Bill Farrell Men's Freestyle Bracket Breakdown

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Jump for joy! Bill Farrell men's freestyle brackets are up. Now it's time to dive deep into the matchups and the composition of the brackets. No doubt, we are looking at some high-level action from start to finish.

You can watch Men's Freestyle action starting at 10 AM ET on Friday, November 11, live on FloWrestling.



We'll have a compelling quarterfinal between Frank Perrelli and Zach Sanders in all likelihood. The semifinals look as though we'll have Jarrod Patterson versus the Sanders/Perrelli winner on the top side.  

On the bottom, Nico Megadulis' biggest challenge on the bottom side will lie with Nodiryon Safarov of Uzbekistan, who is seasoned on the senior international circuit and has wrestled in multiple World and Asian Championships. If Nico gets by Safarov, he'll likely see David Terao to make the finals. Any combination of Sanders/Perrelli/Patterson making the finals on the other side isn't a big shock.


We've got fireworks in round one here. Nick Lee vs. Alan Waters? I know Lee is the underdog, but if you don't find that match compelling, you're nuts.

Darius Little never had the big name in college, but he's a tough freestyler and will face Logan Stieber in round one. Finishing up the first round, we'll have NCAA finalist Josh Kindig against Northern Iowa All-American Joey Lazor.  

In the quarters, Stieber will likely have a real test with Andrew Hochstrasser. Jayson Ness should face Waters provided Waters gets by Lee. The craziest quarter of this bracket will be Nahshon Garrett against Cody Brewer. I don't see anything preventing that match from happening, so rejoice. The bottom quarter will feature No. 2 seed Tyler Graff against the Josh Kindig/Joey Lazor winner.

On paper it looks like we'll have a Stieber vs. the Ness/Waters winner. That looks like Ness to me given his trajectory and size advantage. The Ness/Stieber match gives us a battle of two Hodge Trophy winners.

Down below, Graff looks likely to navigate his quarter where he will await the Brewer/Garrett winner. Graff teched Garrett at the Olympic Trials (laced up, vintage Graff). Brewer looked amazing against Ramos, but he has struggled against Brewer in NCAA meetings, so prognosticating Graff's opponent is tough.

We look bound for a Stieber/Graff final, but if a Ness, Brewer, or Garrett crash the party, it shouldn't be a big shock.


The round of 16 will have an interesting bout between Dave Habat and Ganbayar Sanjaa. Hunter Stieber will face a familiar opponent in Evan Henderson that round as well. The winner of that match will likely take on Habat.  

We have some international flavor here with Hirtaka Abe of Japan taking on Duecleschi Toh of Moldova likely to hit in the quarters. The winner will potentially see Nick Dardanes. Dardanes will have Mongolia then Tajikistan. These could be difficult tests for Dardanes. Dave Habat looks poised to make the finals, but the international entries could be a real wild card.

Down below, if BJ Futrell can navigate the international landmines such as Kim Subin of Korea and Munkhbat of Mongolia, he should head to the semis where it looks like it could be anyone's ballgame. I suppose Mario Mason has a great shot, though Tony Tolbert, Vincent Leone, Ulukman Mamatov, and Jordin Humphrey are relative unknowns.

This seems to set up Futrell to make the semis out of the bottom with Habat looking strong up top. So we'll likely have a battle of former Cliff Keen Wrestling Club teammates in the finals.


Early on there are some great matches in this weight. Tommy Gantt will take on Kevin LeValley (Winner gets JO, ouch). Of note, North Carolina State coach and Wolfpack wrestler Adam Hall and Hayden Hidlay will wrestle round one. Dylan Alton will take on Nazar Kulchytskyy in the first round as well.  

The quarters on the top side look like Jordan Oliver will face Kevin LeValley (though Gantt is a wildcard here). Oliver will likely await the Adam Hall/Jason Chamberlain winner. I think that will be Hall.  

Down below, we'll have an Isaiah Martinez/Kellen Russell quarter and a Jimmy Kennedy/Kulchytskyy quarter. Look for IMAR and Kennedy to clash in the semis.  

On paper, I think it looks like an IMAR vs. Jordan Oliver final. Winner gets James Green in best two out of three!  

Isaiah Martinez takes on Chance Marsteller tn the University World Team Trials finals:


Up top, Matt Brown and Dan Vallimont look to be on a collision course for the quarters. In all likelihood, Bekzod Abdurakhmonov should reach the quarters and then the semis where he'll face the Vallimont/Brown winner. I think it will be Brown, but I'm really am not basing that on much other than he was really good and he trains at Penn State. You have to favor Bekzod in that match on paper, but part of me thinks Brown could be a physical problem for Bekzod.

Underneath, the man they call Ringer looks poised for a run to the quarters where he'll take on either Quinton Godley or Lkhagvadorj of Mongolia. Anyone with that many consonants in his name is an instant contender. I like Alex Dieringer to hit the semis where he could potentially be looking at a familiar face in Chance Marsteller. The road for Marsteller is navigable, though Michael Moreno makes for a formidable quarter. Combine that with the fact that we don't know where Marsteller is in his training, it may be tough to make a bold prediction. Some combination of Dombrovskiy, Moreno, or Marsteller will hit Dieringer in the semifinals. At that point, they'll likely lose to the Cowboy. I think we're looking at a Dieringer vs. Abdurakhmanov final, and I truly have no clue how that will go.  


Not much to write home about early. I think Deron Winn and Pete Renda is an interesting quarter, though Winn will give Renda issues with his power and takedown game. Austin Trotman should cruise to the semis and will likely take on Winn.

Richard Perry is the favorite to come from the lower half. He'll likely have to get through Josh Asper and Timmy McCall. I think we're looking at a Winn/Perry final -- two guys who have made their share of noise at this weight.


In an eight-man bracket, look for Dustin Kilgore to make the finals from the top. Down below, Blaize Cabell will wrestle Micah Burak in round one. Burak will be favored there and will likely see JT Felix in the semifinals. We seem poised for another Kilgore/Burak matchup. Kilgore is the favorite, though Burak has given him issues before.


The semifinal of note will be Tony Nelson vs. Chad Hanke. I don't see anything stopping Dom Bradley from cruising to the finals where he'll take on the Chad Hanke/Tony Nelson winner.

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