Notable Competitors At Lindenwood Open

The Lindenwood Open is providing the first look at some very talented freshman and a few of the NCAA's best this Saturday at Robert F. Hyland Arena in St. Charles, MO.

Sixth-ranked Missouri headlines a field that includes Oklahoma, West Virginia, Northern Illinois, a strong contingent of Iowa redshirts, and more.

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Notable Entries:

Zeke Moisey, West Virginia

Barlow McGhee, Missouri

Drew Mattin, Michigan

Brock Hudkins, Northern Illinois

Christian Moody, Oklahoma

Commentary: Redshirt junior Zeke Moisey, who is back to action for the first time since suffering a season-ending injury late in his sophomore year, is off to a bit of a rough start. He’s taken a few losses already this season and seems to still be knocking the rust off. True freshman Drew Mattin has turned a few heads already this year, as he collected wins over No. 7 Sean Russell and No. 13 Brock Hudkins in his first tournament. Barlow McGhee and Christian Moody have some history, with Moody upsetting McGhee 6-4 last season. Brock Hudkins is a returning round of 12 guy, so keep an eye out for him as well.


Notable Entries:

Markus Simmons, Iowa State

John Erneste, Missouri

Ian Parker, Iowa State

Paul Konrath, Wisconsin

Commentary: John Erneste, who is currently ranked ninth, is coming off an NCAA qualifying season and is going to be a tall order for everyone in this bracket. Markus “Pupp” Simmons is on a good track after claiming a title to start things off this year. Ian Parker just cooled off red-hot freshman Austin DeSanto, but that’s just a sneak peek of how tough Parker actually is at 133. With some even bigger competition, it will be an even better gauge of his talent. Paul Konrath is a youngster who has a history of competing at a high level.


Notable Entries:

Jaydin Eierman, Missouri

Kanen Storr, Iowa State

Paul Glynn, Iowa

Mike Longo, Oklahoma

Commentary: I am really hoping that we get to see returning All-American Jaydin Eierman against Kanen Storr, who has a good deal of expectations. Should this bout happen, expect a lot of scrambles. This could be a match in which we see the new “scramble rule” really get enforced because of both guys' scramble ability.


Notable Entries:

Jarrett Degen, Iowa State

Davion Jeffries, Oklahoma

Jeren Glosser, Iowa

Dom Demas, Ohio

Grant Leeth, Missouri

Pat Lugo, Iowa

Commentary: The intrigue here comes from Grant Leeth, who has made his return to action and has been very good so far this season, and seeing how Edinboro transfer Pat Lugo looks under the new Iowa Style. Keep an eye out for OU freshman Dom Demas. He’s a high-powered guy who can go up top with a throw as well as power through a double. Returning NCAA qualifier Davion Jeffries is bringing his quick dynamic style that features a pretty slick arsenal of leg attacks that includes a misdirection shot that he uses to catch opponents on their heels.


Notable Entries:

Joey LaVallee, Missouri

Justin Thomas, Oklahoma

Commentary: This will be a good test for freshman Justin Thomas. Despite there not being a lot of notable talents in the mix, Thomas will still get a good taste of college competition. Joey LaVallee is coming off his runner-up finish at NCAAs and will be looking to return to his championship form.


Notable Entries:

Connor Flynn, Missouri

DaWaylon Barnes, Oklahoma

Jeremiah Moody, Iowa

Jeremy Thomas, Oklahoma

Commentary: DaWaylon Barnes can assert himself as a force at 165, and hopefully he will be able to compete consistently at this weight all year. Last year he wrestled at 157, 174, and 184 and is now looking to settle into one weight class this year. Look for Connor Flynn to impress here after a pretty strong redshirt year a season ago.


Notable Entries:

Daniel Lewis, Missouri

Yoanse Mejias, Oklahoma

Anthony Mantanona, Oklahoma

Commentary: We’ve seen Anthony Mantanona be the highly offensive point-scoring attacker and be a conservative type. The question here is if his gas tank is improved. Also, how much riding time will the top-game frustration station also known as Daniel Lewis rack up this weekend?


Notable Entries:

Wyatt Koelling, Missouri

Canten Marriott, Missouri

Commentary: Both Wyatt Koelling and Canten Marriott have a year under their belts now as they come into their redshirt freshman year. Koelling had a few matches at 197 last year but will be settling into this weight class a bit more after a 12 win redshirt year. Marriott had a similar year a season ago.


Notable Entries:

Noah Adams, West Virginia

Willie Miklus, Missouri

Jake Smith, West Virginia

Jake Woodley, Oklahoma

Jacob Warner, Iowa

Commentary: This weight class features the return of Willie Miklus and the first glance at some pretty impressive freshmen. Miklus’ season ended after an injury last season so he will be looking to get back on his All-American track in his new weight class. Jacob Warner, Jake Woodley, and Noah Adams are a trio of freshmen with a ton of promise. Jake Smith is an NCAA qualifier who didn’t get the chance to compete after being sidelined from an injury.


Notable Entries:

Marcus Harrington, Iowa State

Gannon Gremmel, Iowa State

Trent Hilger, Wisconsin

Austin Myers, Missouri

Commentary: In a weight class filled with similar big guys, freshman Trent Hilger gets a taste of the college level, and Marcus Harrington returns after an NCAA qualifying year.

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