early in the second. More points are surely forthcoming. Indeed, its 15-4 at the end of the second. Steveson wins via tech-fall, and the crowd goes wild. 

All-American senior Youssif Hemida has true frosh Mason Parris on Mat 4. Sam Stoll leads Chase Beard 5-1 in the third on Mat 1. Stoll will take it 6-1 and advance. Parris leading 4-1 at the end of the first period. Parris takes a 6-2 lead and a ton of riding time into the third. An Escape makes it 7-2. 

Chase Singletary pitching a shutout against Fletcher Miller. The Buckeye will move on to the quarters with a 4-0 victory. 

Anthony Cassar begins the first postseason of his career. The Nittany Lion senior will seek another year of eligibility due to medical hardship, so its possible this is not his last postseason. Cassar leading 9-4 over Aven of Purdue, they're in a race with Conan Jennings and Duece Rachal to see who can finish their match first. Cassar wins 12-, 10 seconds before Jennings wins 1-0.

And that'll do it for the first round. We are not pausing for quarterfinals, so buckle up for another championship round!


Gable Steveson (Minnesota) 28-0 won by tech fall over Christian Colucci (Rutgers) 14-12 (TF-1.5 6:38 (21-6))

Sam Stoll (Iowa) 9-3 won by decision over Chase Beard (Michigan State) 15-12 (Dec 6-1)

Chase Singletary (Ohio State) 19-5 won by decision over Fletcher Miller (Indiana) 9-7 (Dec 4-0)

Mason Parris (Michigan) 27-5 won by decision over Youssif Hemida (Maryland) 11-6 (Dec 8-5)

Conan Jennings (Northwestern) 16-8 won by decision over Duece Rachal (Illinois) 4-15 (Dec 1-0)

Anthony Cassar (Penn State) 22-1 won by major decision over Jacob Aven (Purdue) 10-19 (MD 12-4)

125 Pounds Quarterfinals

Seabass gets his first match of the tournament, and already has a 2-1 lead over Schroder. Meanwhile, Piotrowski goes for a big upper body throw and lands it, though just for two - no nearfall - on Foley. Rivera wins 20-4 to advance to the semis. Foley has stormed back to take a 4-2 lead after two periods. 

Spencer Lee announces the beginning of his postseason title defense with authority, pinning Elijah Oliver with his devastating arm bar. There are many Hawkeye fans in  the arena and they all enjoyed what they just saw very much. 

Sean Russell has a 2-0 lead on Drew Mattin. Russell keeps scoring, has a 9-1 lead and RT locked up with 33 seconds left in the match. Russell advances to thunderous applause. 


Sebastian Rivera (Northwestern) 23-1 won by tech fall over Devin Schroder (Purdue) 18-9 (TF-1.5 6:23 (20-4))

RayVon Foley (Michigan State) 31-3 won by decision over Travis Piotrowski (Illinois) 17-9 (Dec 7-3)

Sean Russell (Minnesota) 24-3 won by major decision over Drew Mattin (Michigan) 16-6 (MD 10-1)

Spencer Lee (Iowa) 17-2 won by fall over Elijah Oliver (Indiana) 25-15 (Fall 1:37)

133 Pounds Quarterfinals

Two NCAA finalists facing off on Mat 1 as Suriano and Lizak are wrestling an insanely good quarterfinal bout. Single to a double for Suriano and he transitions to put Lizak on his back. Nearly pinned, Lizak fights off his back but its 6-0 Suriano early. Suriano now with a 8-0 lead and 3 minutes of riding time. Lizak now gets to ply his top game in the third. Lizak manages two backs and a third period rideout, but he was in too deep of a hole and Suriano wins 9-2. 

Stevan Micic, another NCAA finalist, has his first match of the tournament. He's got a 4-1 lead on Dylan Duncan. Micic races to an 8-3 lead in the third. 

Luke Pletcher will try and get revenge against Roman Bravo-Young in this absolutely ridiculous 133-pound bracket. We're tied 2-2 after 30 seconds in the third. Pletcher muscles RBY to his back from neutral. No nearfall but the Buckeye bench throws the challenge brick. The call is overturned, and the officials award Pletcher two nearfall. It's 6-2 with 57 seconds left in the second. An escape in the second and another int he third cuts the deficit to two. Riding time not a factor. Clutch take by Pletcher makes it 8-4. Escape and it's 8-5 with less than a minute to go. Pletcher holds on to win 8-5 and advances to the semifinals. 

Austin DeSanto takes the mat against Ben Thornton. The whirling dervish called DeSanto picked up the first takedown. Desanto will take it 9-3, controling the pace every step of the way. 


Stevan Micic (Michigan) 14-0 won by decision over Dylan Duncan (Illinois) 12-10 (Dec 9-4)

Nick Suriano (Rutgers) 22-3 won by decision over Ethan Lizak (Minnesota) 24-5 (Dec 9-2)

Luke Pletcher (Ohio State) 22-4 won by decision over Roman Bravo-Young (Penn State) 18-3 (Dec 8-5)

Austin DeSanto (Iowa) 17-2 won by decision over Ben Thornton (Purdue) 19-8 (Dec 9-3)

141 Pounds Quarterfinals

McKenna leads McKee 2-0. Red leads Carr 2-0. Red doing very athletic things, leads Carr 4-0 in the second. McKenna, taking it to the very tough McKee 7-0 as the second period winds down. Red now takes a 4-1 lead into the third, which will star in neutral. Red has RT all but locked up. Red defends a single leg as few other humans can and scores on a reattack to make it 6-1, RT now definitely locked up. McKenna still cruising, up 7-0 with RT in the bag. McKenna wins 8-0 and Red knocks off the #1 seed Carr of Illinois. 

Max Murin and Nick Lee are underway on Mat 2. Kanen Storr and Tristan Moran are deep in the first. Lee has a 4-2 lead deep in the first. Lee clinging to a 1 point lead with a minute to go in the second. Lee starts the third on bottom. Storr is pumped after holding on to win 2-1 over Tristan Moran. A costly locked hands call gives Lee a 5-3 lead. Murin will cut Lee with 40 seconds to go, trailing by 3, RT not a factor. Lee in on a shot, kills some clock, then gets the takedown to secure the 8-3 victory. Lee is the first Nittany Lion to advance to the semifinals. 


Chad Red (Nebraska) 17-10 won by decision over Michael Carr (Illinois) 11-3 (Dec 8-4)

Joey McKenna (Ohio State) 18-2 won by major decision over Mitch McKee (Minnesota) 17-4 (MD 8-0)

Kanen Storr (Michigan) 23-4 won by decision over Tristan Moran (Wisconsin) 21-7 (Dec 2-1)

Nick Lee (Penn State) 25-1 won by decision over Max Murin (Iowa) 13-7 (Dec 8-3)

149 Pounds Quarterfinals

#1 ranked Anthony Ashnault wrestles Malik Amine to get things going at 149. They wrestle a scoreless first. An escape and an ankle pick in the second gives Ashnault a 3-0 lead. Amine and Ashnualt in a scrap, it's 5-3, Ashnault in the lead with 24 seconds to go. Ashnualt has RT locked up though and is on bottom so Amine needs to do something tricky to pull off the upset. Amine runs out of time and it's a 6-3 victory for Anthony Ashnault. He stays perfect on the season. 

Brady Berge and Pat Lugo start their match. Micah Jordan and Shayne Oster are underway on Mat 2. Jordan out to a 4-2 lead in the first. Jordan tips Oster over with a near side cradle and there's the pinfall. The Buckeyes have another semifinalist. Berge leads Lugo 1-0 with an escape in the second. It's 1-1 in the third after a Lugo escape, RT not a factor. No more scores so we're getting extra wrestling. Berge so close to a takedown but Lugo fights him off and the crowd is feeling it. Berge escapes in the first tiebreaker. Lugo escapes in the second tiebreaker sesh. Sudden victory part II! Lugo shoots, but a slick go-behind from Berge gives him the victory, and Penn State their third semifinalist (Nolf had already won his match at this point). 

Cole Marin and Tommy Thorn have begun and it's all Thorn so far. He leads 6-0. Martin battles back but it's Thorn with the 7-5 victory.


Anthony Ashnault (Rutgers) 25-0 won by decision over Malik Amine (Michigan) 10-7 (Dec 6-3)

Thomas Thorn (Minnesota) 17-8 won by decision over Cole Martin (Wisconsin) 17-10 (Dec 7-5)

Brady Berge (Penn State) 18-2 won in sudden victory - 2 over Pat Lugo (Iowa) 16-7 (SV-2 4-2)

Micah Jordan (Ohio State) 24-1 won by fall over Shayne Oster (Northwestern) 10-11 (Fall 1:32)

157 Pounds Quarterfinals

Tyler Berger takes John Van Brill down in the first to usher in the 157-pound quarterfinals. The third period begins in neutral, Berger leading 6-3. Another takedown for the Husker and escape by the Scarlet Knight makes it 8-4 with a minute to go. 

Kaleb Young and Alec Pantaleo are in a top 10 quarterfinal on Mat 1. We're scoreless after one period. It's 3-2 Pantaleo now with less than a minute to go in the third. Pantelo holds on for the victory. 

Jason Nolf, the first of Penn State's four NCAA champs to start their postseason, wrestles Eric Barone of Illinois. Nolf cradles and Nolf pins. PSU with their second semifinalist. 

Deakin and Bleise get going, and Deakin has Bleise in trouble early. Nifty single leg defense from Bleise though and we end the first 0-0. Deakin escapes in the second to make it 1-0. Takedown by the shoelaces makes it 2-1, 2-2 after the second Deakin escape. Deakin with the 4-2 lead and putting a ride on in the third. Over a minute of RT with less than a minute to go. On their feet its 4-3, RT locked up for Deakin. Bleise has over unders, he goes for it! LAT DROP WITH 5 SECONDS LEFT FOR BLEISE. The arena erupts! But the RT makes it 5-5, we are going to sudden victory. Bleise in on a shot, Deakin fighting for his life. No takedown! Tiebreaker time!

Deakin starts TB1 on top. Locked hands! More wild applause from the Gopher fans. Now a challenging brick from Minnesota, not exactly sure what for, perhaps they wanted a stall count. And they did challenge for the stall call and they did get it. Savvy move by coach Eggum. Bleise leads 7-5. We go to TB2. We start in neutral, and Bleise fends off Deakin for the overtime victory. Big flex from Bleise and a standing O from the Minnesotans in attendance. So far that was the match of the tournament. Outstanding. 


Jason Nolf (Penn State) 24-0 won by fall over Eric Barone (Illinois) 15-12 (Fall 2:14)

Tyler Berger (Nebraska) 23-2 won by decision over John Van Brill (Rutgers) 18-12 (Dec 11-5)

Alec Pantaleo (Michigan) 16-6 won by decision over Kaleb Young (Iowa) 17-4 (Dec 3-2)

165 Pounds Quarterfinals

Logan Massa and Isaiah White are the first 165-pound quarter. White leads 4-2 int he second. Make that 4-3. In the third it's 6-5 White. Massa though getting it done, storming back to make it 8-6 in his favor and he's trying to rideout for come from behind win. Massa finishes strong, advancing to the semifinals for the Wolverines. 

Alex Marinelli has a 3-1 lead over Te`Shan Campbell as we start the second period. Marinelli starts on top. 

Cenzo workmanlike 10-4 lead over Joey Gunther after one period. Cenzo techfalls Gunther in the second. 

Evan Wick vs Bryce Martin finally gets underway. And Wick wins 6-1. 


Logan Massa (Michigan) 18-4 won by decision over Isaiah White (Nebraska) 17-6 (Dec 8-6)

Alex Marinelli (Iowa) 21-0 won by decision over Te`Shan Campbell (Ohio State) 18-5 (Dec 6-3)

Vincenzo Joseph (Penn State) 22-0 won by tech fall over Joseph Gunther (Illinois) 17-11 (TF-1.5 5:59 (21-6))

Evan Wick (Wisconsin) 27-2 won by decision over Bryce Martin (Indiana) 19-8 (Dec 6-1)

174 Pounds Quarterfinals

Ethan Smith of Ohio State and Dylan Lydy of Purdue kick off the 174-pound quarters. 

Mark Hall has Drew Hughes, but all the attention is going to the Deakin Bleise match right now. Skatzka v Labriola also underway. Pinfall for Mark Hall. More bonus on the board for the Nittany Lions! Skatzka leads Labriola 3-2 in the third. 4-2 now in Skatzka's favor, 28 seconds to go, RT not a factor. A takedown in the literal final seconds of regulation for Labriola forces overtime. Labriola charges into sudden victory with a full head of steam, but Skatzka scrambles and now has Labriola in danger. Make that a danger two for a takedown, and make that a pinfall in sudden victory. The arena goes bonkers. The Gopher fan love it. They are going wild for tje overtime pinfall. 

Myes Amine leads Ryan Christensen 4-1 late in the first. Amine with another takedown in shortime to ice it. He will win 6-1.


Mark Hall (Penn State) 24-0 won by fall over Drew Hughes (Michigan State) 24-12 (Fall 2:39)

Devin Skatzka (Minnesota) 24-7 won by fall over Mikey Labriola (Nebraska) 23-5 (Fall 7:22)

Dylan Lydy (Purdue) 25-6 won by decision over Ethan Smith (Ohio State) 16-9 (Dec 5-1)

Myles Amine (Michigan) 16-2 won by decision over Ryan Christensen (Wisconsin) 16-7 (Dec 6-1)

184 Pounds Quarterfinals

Cash Wilcke and Emery Parker are underway as we continue to climb up the weight classes. Parker's escape in the second period is the only score so far. Wilcke on bottom to start the third. Quick escape knots it up at 1 apiece. Flash takedown in the third for Parker gives him the 2 point lead for a moment. Wilcke escapes nearly instantaneously but then can't complete the comeback. Parker survives 4-3. 

Myles Martin races out to a 4-1 lead in under a minute of action against Max Lyon. Catch and release in full effect, its 10-4 after one period. Martin putting on a show. He looks sublime racking up a 22-10 lead before starting the third on bottom. Those 10 points for Lyon are all escapes. Martin with the tech fall, making it look easy.

Shakur Rasheed wasting zero time, leading Cam Caffey 6-0 in the first. Make it 7-0 in the second. Superduck from Caffey almost lands but a super turn and face from Shakur keeps the points off the board. Rasheed will win and advance. 

Taylor Venz dominating Mason Reinhardt. It's 9-0 midway through the second. Its a shutout, Venz advances to the semifinals with a 14-0 destruction. 


Emery Parker (Illinois) 15-2 won by decision over Cash Wilcke (Iowa) 18-5 (Dec 3-2)

Myles Martin (Ohio State) 18-0 won by tech fall over Max Lyon (Purdue) 21-11 (TF-1.5 5:57 (25-10))

Tyler Venz (Nebraska) 20-5 won by major decision over Mason Reinhardt (Wisconsin) 20-11 (MD 14-0)

Skakur Rasheed (Penn State) 17-0 won by fall over Cameron Caffey (Michigan State) 27-6 (Fall 5:21)

197 Pounds Quarterfinals

Schultz and Brunner get the 197-pounders going. It's 2-1 Schultz at the end of 3 minutes. Schultz holds on for the 3-2 win. 

I looked up to see Bo Nickal on Mat 1 and he's already an 8-1 lead. He is looking for a pin and bonus points against Brad Wilton. 17-3 Nickal, he wants that pin but will habe to settled for the tech. Nickal wins 19-4. 

Kollin Moore out to a 4-2 lead over Dylan Anderson in the first period. Moore has run the score up tot 9-3, bonus points in sight. 12-4 is the final, major for Moore. 

Jacob Warner blanking Beau Breske 3-0 in the second. Warner with a takedown in the second to make it 6-2. Warner will advance to the semis with a 10-4 victory. 


Eric Schultz (Nebraska) 20-9 won by decision over Christian Brunner (Purdue) 20-8 (Dec 3-2)

Bo Nickal (Penn State) 23-0 won by tech fall over Brad Wilton (Michigan State) 19-13 (TF-1.5 5:34 (19-4))

Jacob Warner (Iowa) 15-3 won by decision over Beau Breske (Wisconsin) 11-8 (Dec 10-4)

Kollin Moore (Ohio State) 18-1 won by major decision over Dylan Anderson (Minnesota) 13-8 (MD 12-4)

285 Pounds Quarterfinals

Gable Steveson takes the mat to wrestle Sam Stoll, a matchup which did not happen when the Gophers and Hawkeyes met for a dual meet. A bone-rattling takedown gives Gable the lead. An earth-shaking mat return keeps Stoll on the mat, at least for a bit. Stoll does escape to cut it to 2-1. Gable escapes in the second and it's 3-1, Steveson leading. Steveson cuts Stoll in the third to chop the lead in half. Steveson still leading 3-2. Another takedown and escape and Gable has a 5-3 lead, which he keeps to close out the match and make the Big Ten semifinals as an 18 year old true freshman. 

Anthony Cassar wrestling David Jensen on Mat 3 right now. A blue-collar 8-4 decision by Cassar and the Nittany Lions have yet another semifinalist. I think that's eight for them. 

Trent Hillger is the last participant to start the tournament. As the two seed he's got Chase Singletary in the quarterfinals. Hillger holding a 3-1 lead as time is running out for Singletary. And that's how it ends, the Mighty Thor of Wisconsin advances to the semis. 

Mason Parris and Conan Jennings is the final bout of the championship round to begin. Parris had the better season but Jennings has two head-to-head wins. Jennings remains Parris' kryptonite, winning for the third straight time in three matches. Northwestern fittingly bookends our quarterfinal round, sending their 125 and 285 pounder on to the semifinals.


Gable Steveson (Minnesota) 29-0 won by decision over Sam Stoll (Iowa) 9-4 (Dec 5-3)

Trent Hilger (Wisconsin) 21-4 won by decision over Chase Singletary (Ohio State) 19-6 (Dec 3-1)

Anthony Cassar (Penn State) 23-1 won by decision over David Jensen (Nebraska) 13-5 (Dec 8-4)

Conan Jennings (Northwestern) 17-8 won by decision over Mason Parris (Michigan) 27-6 (Dec 9-7)

That will do it for Session I here in historic Williams Arena on the campus of the Minnesota Golden Gophers. Appreciate you all for riding along and see you tonight for Session II and the semifinals!