Preliminary Midlands 2017 Entry List

The 55th edition of the Ken Kraft Midlands is coming to Flo on Dec. 29-30. Since there's a bit of a break in the college season before the tournament gets underway in Evanston, IL, we wanted to give you the list of starters likely heading to Chicago.

Below is a list arranged by weight class, with ranked wrestlers at the top. This is guaranteed to change, as some athletes may get injured, or become ineligible, or just not go for any number of reasons. We will try to keep it as up to date as possible.

125 Pounds

#2 Nick Suriano, Rutgers

#7 Sean Russell, Edinboro

#10 Luke Welch, Purdue

#13 Ryan Millhof, Arizona State

#14 Jake Gromacki, Clarion

#15 Sebastian Rivera, Northwestern

#16 Travis Piotrowski, Illinois

Brandon Cray, Maryland

Brock Hudkins, Northern Illinois

Connor Brown, South Dakota State

Daniel Planta, Penn

Drew Hildebrandt, Central Michigan

Elijah Oliver, Indiana

Ethan Rotondo, Wisconsin

Justin Stickley, Iowa

Kyle Akins, Buffalo

Lukus Stricker, Harvard

Mario Guillen, Ohio

Matteo DeVincenzo, Princeton

Michael McGee, Old Dominion

Tomas Gutierrez, Eastern Michigan

Trey Keely, Brown

Yoshito Funakoshi, Cal Poly

Commentary: Well, well, well. Could we see a rematch from years past between Rutgers' Nick Suriano and Iowa's Spencer Lee? The buzz is that the Hawkeyes freshman will be there, and based on the field he is certainly looking like a great bet to make the finals, or at least whatever round he sees Suriano.

133 Pounds

#1 Seth Gross, South Dakota State

#12 Scott DelVecchio, Rutgers

#13 Korbin Myers, Edinboro

#15 Cam Kelly, Ohio

#16 Bryan Lantry, Buffalo

#18 Dylan Duncan, Illinois

Al Naser, Arizona State

Alijah Jeffery, Northern Illinois

Ben Thornton, Purdue

Caleb Richardson, Old Dominion

Colin Valdiviez, Northwestern

Dresden Simon, Central Michigan

Garrett Pepple, Indana

Gianni Ghione, Penn

Jens Lantz, Wisconsin

Jhared Simmons, Maryland

Kegan Calkins, Oregon State

Noah Gonser, Eastern Michigan

Phillip Laux, Iowa

Ryan Friedman, Harvard

Ty Agaisse, Princeton

Tyler Schilling, Cal Poly

Zach Sherman, North Carolina

Zeke Salvo, Brown

Commentary: The nation's top-ranked wrestler has a pretty good shot of bonusing his way through here. I would also not be surprised to see Paul Glynn in the mix for Iowa to determine its 133 starter.

141 Pounds

#9 Mason Smith, Central Michigan

#11 Kanen Storr, Iowa State

#14 Brock Zacherl, Clarion

#15 Eli Stickley, Wisconsin

#18 Ryan Diehl, Maryland

AJ Jaffe, Harvard

Alec Hagan, Ohio

Alec Mckenna, Northwestern

Alex Madrigal, Old Dominion

Carter Happel, Iowa

Cole Weaver, Indiana

Colton Schilling, Cal Poly

Henry Pohlmeyer, South Dakota State

Jack Hathaway, Oregon State

Jacob Lizak, Penn

Jimmy Paweslski, Brown

McCoy Kent, Northern Illinois

Mike Carr, Illinois

Mike Van Brill, Rutgers

Nate Hagan, Edinboro

Nate Limmex, Purdue

Nicholas Villareal, Arizona State

Pat D'Arcy, Princeton

Ryan Peters, Buffalo

Sa'Derian Perry, Eastern Michigan

Commentary: Would be really great to see Anthony Ashnault in this field. Like 33, Vince Turk should be here as well for Iowa. The lack of ranked guys gives the country an opportunity to learn about some bubble qualifiers.

149 Pounds

#2 Brandon Sorensen, Iowa

#3 Justin Oliver, Central Michigan

#7 Matt Kolodzik, Princeton

#13 Ryan Deakin, Northwestern

#14 Josh Maruca, Arizona State

#17 Eleazar DeLuca, Rutgers

Adam Whitesell, Maryland

Austin Nash, Purdue

Austin O'Connor, North Carolina

Colten Carlson, South Dakota State

Davey Tunon, Indiana

Eric Barone, Illinois

Hunter Ladnier, Harvard

Jason Estevez, Buffalo

Joe Oliva, Penn

Joshua Cortez, Cal Poly

Kade Kowalski, Ohio

Kenan Carter, Old Dominion

Kurt Mode, Oregon State

Kyle Springer, Eastern Michigan

Peter Pappas, Edinboro

Travis Vasquez, Brown

Zackary Velasquez, Northern Illinois

Commentary: Now we're talking! Six ranked guys and some real serious seeding implications are at play.

157 Pounds

#3 Michael Kemerer, Iowa

#6 Joshua Shields, Arizona State

#10 Luke Zilverberg, South Dakota State

#14 Colin Heffernan, Central Michigan

#20 Larry Early, Old Dominion

Andrew Crone, Wisconsin

Andrew Shomers, Edinboro

Caden McWhirter, Northern Illinois

Cullen Cummings, Ohio

Griffin Parriott, Purdue

Hunter Willits, Oregon State

Jake Danishek, Indiana

Jett Moy, Cal Poly

JJ Wolfe, Eastern Michigan

John Van Brill, Rutgers

Justin Staudenmayer, Brown

Kobe Garrehy, Buffalo

Kyle Cochran, Maryland

Kyle Langenderfer, Illinois

Mike D'Angelo, Princeton

Shayne Oster, Northwestern

Commentary: Anybody else pumped to see two former teammates in Shields and Kemerer battle for the first time on the college level?

165 Pounds

#2 Isaiah Martinez, Illinois

#12 Alex Marinelli, Iowa

#13 Richie Lewis, Rutgers

#14 Anthony Valencia, Arizona State

Andrew Scott, Northern Illinois

Austin Matthews, Edinboro

Billy Bigelow, Oregon State

Brendan Burnham, Maryland

Bryce Martin, Indiana

Derek Holcomb, Buffalo

Elijah Cleary, Ohio

Garrett Jordan, South Dakota State

Jacob Morrisey, Purdue

Jon Schleifer, Princeton

Jon Viruet, Brown

Kyle Bierdumpfel, Harvard

Logan Parks, Central Michigan

Luke Drugac, Old Dominion

Luke Wilson, Cal Poly

May Bethea, Penn

Michael Sepke, Northwestern

Zac Carson, Eastern Michigan

Commentary: That's a solid top four seeds. Lewis could get another crack at "The Bull," and we'll see if Isaiah Martinez can win his third Midlands crown.

174 Pounds

#1 Zahid Valencia, Arizona State

#10 David Kocer, South Dakota State

#14 Dylan Lydy, Purdue

#15 CJ Brucki, Central Michigan

#19 Seldon Wright, Old Dominion

#20 Ryan Christensen, Wisconsin

Andrew LaBrie, Brown

Andrew McNally, Eastern Michigan

Austin Weigel, Buffalo

Devin Kane, North Carolina

Devin Skatzka, Indiana

Joe Grello, Rutgers

Joey Gunther, Iowa

Johnny Sebastian, Northwestern

Josef Johnson, Harvard

Joseph Terry, Ohio

Josh Ugalde, Maryland

Khamari Whimper, Penn

Matt Wilhelm, Cal Poly

Mikey Labriola, Nebraska

Myles Terry, Oregon State

Quinton Rosser, Northern Illinois

Riley DeMoss, Princeton

Ty Schoffstall, Edinboro

Xavier Montalvo, Illinois

Commentary: Is this one of those tournaments in which Zahid comes out like Larry Bird at the 1988 3-point contest and asks, "Who's playing for second?" Or can we see some athletes push the sophomore?

184 Pounds

#8 Ricky Robertson, Wisconsin

#10 Emery Parker, Illinois

#11 Nick Gravina, Rutgers

#15 Jordan Ellingwood, Central Michigan

#17 Joe Heyob, Penn

Antonio Agee, Old Dominion

Brett Perry, Buffalo

Bryce Gorman, Northern Illinois

Christian LaFragola, Brown

Dylan Reynolds, Edinboro

Gabe Dzuro, Ohio

Jaron Smith, Maryland

Kanon Dean, Harvard

Kayne MacCallum, Eastern Michigan

Kevin Parker, Princeton

Kordell Norfleet, Arizona State

Martin Mueller, South Dakota State

Max Lyon, Purdue

Mitch Bowman, Iowa

Mitch Sliga, Northwestern

Norman Conley, Indiana

Ryan Anderson, Cal Poly

Seth McLeod, Oregon State

Commentary: The same question for 184 applies to 197: Will Iowa roll out Pat Downey, attached in a Hawkeyes singlet, or will he be unable to compete this season?

197 Pounds

#6 Nate Rotert, South Dakota State

#8 Cash Wilcke, Iowa

#13 Corey Griego, Oregon State

#15 Frank Mattiace, Penn

#20 Hunter Ritter, Wisconsin

Aaron Paddock, Edinboro

Andre Lee, Illinois

Austin Pfarr, Brown

Bailey Faust, Ohio

Cade Belshay, Arizona State

Christian Brunner, Purdue

Derek Hillman,Eastern Michigan

Jakob Hinze, Indiana

Joe Ariola, Buffalo

Jordan Atienza, Central Michigan

Kevin Mulligan, Rutgers

Logan Kirby, Harvard

Max Ihry, Northern Illinois

Niko Cappello, Maryland

Noah Bushman, Old Dominion

Patrick Brucki, Princeton

Thomas Lane, Cal Poly

Zack Chakonis, Northwestern

Commentary: Beyond Downey, the Hawkeyes also would be able to throw out Jacob Warner, who could have a very legitimate chance of winning, or at least placing high.

285 Pounds

#4 Tanner Hall, Arizona State

#7 Sam Stoll, Iowa

#11 Billy Miller, Edinboro

#12 Youssif Hemida, Maryland

#14 Shawn Streck, Purdue

#17 Gage Hutchison, Eastern Michigan

#18 Conan Jennings, Northwestern

Alex Macki, South Dakota State

Ali Wahab, Old Dominion

Angus Cowell, Harvard

Ben Stone, Wisconsin

Caleb Gossett, Northern Illinois

Christian Araneo, Princeton

Cody Crawford, Oregon State

Deuce Rachal, Illinois

Fletcher Miller, Indiana

Ian Butterbrodt, Brown

Jake Gunning, Buffalo

Matt Stencel, Central Michigan

Patrik Garren, Penn

Razohnn Gross, Rutgers

Spencer Empey, Cal Poly

Zack Parker, Ohio

Commentary: Rounding out with the big boys, we've got just enough firepower to keep it juicy from the quarters through to the finals.

Add Back & Grip Strength To Help Pull In That Single

Extra Circuit Work For Bo Jordan

When you’ve got a guy by the ankle and he’s trying to kick out you’ll never been so thankful for having a strong back to pull him back in and the grip strength to hold on. 

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Frank Molinaro Moving On From Virginia Tech

70kg Semifinal: Frank Molinaro, Titan Mercury vs Alec Pantaleo, MichiganRTC

Frank Molinaro is leaving his position as assistant coach of Virginia Tech. He will be focusing the next few months on his freestyle training as he tries to make a run at the 2019 world team.

Pre-Match Breakdown: NC State vs Nebraska

174 lbs Mikey Labriola, Nebraska vs Hayden Hastings, Wyoming

#7 Nebraska Cornhuskers travel to Reynolds Coliseum in Raleigh, North Carolina to take on the #5 Wolfpack of NC State this Sunday.  

NCAA Wrestling Will Grow To 80 Division 1 Programs By 2022

184lbs 5th Place: Colton Wolfe (Nebraska) vs Lukas Poloncic (Augustana)

Augustana University is slated to become the next program to join the ranks of Division I, as part of, "its strategic vision for the future of the institution."

What 2 Watch 4: Yule Love These Matches

149 lbs Quarters - Anthony Ashnault, Rutgers vs Alec Opsal, Air Force

It's a relatively light schedule for this mid-December weekend. But there are still a good number of worthy dual meets taking place that yule be sure to enjoy. I simply cannot wait to describe them to you! All times Eastern and a tip of the hat to SHP for the schedules. 

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Mason Smith Transferring To Campbell

141 lbs Consi of 8 #1 - Mason Smith, CMU vs Nikko Villarreal, ASU

Former Midlands champ Mason Smith is transferring to Campbell to finish out this season.

The Race For Second Place At NCAAs

141 lbs Rd Of 32 - Joseph McKenna, Ohio State vs Garrett Lambert, Hofstra

During NBA All-Star weekend in 1988, Larry Bird came into the locker room before the 3-point contest and said out loud, “So who’s finishing second?”

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Yianni D's Return & Why You Must Watch UNI vs Cornell

184 lbs - Max Dean, Cornell vs Drew Foster, UNI

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Live This Week: December 14-16, 2018

Finals week has arrived for many D1 schools which makes for a light slate of action across the country. 

#1 Zahid Valencia vs #2 Mark Hall Is Going Down In Rec Hall

174lbs Dual: Mark Hall, Penn State vs Dylan Barreiro, Kent State

The best current rivalry in college wrestling gets renewed on Friday night in Happy Valley as Arizona State has made their way East to to face #1 Penn State.

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