Midlands Semifinals Updates + Mat Assignments!

The final 40 wrestlers are battling for a coveted spot in the historic 55th Midlands championship finals! We'll keep you posted with mat assignments and results from the Sears Centre Arena in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. You can also the action LIVE ON FLO.

And with regards to FloZone: yes, we are totally doing it.

We'll do a round of consolation before the semi's start. We're also down to four mats.  

Semi's will be on Mat's 2 and 3. The big mats in the center!


Mat 2: Nick Suriano (Rutgers) vs Sebastian Rivera (Northwestern) - Two second year Jersey kids going at it right now. Deep double leg by Suriano and he picks up the first two points of the match. Suriano successfully rides Rivera out and will take a 2-0 lead and 1:12 RT into the 2nd. 

Rivera escapes and then gets a single leg up in the air. He converts for two! Suriano escapes to make it 3-3, Suriano still with over a minute of RT. 

Suriano starts down and gets a quick 1 and 2. It's 6-3, now 6-4 as Rivera escapes. Suriano with a hands to the face and gives up a point! It's 6-5, but Suriano still with the RT. Suriano fends off Rivera! He squeaks by and makes the finals!

Mat 3: Ronnie Bresser (Oregon State) vs Spencer Lee (Iowa - UNAT) - Bresser with the blue hair, gets in on a shot but it's stalemated. No scores after an intense 1st period. 

Lee is out in 13 seconds and they're in neutral, Lee with a 1 pt lead. Lee close to a TD but stalemated. 

Bresser chooses down. He'll go under Lee in the 3rd. Bresser gets a TD. Wow can he ride him out. He can! Down goes Lee. Bresser to the finals!


Mat 2: Seth Gross (South Dakota State) vs Dylan Duncan (Illinois) - Gross and Duncan in a scramble early. Gross funks his way around for 2. Gross was close to swipes but instead Duncan wriggles out for 1. Gross back in on a shot makes it 4-1. Now Gross gets his top game working and he picks up a full set. Changes grip and they go over again. AND ANOTHER TIME. 16-1! Gross with the 1st period tech thanks to hellacious tilts. 

Mat 3: Bryan Lantry (Buffalo) vs Scott Delvecchio (Rutgers) - DelVecchio gets a single and converts to a double for the first takedown. Lantry escapes to make it 2-1 and that's how the period ends.

DelVecchio starts down and escapes quickly. It's 3-1 Del, RT not a factor. Some shots and defenses but the period ends 3-1.

Lantry starts on bottom. He's out quickly and it's 3-2. A scramble and Lantry comes out on top. They're on the edge of the mat and DelVecchio can't get out or get out of bounds. Time expires and Lantry steals it with a 4-3 win!


Mat 2: Mason Smith (Central Michigan) vs Tyler Smith (Bucknell) - It's a battle of Mr. Smiths. Mason Smith strikes first and takes Tyler Smith down. Mason controlling on top. He'll head to the second with a 2-0 lead and over a minute of RT. 

Tyler wisely chooses neutral, and gets in on an early shot. He ties the score 2-2. Mason escapes and we go to the third. 

Mason is down and escapes again. It's 4-2. Now Tyler in on a shot, locks up a cradle and gets two to tie. Mason escapes, and he'll hold on to win. There is a review now, challenge by the Bucknell coaches. The call stands, and Smith of the Mason variety will be in the finals!

Mat 3: Cole Weaver (Indiana) vs Nate Limmex (Purdue) - Weaver in on a shot and methodically works out the back door for 2. Weaver with excellent top work. He rides Limmex out for the rest of the period. 

Weaver starts the 2nd on bottom and is up and out in a hurry. He gets another takedown, running the score to 5-0.

It's the 3rd now and Weaver runs the score to 6-2. That's how it ends and tack on a point for RT and Indiana gets a Midlands finalist!


Mat 2: Brandon Sorensen (Iowa) vs Jason Tsirtsis (Arizona State) - A NCAA champ versus a three time top 4 finisher. This one has a lot of credentials. Solid action but -- SHOCKER -- no scores after 1. 

Tsirtsis starts down and sits out and escapes in 8 seconds. No scores for the rest of the period.

Now Sorensen escapes and it's knotted up in neutral in the 3rd. No scores so it's Tsirtsis' favorite thing, OVERTIME.

And when it matters most, Sorensen converts. He gets two and a berth in the finals!

Mat 3: Matthew Kolodzik (Princeton) vs Justin Oliver (Central Michigan) - Dancing around in neutral before Kolo peels off a high crotch. Whizzer seatbelt, and it's stalemated. Kolodzik again in on a shot, now he's trying to limp arm out. No dice and they restart. 

Kolo riding Oliver for almost a minute now. Oliver escapes finally and scores off a Kolodzik shot in short time. It'll be 3-0 Oliver going into the 3rd. 

Kolodzik escapes without too much trouble but it's Oliver back in on a shot this time. He converts and it's 5-1, Oliver in control. A point for RT makes it a 6-1 victory. The Chippewa is in the finals!


Mat 2: Michael Kemerer (Iowa) vs Justin Staudenmayer (Brown) - Kemerer picks up right where his teammate Sorensen left off. He gets 2 without wasting any time. And escape from Stauds and Kem induced a stall call. He then converts on an attack and goes to work on top. It's 4-1 but that lead will soon grow. It's 8-1 and we need to stop to clean up some blood. There's a lot of blood. 

Still mopping up Staudenmeyer's blood. 

We finally start the 2nd and Staudenmeyer escapes, only to be taken down. Kemerer goes catch and release and it's 12-3 right now. The period ends 15-4 and we pause for more blood time. There's time left in the 3rd but Kemerer has RT and a 14 point lead and it looks like they're just going to give Kemerer the tech. Not sure if you can do that but they did, so I guess so! Kemdawg in the finals makes it back to back for the Hawkeyes!

Mat 3: Luke Zilverberg (South Dakota State) vs Joshua Shields (Arizona State) - Some great scrambles (there will likely be a lot of those with these two guys) but no score after a minute and a half. No scores and the period ends. 

Shields starts the second on bottom and is up and out. He's back in on a shot and converts, 3-0 Shields over Zilverberg half way through. Heaps of scrambles but Zilverberg can't free himself. He gets Shields' leg a few times but thats it.

Zilverberg chooses down and starts the 3rd trailing 0-3. A minute left and it's still 3-0. Shields locks up riding time with 30 seconds to go. And that'll do it. Josh Shields wins 4-0!


Mat 2: Anthony Valencia (Arizona State) vs Jon Schleifer (Princeton) - Anthony Valencia is one of the most exciting wrestlers out there but Schleifer is a tough dude, creating a nice contrast of styles. Valencia goes high flyer/gator bacon (whatever you call it) and has to bail, giving up 2. Schleifer with a 2-0 lead. Schleifer riding tough, over a minute of RT. Schleifer rids out the 1st with over 2 minutes of RT.

Valencia chooses neutral in the second. No scoring in this period and we go to the 3rd. 

Valencia gives up the reversal and it's 4-0 Schleifer now in command, RT locked up. Desperation moves by Valencia but they don't land. Schleifer will will take this one and the Tigers have a finalists. Schleifer wins 9-3!

Mat 3: Richie Lewis (Rutgers) vs Alex Marinelli (Iowa) - The rematch from the dual meet that went into overtime. This should be a good one! Lots of pushing but no scores half way through the first. Time expires in the 1st and we go to the 2nd scoreless.

Marinelli starts on bottom and escapes without much difficulty. The Bull shoves the Savage out of bounds and Lewis gets dinged for stalling. The period ends with no other scores.

Lewis starts the 3rd underneath. Lewis is up and out and they go out of bounds. Now it's Marinelli who gets dinged for stalling, similar position as the first but the Bull gets hit for pushing. Marinelli says forget the pushing, snatches a single, trips the leg and gets 2 to take a 3-1 lead. Lewis esscpaes with 40 seconds left on the clock, RT not a factor. Lewis in on a shot in short time but it's stuffed by Marinelli. They're in whizzer seat belt and that's how it ends. Marinelli holds on for the victory and it's 3 Hawks in a row!


Mat 2: Zahid Valencia (Arizona State) vs Garrett Sutton (Michigan) - Zahid wasting no time. It's 2-0 and that's why he's ranked #1. Escape and TD makes it 4-1. Make that 4-2, no, make it 6-2. Zahid is quick. Another escape and Zahid disappears behind Sutton and reappears behind him to make it 8-3. It's kinda not fair to be honest. Period ends 8-3 Zahid. 

Second period starts on bottom and before I finish typing the sentence it's 10-4 for Zahid. 2 stall calls on Sutton makes it 11-4. They go into the third and Zahid has RT locked up. 

Zahid's out and it's 12-4. Make that 14-4. It's all Zahid for the rest of the way and the Sun Devil powers into the finals with a 17-7 major decision. 

Mat 3: David Kocer (South Dakota State) vs Dylan Lydy (Purdue) - It's been a tactical first period but now Kocer his a single leg shelved up high. He converts after a good fight by Lydy and it's 2-0. Kocer rides tough and he rides out the 1st with over a minute of RT.

Kocer starts on bottom and escapes to make it 3-0. A takedown and a second stall call on Lydy makes it 6-0 for Kocer. The Jackrabbit is taking command, as another stall makes it 7-0, Kocer still on top. 

They start the 3rd in neutral and Kocer gets a takedown. Another stall on Lydy and now back points so it's 12-0 in favor of Kocer. Add on a riding time and Kocer thoroughly dominates on his way to the finals. 


Mat 2: Nate Jackson (Princeton Wrestling Club) vs Jordan Ellingwood (Central Michigan) - Jackson, one of the few post grads in the tournament and the only one to make it to the semifinals, takes Ellingwood down with a lightning quick double. Jackson lets Ellingwood up after riding for a minute or so. Another TD makes it 4-1. An escape in short time and it's 4-2 going into the second. 

Jackson riding tough and has over 2 minutes of RT. 

3rd period starts with Jackson on bottom. He escapes and blasts double for 2 more, running the score to 7-2. With RT it's a 8-2 win for Jackson and the Princeton Wrestling Club. 

Mat 3: Emery Parker (Illinois) vs Nick Gravina (Rutgers) - Parker and Gravina are familiar foes. I believe Parker won their last encounter. They go out of bounds and Gravina just misses on the TD. 

No scores after one and Parker starts the 2nd on bottom. He escapes in 18 seconds. Gravina taking ground but no scores yet. The period ends so Gravina will try his hand on bottom to start the 3rd. 

Gravy is out in 4 seconds and the score is tied. A few flurries and Gravina needs injury time for his chronic shoulder. This is big as Parker will get choice of position if and when Gravina is OK to continue. They restart and Parker wisely chooses bottom. Parker is out and now leads 2-1. They scramble at the edge of the mat but Parker holds on for a 2-1 win. Illinois has a finalist!


Mat 2: Nate Rotert (South Dakota State) vs Frank Mattiace (Penn) - Philadelphia and Brookings collide in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. The City of Brotherly Love strikes first and holds a 2-0 lead. 

Mattiace starts the second on bottom and escapes to make it 3-0. No scores for the rest of the period and Rotert will choose neutral for the third. 

Shades of Taylor v Dake at the Scuffle as Mattiace goes behind in standing positions and picks up two as Rotert tries to granby as they go out of bounds. They will review. Call stands. Rotert escapes after the restart and it's 5-1. Mattiace in on a shot and works his way to two more. That's how it ends, 8-1 Mattiace with riding time. Penn gets a Quaker into the Midlands finals!

Mat 3: Cash Wilcke (Iowa) vs Jacob Warner (Iowa - UNAT) - They're teammates, but only one can score points for the Hawkeyes (that would be the attached Wilcke). 

Wilcke starts on top in the second and rides Warner for about 30 seconds before Warner grabs a 1-0 lead. Warner with a tip toe takedown on the edge and the true frosh takes a 3-0 lead. They are reviewing the call, and both matches are in video review. They wave off the takedown and the period ends 1-0 in favor of Warner. 

Wilcke starts the third underneath. Wilcke is out and it's tied 1-1. Good couple shots by Wilcke, fended off by Warner. And now a silky Wilcke duck under for 2! That was pretty. 3-1 for the sophomore Hawkeye. Warner escapes but can't manage a TD. Wilcke will take it. Oh no he won't! He gets hit for stalling with no time left! Overtime!

Wilcke counters, and he muscles himself a takedown. And more! He'll get the fall! Bonus points for team Iowa! And Wilcke is in the finals!


Mat 2: Tanner Hall (Arizona State)vs Youssif Hemida (Maryland) - Final matches of the semis! Consolations going on right now by the way. Hemida almost catches Hall on the edge of the mat but no harm, no foul, still 0-0.

No scores in the first. Hemida starts the second underneath. Hemida can't get out and Hall has 2 minutes of RT. 

Hall starts the final frame underneath. He escapes to take the lead. Hemida is the aggressor and induces a couple stall calls to even the score, but Hall has RT locked up and he wins 2-1. The Sun Devils get another finalist. 

Mat 3: Conan Jennings (Northwestern) vs Sam Stoll (Iowa) - Two Big Ten rivals facing off here. Stoll goes feet to back and it's 6-0 just like that! Jennings escapes to make it 6-1 and we go to the 2nd. 

Jennings chooses top and rides Stoll out, though he picks up a stall. Otherwise no scores.

They go neutral in the third. Stoll gets a takedown. Jenning gets an escape, but that's far from enough. Stoll will cruise to a victory and the Hawkeyes get yet another finalist.

That's a wrap on the 55th Midlands semifinals. Thanks for reading my live blog I mean live updates. Sorry for the typos and see you back here at 7pm CENTRAL TIME for the finals. They will be FIYAAAAAA!