Who's #1 All-Time Results, Alumni Update

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Since the inception of Who's #1 in 2013, it has been one of the premiere high school wrestling events in the nation. Having such talented high school wrestlers means they are going to go on to do some great things. Last season Who's #1 alumni shined at the NCAA Tournament as Myles Martin won a national title, and five other alumni claimed All-American honors. 

Before this years edition of Who's #1 gets underway this Sunday at 5pm ET, relive WNO's of the past with complete results and archived matches. Don't miss your chance to see all of the action live from Grace Hall - PURCHASE TICKETS HERE.

2013: Team Bubba 21, Team JO 12
120lbs. - Nathan Boston (Team Bubba) dec Sean Russell (Team JO), 4-2 SV
126lbs. - Ryan Millhof (Team JO) dec Jered Cortez (Team Bubba), 4-1
132lbs. - Fredy Stroker (Team Bubba) dec Seth Gross (Team JO), 4-3
132lbs. - Michael Kemerer (Team Bubba) dec Zac Hall (Team JO), 3-1
132lbs -  Fredy Stroker (Team Bubba) dec Michael Kemerer (Team Bubba), 3-1
138lbs. - Jason Nolf (Team Bubba) dec Joey McKenna (Team JO), 10-5
145lbs. - Mason Manville (Team Bubba) dec Grant Leeth (Team JO), 3-1 SV
152lbs. - Fox Baldwin (Team Bubba) dec Nick Reenan (Team JO), 7-1
160lbs. - Ryan Blees (Team JO) dec dec Zach Kelly (Team Bubba), 5-2
182lbs. - Johnny Sebastian (Team JO) vs Michael Pixley (Team Bubba), 7-2
Main Event: Jordan Oliver dec Bubba Jenkins, 7-2

2014: Team Green 22, Team Black 15
106lbs. - Cade Olivas (Team Black) dec Gavin Teasdale (Team Green), 3-1
120lbs. - Nick Suriano (Team Green) dec Daton Fix (Team Black), 3-1
126lbs. - Kaid Brock (Team Black) dec Nick Piccininni (Team Green), 3-2
132lbs. - AC Headlee (Team Green) dec Mitch McKee (Team Black), 5-3
138lbs -  Matt Kolodzik (Team Black) dec Ke-Shawn Hayes (Team Green), 4-0
145lbs. - Vincenzo Joseph (Team Green) dec Fredy Stroker (Team Black), 3-2
150lbs. - Larry Early III (Team Green) dec Joe Smith (Team Black), 7-5
152lbs. - David McFadden (Team Black) dec Isaiah White (Team Green), 3-1
170lbs. - Mark Hall (Team Green) maj dec. Anthony Valencia (Team Black), 10-2
182lbs. - Zahid Valencia (Team Black) dec Myles Martin (Team Green), 3-1
195lbs - Bobby Steveson (Team Green) dec Hunter Ritter (Team Black), 5-1
Main Event: Robert Hamlin (Team Green) dec Chris Perry (Team Black), 4-1

2015: Team Black 18, Team Green 12
113lbs. - Gavin Teasdale (Team Green) dec Roman Bravo-Young (Team Black), 2-1
126lbs. - Daton Fix (Team Green) dec Rudy Yates (Team Black), 5-3
132lbs. - Chad Red (Team Black) dec Taylor Lamont (Team Black), 5-2
132lbs. - Luke Pletcher (Team Green) dec Yianni Diakomihalis (Team Green), 6-5
132lbs. - Chad Red (Team Black) dec Luke Pletcher (Team Green), 3-1
145lbs. - Jarod Verkleeren (Team Green) dec Kyle Bierdumpfen (Team Black), 3-2
152lbs. - Mason Manville (Team Black) dec Hayden Hidlay (Team Green), 3-1
182lbs. - Dakota Geer (Team Black) dec Beau Breske (Team Green), 3-2
195lbs. - Nick Reenan (Team Black) dec Sammy Colbray (Team Green), 5-1
220lbs. - Gable Steveson (Team Black) dec Jordan Wood (Team Green), 5-4

2016: Team Black 16, Team Green 12
120lbs. - #3 Jordan Decatur (Team Black) dec #2 Gavin Teasdale (Team Green), 8-7
126lbs. - #3 Roman Bravo-Young (Team Green) dec #4 Nick Raimo (Team Black), 3-2 
132lbs. - #1 Daton Fix (Team Black) dec #2 Austin Gomez (Team Green), 8-2
138lbs. - #2 Nick Lee (Team Black) dec #4 Sammy Sasso (Team Green), 8-3
145lbs. - #2 Jarod Verkleeren (Team Green) dec #3 Kaden Gfeller (Team Black), 10-3
152lbs. - #1 David Carr (Team Black) dec #2 Cam Coy (Team Green), 4-2
160lbs. - #1 Brady Berge (Team Green) dec #2 Shane Griffith (Team Black), 7-5
170lbs. - #1 Mikey Labriola (Team Green) dec #3 Travis Wittlake (Team Black), 3-1
182lbs. - #2 Michael Beard (Team Green) dec #3 Jelani Embree (Team Black), 12-6
Main Event: Cody Brewer (Team Black) tech fall Tony Ramos (Team Green), 12-0

Who's #1 Alumni Credentials

NCAA Champion
Myles Martin (Ohio State)

NCAA All-Americans
Ryan Millhof (Oklahoma)
Jason Nolf (Penn State)
Joey McKenna (Stanford)
Joe Smith (Oklahoma State)
David McFadden (Virginia Tech)

NAIA National Champion
Michael Pixley (Grand View)

Junior World Medalist
Mark Hall (Champion)
Joey McKenna (Silver)
Daton Fix (Bronze)
Taylor Lamont (Bronze)

Cadet World Medalist
Yianni Diakomihalis (2x Champion)
Gable Steveson (2x Champion) 
Jarod Verkleeren (Champion)
Mason Manville (Champion)
Mark Hall (Champion)
Daton Fix (Bronze)
Cade Olivas (Bronze)

Where They Are Now

Arizona State
Anthony Valencia
Zahid Valencia

Zach Kelly

Yianni Diakomihalis

Sean Russell
Dakota Geer

Kyle Bierdumpfel

Grand View
Michael Pixley

Michael Kemerer
Gavin Teasdale (verbal commit)

Iowa State
Nathan Boston
Sammy Colbray
Jarod Verkleeren (verbal commit)
Austin Gomez (verbal commit)

Jordan Wood

Zac Hall
Jelani Embree (verbal commit)

Fredy Stroker
Mitch McKee
Larry Early III
Bobby Steveson

Grant Leeth 

Chad Red
Beau Bresse
Mikey Labriola (verbal commit)

North Carolina
AC Headlee

North Carolina Sate
Nick Reenan
Hayden Hidlay

Northern Iowa
Rudy Yates

Johnny Sebastian

Notre Dame College
Isaiah White

Ohio State
Ke-Shawn Hayes
Myles Martin
Luke Pletcher

Ryan Millhof

Oklahoma State
Kaid Brock
Nick Piccininni
Joe Smith
Kaden Gfeller (verbal commit)

Penn State
Jered Cortez 
Jason Nolf
Nick Suriano
Vincenzo Joseph
Mark Hall
Nick Lee (verbal commit)

Matt Kolodzik

South Dakota State
Seth Gross 

Joey McKenna

Utah Valley
Taylor Lamont

Fox Baldwin
Cam Coy (verbal commit)

Virginia Tech
Ryan Blees
David McFadden

Mason Manville

Hunter Ritter

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