2018 Southern Scuffle Pre-Seeds

A new year is upon us which means one thing...the Southern Scuffle, presented by Compound Sportswear.


Before wrestling gets underway on New Year's Day check out pre-seeds for the loaded field.

1. Darian Cruz - Lehigh
2. Jay Schwarm - Northern Iowa
3. Daton Fix - Oklahoma State (UNA)
4. Louie Hayes - Virginia
5. Gabe Townsell - Stanford
6. Sergio Mendez – Cal State Bakersfield
7. Alonzo Allen - Chattanooga
8. Thayer Atkins - Duke

1. Scott Parker - Lehigh
2. Jack Mueller - Virginia
3. Austin DeSanto - Drexel
4. Corey Keener - Penn State
5. Rico Montoya - Northern Colorado
6. Cole Manley - Virginia Tech (UNA)
7. Josh Finesilver - Duke
8. Colby Smith – (UNA)

1. Josh Alber - Northern Iowa
2. Luke Karam - Lehigh
3. Jered Cortez - Penn State
4. Russell Rohlfing – Cal State Bakersfield
5. Nick Lee - Penn State (UNA)
6. Kaden Gfeller - Oklahoma State (UNA)
7. Nic Gil - Navy
8. Kyle Shoop - Lock Haven

1. Zain Retherford - Penn State
2. Max Thomsen - Northern Iowa
3. Jared Prince - Navy
4. Ronnie Perry - Lock Haven
5. Sam Krivus - Virginia
6. Matt Zovistoski - Appalachian St. (UNA)
7. Tristan Moran - Oklahoma State
8. Jamal Morris - North Carolina State

1. Jason Nolf - Penn State
2. Mitch Finesliver - Duke
3. Ian Brown - Lehigh
4. Alex Mossing - Air Force
5. Paul Fox - Stanford
6. Coleman Hammond – Cal State Bakersfield
7. Zack Davis - Navy
8. Tyler Marinelli - Gardner Webb

1. Vincenzo Joseph - Penn State
2. Joe Smith - Oklahoma State (UNA)
3. Bryce Steiert - Northern Iowa (UNA)
4. Chance Marsteller - Lock Haven
5. Drew Daniels - Navy
6. Andrew Atkinson - Virginia
7. Mekhi Lewis - Virginia Tech (UNA)
8. Drew Longo - Lehigh

1. Mark Hall- Penn State
2. Jordan Kutler- Lehigh
3. Taylor Lujan- Northern Iowa
4. Jadaen Bernstein- Navy
5. Keaton Subjeck- Stanford
6. Will Schany- Virginia
7. Forest Przybysz- Appalachian State
8. Matt Finesilver- Duke

1. Bo Nickal - Penn State
2. Drew Foster - Nothern Iowa
3. Bryce Carr - Chattanooga
4. Michael Coleman - Navy
5. Nick Reenan - North Carolina State (UNA)
6. Dylan Gabel - Northern Colorado
7. Nick Corba - Cleveland State
8. Alan Clothier - Appalachian State

1. Anthony Cassar - Penn State
2. Matt Williams – Cal State Bakersfield
3. Scottie Boykin - Chattanooga
4. Nathan Traxler - Stanford
5. Jacob Holschlag - Northern Iowa
6. Jacob Seely – Northern Colorado
7. Chris Weiler - Lehigh
8. Stephen Loiseau - Drexel

1. Nick Nevills - Penn State
2. Jacob Kasper - Duke
3. Mike Hughes - Hofstra
4. Jordan Wood - Lehigh
5. Nathan Butler - Stanford
6. Thomas Haines - Lock Haven
7. Demetrius Thomas – (UNA)
8. Michael Boykin - North Carolina State

Kent State at Edinboro Confidence Picks


Cornell at UNI Confidence Picks


Arizona State At Penn State: Match Notes

285lbs Dual: Anthony Cassar, Penn State vs Billy Bolia, Kent State

The Sun Devils of Arizona State are in Happy Valley to take on the Nittany Lions of Penn State. And we're here to live blog it all for you, the smartest and wisest sports fans on earth.

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Add Back & Grip Strength To Help Pull In That Single

Extra Circuit Work For Bo Jordan

When you’ve got a guy by the ankle and he’s trying to kick out, you’ll be thankful for having a strong back to pull him back in and the grip strength to hold on. 

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Frank Molinaro Moving On From Virginia Tech

70kg Semifinal: Frank Molinaro, Titan Mercury vs Alec Pantaleo, MichiganRTC

Frank Molinaro is leaving his position as assistant coach of Virginia Tech. He will be focusing the next few months on his freestyle training as he tries to make a run at the 2019 world team.

Pre-Match Breakdown: NC State vs. Nebraska

174 lbs Mikey Labriola, Nebraska vs Hayden Hastings, Wyoming

This Sunday, the #7 Nebraska Cornhuskers travel to Reynolds Coliseum in Raleigh, North Carolina, to take on the #5 Wolfpack of NC State.  

NCAA Wrestling Will Grow To 80 Division 1 Programs By 2022

184lbs 5th Place: Colton Wolfe (Nebraska) vs Lukas Poloncic (Augustana)

Augustana University is slated to become the next program to join the ranks of Division I, as part of, "its strategic vision for the future of the institution."

What 2 Watch 4: Yule Love These Matches

149 lbs Quarters - Anthony Ashnault, Rutgers vs Alec Opsal, Air Force

It's a relatively light schedule for this mid-December weekend. But there are still a good number of worthy dual meets taking place that yule be sure to enjoy. I simply cannot wait to describe them to you! All times Eastern and a tip of the hat to SHP for the schedules. 

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Mason Smith Transferring To Campbell

141 lbs Consi of 8 #1 - Mason Smith, CMU vs Nikko Villarreal, ASU

Former Midlands champ Mason Smith is transferring to Campbell to finish out this season.

The Race For Second Place At NCAAs

141 lbs Rd Of 32 - Joseph McKenna, Ohio State vs Garrett Lambert, Hofstra

During NBA All-Star weekend in 1988, Larry Bird came into the locker room before the 3-point contest and said out loud, “So who’s finishing second?”

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