2019 Iowa vs Oklahoma State | NCAA Wrestling

Where These Hawks & Cowboys Came From

Where These Hawks & Cowboys Came From

Looking at the wrestling line-up for Iowa and Oklahoma State and reflecting on their high school careers.

Feb 22, 2019 by Willie Saylor
Where These Hawks & Cowboys Came From
Iowa and Oklahoma State have a monumental dual on Sunday. #1-Penn State and #2-Ohio State dualed a few weeks ago. Iowa and OK State are currently tied for #3, making it the second most prolific dual this season.

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Iowa and Oklahoma State have a monumental dual on Sunday. #1-Penn State and #2-Ohio State dualed a few weeks ago. Iowa and OK State are currently tied for #3, making it the second most prolific dual this season.

From FRL to a written preview, from a 'by-the-numbers,' to a whiteboard war, we broke this dual down every which way.

But I was going over the lineups and thought, hey, here's another angle: where did these guys come from and how did they get here?

Here's a full breakdown of the Iowa and Oklahoma State lineups before they were Hawks & Cowboys.

I'll give a quick hint - almost all of them were premium prospects. 

125: Spencer Lee (Iowa) vs. Nick Piccininni (OKST)

Spencer's Final SR Big Board Rank - #2 (2017)

Winning just about every, including Super 32, Akron, and 3 World titles, Spencer is in consideration as one of the best high school wrestlers ever. 

Picc's Final SR Big Board Rank - #24 (2015)

Nick was a highly sought prospect out of Long Island who opted for Stillwater after winning four state titles. He reached finals of FloNationals two times, winning the title in 2014 when he majored Luke Pletcher in the finals.

133: Austin DeSanto (Iowa) vs. Daton Fix (OKST)

Austin's Final SR Big Board Rank - #17 (2017)

What most people remember of Austin's high school career was his final match in which he stopped Lee from becoming a 4x PA state champ. What is recalled less is that Austin was knocking on the door of 'elite' for a long time. He was a 2x Super 32 Finalist. 

Daton's Final SR Big Board Rank - #1 (2017)

Fix wrestled EVERYWHERE. He took some losses along the way, but his hit list might be among the most impressive ever with wins over Nick Suriano, Spencer Lee, Yianni and many others. And oh yeah, he earned 3 World medals. He grabbed the top spot on our Big Board when Lee lost to DeSanto in state finals.

141: Max Murin (Iowa) vs. Kaid Brock (OKST)

Murin's Final SR Big Board Rank - #44 (2017)

From PA's small school division, Murin was a solid recruit at #44 in the country. He won two state titles, reaching the finals three times. In his three years at Fargo he lost just four times, with placings of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. His finals loss was to Roman Bravo-Young.

Kaid's Final SR Big Board Rank - #10 (2015)

At or near the top of the rankings his entire high school career, Kaid was a Blue Chipper from jump street. He was a fixture at Fargo with 5 AA's and appeared at Who's #1 where he beat his eventual teammate, Piccininni.

149: Pat Lugo (Iowa) vs. Kaden Gfeller (OKST)

Lugo's Final SR Big Board Rank - #74 (2015)

Coming on later in his high school career, Lugo was undefeated his last two seasons in-state. He placed once at Super 32 and once in Fargo which included a 7-6 win over future teammate Kaleb Young. He originally went to Edinboro where he had two fine seasons that included a win over Iowa's NCAA finalist Brandon Sorenson.

G's Final SR Big Board Rank - #15 (2017)

Kaden never lost a match in Oklahoma; a perfect 133-0. Nationally, he made Fargo finals twice, beating Austin Gomez and losing as a SR to Anthony Artalona. He also won FloNationals by beating Devin Schroeder.

157: Kaleb Young (Iowa) vs. Wyatt Sheets (OKST)

Kaleb's Final SR Big Board Rank - #21 (2016)

With two state medals and placings in Akron and FloNationals, Young was a solid prospect. But then he really emerged as a SR. He beat Trent Hidlay in PA State finals after beating Mikey Labriola and Daniel Bullard en route to a Super 32 crown.

Wyatt's Final SR Big Board Rank - #52 (2016)

Sheets was a 3xer in Oklahoma with just two career losses. Though he never won a major crown but he was in the thick of it plenty with placings at Fargo and FloNationals. He also beat Jarod Verkleeren in FS and took 3rd at the Ironman. 

165: Alex Marinelli (OKST) vs. Chandler Rogers (OKST)

Bull's Final SR Big Board Rank - #3 (2016)

Like most St. Paris (OH) products, Marinelli didn't hit a lot of majors on the national scene. But he was clearly a top prospect after winning four state titles, reaching three Ironman finals, and winning two of them. He did go to Super 32 once where he was a runner-up to Fox Baldwin. In his graduating class he was ranked behind only Nick Suriano and Mark Hall who went on to beat him at the Dream Team Classic.

Chandler's Final SR Big Board Rank - #29 (2014)

Rogers started his high school career in Washington state before moving with his family to Stillwater where his brother Jordan (also a top-ranked recruit) would begin his college career. He won four state titles and was utterly impressive on the FS/GR scene, reaching a Fargo or Akron final eight times.

174: Mitch Bowman (Iowa) vs. Joe Smith (OKST)

Bowman's Final SR Big Board Rank - Not Ranked (2014)

Bowman won a state title as a SR on his third trip to the finals. He earned his first Fargo AA honors the summer of his graduation.

Joe's Final SR Big Board Rank - #7 (2015)

Smith's only regular season loss came in state finals his freshman year. He placed four times in the Top 4 in FS at Fargo including in 2012 when he won the title by beating Matt Kolodzik in the finals. 

184: Cash Wilke (Iowa) vs. Jacobe Smith (OKST)

Bitcoin's Final SR Big Board Rank - Not Ranked (2015)

Wilke had a really solid HS career going 4-4-1-1 at the Iowa state tournament. But as a successful multi-sport (Football/Track/Baseball), Wilcke wasn't on the national scene much.

Jacobe's Final SR Big Board Rank - Not Ranked (2014)

Of all the guys in this dual, Jacobe has had the most interesting trajectory. His biggest accomplishment was taking 8th in Fargo FS and that was the summer following his graduation. He went to Northeast Oklahoma and won two JUCO titles before moving on to OKST where he immediately produced an AA finish. 

197: Jacob Warner (Iowa) vs. Preston Weigel (OKST)

Warner's Final SR Big Board Rank - #7 (2017)

The highest ranked upperweight of his class, Warner was a dominant big man. He won three state titles on four trips to the finals in Illinois' big school division and won two Fargo titles sandwiched around an Akron title and Cadet World Bronze. Last summer he made the Junior World Team.

Weigel's Final SR Big Board Rank - Not Ranked (2014)

Weigel made the state finals all four years and won three times. He didn't wrestle much nationally, but took 2nd at USAW Folk Nationals (loss to Lance Benick) and then won it the next year (beat Carter Isley). 

But he's been a real force for John Smith and the Cowboys with one All American finish and placings of 1-1-3 at the Big 12 tournament.

285: Sam Stoll (Iowa) vs. Derek White (OKST)

Sammy's Final SR Big Board Rank - #18 (2014)

Stoll was one of the most prolific pinners of all time. I believe he still holds the Minnesota state record. He pinned all but one opponent his final two high school seasons. Fantastic in all three styles, Stoll was a staple in age group majors and trials and his matchups with Adam Coon, who was #9 in the Class of 2013, made for one of the best high school rivalries of its era. 

Bulk Job's Final SR Big Board Rank - #30 (2014)

White was part of an Edmond North upperweight line up that included the Dixon triplets, and was sometimes overshadowed by them. But entering their last high school season, it was clear that White was the most promising prospect. 

In the summer of 2013 he took 3rd at Fargo followed by a runner-up finish at S32 and an Ironman title.

Rank vs. Rank (Final SR Class Rank)

125: #2-Spencer Lee vs. #24-Nick Piccininni

133: #17-Austin DeSanto vs. #1-Daton Fix

141: #44-Max Murin vs. #10-Kaid Brock

149: #74-Pat Lugo vs. #15-Kaden Gfeller

157: #21-Kaleb Young vs. #52-Wyatt Sheets

165: #3-Alex Marinelli vs. #29-Chandler Rogers

174: Unranked Mitch Bowman vs. #7-Joe Smith

184: Unranked Cash Wilcke vs. Unranked Jacobe Smith

197: #7-Jacob Warner vs. Unranked Preston Weigel

285: #18-Sam Stoll vs. #30-Derek White

Who Made A World Team

Spencer Lee: 2013 Cadet FS DNP; 2014 Cadet FS Gold; 2015 Junior FS Gold; 2016 Junior FS Gold

Daton Fix: 2014 Cadet FS DNP; 2015 Cadet FS Bronze; 2016 Junior FS Bronze; 2017 Junior FS Gold; 2017 U23 FS DNP; 2018 JR FS Bronze

Chandler Rogers: 2012 Cadet GR DNP

Jacob Warner: Cadet FS Bronze; 2018 Junior FS DNP

Sam Stoll: 2013 Junior GR Bronze; 2015 Junior GR 5th

States Represented

OK - 7

PA - 4

IA - 2

FL - 1

IL - 1

KS - 1

MN - 1

NY - 1

OH - 1

WA - 1