Bill Farrell 2016 Entry List

Austin Bernard Jimmy Kennedy

Senior level wrestling will be back on American soil in just a few weekends, the first chance to see our stars domestically since the Olympic Team Trials in April. This year, the non-Olympic weights at Bill Farrell will determine who we send to the upcoming world championships in Budapest. Everything starts November 10th at 8 a.m. eastern time and can be viewed LIVE on FloWrestling.

The event schedule is as follows:

Wednesday, November 9

Women's Freestyle registration = 2pm - 3pm
Women's Freestyle skin checks = 2:45pm - 3pm
Women's Freestyle weigh-ins = 3pm - 3:30pm
55 KG/121.3 lbs & 60 KG/132.3 lbs *** (World Team Trial NO ALLOWANCE)
48 KG/105.8 lbs, 53 KG/116.8 lbs,  58 KG/127.9 lbs, 63 KG/138.9 lbs,  69 KG/152.1 lbs, &  75 KG/165.3 lbs. (+ 2 KG Allowance)

Thursday, November 10

Women's Freestyle Preliminaries, Quarterfinals, Semifinals and Cons = 10am - 2:30pm
Men's Freestyle Registration = 2pm - 3pm
Men's Freestyle Skin Checks = 2:45pm - 3pm
Men's Freestyle Weigh-ins = 3pm - 3:30pm
61 KG/134.5 lbs. & 70 KG/154.3 lbs *** (World Team Trial NO ALLOWANCE)
57 KG/125.7 lbs,  65 KG/143.3 lbs,  74 KG/163.1 lbs.,  86 KG/189.6 lbs,  97 KG/213.9 lbs,  &  125 KG/275.6 lbs. (+ 2 KG Allowance)

Women's Freestyle Consolation = 4:30pm-6:30pm
Women's Freestyle Medal Matches = 6:30pm - 8pm
(2 out of 3 Series for WM 55 KG and 60 KG)

Friday, November 11

Men's Freestyle Preliminaries, Quarterfinals, Semifinals and Cons = 10am - 3pm
Greco-Roman registration = 2pm - 3pm
Greco-Roman  skin checks = 2:45pm - 3pm
Greco-Roman weigh-ins = 3pm - 3:30pm
71 KG/165.4 lbs. & 80 KG/176.4 lbs  ***  (World Team Trial NO ALLOWANCE)
59 KG/130.1 lbs., 66 KG/145.5 lbs, 75 KG/165.4 lbs, 85 KG/187.4 lbs, 98 KG/216.1 lbs, & 130 KG/286.6 lbs. (+ 2 KG Allowance)

Men's Freestyle Consolation = 4:30pm-6:30pm
Men's Freestyle Medal Matches = 6:30pm - 8pm
(2 out of 3 Series for MFS 61 KG and 70 KG)

Saturday, November 12

Greco-Roman Preliminaries, Quarterfinals, Semifinals and Cons = 1pm - 5:30pm
Greco-Roman Medal Matches = 6:30pm - 8pm
(2 out of 3 Series for GR 71 KG and 80 KG)

On December 10th and 11th, the following weight classes will be contested for world titles: 61kg and 70kg men's freestyle, 71kg and 80kg Greco-Roman, and 55kg and 60kg for the women. Athletes who competed in the Olympics are not allowed to wrestle in Budapest at these non-Olympic weights. Only American athletes will be allowed in these weight categories at the Farrell so as to allow for a World Team Trials, best-of-three finals series.

This is a running entry list, and will continue to be added to in the run-up to the event. Besides determining our world championship team, it will also serve as the first qualifier for the 2017 WTT in all styles. 

The highest placed (medal winning) USA athlete per Olympic weight category who has yet to qualify will earn a spot in the 2017 World Team Trials.

57kg MFS

Josh Aarons (Buffalo Valley RTC)
Jackson Henson (Sunkist Kids)
Lawson Ludwin (Tiger Wrestling Club/OTC)
Nico Megaludis (Nittany Lion WC)
David Terao (Titan Mercury WC)
Jarrod Patterson (Titan Mercury WC)
Kyle Pedretti (Unattached)
Frank Perrelli (Titan Mercury WC)
Sebastian Rivera (Chicargo RTC)
Zach Sanders (Minnesota Storm)
David White (Curby Three Styles)

61Kg MFS

Cody Brewer (Chicago RTC/Titan Mercury WC)
Nicholas Dardanes (Hawkeye WC/Titan Mercury WC)
Nahshon Garrett (Sunkist Kids)
Tyler Graff (Scarlet Knight WC/NYAC)
Andrew Hochstrasser (Titan Mercury WC)
Josh Kindig (Tarheel WC)
Joey Lazor (Panter Wrestling RTC)
Nick Lee (Nittany Lion WC)
Darrius Little (LVAC)
Jayson Ness (Minnesota Storm)
Shelton Mack (Titan Mercury WC)
Alex Radsky (Mat Pack Wrestling Club)
Logan Stieber (Ohio RTC/Titan Mercury WC)
Alan Waters (Missouri Wrestling Foundation/Titan Mercury WC)

Stieber vs Futrell at the Open in December

65kg MFS

Michael Asselstine (Canada)
Bernard BJ Futrell (Pennsylvania RTC/Titan Mercury WC)
Evan Henderson (Camel Wrestling Club)
Hunter Stieber (Ohio RTC/Titan Mercury WC)
Jordin Humphrey (Titan Mercury WC)
Dave Habat (Cliff Keen WC/NYAC)
Vincent Leone (Rhino WC)
Mario Mason (LVAC)
Daniel Neff (Buffalo Valley RTC)
Ganbayar Sanjaa (NYAC)
Tony Tolbert (RAW 241 WC)

70kg MFS

Dylan Alton (West Point Wrestling Club)
Jason Chamberlain (NWTC/Titan Mercury WC)
Mitch Finesilver (Blue Blood WC)
Tommy Gantt (Wolfpack WC)
**James Green (NWTC/Titan Mercury WC) - bye into the finals
Adam Hall (Wolfpack WC/Titan Mercury WC)
Hayden Hidlay (Wolfpack WC)
Jimmy Kennedy (Cliff Keen WC/NYAC)
Nazar Kulchytskyy (Titan Mercury WC)
Kevin LeValley (Buffalo Valley RTC)
Isaiah Martinez (IRTC/Titan Mercury WC)
Jordan Oliver (Sunkist Kids)
Chase Pami (Pennsylvania RTC/Sunkist Kids)
Kellen Russell (Cliff Keen WC/NYAC)
Markus Scheidel (New York City RTC/TMWC)
Alexander Steen (The Open Mat)
Robert Zyko (NYAC)

Green vs Kulchytskyy at 2015 World Team Trials

74kg MFS

Bekzod Abdurakhmonov (Uzbekistan/NYAC)
Matt Brown (Army WCAP)
Alex Dieringer (Titan Mercury WC)
Vladyslav Dombrovskiy (Army WCAP)
Quinton Godley (Titan Mercury WC)
Stefan Kaeppeler (Nittany Lion WC)
Chance Marsteller (Pride Wrestling)
Michael Moreno (Cyclone WC/Titan Mercury WC)
Paul Saraiva (Rhino WC)
Dan Vallimont (Pennsylvania RTC/NYAC)
Daye-Finley Shawn (Canada Black Bears)

86kg MFS

Joshua Asper (Navy-Marine Corps Mat Club)
Vic Avery (Ohio RTC/Titan Mercury WC)
Mike Evans (Titan Mercury WC)
Timmy McCall (Titan Mercury WC)
Richard Perry (Pennsylvania RTC/NYAC)
Pete Renda (Wolfpack WC)
Grayson St-Laurent (Canada Black Bears)
John Staudenmayer (Tarheel WC)
Victor Terrell (Army WCAP)
Austin Trotman (Titan Mercury WC)
Deron Winn (Titan Mercury WC)

97kg MFS

Micah Burak (Titan Mercury WC)
Blaize Cabell (Panther Wrestling Club RTC)
Jeffery JT Felix (Cliff Keen WC/Titan Mercury WC)
Matt Gibson (Cyclone WC)
Enock Francois (NYAC)
Dustin Kilgore (Sunkist Kids)
Kallen Kleinschmidt (NYAC)
Joshua Manu (Navy-Marine Corps Mat Club)
Donald McNeil (Bears WC)
Alex Thoms (Canada Black Bears)

125kg MFS

Braden Atwood (Tarheel WC)
Dom Bradley (Cyclone WC/Sunkist Kids)
Ben Durbin (Cyclone WC)
Chad Hanke (Titan Mercury WC)
Justin Grant (NYAC)
Tony Nelson (Minnesota Storm)
Charles Thoms (Canada Black Bears)

Weigh-ins for men's freestyle are Thursday, November 10th from 3:00-3:30 p.m. eastern time. Olympic weights will +2kg, while non-Olympic weights will be scratch.

59kg Greco

Matthew Hall (Fight The Battle)
Andrew Ibarra (Righetti High School Wrestling)
Xavier Johnson (Marines)
Sam Jones (NYAC)
Justin LaValle (Minnesota Storm)
Lawson Ludwin (Tiger Wrestling Club/OTC)
Ryan Mango (Army WCAP)
Randon Miranda (NMU-OTS/NYAC)
Colton Rasche (Marines)
Dalton Roberts (NMU-OTS)
Dmitry Ryabchinskiy (NYAC)
Hayden Tuma (Army WCAP)
Isaiah Varona (NYAC)

66kg Greco

Raymond Bunker (Marines)
Jamal DeArmond (NYAC)
Austin Morrow (NYAC)
Jessy Williams (NYAC)

71kg Greco

Ellis Coleman (Army WCAP)
Brad Dolezal (Minnesota Storm)
Clay Frost (Charger Wrestling Club)
Anthonie Linares (NYAC)
Alec Ortiz (Minnesota Storm)
Cody Pack (Legends of Gold/OTC)
Joshua Russo (Marines)
Alejandro Sancho (NYAC)
Pat Smith (Minnesota Storm)

75kg Greco

Kamal Bey (Sunkist Kids)
Broc Clark (Marines)
Christopher Gonzalez (Marquette)
Jesse Porter (NYAC)
Mason Manville (US Army WCAP)

80kg Greco

Jon Anderson (Army WCAP)
Michael Brant (Marines)
Jon Jay Chavez (Unattached)
Pat Martinez (US Army WCAP)
Cheney Haight (NYAC)
Ryan Hope (NYAC)
Kendrick Sanders (NYAC)
Barrett Stanghill (Minnesota Storm)

85kg Greco

Phillip Barreiro (TriStar Wrestling Academy)
Romero Cotton (Minnesota Storm)
Khymbakhy Johnson (NYAC)
Vaughn Monreal-Berner (Marines)
Jeff Palmeri (Finger Lakes RTC/NYAC)
Kevin Radford (Sunkist Kids)
Lucas Sheridan (Army WCAP)

98kg Greco

Thomas Barreiro (TriStar Wrestling Academy)
Orry Elor (NYAC)
Enock Francois (NYAC)
Zach Merrill (Titan Mercury WC)
Endhyr Meza (Army WCAP)
Daniel Miller (Marines)
Trent Osnes (Marines)
G'Angelo Tracy Hancock (NYAC)
Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota Storm)

130kg Greco

Malcom Allen (Minnesota Storm)
Eric Fader (Marines)

48kg FW

Victoria Anthony (Sunkist Kids)
Allyssa Cleaves (Canada Black Bears)
Amy Fearnside (Titan Mercury WC)
Erin Golston (NYAC)
Marissa Gregoire (ARIES Wrestling Club)
Natasha Kramble (Canada)
Cody Pfau (Titan Mercury WC)

53kg FW

Katie Dutchak (Canada)
Elisabet Perez-Vega (Total Force Wrestling School)
Samanta Stewart (Canada Black Bears)

55kg FW

Rachel Archer (ARIES Wrestling Club)
Deanna Betterman (Sunkist Kids)
Angeles Cabada (ARIES Wrestling Club)
Kelsey Campbell (Sunkist Kids)
Whitney Conder (Army WCAP)
Brieana Delgado (ARIES Wrestling Club)
Sarah Hildebrandt (NYAC)
Michaela Hutchison (Titan Mercury WC)
Cassidy Jasperson (ARIES Wrestling Club)
Jacarra Winchester (Titan Mercury WC)

58kg FW

Becka Leathers (Titan Mercury WC)
Alexandria Town (Yorktown WC)
Areana Villaescusa (Army WCAP)

60kg FW

Randi Beltz (Titan Mercury WC)
Daniela Flores (ARIES Wrestling Club)
Rosemary Flores (Campbellsville University)
Leigh Jaynes (NYAC)
Kayla Miracle (Sunkist Kids)
Maya Nelson (Sunkist Kids)
Jennifer Page (Titan Mercury WC)
Carla Ponce (ARIES Wrestling Club)
Alli Ragan (Sunkist Kids)

63kg FW

Margaret Douma (ARIES Wrestling Club)
Breanne Graham (Canada)
Alexis Porter (NYAC)
Mallory Velte (Titan Mercury WC)

69kg FW

Julia Salata (NYAC)
Skylar Grote (NYAC)
Rachel Watters (ARIES Wrestling Club)

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