2017 Dave Schultz Memorial Invitational

20th Schultz Entry Lists

20th Schultz Entry Lists

The entries for all three style at the 20th Dave Schultz Memorial International.

Oct 31, 2017 by Wrestling Nomad
20th Schultz Entry Lists
Senior-level wrestling returns this weekend at the 20th Dave Schultz Memorial International in Colorado Springs, CO.

This tournament, which runs from Wednesday, Nov. 1, to Saturday, Nov. 4, will be the first to use the UWW's new weigh-in rules. The wrestlers will weigh in the day of competition, then wrestle up to and including the semifinals. On day two, they will wrestle the repechage and the finals of the previous day's style.

We will start with Greco on Wednesday at 10 AM Mountain time and Thursday, women's freestyle is Thursday and Friday, and then we close out with men's freestyle on Friday and Saturday. Brackets will be on FloArena.

Men's Freestyle
The weight to watch here is 61kg, which could really be a preview of world team trials. It will be interesting to see if some of the Russians such as European champion Ilyas Bekbulatov and junior world champs Arsenali Musalaliev show up. Keep an eye on the fields at 79 and 92, as we have never seen those weights before. Pat Downey will be doing some senior level and is always a must-see.

57 kg/125.7 lb

Tim Lambert (Sunkist Kids)
Austin Miller (Buffalo Valley RTC)
Samat Nadyrbek Uulu (Kyrgyzstan/Pittsburgh WC)
Eddie Klimara (Titan Mercury WC/Cavalier WC)
Joey Dance (New York AC/Chicago RTC)
Zach Sanders (Minnesota Storm)
Cho Minsu (Korea)
Choi Dong Kil (Korea)

61 kg/134.5 lb

Joe Colon (Titan Mercury WC/Valley RTC)
Nahshon Garrett (Sunkist Kids)
Tony Ramos (Sunkist Kids/Tarheel WC)
Cody Brewer (Titan Mercury WC/Chicago RTC)
Shelton Mack (Titan Mercury WC/Cavalier WC)
Johnni DiJulius (New York AC/Scarlet Knight WC)
Nick Dardanes (Titan Mercury WC)
Chris Dardanes (Titan Mercury WC)
Daniel DeShazer (Minnesota Storm)
Darrius Little (Lehigh Valley WC)
Jon Morrison (NYAC)
Joshua Rodriguez (Nittany Lion WC)
Valoyda Frangulyan (Armenia)
Yosuke Kawano (Japan)
Kim Sung Gwon (Korea)
Park Sang Min (Korea)

65 kg/143.3 lb

Anthony Abidin (Valley RTC)
Josh Kindig (Sunkist Kids/Tarheel WC)
Joey Ward (Sunkist Kids/Tarheel WC)
Bernard Futrell (Titan Mercury WC/Pennsylvania RTC)
Evan Henderson (Titan Mercury WC)
Vincent Leone (Rhino WC)
Daniel Neff (Buffalo Valley RTC)
Montell Marion (New York AC/Scarlet Knight WC)
Jayson Ness (Minnesota Storm)
Joey Lazor (Panther WC RTC)
Artur Arakelyan (Armenia)
Hirotaka Abe (Japan)
Lee Seung Chul (Korea)
Kim Jin Woo (Korea)
Park Su Hyeon (Korea)
Ilyas Bekbulatov (Russia)

70 kg/154.3 lb

Jason Chamberlain (Valley RTC)
Kellen Russell (NYAC)
Robbie Mathers (Sunkist Kids)
Thomas Gantt (Titan Mercury WC)
Nazar Kulchytskyy (Titan Mercury WC)
Hunter Stieber (Titan Mercury WC/Oklahoma RTC)
Matthew Collum (Xtreme Training)
Dylan Ness (Minnesota Storm)
Mario Mason (Lehigh Valley WC)
Santiago Martinez (Lehigh Valley AC)
Mike DePalma (Titan Mercury WC)
Ty Lydic (Griffin WC)
Han Ki Hun (Korea)
Ganbayar Sanjaa (Mongolia/Terrapin WC/NYAC)
Rasul Dzukaev (Russia)

74 kg/163.1 lb

Dan Vallimont (New York AC/Pennsylvania RTC)
Quinton Godley (Wolfpack WC)
Bryce Steiert (Panther WC RTC)
Gong Byung Min (Korea)
Seo Bum Gue (Korea)
Ankhbayar Batchuluun (Mongolia)
Nikita Suchkov (Russia)

79 kg/174.2 lb

Jon Reader (Sunkist Kids)
Anton Kalista (CMPWC)
Stacey Davis (Wolfpack WC)
Joshua Asper (Navy-Marine Corps RTC)
Lee Yun Seok (Korea)
Kim Sung Bog (Korea)

86 kg/189.6 lb

Pat Downey (Titan Mercury WC)
Richard Perry (New York AC/Pennsylvania RTC)
Takhiro Murayama (Japan)
Kim Gwan Uk (Korea)
Arsenali Musalaliev (Russia)

92 kg/202.8 lb

Nikko Reyes (Valley RTC)
Vic Avery (Titan Mercury WC)
Timmy McCall (Titan Mercury WC)
Nathan Burak (Titan Mercury WC)
Nick Heflin (Oklahoma RTC)
Joshua Manu (Navy-Marine Corps RTC)
Riley Lefever (Titan Mercury WC)
Donald McNeil (NYAC)
Takeshi Yamaguchi (Japan)

97 kg/213.8 lb

Blaize Cabell (Valley RTC)
Ty Walz (Titan Mercury WC)
Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota Storm)
Seo Min Won (Korea)
Lee Jong Ku (Korea)

125 kg/275.6 lb

Dom Bradley (Sunkist Kids)
Jonathan Gingrich (Pittsburgh WC)
Michael Kosoy (Titan Mercury WC)
Justin Grant (New York AC)
Bobby Telford (Titan Mercury WC)
Ben Durbin (Titan Mercury WC)
Tony Nelson (Minnesota Storm)
Zachery Roseberry (Navy-Marine Corps RTC)
Oleg Boltin (Kazakhstan)
Nam Koung Jin (Korea)
Adlan Ibragimov (Russia)


The Greco weights look drastically different than before. Olympian Jesse Thielke is in the field at 63kg, and other world teamers include RaVaughn Perkins, Chris Gonzalez, Cheney Haight, and Patrick Martinez. Junior world champ Kamal Bey is at 77kg, and world teamer G'Angelo Hancock is moving up to 130kg.


Max Nowry (U.S. Army WCAP)
Kyndall Rutz (NMU-OTS)
Camden Russell (MWC Wrestling Academy)
Hee Dong Son (Korea University Team)


Han Jae Chung (Korea Samsung Club)
Seung Hak Kim (Korea National Team)
Hyun Woong Choi (Korean University Team)
Mike Fuenffinger (U.S. Army WCAP)

63 kg/138.9 lb

Jesse Thielke (New York AC/Legends of Gold RTC)
Tyler Cunningham (MWC Wrestling Academy)
Isaiah Tatum (Northern Colorado WC)
Sammy Jones (New York AC/NMU-OTS)
Xavier Johnson (U.S. Marine Corps)
Jordan Auen (NMU-OTS)
Lee Jung Baik (Korea)
Jung Do Kyung (Korea)

67 kg/147.8 lb

Travis Rice (NMU-OTS)
Hunter Kelley (NMU-OTS)
Clay Frost (Charger WC)
Austin Souders (Team Mohler)
Samuel Gurule, 505 Wrestling Club
Jessy Williams, NYAC
Tsuchika Shimoyamada (Japan)
Ryu Han Su (Korea)
German Diaz (Puerto Rico)

72 kg/158.8 lb

Justin Boyden (Betterman Elite)
Cody Pack (New York AC/Legends of Gold RTC)
Jamel Johnson (U.S. Marine Corps)
Josh Russo (U.S. Marine Corps)
Anthonie Linares (New York AC/NMU-OTS)
Austin Morrow (New York AC/NMU-OTS)
Brandon Mueller (505 Wrestling Club)
Tomohiro Inoue (Japan)
Toshiki Mori (Japan)
Kim Hi Hun (Korea)

77 kg/169.8 lb

Kamal Bey (Sunkist Kids)
RaVaughn Perkins (New York AC)
Chris Gonzalez (NYAC)
Anton Kalista (CMPWC)
Giuseppe Rios (NMU-OTS)
Jesse Porter (New York AC/NMU-OTS)
Colin Schubert (New York AC/NMU-OTS)
David Prado (NMU-OTS)
Ali Khan (NMU-OTS)
John Yeats (Tristar Wrestling Academy)
Alec Ortiz (Minnesota Storm)
Michael Hooker (U.S. Army WCAP)
Cory Hope
Jayshon Wilson (U.S. Marine Corps)
Kim Hyeon Woo (Korea)
Lee Seung Hwan (Korea)

82 kg/180.8 lb

Cheney Haight (NYAC)
Courtney Myers (U.S. Army WCAP)
John Stefanowicz (U.S. Marine Corps)
Joshua Garcia Soto (U.S. Marine Corps)
Ryan Hope (New York AC)
Kim Jun Hyeong (Korea)
Jeon Neuplueunsan (Korea)
Park Je Woo (Korea)
Giorgi Tsirekidze (Georgia)
Dillon Cowan (U.S. Army WCAP)

87 kg/191.8 lb

Jon Anderson (U.S. Army WCAP)
Kevin Radford (Sunkist Kids)
Khymba Johnson (New York AC/NMU-OTS)
Richard Carlson (Minnesota Storm)
Patrick Martinez (New York AC)
Vaughan Monreal-Berner (U.S. Marine Corps)
Dylan Turley-Rule (U.S. Marine Corps)
Jeff Palmeri (NYAC)
Alfonso Leyva Yepez (Mexico)
Easton Hargrave (Choker WC)
Masato Sumi (Japan)

97 kg/213.8 lb

Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota Storm)
Zach Merrill (New York AC)
Phillip Barreiro (Tristar Wrestling Academy)
Thomas Barreiro (Tristar Wrestling Academy)
Michael Rogers (New York AC/OTC)
Trent Osnes (U.S. Marine Corps)
Austin Schafer (NYAC)
Kim Seung Jun (Korea)
Lee Se Yeol (Korea)

130 kg/286.6 lb

G'Angelo Hancock (Sunkist Kids)
Malcolm Allen (Minnesota Storm)
Donny Longendyke (Minnesota Storm)
Nick Boykin (Sunkist Kids)
Kim Min Seok (Korea)
Jacob Mitchell (U.S. Army WCAP)


Women's Freestyle
A number of the girls who just wrestled against Japan at the dual in Los Angeles will be here. Three-time world champ Adeline Gray is wrestling in her first tournament since last year's Bill Farrell, and Cadet world champ Ronna Heaton is competing in her second straight Schultz. World teamers Victoria Anthony, Sarah Hildebrandt, Mallory Velte, and Victoria Francis will all be present.

50 kg/110.2 lb

Victoria Anthony (Sunkist Kids)
Natalie Reyna (Titan Mercury WC)
Cody Pfau (Titan Mercury WC)
Erin Golston (New York AC)
Sarah Allen (Cumberlands)
Arelys Valles (Cumberlands)
Miyu Nakamura (Japan)
Kim Hyung Joo (Korea)

53 kg/116.8 lb

Amy Fearnside (Titan Mercury WC)
Cassidy Jasperson (Aires WC)
Leiana Nacapuy (Aires WC)
Dejan Treder (Argo WC)
Yurie Yoneoka (Argo WC)
Autumn Gordon (Cumberlands)
Yu Miyahara (Japan)
Lee Shin Hye (Korea)
Kamila Barboso (Brazil)

55 kg/121.3 lb

Sarah Hildebrandt (NYAC)
Dominique Parrish (Sunkist Kids)
Ronna Heaton (Grays Harbor)
Jacarra Winchester (Titan Mercury WC)
Monica Mendoza (Aires WC)
Kim Ye Seul (Korea)

57 kg/125.7 lb

Daniela Flores (Aires WC)
Fusano Mochizuki (Japan)
Kwon Hyeon Ju (Korea)
Mayara Graciano (Brazil)

59 kg/130.1 lb

Kayla Miracle (Sunkist Kids)
Lauren Louive (New York AC)
Natalia Hinojo (Aires WC)
Erin Redford (Aires WC)
Avery Souders (North Texas)
Kim Han Bit (Korea)
Kim Minju (Korea)

62 kg/136.7 lb

Alexis Porter (New York AC)
Arian Carpio (Sunkist Kids)
Desiree Zavala (Grays Harbor)
Yui Sakano (Japan)
Hang Jin Young (Korea)
Grace Bullen (Norway/Campbellsville)
Lais Oliviera (Brazil)

65 kg/143.3 lb

Randi Beltz (Titan Mercury WC)
Mallory Velte (Titan Mercury WC)
Forrest Molinari (Titan Mercury WC)
Maggie Douma (Aires WC)
Jang Eun Sil (Korea)

68 kg/149.9 lb

Alexandria Glaude (Titan Mercury WC)
Yvonne Galindo (Aires WC)
Chiaki Iijima (Japan)
Hedda Strand (Norway)

72 kg/158.7 lb

Julia Salata (New York AC)
Tatum Sparks (Argo WC)

76 kg/167.5 lb

Adeline Gray (NYAC)
Erin Clodgo (Sunkist Kids)
Victoria Francis (Titan Mercury WC)
Rachel Watters (New York AC/Aires WC)
Heo Nam Ju (Korea)
Iselin Solheim (Norway)
Aline da Silva Ferreira (Brazil)

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