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Medal Matches: 74kg bronze medal matches up, with Bekzod the Terrible against Jabrayil Hasanov. Stepout for Hasanov and leads 1-0, but Bekzod answers with a takedown. Takedown Hasanov and he leads 3-2, but gets a stepout before the period's over to lead 4-2 at the break. Another takedown for Hasanov. Awesome scramble here and Hasanov comes out on top for the 8-2 lead.Your first bronze medalist is Hasanov with a 9-7 win after a furious last minute from Bekzod.

Demirtas vs Usserbayev in the battle of the beards for bronze. Ties and two-on-ones but nothing happening yet so Usserbayev picks up a passive. 4-0 now for Demirtas. Back to the second, and another takedown for Demirtas with a minute left. Soner Demirtas of Turkey is your other bronze medalist at 74kg.

Excellent gold medal match about to start between Hassan Yazdani Charati of Iran and Aniuar Geduev of Russia. Slideby for Geduev and Yazdani tries fighting it off but is unable to. Blood time now. Dang, excellent reshot from Geduev and goes up 4-0. More blood here, but what power from Geduev, completely parallel to the ground and almost cradles Yazdani. Between the blood stoppages and five hour break, Geduev is fresh as a daisy. This is getting ridiculous. They haven't even wrestled a period and Geduev has more than 3 minutes of blood time. So uh, Geduev is kind of strong. Another takedown and it's 6-0 heading into the break. Hey, a takedown for Yazdani, but no turns. And now we have a match! 6-4 with half a period to go. HOLY SCHNIKES YAZDANI IS ACTUALLY THE GREATEST!!! He gets a two despite Russia's best efforts to stop the match while Geduev was in a crackdown position.

Starting off with Haji Aliyev vs Vladimir Dubov. And Vladimir seems to have a short memory, as he takes down Aliyev and immediately goes into his gut. But now it's Aliyev's turn to pull in a single and hoss it up, 4-2 now. Stepout for Aliyev and the lead is cut to 4-3 heading into the break. And that'll do it. Aliyev goes modified fireman's and Dubov just lays on his back. The drop down to 57kg was not a total loss, comes home with a bronze medal. Takedown Rahimi.

Ooohhh doggies, another fun one. YBR vs Hassan Rahimi. First passive against Bonne. BEAUTIFUL shot by Rahimi, and he avoids a Bonne bomb as Rahimi gets 4 to end the period. Rahimi almost broke Bonne's leg! Oh my, what a pin for Rahimi to get Olympic bronze. The replays make it look even worse.

Gold Medal Match! Big underdog story Rei Higuchi of Japan takes on reigning world champ Vladimier Khinchegashvili of Georgia. Khinchegashvili was silver medalist at the 2012 Olympics at 55kg. Great whizzer defense from Khinchegashvili but no points. And again whizzer from Khinche but the Georgian goes on the shot clock. Higuchi in deep yet again! and gets two for exposure! Creative head pinch for Khinche for two exposure, trailing 3-2 now and working a lace. Higuchi goes on the clock. Higuchi trailing now on criteria 3-3. Great wrist defense in the last 30 seconds from Khinchegashvili, and that will be your first men's freestyle gold medalist.

Repechage: Burroughs should be on deck.  Right now, Belarus up 2-0 on World Champ Yang at 57kg. TD and gut for Yang makes it 4-2 at the break. 2 more for Yang and it's 6-2 with 1:10 left.  That's the final. Yang/YBR next round in repechage.  Straight fire. Rei Higuchi is in the lead in the gold medal finals! After that shot clock point, and a slip from Khinche. This kid was 0-1 at junior worlds last year.

Jordan Burroughs UP! Taking on Bekzod Abdurakhmanov. These two wrestled in German Grand Prix just a month or so ago. Burroughs won a tough one. 20 seconds in, shot by Abdurakhmanov, re-attack attempt by Burroughs.  Single by Abdurakhmanov and a finish makes it 2-0 Bekzod.  Burroughs bleeding again.  1:05 into it.  Back to action.  1:25 in, easy single and finish makes it 4-0 Bekzod now. :56 to go. Another single, 2 more and it's 6-0 for Bekzod. 1st ends.  Underway in the 2nd.  A few attacks from Jordan but nothing coming through.  Bekzod staying in his face.  2 minutes to go. 90 seconds to go.  Front headlock for JB broken free, now 90 left.  1 point step out for Burroughs.  6-1 now.   1 minute left, not looking good. 8-1 now.  Just 25 to go.  Takedown for Bekzod.  11-1 final after failed challenge.  Burroughs done. 

Nurislam Sanayev (formerly Artas Sanaa) takes on two-time 61kg champ Haji Aliyev, winner gets Vladimir Dubov for bronze. Sanayev gets a passive call against him at 0:43. HUGE headlock for FOUR from Aliyev! But Sanayv is back in after a takedown and a lace, tied up 6-6 late in the first. Back to action in the second, and Sanayev rips Aliyev's singlet. Double unders and Aliyev throws him down for the takedown. Takedwon Sanayv! And he's still in this 9-8. Another stepout for Aliyev and it's 10-8 now. That'll do it. Haji Aliyev vs Vladimir Dubov for bronze. Aliyev won that match 6-2 at worlds and 11-0 at Euros, but that was up at 61kg. 

Next one will be fun, Yang Kyong-il of North Korea vs Yowlys Bonne Rodriguez of Cuba. Double unders from Bonne, Yang tries headlock but Bonne slips out and leads 2-0. He goes reverse lift AND BOOM THERE GOES A BONNE BOMB! Yang tries an underhook, but it backfires. Bonne tries a fireman's but gets a stepout. Another lift for Bonne, but it ends in a quad pod and Yang gets out. Low single from Yang and he gets the stepout. ANOTHER BONNE BOMB and that's the tech, YBR vs Rahimi for bronze.

Prelims:  Bekzod v. Gedeuv is on deck on mat a. No word on where Dan Dennis will wrestle yet. Yowls Bonne Rodriguez of Cuba up on mat c in the meantime.  Bonne gets elbow control High crotch for two for YBR, then two big 4s for the 10-0 Tech!

Dennis should be up soon on B.  Burroughs up in 4 on b as well!  World Champ Yang gets TECHED by Iguchi of Japan.  Dennis should be up soon.  They're struggling with the upcoming bout list over there. KAZ wins on B which means it's DAN DENNIS TIME!! Dennis in the blue against World Silver Dubov. Nothing going on 25 in. Snaps and fakes from Dennis early.  Passivity warning against Dubov. 50 in. 2 and 2 for Dubov, 2 more guts and it's a 10-0 tech for Dubov.  Match over, but USA will challenge.  Call upheld.  11-0 final. Will need him to make finals for Dennis to get pulled through, Khinchegashvili looms in his path, however.  

Burroughs in the hole mat b.  SHAKE IT OFF PEOPLE JB IS COMING.  Lebedev up on B in the meantime against Sandeep of India. Sandeep on the clock and gives up the caution and 1.  Lebedev leads. Takedown for Lebedev makes it 3-0. 5-0 now!  90 to go.  Now 5-3 for Lebedev as Sandeep closes, but pressuring too hard Lebedev throws him by for the 7-3 lead. That's the final. 

Jordan Burroughs coming up on mat B!  JB jumps up onto the stage.  Midana wearing a massive wrap around his entire body. Underway!  Low attack for 2 for JB, he's got a lace!  4-0 and they're back up. 50 seconds in. Jordan ends up on a single, whizzer by Midana and they break them free, back on a single and it's a step out. 5-0 JB. Burroughs bleeding out of his left ear, getting it cleaned up. 2:30 into the 1st. 2 and 2 exchange off of JB's attack and it's 8-2 after another td.  1st period ends.  2nd now underway.  Another single for JB, but the whizzer stops him.  4:05 into the match.  Step out for Midana.  Now it's 8-3.  90 to go now.  This guy is unreal strong.  1 minute to go, JB playing defense.  Attention on Burroughs.  20 to go.   JB moves on, 8-3 final.  Will get winnner of Abdurakhmanov/Gedeuv which is happening right now on C.  

Gedeuv up 8-4 on Abdurakhmanov.  Bonne Rodriguez up 7-4 on Diatta. That's the final.  Gedeuv up 10-4 now off of a counter.  10-5 final.  Gedeuv/Burroughs round 2. Demirtas up 4-0 over World silver Purevjav. 4-2 final!  Purevjav goes down.  Yazdanichariti taking on Castelly of Haiti.  TD early for Yazdani. 10-0 tech for Yazdanichariti.  Surprisingly, Livan Lopez Azcuy falls to Kazakhstan, 8-7.

Aliyev/Khinchegashvili on A right now! Burroughs/Gedeuv on deck mat a as well. Dubov up 4-0 on mat b.  Khinchegashvili called for passivity.  Dubov techs, he'll be in semi's.  If he wins his next one (against Khinchegashvili/Aliyev winner) he'll pull Dennis back through. Caution and 1 and Aliyev in the lead. Nice single by Aliyev but good d by Khin. 1st period ends. 1-0 Aliyev.  Khinchegashvili gets a takedown but it's called up?  Slip!?  WHAT!?  Challenge and sanity rules the day and it's 2-1 Khinchegashvili, go behind for Khinchegashvili and it's 4-1. 1 minute to go. Takedown for Aliyev and it's 4-3. CRAZY SCRAMBLE at the end and Khinchegashvili hangs on. 

Rahimi/Lebedev coming up next on A, then Burroughs/Gedeuv up after that. No score 1 minute into Rahimi/Lebedev.  Step out for Rahimi, 1-0 90 seconds in.  Iguchi up 4-0 against Bonne Rodriguez. Another step out for Rahimi and it's 2-0 after 1. 4-0 Iguchi after 1 against YBR.  Nice single by Rahimi and it's 4-0 in the 2nd!  BIG 4 for YBR, reversal Iguchi makes it 5-4.    Now 4-1 Rahimi after Lebedev gets a step out. 90 to go. Lebedev has no answers, 30 left.  6-1 after another td for Rahimi, he moves on.  Iguchi going to knock off YBR!  8-4 final. 

Jordan Burroughs v Gedeuv NOW ON MAT A!  JB in red, Gedeuv in blue. Lots of hands to the face already and the match is stopped twice.  22 in.  Nothing going on.  Front headlock Gedeuv, can't score.  50 in. JB warned for passivity.   JB's head is bleeding.  1:09 in he's getting cleaned up. Back underway, low single for JB, front headlock for Gedeuv, called back up, 90 seconds in. More blood, probably need to wrap it. Jordan encouraging crowd to cheer.  Back rolling again. Jordan going on the shot clock.  Caution and 1, Gedeuv leads. More blood for JB, I think they're going to wrap it. Just kidding, no wrap.  45 left in the 1st. Passivity warning against Gedeuv.  Single for Gedeuv but can't finish. Period ends.  2nd underway.  Ref keeps getting involved.  Step out for Gedeuv and it's 2-0.  3:45 in.  Single for Gedeuv fought off by Jordan.  90 left. 1 minute left. Step out for Gedeuv makes it 3-0. 54 left. Single right away, JB can't finish.  30 to go.  Takedown late, JB loses 3-2. 

Yazdanichariti takes on Demirtas now.  Up 5-0 now as we start the 2nd.  Shot by Demirtas, defended by Yazdanichariti. The Iranian is into the semis with a 7-0 win, and he will have Usserbayev of Kazakhstan, who just won 4-3.

Time now for the 57kg semis, we have Vladimir Khinchegashvili (GEO) against Vladimir Dubov (BUL) in the top half. Bottom half is Hassan Rahimi (IRI) vs Rei Higuchi (JPN). Higuchi up 2-0 on an exposure, and WOW two takedowns from Dubov on the other side, Khinchegashvili in the hole. And Higuchi just took down Rahimi again! Nobody told this kid he was supposed to lose! Khinchegashvili takes down Dubov and tries to work a lace, but they're back up. Hiuguchi up 4-0 at the break, and Dubov up 4-2 at the break. Higuchi in on that single leg yet again, on Rahimi's right leg. Gets 2 for exposure and up 6-0 now. What a fight from Dubov! Cradled by Khinchegashvili and somehow fights out. First takedown for Rahimi and he tries a lace. Another exposure for Higuchi! He's up 9-3 with 80 seconds left. Rahimi in on a shot and gets two, 9-5 now. Khinche in deep, brings them up and Dubov fours himself! Your Olympic finals at 57kg will be Vladimir Khinchegashvili of Georgia and Rei Higuchi of Japan. Daniel Dennis has been eliminated.

74kg semis here, we need Geduev to win over Hasanov to pull Burroughs back in. Bottom half will be Yazdani Charati against Usserbayev. Yazdani with a takedown on the edge to go up 2-0 early. Good lord, Hasanov gets butt dragged for two. Passive on Geduev 1:14 in, another takedown for Charati and a turn to go up 6-0. HASANOV JACKS UP GEDUEV AND LEADS 4-0!! Yazdani is in the Olympic finals, 10-0 over Usserbayev. Geduev is insanely gassed, lost all his adrenaline. The match with Burroughs was his Super Bowl. Geduev can't do anything, he's locked up ear to ear and is losing ground. Geduev pulls a four out of his butt AND a lace to take the 6-4 lead, but Hasanov challenges. No points on the lace, Azerbaijan loses the challenge and Geduev goes up 5-4. Someone is completely bleeding and Geduev was on his back for several minutes. Geduev is very happy to be bleeding again and gets another breather. The Russian coach pulled the wrap off at the last blood time, very savvy move. A UWW official literally had to pull the Russian coach away to stop messing with Geduev's wrap. Geduev wins 5-4, pulls Burroughs back in. Jordan will have Bekzod the conqueror in repechage.

That completes the morning session, we'll see you at 2pm central time.

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