World Championships Day 4 Match Notes

Adeline Gray Road To Comeback

Good morning wrestling fans. Budapest powers through to day 4 and we're here to power through with us. Adeline Gray,  Erin Clodgo, Tamyra Stock and Forrest Molinari all wrestle for the first time today. Later tonight, Jacarra Winchester wrestles for bronze and Kyle Snyder faces off with Sadulaev for gold for the second year in a row. It's going to be another good one!

65 Kilograms

Forrest Molinari vs Leidy Marc Izquierdo

Hashtag SnowflakeSZN has Columbia in her first match. Forrest applying pressure, gets a leg, tries a crack back, now trying to drag Leidy back to the center. Molinari gets a caution and one for Leidy's fleeing, which was definitely deserved. Another single leg but this time Forrest converts for two. It's 3-0 with a minute left in the first period. We'll go to the break with that score.

Second period underway. Perhap Izquierdo will try a wrestling move in this period. We shall see. Forrest moving Leidy around the mat, gets a step out to make it 4-0. Slide by attempt by Forrest misses. Izquierdo still waiting for the right time to try to do a move. Any move. Forrest shoves Leidy out of bounds and the white paddle it because that rule exists for some reason. Leidy decided her world championship experience was complete without having to do any wrestling and the match ends 4-0 in favor of Molinari. USA goes three for three to start the day with only Adeline left to go (I'm typing this in weight order, not chronologically by the way). 

Forrest Molinari vs Danielle Lappage

Forrest will wrestle one of our neighbors to the North in her quarterfinal bout. Lappage going upper body right off the bat. Molinari pushing back. Lappage shrugs to a go behind and leads 2-0 with a little over a minute to go in the first. No other scores in the first so we had to the break still 2-0 in favor of the Canadian. 

Lappage goes upper body to star the second so Forrest drops to an ankle but can't convert before action is stalemated. A quick shot from Lappage and she is able to finish for two, extending her lead to 4 with 1:36 on the clock. Forrest down on a leg now. She works hard and gets the two with a minute to go. Lappage fires back though and gets a very big take down to make it 6-2 with less than 30 on the clock. Forrest in on a shot but she needs four, or two and two. Unfortunately she'll get zero as time runs out with Lappage still defending with a whizzer. Molinaro falls in the quarterfinals and needs Lappage to win her next match in order to have a shot at a bronze medal. 

68 Kilograms

Tamyra Stock vs Yudari Sanchez

Tamyra gets Cuba in her first match of the day. Cuba beat Russia 5-2 in the round of 32, while Tamyra earned a bye to the round of 16 thanks to the points she earned in UWW seeding tournaments. Sanchez warned for finger grabbing but no significant action in the first minute. Sanchez goes on the shot clock first but Tamyra cares not for the shot clock and converts on a low leg attack for two points. Another shot and another takedown for Tamyra. She's working a leg lace but Sanchez slips her grip. Tamrya then goes to a gut wrench and succeeds, extending her lead to 6. Tamyra takes that lead to the intermission. 

Sanchez trying to get back in the match with snap downs and heavy hands in the second period. Tamyra drops down underneath Sanchez's hands and grabs some legs but Sanchez's sprawl stops that attack. Sanchez going heavy hands up top again so Tamyra goes fireman's and finishes for two. A leg lace later and Stock gets the 10-0 technical superiority! 

Tamyra Stock vs Battsetseg Soronzonbold

Tamyra gets two-time world champ Soronzonbold in her round of 16 match. Soronz had a battle with 2012 world champ Anna Jenny Fransson of Sweden in her round of 32 match to get to Tamyra. Tamyra gets an angle and drives Soronz out of bounds holding on to a single leg. Tamyra takes the early 1-0 lead. Great head fake and level change and Tamrya is back in on a single. She's in the center of the mat looking for a trip but eventually settled for another step out. It's 2-0 with about 90 seconds left in the first. Slick sweep single, transitioned to a double and Tamyra convert cleanly for two. Another great transition to a lace and it's 6-0. Blast double for two after a restart makes it 8-0 and Tamrya is pouring it on just as the period runs out. 

Tamrya fires off another single to start the second and finishes with authority. She absolutely demolishes Soronzonbold and moves on to the semifinals. 

Here is a documentary about the two-time world champ that Tamyra Stock just obliterated. 

Tamyra Stock vs Koumba Larroque

Tamyra will wrestle French Koumba Larroque, one of the most impressive young talents in women's wrestling. She won junior world championship, her second, which adds to her collection of cadet and U23 gold medals she also posses. Koumba has a bronze medal from last year's senior world championship and will try and gold in Budapest to complete the set. Tamyra Stock, however, will get her say on whether or not that happens. 

Tamyra circling, looking for an angle, firing off some sweep singles. Somehow Tamyra gets a passivity warning after a minute of no scoring. Larroque is matching Tamyra's physicality. And Tamyra goes on the clock even though she's taken the only shot of the period. Tamyra with a solid shot and gets behind Larroque but Larroque reaches back for a lat whip and is so strong that Tamyra has to bail. You're not supposed to be able to do that but that is Larroque's power. We go to the break with Larroque holding a 1 point lead. Larroque did finally get a passivity warning so she'll likely go on the clock if the second period plays out like the first. 

Larroque goes on the clock about 45 seconds into an otherwise scoreless second period. Shot clock expires and Tamyra picks up the point and is in the lead via criteria. We're down to the final 60 seconds and it's getting chippy. With 50 seconds left Tamyra avoids a shot from Larroque (her first) but gets put on the shot clock again. Tamyra lets the clock expire but it's moot as any score would give her at least criteria. Larroque is able to defend for the rest of the match, however, and Tamyra loses 2-1, shot clock points being the only scores for either wrestler. Tamyra will wrestle for bronze tomorrow. 

72 Kilograms

Erin Clodgo vs Anastasiya Zimiankova

Erin has Belarus in the first match of the day for the Americans. Erin working from a Russian tie to start the match. No scores after a minute. Belarus goes on the clock first with a little over a minute left in the first. Clock expires and Erin gets on the board first. The period ends with Erin holding a slim 1-0 lead. 

Second period gets going and they're back in collar ties. It's been a conservative match so far. Erin changing levels, now in short offense trying to get the go behind. Also trying to avoid going on the shot clock. And Erin works her way behind Zimiankova and gets two big points to make it 3-0. And a bow and arrow turn for two more! It's 5-0, now under a minute left in the match. Shot from Belarus but Erin stuffs it and kills some more clock. Headlock attempt that doesn't land but Zimiankova muscle Erin over for two. It's 5-2 with under 30 seconds. Erin checks Belarus in a front headlock and we stalemate at 10 seconds. Clodgo holds on for the win!

Erin had the only pigtail of the 72kg weight class. With this win she enters the round of 16 and will wrestle Tatiana Kolesnikova of Russia next. 

In other craziness, Japan took a loss to Sweden, which means, as of right now, Japan has more losses on the day than the USA. 

Erin Clodgo vs Tatiana Kolesnikova

Russia comes out of the gate firing on all cylinders. Tatiana Kolesnikova's (TK) first shot is stuffed but her second double leg shot connects and Russia get's on the board first. A gut wrench later and it's 4-0 after less than a minute of action. TK hit a high crotch and is in deep but a sprawl and an early stalemate sends them back to their feet with 4 minutes left in the match. 

A fireman's carry to start the second period puts Erin in a 6-0 hole. They're back in neutral with 2:30 on the clock. TK shoots in another fireman's but fails to finish and Coldgo pops out the side, spins behind and gets two. A gut wrench (more like a gut tilt) cuts the lead to just two points. Clodgo is one two-point maneuver away from going up on criteria. 90 seconds left in the match. Down to 30 seconds, KT tying up Erin's arms. A restart with 20 seconds to go gives Erin a fresh start. Clodgo shoots underneath but gets stuck. KT clings to an arm to prevent the go behind and kills the clock. Clodgo falls in the round of 16 and needs Russia to make the finals to be pulled back into the repechage. 

Russia lost to China in the quarterfinals so Erin Clodgo is eliminated from the tournament. 

76 Kilograms

Adeline Gray vs Epp Mae

Gray earned the bye and the number two seed and by dint of UWW  tournament points. Epp Mae of Estonia had to beat Blessing Onyebuchi of Nigeria to make it to the round of 16 and a match with the three-time world champion Adeline Gray. Mae shoots in first but Gray defends and goes behind for two. Gray shoots in and pushes Mae to the boundary but no scores result from the exchange. The period ends still 2-0 for Adeline.

Some gnarly hand fighting starts the second period. Sweep single for Gray and she works her way up Mae's legs to get two more points. Less than 2 minutes remaining in the match after the restart. Gray, patiently waiting for Mae to start her comeback attempt, perfectly times a snap down and go behind on the first shot from Mae. Now Gray locks up the leg lace and ends the match. 10-0 tech fall! Gray looks great in her first match on the world stage since the Rio Olympics! 

Americans go four-for-four in an auspicious start to Day 4. 

Adeline Gray vs Elmira Syzdykova

Elmira, who is my favorite character from Tiny Toons, is also the name of Gray's opponent in the quarterfinals from Kazakhstan. Gray gets a double leg right off the whistle, splits the legs and starts climbing up looking for the fall. Elmira fights off her back and Gray only gets two points from the exchange. Gray shoots in again but gets stuck underneath Elmira so we'll restart with about two minutes left in the first period. Elimra hits a slow motion hip toss that is scored a two point exposure for Elmira. Gray covers for one and it's 3-2 as time runs out in the first. Kazakhstan wants to challenge, I'm guessing on whether that was a feet to back. And the challenge is successful, so Elmira will have a 4-3 lead to start the second. 

Gray in on a shot right off the whistle but Elmira sprawls and gets a go behind to extend her lead to 6-3. A little more than 2 minutes left in the match. With just 90 seconds left in the match Adeline converts on a single leg. Gray immediately goes to work on an arm bar and powers Elmira over, taking a 7-6 lead. And there's the fall! Gray with the come from behind pin to advance to the semifinals!

Adeline Gray vs Erica Wiebe

Gray won gold in 2012, 2014 and 2015. Weibe won gold in Rio. Last year's champ in this weight class, Adar of Turkey, is still alive in the other semifinal. Lots of hardware wrestling in this round. 

No action in the first 43 seconds and Gray picks up a passivity warning. Gray goes on the shot clock with 90 seconds left in the period. Gray drops to a single leg but the clock expires and Wiebe sprawls out of danger. A passivity warning for Wiebe and then a smooth double leg takedown for two for Adeline in short time. Gray takes a 2-1 lead into the second period. 

Gray staying active in the second period, looing for a footsweep or knee pull. At the 2 minute mark Wiebe goes on the shot clock. Gray circles out of Wiebe's ties and collects an extra point after 30 seconds. Wiebe in on a shot and has Gray on her butt. But Gray is holding on strong to a belly whizzer and gets her hips under to earn a stalemate. That chewed up a lot of clock. There are 20 seconds left on the restart. Gray circles and defends as the seconds tick away. Wiebe with a low leg attack and has Gray's ankle but there's no time to finish, Gray will go to the finals in search of her fourth world title!

Adeline's opponent tomorrow will be Yasmin Adar of Turkey, who will look to defend the gold medal she won in Paris. 

That'll do it for women's 65, 68, 72 and 76 kg. We'll start a new update page for Snyder vs Sadulaev and Winchester's bronze medal match. Hope to see you there, sorry for the typos!

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