2018 Southern Scuffle Pre-Seeds

Richard Immel

A new year is upon us which means one thing...the Southern Scuffle, presented by Compound Sportswear.


Before wrestling gets underway on New Year's Day check out pre-seeds for the loaded field.

1. Darian Cruz - Lehigh
2. Jay Schwarm - Northern Iowa
3. Daton Fix - Oklahoma State (UNA)
4. Louie Hayes - Virginia
5. Gabe Townsell - Stanford
6. Sergio Mendez – Cal State Bakersfield
7. Alonzo Allen - Chattanooga
8. Thayer Atkins - Duke

1. Scott Parker - Lehigh
2. Jack Mueller - Virginia
3. Austin DeSanto - Drexel
4. Corey Keener - Penn State
5. Rico Montoya - Northern Colorado
6. Cole Manley - Virginia Tech (UNA)
7. Josh Finesilver - Duke
8. Colby Smith – (UNA)

1. Josh Alber - Northern Iowa
2. Luke Karam - Lehigh
3. Jered Cortez - Penn State
4. Russell Rohlfing – Cal State Bakersfield
5. Nick Lee - Penn State (UNA)
6. Kaden Gfeller - Oklahoma State (UNA)
7. Nic Gil - Navy
8. Kyle Shoop - Lock Haven

1. Zain Retherford - Penn State
2. Max Thomsen - Northern Iowa
3. Jared Prince - Navy
4. Ronnie Perry - Lock Haven
5. Sam Krivus - Virginia
6. Matt Zovistoski - Appalachian St. (UNA)
7. Tristan Moran - Oklahoma State
8. Jamal Morris - North Carolina State

1. Jason Nolf - Penn State
2. Mitch Finesliver - Duke
3. Ian Brown - Lehigh
4. Alex Mossing - Air Force
5. Paul Fox - Stanford
6. Coleman Hammond – Cal State Bakersfield
7. Zack Davis - Navy
8. Tyler Marinelli - Gardner Webb

1. Vincenzo Joseph - Penn State
2. Joe Smith - Oklahoma State (UNA)
3. Bryce Steiert - Northern Iowa (UNA)
4. Chance Marsteller - Lock Haven
5. Drew Daniels - Navy
6. Andrew Atkinson - Virginia
7. Mekhi Lewis - Virginia Tech (UNA)
8. Drew Longo - Lehigh

1. Mark Hall- Penn State
2. Jordan Kutler- Lehigh
3. Taylor Lujan- Northern Iowa
4. Jadaen Bernstein- Navy
5. Keaton Subjeck- Stanford
6. Will Schany- Virginia
7. Forest Przybysz- Appalachian State
8. Matt Finesilver- Duke

1. Bo Nickal - Penn State
2. Drew Foster - Nothern Iowa
3. Bryce Carr - Chattanooga
4. Michael Coleman - Navy
5. Nick Reenan - North Carolina State (UNA)
6. Dylan Gabel - Northern Colorado
7. Nick Corba - Cleveland State
8. Alan Clothier - Appalachian State

1. Anthony Cassar - Penn State
2. Matt Williams – Cal State Bakersfield
3. Scottie Boykin - Chattanooga
4. Nathan Traxler - Stanford
5. Jacob Holschlag - Northern Iowa
6. Jacob Seely – Northern Colorado
7. Chris Weiler - Lehigh
8. Stephen Loiseau - Drexel

1. Nick Nevills - Penn State
2. Jacob Kasper - Duke
3. Mike Hughes - Hofstra
4. Jordan Wood - Lehigh
5. Nathan Butler - Stanford
6. Thomas Haines - Lock Haven
7. Demetrius Thomas – (UNA)
8. Michael Boykin - North Carolina State

J'den Cox's Remarkable Hit List

Tony Rotundo
197lbs Finals Jden Cox (Missouri) vs. Conner Hartmann (Duke)

Three-time NCAA champion J'den Cox is a proven performer. He's made the last two world teams and earned a bronze medal in both years, first at the Rio Olympics in 2016 and last year at the Paris World Championships. 

Flo Predicts Final X - Lehigh

Tony Rotundo
Get Pumped For Final X Lehigh

On Saturday evening, the third installment of Final X takes the stage. Six world team series, as well as a handful of true third matchups, will take place at historic Grace Hall on the campus of Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA.

Tech Notes: Haley Augello vs. Sarah Hildebrandt

Tony Rotundo
Final X Lehigh Hype

Sarah Hildebrandt will obviously make adjustments to how she wrestles Haley Augello this time around. Hildebrandt may own a victory over Augello from their 53kg finals bout at the U.S. Open back in April, but winning a match doesn’t always equate to a perfect performance. 

Tech Notes: Victoria Anthony vs. Whitney Conder

Tony Rotundo
Final X Lehigh Hype

Whitney Conder punched her ticket to Final X Lehigh by taking out Victoria Anthony in the finals of the U.S. Open, and now they will go at it once again in the best-of-three series for the 50kg spot on the world team this Saturday at Grace Hall in Bethlehem, PA.

FRL 297 - Stoll's Gunshot Wound, New Transfer Rules And Final X

Richard Immel
FRL 297 Stoll Ramifications And New Transfer Rules

FRL 297 discusses the gunshot wound to Sam Stoll, what the new transfer rule means, 2020 Olympics thoughts and Final X Lehigh predictions.

2018 Greco-Roman World Team Trials Preview

Tony Rotundo
77kg Semis - Kamal Bey, Sunkist Kids vs Jon Jay Chavez, NYAC/FLWC

Today marks the beginning of the 2018 Greco-Roman World Team Trials in Tulsa, OK. Athletes competing in the classic style will finish out the challenge tournament today to determine who will wrestle in Friday's finals. Wrestling starts at 10 AM Central.

Betting Odds For Final X Bethlehem

125 kg Final - Adam Coon, NYAC vs Jacob Varner, NLWC

Three men's and three women's weights are on tap to close out the inaugural Final X series in Bethlehem. Each match up should be competitive and official odds are posted on BetDSI . 

Tom Brands Releases Statement About Sam Stoll Gunshot Wound

Austin Bernard
285 lbs, Semifinal, Conan Jennings, Northwestern vs Sam Stoll, Iowa

Iowa head coach Tom Brands releases a statement about Sam Stoll after the All-American suffered a gunshot wound early Tuesday morning:

Confidence Picks: Final X - Lehigh

Austin Bernard
J'den Cox Hopes Hayden Zillmer Opens Up At Final X

The road to finalizing the U.S. men's and women’s freestyle world teams ends this weekend at Grace Hall in Bethlehem, PA.

Neil Erisman Named Little Rock Head Coach

Oklahoma State alum and UNC Assistant Coach Neil Erisman has been named the Head Coach at the University of Arkansas-Little Rock.