Flo Kickoff Classic 15u Preview

By Ryan Lance, Youth1

The 2017 Flo Kickoff Classic is bringing together some of the top youth wrestlers in the country for its 21st annual tournament this weekend at the Expo Square Pavilion in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Altogether, more than 1,500 wrestlers will compete in the first leg of the prestigious Trinity Award on Friday and Saturday.

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The 15-and-under age group features eight wrestlers who are looking to defend their 2016 Flo Kickoff Classic Championships, including No. 27 Kai Owen (89 pounds), No. 26 Richard Fedalen (89lb), No. 32 Jordan Williams (95lb), Cameron Steed (101lb), Jacob Mann (101lb), Robert Avila (115lb), Kyle Haas (200lb), and Caleb Phillips (200lb).

Eleven nationally ranked wrestlers who were featured on the Flo Wrestling Jr. High Big Board are competing in this year’s event as well.

Here is a look at some of the top wrestlers in each weight class:

75 pounds

Wrestlers to Watch:

Koy Buesgens - Minnesota

Kyison Garcia - Utah

Romulus Padilla - New Mexico

Jaden Pepe - Pennsylvania

Notes: The 75-pound bracket is led by Kyison Garcia, a Utah state champion and 2017 Freakshow champion. Koy Buesgens, a USA Wrestling Preseason bronze medalist, will also look to make a deep run in this weight class. Joining them will be Rocky Mountain Nationals champion Romulus Padilla and Super 32 seventh-place finisher Jaden Pepe.

82 pounds

Wrestlers to Watch:

Marcel Lopez - Iowa

Marc-Anthony McGowan - Florida

Brandon O’Brien - Iowa

Logan Frazier - Indiana

Notes: Leading the 82-pound bracket is USA Wrestling preseason national champion Marcel Lopez from Iowa. He is joined by Super 32 silver medalist Marc-Anthony McGowan of Florida and 2016 Super 32 champion and No. 20-ranked Brandon O’Brien from Iowa. Others to watch are Indiana state champion Logan Frazier, Wyoming state champion Sefton Douglass, and Kansas state champion Bubba Wright.

89 pounds

Wrestlers to Watch:

Nasir Bailey - Illinois

Richard Fedalen - Maryland

Carter Fousek - Iowa

Cael Keck - Missouri

Notes: The 89-pound bracket is loaded with talent, including Trinity Award winner and No. 26-ranked Richard Fedalen from Maryland and defending folkstyle national champion Nasir Bailey. Others to watch are Super 32 bronze medalist and 23rd-ranked Carter Fousek from Iowa and Missouri state champion Cael Keck.

95 pounds

Wrestlers to Watch:

Jordan Williams - Oklahoma

Nick Fea - New York

Aiden Riggins - Iowa

Owen Uhls- Missouri

Fernando Barreto - California

Notes: One of the country's top youth wrestlers in No. 32 Jordan Williams headlines the 95-pound weight class. The national triple crown winner is joined by New York standout and No. 28-ranked Nick Fea, USA Wrestling preseason silver medalist Aiden Riggins of Iowa, and Owen Uhls of Missouri. Others to watch are Freakshow bronze medalist Fernando Barreto and Illinois state champion Tommy Curran.

101 pounds

Wrestlers to Watch:

Cameron Steed - Oklahoma

Hayden Taylor - Iowa

Jacob Mann - Missouri

Max Black - Colorado

Zach Blankenship - Oklahoma

Tom Crook - Florida

Notes: Cameron Steed from Oklahoma will look to defend his Flo Kickoff Classic championship this weekend as he leads the 101-pound bracket. Hayden Taylor of Sebolt Wrestling Academy in Iowa is a folkstyle national champion who will also take a crack at the 101-pound title. Others to watch are Missouri state champion Jacob Mann, freestyle national champion Max Black, and Oklahoma state champion Zach Blankenship.

108 pounds

Wrestlers to Watch:

Jacob Fryer - Missouri

Matthew Lewis - Iowa

Kal Miller - Missouri

Alex Ramirez - California

Notes: Freakshow champion Alex Ramirez will look to add another notable title to his resume as he competes in the 108-pound bracket. He is joined by Missouri state champion Kal Miller, Iowa state champion Matthew Lewis, and Missouri state champion Jacob Fryer.

115 pounds

Wrestlers to Watch:

Robert Avila - Nevada

Nic Bouzakis - Florida

Anthony Ferrari - Texas

Jesse Mendez - Indiana

Notes: The 115-pound bracket is another bracket that is loaded with talent. Super 32 champion and No. 39-ranked Jesse Mendez will look to continue his strong start to the new season. In order for him to do so he’ll have to get past folkstyle national champion and No. 21-ranked Nic Bouzakis, preseason national champion Robert Avila, and Texas triple crown winner No. 17 Anthony Ferrari.

125 pounds

Wrestlers to Watch:

Kage Lenger - Missouri

Damien Lopez - Illinois

Justin Mastroianni - Connecticut

Notes: Preseason national champion Damien Lopez will be a favorite to win the 125-pound bracket this weekend in Oklahoma. He’ll have to battle past Freestyle National Champion Kage Lenger from Missouri and Connecticut standout No. 31 Justin Mastroianni.

135 pounds

Wrestlers to Watch:

Cayleb Atkins - Kansas

Grayston DiBlasi - Missouri

Tyson Moore - Missouri

Tyler Sung - Connecticut

Aaden Valdez - Colorado

Notes: No. 42 Nationally ranked Tyson Moore will look to add another notable title to his resume as he’ll compete in the 135-pound bracket. The Preseason National Champion will be joined by Kansas State Champion Cayleb Atkins, Missouri triple crown winner Grayston DiBlasi, Freakshow Champion Tyler Sung, and Colorado triple crown winner Aaden Valdez.

145 pounds

Wrestlers to Watch:

Adam Ahrendsen - Iowa

Cougar Andersen - Oklahoma

Trevor Christian - Missouri

Nolan Craine - Kansas

Notes: The 145-pound bracket is led by a handful of state champions, as Iowa state champion Adam Ahrendsen, Oklahoma’s Cougar Andersen, Missouri’s Trevor Christian, and Kansas’ Nolan Craine all battle for the Flo Kickoff Classic title.

157 pounds

Wrestlers to Watch:

Chase Brock - Missouri

Jacob Law - Oklahoma

Wyatt Sink - Kansas

Notes: Chase Brock will look to win his first major championship of the season after taking home a bronze medal at the USA Wrestling Preseason Nationals a few weeks back. Others to watch include Jacob Law of Missouri, Wyatt Sink of Kansas, and Jake Evinger of Missouri.

175 pounds

Wrestlers to Watch:

Cade Cook - Oklahoma

Braden Pease - California

Ashton Boyd - Texas

Notes: Oklahoma state champion Cade Cook and California World Challenge champion Braden Pease will lead the 175-pound bracket. Others to watch are Ashton Boyd from Texas and Cord Montgomery from Oklahoma.

200 pounds

Wrestlers to Watch:

Kaden Glass - Oklahoma

Kyle Haas - Kansas

Caleb Phillips - Oklahoma

Notes: Super 32 champion Kaden Glass is the favorite to win the 200-pound title, but he’ll have some tough competition from Kansas state champion Kyle Haas and Reno world champion Caleb Phillips. Both Haas and Phillips are looking to defend their 2016 Kickoff Classic Championship.

285 pounds

Wrestlers to Watch:

Ky Roller - Oklahoma

Taylor Vincent - Kansas

Kaleb Stone - Oklahoma

Notes: Wrestlers to watch in the heavyweight division include Ky Roller from Oklahoma, Taylor Vincent from Kansas, and Kaleb Stone from Oklahoma.

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