Most Memorable Moments Of Ironman

Rob Preston

Every tournament has its unforgettable moments, but this year's Ironman had a little something extra. 

Among the upsets and dominant performances in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, last weekend were some of the craziest moments in tournament history.

Out-Of-Bounds Rules

It's easy to forget how much we hate high school out-of-bounds rules until we see a moment in a match when they come into play and we nearly jump out of seats in a mix of confusion and a little anger. One of the instances that had us completely baffled was how no takedown was given in the Rocky Jordan vs. Carson Kharchlava match. [See example below]

That takedown ended up being a huge deciding factor in the match as Jordan went on to win 1-0 and eventually become the 170lb champion.

But as you watched the two wrestlers go to farther from the center circle, you never knew how things were going to be called since the rules don’t allow for much action to take place on the edge.

Fargo Champ Escalera DQ’d

After losing to returning 120lb champ Julian Tagg, Wyoming Seminary’s Zeke Escalera was fighting his way back in the consolation round when things took a weird turn. He put his opponent, Hunter Ryan, in a banana split. The referee counted back points but stopped the action when Ryan showed to be injured and deemed the move illegal.

However, he gave Escalera two back points despite calling the move illegal and one point to Ryan. Ryan wasn’t able to continue and Escalera was disqualified from the tournament. The twist here is that according to the NFHS rules, this move is not illegal. [Click here to view the rule book under "Illegal Holds"]

Watch the match between Zeke Escalera and Hunter Ryan [4:10 mark]:

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120 lbs Z Escalera vs H Ryan

Nevills Not Allowed To Compete

Before the brackets were even completed, the tempers were flaring when Clovis (CA) coach Adam Tirappelle and his coaching staff found out that their heavyweight, Seth Nevills, who is ranked third in the country, would not be allowed to wrestle. 

Nevills did not pass the skin check despite having the proper paperwork stating that his skin rash had been treated for longer than the required time and that he was cleared by the team's dermatologist. Tirappelle pleaded with the tournament directors, called the treating dermatologist, and did everything he could to get Nevills into the tournament, but he was denied.


As if the anger in the building wasn’t on a high enough level already, it went up another notch just two matches into the finals when Joey Silva and Real Woods met for the title at 132. Willie and Zeb didn't know what to think of the entire situation.

Watch the fallout in the finals here:

Shoegate, Izzy And Palazzo Go Nose To Nose, And Silva Wins Ironman

Meet The Dream Team: 2018 Men's Freestyle Credentials

Josh Conklin
Jordan Burroughs Has Earned The Right To Train And Wrestle Where He Wants

Now that Final X is over, our 2018 men's freestyle world team is set. To say expectations are high would be an understatement. 

Cox Can't Be Stopped: Full 2-Match Series

Josh Conklin
Cox Credits Working With Jackson at OTC

Earlier last week, I wrote that J’den Cox would remind us all just how incredible he is this weekend at Final X Lehigh and, man, did he deliver in a huge way to solidify another spot on the world team. 

Nahshon Garrett vs Joe Colon: 3 Match Series

Josh Conklin
Nahshon Decided to Let It Fly

Nahshon Garrett saved his best performance for last as he earned a spot on the men’s Senior freestyle world team with a lightning-quick showing in match three at Final X Lehigh on Saturday in Bethlehem, PA.

Final X - Lehigh Match Notes

Josh Conklin
Gwiazdowski And Coon Will Scrap At Final X

Ladies and gentlepersons, we have arrived at the final, Final X. Can you believe it!? 

Adam Coon Beat Robby Smith Twice Yesterday

Tony Rotundo

Adam Coon had struggled to even keep it close with USA stalwart at 130kg, Robby Smith.  Yesterday at the Greco World Team Trials, Adam Coon took out Robby Smith in two straight matches, stunning wrestling fans around the country.

Everything You Need To Know For Final X: Lehigh

Tony Rotundo
Final X - Lehigh Men's Press Conference

Today's the day!  The last stop for the Final X is Bethlehem, PA in historic Grace Hall (AKA Snakepit).

J'den Cox's Remarkable Hit List

Tony Rotundo
197lbs Finals Jden Cox (Missouri) vs. Conner Hartmann (Duke)

Three-time NCAA champion J'den Cox is a proven performer. He's made the last two world teams and earned a bronze medal in both years, first at the Rio Olympics in 2016 and last year at the Paris World Championships. 

Flo Predicts Final X - Lehigh

Tony Rotundo
Get Pumped For Final X Lehigh

On Saturday evening, the third installment of Final X takes the stage. Six world team series, as well as a handful of true third matchups, will take place at historic Grace Hall on the campus of Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA.

Tech Notes: Haley Augello vs. Sarah Hildebrandt

Tony Rotundo
Final X Lehigh Hype

Sarah Hildebrandt will obviously make adjustments to how she wrestles Haley Augello this time around. Hildebrandt may own a victory over Augello from their 53kg finals bout at the U.S. Open back in April, but winning a match doesn’t always equate to a perfect performance. 

Tech Notes: Victoria Anthony vs. Whitney Conder

Tony Rotundo
Final X Lehigh Hype

Whitney Conder punched her ticket to Final X Lehigh by taking out Victoria Anthony in the finals of the U.S. Open, and now they will go at it once again in the best-of-three series for the 50kg spot on the world team this Saturday at Grace Hall in Bethlehem, PA.