Live Updates: Minnesota at Ohio State

Here we go! Time for some live updates folks. Tonight's dual will feature the #18 Minnesota Golden Gophers at the #1 Ohio State Buckeyes.


On the call will be our own Christian Pyles and Kyle Bratke. The dual will be starting at 184 pounds, with second ranked Myles Martin of Ohio State squaring off with Dylan Anderson of Minnesota.

184: #2 Myles Martin (Ohio St) vs Dylan Anderson (Minnesota)

1st period: Let's get it rolling. First surprise of the night: Dylan Anderson in for #20 Own Webster. Martin wastes no time and gets a takedown 20 seconds in. Anderson goes underhook, Martin attempts an inside trip, and gets a takedown off a body lock. Martin cuts him and once again gets a takedown to take a 6-2 lead into the final minute of this first period. After an escape, Myles goes double unders, attempts a whipover, but Anderson fights out and gives up no backs.

2nd period: 8-3 heading into the second, Anderson goes down. Anderson up and out, and fends off a sweep single to his left leg. No takedowns in the first minute, and as I say that Myles finishes a takedown to make it 10-4. Ultimately, Myles will take a 12-5 lead into the third.

3rd period: Martin gets out, goes far knee takedown a little later ti make it 15-6 now. Looks like it will be just a decision for Martin. He's got it up to 17-7 now, plus riding time. Ohio State leads 4-0 after the first match. Martin improves to 19-0 on the year with his fifth major, his 17th bonus point win of the season.

197: #1 Kollin Moore (Ohio St) vs Bobby Steveson (Minnesota)

1st period: Right away, Moore with a takedown and cut, 2-1. Moore hits a high crotch now to make it 4-1 just a minute in. Steveson gets cut and back on their feet. Steveson slowing down the pace a bit in the second minute, now working a front head. Moore clears hands, switches double to single and Steveson once again fights out of it. 4-2 to end the first.

2nd period: Moore will go under. Up and out, and Moore now looking to keep space. Shoots on the right leg, now working for a cradle position, but back up to their feet and squared up. No takedowns yet this period, though Moore trying to stay on the offensive. Stalling now against the Gopher as Moore wants the wrap leg back trip. 5-2 score.

3rd period: Minnesota starts on bottom. 5-3 now and Steveson has his hands locked around Moore's left leg, stalemated. Riding time not a factor. Down to the final minute here, both guys handfighting and working collar ties. Moore finally finishes a shot and laces the leg, Bobby had fended off about 10 shots in a row before that. Up and out, and the final will be 7-4. Ohio State leads 7-0.

285: #1 Kyle Snyder (Ohio St) vs Rylee Streifel (Minnesota)

1st period: Snyder is 4-0 on the year with four pins, but so far the Gophers have done a great bit of damage control and keeping tOSU's scores down. Snyder goes high crotch and finishes for 2. Hard lefty collar tie as Snyder cuts him. Streifel in a front head position, and now back up to their feet. Just 2-1 after a minute. Shot and a miss for Sndyer, front head again for Streifel. Snyder chases a snatch single down to the edge and takedown to make it 4-2 after he cuts Minnesota again. Final minute of the first now, and he goes big lift off the hi c for his third takedown. One more escape, and Snyder finishes the trip off the single to close out the period leading 8-3.

2nd period: Snydr goes optional start as Streifel chooses bottom. Classic low Snyder single, and after an extended finish there's two, Streifel did a good job hanging on the ankle to kill some clock and make Snyder earn it. Up to 10-5 now after the halfway point. Snyder attacking right ankle to make it 12-5. Snyder goes single to bodylock and rides out the period with a 14-6 lead.

3rd period: Snyder starts in neutral, and 30 seconds in makes it 18-7, clearly looking for that pin off a cowcatcher. Snyder throws him to the mat to make it 21-8, still stuffing that head and looking to jack that elbow up. So 24-9 and Snyder finishes off the tech. Ohio State leads 12-0 now.


125: #1 Nathan Tomasello (Ohio St) vs #5 Ethan Lizak (Minnesota)

1st period: Sharknato time! This is the big one. They haven't met since February of Lizak's true freshman year, and NaTo won by major then. Remember, this is Tomasello's second match of the year and Lizak did not wrestle last week. Tied up in the box early, little shot by Tomasello fought off. Lizak gets NaTo's butt to the edge, not a lot of feet movement early on. First minute goes by scoreless. Tomasello high crotch, and Lizak wants to force a crackback position. Minnesota sitting the corner, but out of bounds and the ref calls them out, no points. NaTo looking for a Russian but Lizak clears out, two minutes gone now. Tomasello doing a better job of moving Lizak around now. Lizak warned for stalling on the edge, and then takes his first shot of the match. After a restart, NaTo clears the arm and runs through a double to make it 2-0 to end the first, no whizzer or scramble possible off that shot.

2nd period: Ohio State chooses neutral, and Tomasello pushing forward, gets Lizak near the edge. Lizak seems to feel the need to shoot and NaTo gets a quick go behind. Wow, Tomasello goes right into a quick tilt and he blows the match wide open, up 8-0 now. NaTo cuts him and another quick takedown, 10-1 now. Cut and stuff, on the edge and another stalling against Lizak. Tomasello shot off the restart, lifts the right leg and finishes to make it 13-2 heading into the third.

3rd period: Lizak chooses top. Tomasello being very patient as Lizak tries to throw a boot in, and quick sit by NaTo to make it 14-2, 16-3 after a takedown and cut. My goodness, Tomasello finishes off the tech. Ohio State leads 17-0.

133: #2 Luke Pletcher (Ohio St) vs Steve Polakowski (Minnesota)

1st period: No Mitch McKee tonight as he is battling an illness. Polakowski has wrestled 125 this year and Pletcher was a 141 last year, the size difference is noticeable. Pletcher gets his hands locked but Polakowski fights out of it. Still scoreless two minutes in, anddd there's a Pletcher takedown as he recognizes his opportunity. Elbow control into a single on the right side, but no finish. Stopped for blood with 21 seconds left, Pletcher still up 2-1. So, Ohio State just tweeted out a stat that is very impressive, with the match starting at 184, that means the first six guys the Buckeyes roll out tonight are all undefeated. Polakowski's head is wrapped up now.

2nd period: Pletcher starts on bottom. He gets an escape to make it 3-1, now working an underhook. Stalling 21 seconds in, and Pletcher continues to shoot but a little more reserved and opportunistic than his teammates. Nice ankle pick to finish and make it 5-2, Pletcher clearly looking to build his lead in these final 45 seconds. 6-2 heading into the third.

3rd period: Polakowski down and gets ridden for 15 seconds. Inside single and Pletcher makes it 8-4 after the takedown and cut. Final minute here. Polakoswki goes spin cycle and counter attacks to make it 8-6, major out of reach now for Pletcher. 9-6 in the dying seconds. Ohio State pitching a shutout up 20-0 halfway through this dual.

Halftime now. Go to the bathroom, grab your snacks, drinks or meal, and we'll be right back.

141: #6 Joey McKenna (Ohio St) vs #10 Tommy Thorn (Minnesota)

1st period: Yet another undefeated wrestler for the Bucks, 6-0 Joey McKenna looking for revenge against 13-6 Tommy Thorn. Earlier today, we ran the match when McKenna, still on Stanford, was pinned by Thorn in overtime in the second round of NCAA's last season. It was the only meeting between the two while they have been in college. Big double straight away for McKenna, no chance for Thorn to scramble. McKenna making Thorn earn his escape, riding hard right now. Hi c for Thorn, McKenna in the splits and going crotch lock, halfway through the first. Whizzer from McKenna as Thorn gets extended underneath and stalemated. Slower pace to close out the first, still 2-1 McKenna.

2nd period: McKenna chooses bottom. Thorn trying to cut into McKenna's riding time, and now it gets him in trouble as Joey is looking for a reversal on the edge. Stalemated 30 seconds in. McKenna goes granby roll and Thorn immediately throws the half, and gets a four count to make it 5-2. Thorn recovers, doesn't give up the reversal and is building riding time of his own. McKenna called for stalling as he was flat. Another roll for McKenna and Thorn picks up another four!

3rd period: Thorn chooses bottom after riding McKenna out and leads 9-2. Riding time might not be a factor as McKenna has ridden him for over 40 seconds. Thorn holding a major now after McKenna kicks him free, final minute of the match. Shot for Thorn, McKenna wants to go chest wrap but Thorn recovers and makes it 12-2. The major seems imminent, as does riding time. Minnesota going to end the shutout. McKenna up and out. Ohio State leads 20-4 after the 13-3 win by Thorn, hands McKenna his first loss of the 2017-18 season.

149: #6 Ke-Shawn Hayes (Ohio St) vs Ben Brancale (Minnesota)

1st period: No Steve Bleise tonight for Minnesota, a few starters out for the Gophers. Hayes 18-2 coming off a loss to Eleazar DeLuca of Rutgers. In typical Buckeye fashion, Hayes shooting in the first 30 seconds. An extended finish but Ohio State up 2-0 here as Brancale tries to grab a boot. Tilt and two for Hayes up 4-0 halfway through the first. Claw and bar for Hayes, took him a bit but makes it 6-0 now. Brancale finally gets out, the period ends 6-1.

2nd period: Hayes picks up a quick escape. Pace has slowed down a bit with Hayes holding a six point advantage. Elbow pass to the single, but strong whizzer from Brancale. Hayes able to reach that far ankle, up 9-1 with 17 seconds left and on a restart.

3rd period: Brancale's choice, he goes underneath. Hayes still riding hard and looking to give himself a little cushion for the major and earn himself riding time. Hayes lets him go 28 seconds in, let's see if he pushes for another takedown or two. Brancale chasing now and looking for a takedown, forces a stall call against Hayes. On the edge with Ke-Shawn in on a shot. Hayes finishes off the takedown, gets the major and makes it 24-4 with three matches to go.

157: #6 Micah Jordan (Ohio St) vs #17 Jake Short (Minnesota)

1st period: Ohio State has sealed the match, so no need to push for bonus in these final three weights. This is the fourth different Buckeye opponent Short has faced in his Minnesota career: Randy Languis, Cody Burcher and Anthony DeCarlo. Short immediately has to be on the defensive, fending off shots and going front head. Fresh start 34 seconds in, and back to a collar tie. No points in the first minute. Halfway through the first and Short trying to square up as Jordan attacks right leg, but stalemated. Short attempts a go behind after stuffing Mickey's shot, still no points so far.

2nd period: Jordan starts on bottom, and quick escape. Short so difficult to score on, with the match locked up have to think Micah won't try to force anything unnecessary. Short finishes the go behind for the first takedown of the match. Riding time not a factor as Jordan is out, and Short will have choice in the third. 2-2 heading into the final frame.

3rd period: Short underneath and out. Two takedowns for Mickey in short order and leads 6-4, Jordan now riding hard now. Bar and cross wrist tilt to close out the match. 10-4 finish and Ohio State leads 27-4 with two matches left.

165: #13 Te'Shan Campbell (Ohio St) vs #8 Nick Wanzek (Minnesota)

1st period: This is the only match where Minnesota was favored/higher ranked coming in. They already have the win from Thorn though, so no shutout for Wanzek to break. This only the second match of the dual that does not feature an All American, 133 being the other. Campbell goes head inside single, now head outside. Campbell gets it up to his feet, Wanzek still fighting it off. Wanzek picks the ankle and goes rubber knee to fend it off. Halfway through the period and Wanzek's turn to shoot. Drives Campbell all the way to the edge off the whizzer/seatbelt, and the ref gives the takedown as Campbell's arm was all the way behind him on the whizzer. Mat return and final minute of the period with Wanzek riding. Wanzek looking to ride out the period now, and does holding a 2-0 lead.

2nd period: Wanzek defers and Campbell chooses top. We've seen Campbell do great work there so far this year. Campbell gives up his second stall and Wanzek leads 3-0 as Campbell continues to hold on. And it's 4-0 now! Another stall as Te'Shan could not hit a mat return. Fresh start 35 seconds in and Wanzek still on bottom. Wanzek out with a 5-0 lead, shot and Campbell drapes over the top. Stalemate 45 seconds to go. Campbell shoots off the whistle, Wanzek can't sprawl or get his hands down. Campbell great feet to drive through and finish to the mat, 5-2 now short time.

3rd period: Wanzek chooses down. Campbell heavy on the left side, wanting to make riding time an issue. 6-2 in favor of the Gopher, 1:15 left in the match. No takedown after a shot and scramble, looks like there will be a challenge from Ohio State. Campbell tries to go wrap leg, went cross body as Wanzek had a whizzer, Wanzek floated his hips and hossed Campbell over, Minnesota coach Brandon Eggum clearly wanted two there. Scoreboard is showing 8-2 right now in favor of Wanzek. There are 46 ticks on the clock, we'll see if it resets at all. 8-3 and Campbell in on a shot, big lift to make it 8-5 with 16 seconds left. Minnesota gets the win and it's 27-7 entering the final match of the evening. Wanzek wins 8-5.

174: #3 Bo Jordan (Ohio St) vs Chris Pfarr (Minnesota)

1st period: Last match of the night, two seniors. Jordan a three-time All American. Pfarr on a six match winning streak. No points in the first minute. BoJo single on the left leg, Pfarr fought it a bit but finish on the edge. 2-0 now with 1:36 to go and a restart. Pfarr is out now, final minute and Jordan is picking up his collar ties, Pfarr trying to throw underhooks. That's how the period will end.

2nd period: Starting in neutral, couple shots but no points in the first minute. Pfarr doing a good job controlling the wrist, neither guy forcing anything.

3rd period: BoJo goes under. Quick out, 3-1 and immediate shot. Goes double to single, finishes and makes it 5-1. Riding time not a factor right now. Pfarr gets out, just under a minute to go. Bo pushing for a major, up 9-4 now after a couple quick takedowns, but under 30 to go. Jordan finishes off the 12-4 win at the buzzer.

Ohio State will win 31-7, thanks for joining us!