Every Ranked Guy Entered For Super 32

Juan Garcia Jelani Embree

With new rankings coming in hot today, we also wanted to release every ranked guy who will be competing at Super 32. The number reflects the weight at which they are ranked, which in some cases differs from the weight at which they will be competing. In total, we are slated to see TWENTY-FIVE guys ranked in the top five of their weight.

No. 3 Jake Allar gets it done in the Fargo Freestyle final:

Next weekend, starting on October 15 at 7 AM CT, Super 32 will be broadcast LIVE on FloWrestling.

No. 4 Brandon Kaylor
No. 6 Mosha Schwartz
No. 9 Jeremiah Reno
No. 13 Ryan Chauvin
No. 14 Cody Craig
No. 17 Elijah Varona

No. 2 Nic Aguilar
No. 4 Matt Cardello
No. 5 Colton Yapoujian
No. 5 (at 106) Jaret Lane
No. 5 (at 120) Esco Walker
No. 6 Adam Busiello
No. 7 Joey Harrison
No. 8 (at 106) Corey Gamet
No. 11 Jesse Vasquez
No. 12 Robert Howard
No. 14 Patrick McKee
No. 16 (at 106) Jace Koelzer
No. 19 Colt Newton

No. 4 Drew Mattin
No. 6 Julian Chlebove
No. 9 (at 113) Dom Lajoie
No. 9 Jet Taylor
No. 11 Tommy Hoskins
No. 13 Andrew Alirez
No. 16 Zurich Storm
No. 20 Jakob Camacho

No. 4 Nick Raimo
No. 6 (at 132) Jacori Teemer
No. 7 Joey Silva
No. 9 Austin DeSanto
No. 10 Alex Thomsen
No. 18 Dan Moran
No. 20 Jakob Campbell

No. 1 (at 138) Vito Arujau
No. 3 Mitch Moore
No. 4 Brian Courtney
No. 6 (at 126) Kyran Hagan
No. 7 Zack Donathan
No. 11 (at 126) Paul Konrath
No. 12 Zack Trampe
No. 12 (at 138) Ryan Vulakh
No. 14 Moises Guillen
No. 16 Mason Phillips
No. 17 Dustin Plott

No. 3 Sammy Sasso
No. 5 Brayton Lee
No. 9 Grant Aranoff
No. 10 Ben Freeman
No. 11 (at 132) Jake Silverstein
No. 15 (at 132) Tim Kane
No. 15 (at 145) Alex Crowe
No. 17 (at 145) Riley Palmer
No. 18 (at 132) Nick Freeman
No. 19 (at 145) Corey Shie
No. 20 (at 145) Dakota Galt

No. 3 Jarod Verkleeren
No. 3 (at 152) Austin O'Connor
No. 6 (at 152) Joe Lee
No. 11 Peter Pappas
No. 12 Jake Hinkson
No. 13 (at 152) Josiah Rider
No. 14 Brik Filipo
No. 15 (at 138) Denton Spencer

No. 1 (at 160) Brady Berge
No. 4 Quentin Hovis
No. 5 Stephan Glasgow
No. 6  (at 145) Jake Brindley
No. 12 (at 160) Aaron Brooks
No. 19 Michael Ross
No. 19 (at 160) Hunter Willits
No. 20 Erich Byelick

No. 3 Jake Allar
No. 9 Mekhi Lewis
No. 10 Trent Hidlay
No. 11 Kyle Cochran
No. 16 Nick Kiussis
No. 18 Sammy Cokeley

No. 6 Anthony Mantanona
No. 9 Ethan Smith
No. 14 Bryce Rogers
No. 15 Myles Wilson
No. 20 George Walton

No. 2 Jelani Embree
No. 3 Nino Bonnacorsi
No. 4 Louie Deprez
No. 17 Matt Waddell
No. 18 (at 195) Kamari Whimper

No. 4 Brandon Whitman
No. 5 Jacob Raschka
No. 6 (at 182) Jake Woodley
No. 7 John Borst
No. 9 Andrew Davison
No. 10 Gavin Hoffman
No. 13 Noah Bushman

No. 13 Jeff Allen
No. 15 Cole Nye

No. 9 Mansur Abdul-Malik
No. 17 Zach Muller

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