Updates: Day 1 Olympic Trial Finals

The Olympic Trial day 1 finals get started today at 6 PM CDT.
Weights and Styles Contested Today: Men's Freestyle: 65KG, 125 KG | Women's Freestyle: 58KG, 63KG and 69KG | Greco Roman: 59KG, 66KG, 85KG, 98KG

For full results, scores, and finals matchups go here.

Finals Match 1:
58 WM: Alli Ragan, NYAC vs. Kelsey Campbell, Sunkist
First passive warning on Campbell.Shot clock expires on Ragan after two passivities, Campbell leads 1-0.

High single for Campbell scores a step out, 2-0 Campbell. After a score by Ragan, Campbell holds on for a 2-1 victory in match 1.

66 GR: Pat Smith, MN Storm vs. ReVaughn Perkins, NYAC
Smith picks up his second passivity and Perkins goes into forced par terre. Lift attempt for Perkins is white paddled. 1-0 for Smith after a step out.

Another step out for Smith extends the lead to 2-0. Perkins is put down in forced par terre. Smith closes out a 2-0 victory in match 1.

65 FS: Frank Molinaro, NLWC vs. Aaron Pico, TMWC
Passivity confirmed against Molinaro. Snap by Pico, but he is unable to score. Shot clock violation against Molinaro as he narrowly misses converting a single leg to a step out. 1-0 lead for Pico at the break.

Swim single missed by Pico, Molinaro doesn't quite fully commit to a head pinch. Another shot clock on Molinaro. Pico scores a step out with :10 left on the shot clock. High crotch for Molinaro is scored 4. A challenge comes from Pico's corner. The challenge is successful and Molinaro holds criteria, 2-2. Molinaro gets in on a deep high crotch before Pico exposes him for 2. Pico takes the first match 4-2.

98 GR: Joe Rau, MN Storm vs. Caylor Williams, Army
Huge over-under throw by Williams, he finishes the match by Fall!!!

85 GR: Ben Provisor, NYAC vs. Jake Clark
Passivity against Provisor, his first. Passivity against Clark, one a piece. Clark isn't able to score in forced par terre, still scoreless. Slipped headlock by Clark, they head to the break 0-0.

Provisor gets his chance in forced par terre. Gut wrench scores 2 points for Provisor, 2-0. A late step out finishes the bout 3-0 for Provisor.

69 WM: Tamyra Mensah, TWMC vs. Brittany Roberts, Sunkist
Snap go behind for Mensah, 2-0. High single y Mensah extends the lead with another takedown, 4-0. Still 4-0 at the break.

Another go behind takedown for Mensah, 6-0. Takedown Mensah extends it to 8-0. A caution for fleeing the hold goes against Mensah, 8-1. Mensah holds on for the 8-1 win.

63 WM: Elena Pirozhkova, TMWC vs. Erin Clodgo, Sunkist
Passivity against Clodgo. Pirozhkova scores on a go behind takedown, 2-0. 3-0 at the break for Pirozhkova.

Pirozhkova gets put on the shot clock and gives up the caution and point when it expires. 3-1 Pirozhkova with :30 to go. Pirozhkova closes out match 1, 3-1.

59 GR: Ildar Hafizov, Army vs. Jesse Thielke, NYAC
Thielke picks up his second passivity call and Hafizov will get a chance in forced par terre. Two false starts against Hafizov gives Thielke 2 points and Hafizov is issued a caution.

Passivity against Hafizov gives Thielke chance in forced par terre. No score and they are back up on their feet. High dive by Hafizov is countered with a whizzer by Thielke for 2 points. 4-0 Jess Thielke. A challenge by Hafizov is lost and Thielke extends the lead to 5-0. Thielke almost kills Hafizov with a 5 point body lock to finish off match 1, 10-0!

125 FS: Tervel Dlagnev, Sunkist vs. Zach Rey, LVWC
Passivity goes against Rey :41 into the match. Passivity against Dlagnev puts him on the shot clock. The shot clock expires and it's 1-0 Rey at the break.

Low single by Dlagnev is converted and he leads 2-1. Rey goes on the shot clock and is unable to create a score. Dlagnev leads 3-1. Dlagnev fends off the late attacks by Rey and wins match 1, 3-1.

Finals Match 2:
58 WM: Alli Ragan, NYAC vs. Kelsey Campbell, Sunkist
Passivity goes against Campbell :45 into the match. Passivity goes against Ragan to give each wrestler one call. A shot clock violation against Cambell opens the scoring for Ragan, 1-0. At the break it is 1-0 Ragan.

Passivity goes against Ragan and she is on the shot clock. Campbell is able to fend off a low single and earns the caution against Ragan and 1 point, 1-1 Campbell with criteria advantage. Passivity puts Campbell back on the shot clock. Campbell scores a step out right before the shot clock expires, 2-1 Campbell.

Campbell wins the series two matches to zero, she will be the Olympian in Rio if she can qualify the weight class in Mongolia or Turkey.

65 FS: Frank Molinaro, NLWC vs. Aaron Pico, TMWC
Heavy hands by Pico has Molinaro off balance early. Passivity goes against Molinaro. Passivity goes against Pico before he scores a high crotch for 2-point exposure, 2-0 Pico. Pico was not ready for the whistle and Molinaro blows through a double to make it 2-2. Molinaro holds the 2-2 criteria lead at the break.

A switch from Molinaro out of Pico's high crotch gives him a 4-2 lead. Shot clock for Molinaro. Pico scores the point on the shot clock violation. Several late attempts from Pico fail and Molinaro takes the bout 4-3. THEY WILL WRESTLE A THIRD BOUT FOR THE SPOT!

66 GR: Pat Smith, MN Storm vs. ReVaughn Perkins, NYAC
Pat Smith scores on a step out to take a 1-0 lead. A second passivity call against Perkins will give Smith a chance on top.

Smith turns Perkins around at the boundary line to score another step out, 2-0. Perkins scores a caution and 2 for Smith fleeing the hold. 2-2 criteria to Perkins. Perkins will force a third match with a 2-2 criteria victory.

98 GR: Joe Rau, MN Storm vs. Caylor Williams, Army
A second passivity call against Rau puts him down in forced par terre. Williams scores on a correct lift from the par terre position. 2-0 at the break for Williams.

Williams is put down in par terre after a passivity call. Rau gets a gut confirmed for 2, but the challenge block comes flying in. The lost challenge puts another point on the board for Rau, 3-2. Rau scores a takedown to ice the match and force a third bout in the series. 5-2 win for Rau.

59 GR: Ildar Hafizov, Army vs. Jesse Thielke, NYAC
Thielke drags to a takedown for a 2-0 lead. Hafizov is called for a leg foul to take a coring maneuver away. 2-0 Thielke at the break.

Thielke defends in forced par tare to keep a 2-0 advantage. Hafizov scores on a body lock, but just a one point step out. 2-1 lead for Thielke. High dive for Thielke takes Hafizov to his back for two points. After a challenge Thielke scores four points for feet to danger on Hafizov's arch before Hafizov scores two points on the counter exposure. A lost challenge makes the final 9-3 Thielke and he will have the opportunity to qualify the weight in Mongolia and Turkey.

69 WM: Tamyra Mensah, TWMC vs. Brittany Roberts, Sunkist
Double leg from Mensah scores the opening takedown while she was on the shot clock, 2-0 Mensah. Mensah scores another takedown to finish the period, 4-0.

Mensah extends the lead to 6-0 with a takedown to open the second period. Mensah seals her spot up with another takedown to win 8-1. She will need to qualify the weight to earn her trip to Rio.

63 WM: Elena Pirozhkova, TMWC vs. Erin Clodgo, Sunkist
Snatch single for Pirozhkova scores four points as she takes her straight to danger, 4-0 Pirozhkova. Clodgo misses on a single leg and she trails 4-0 at the break.

Pirozhkova takes Clodgo over with a nearside cradle for two points before the fall is confirmed at 3:59! Pirozhkova to Rio as Clodgo qualified the weight at the Pan-Am Qualifier.

85 GR: Ben Provisor, NYAC vs. Jake Clark
Provisor covers Clark as he tripped to the mat to take a 2-0 lead. Passivity goes against Provisor to give Clark a chance on top. A caution is issued to Provisor and two points go on the board, 2-2. Provisor reverses Clark to his back and scores the fall in 2:30. Clark challenges for a leg foul. 

The call is upheld and Provisor is a two-time Olympian headed to Rio.

125 FS: Tervel Dlagnev, Sunkist vs. Zach Rey, LVWC
Rey picks up his first passivity call before the favor is return against Dlagnev, one call a piece. Rey goes on the shot clock and is unable to create a scoring action. He trails 1-0 and has a caution against him. 1-0 Dlagnev at the break.

Dlagnev is put on the shot clock. Rey pinches off to get the shot clock to expire. A low single by Dlagnev is countered by Rey with a crotch lock for two, 3-1 Rey. Dlagnev responds with a takedown and leads 3-3 criteria advantage. Dlagnev scores a go behind takedown after Rey was in on a deep low single. 

Dlagnev is headed to Rio after he qualified the weight the the Pan-Am Olympic Games Qualifier.

Finals Match 3:
65 FS: Frank Molinaro, NLWC vs. Aaron Pico, TMWC
Passivity goes against Molinaro to start the bout. Pico now picks up a passive warning. Molinaro has the shot clock expire on him and trails 1-0. Molinaro with a big chest wrap for four point, 4-1 Molinaro.

Milliner gives up a go behind takedown off of his high crotch, 4-3 Molinaro. Molinaro goes on another shot clock. He gives up the point, but holds on to win 4-4 criteria advantage. 

Molinaro will be off to Mongolia to try to qualify the weight class.

66 GR: Pat Smith, MN Storm vs. ReVaughn Perkins, NYAC
​​Perkins makes the most of a forced par terre opportunity with two gut wrenches and an elbow pinch as Smith worked for a reversal. The challenge block comes in from Smith's corner. The challenge overturns the last exposure and Perkins leads 4-0. Caution and two for Smith as he takes Perkins out of bounds. 4-2 Perkins at the break. 

Perkins is warned for passivity. A second passivity call puts Perkins down. He counters the lift of Smith and plants him for four. A lost challenge makes it 9-2, Perkins. 

Perkins wins 9-2 and will need to pack his bags for Mongolia in two weeks.

98 GR: Joe Rau, MN Storm vs. Caylor Williams, Army
Passivity against Williams puts him down in forced par terre. Two gut wrenches by Rau opens up a 4-0 lead.

Passivity against Rau gives Williams an opportunity in par terre. Williams converts a lift to body lock for four points. Williams has criteria edge, 4-4. Williams scores a step out to extend the lead to 5-4. A high dive from Rau gives him a 6-5 lead with exposure. Rau holds on to win 6-5.

Rau will join the others that are not qualified on the trip to Mongolia.

59KG: Ryan Mango v. Ildar Hafizov
Mango tries throwing an underhook over the top but defended by Ildar. Ildar working a tie but Mango counters and Ildar bellies down. 2-0 at the 1:40 mark. Now Ildar showing some urgency, really looking to make his russian tie work and tries a throw. It gets cheers but no points. He powers through a high dive and gets two. But he ended up on the legs. Scoreboard 2-2 at the break bur there will be a challenge. Call is upheld and Ildar gets another point.
Russian by Mango and Ildar pulls it tight. Arm drag almost works for Mango but Ildar spins all the way through. It does cause a second passivity and Mango will get to work from top. Mango almost has his grip put Ildar stands and steps over for the reversal point. He has Mango lifted and gets a big 4. 8-2 now halfway through the 2nd. Pace slows now as we go under a minute. With :14 to go a caution and 2 is called against Hafizov, i believe for blocking. 8-4 final.

59KG: Spenser Mango v. Jesse Thielke
Mango leading with his right as both guys try to establish ties. Thielke in a seat belt position trying to turn the corner but Mango circles. Thielke pulls it into double unders but Mango is out of trouble. Thielke get hit for passive at 1:25. His first warning. Mango goes for an ill advised arm spin and Thielke capitalizes! Takedown and two turns and he's up 6-0! Wow. :30 to go in the period. Mango has a hole to dig out of. Now at the break.
Thielke looks for arm spin early. But only half attempt. He's focusing on Mango's left. Mango has head and arm but leaves it go, changes levels and almost has a duck. Halfway through a scoreless second and Mango forces a spin. Thielke counters for the tech.

Spenser takes off his shoes and the crowd rises. Thank you, Spenser. You're a legend.

65KG: Logan Stieber v. Frank Molinaro
Shot by Logie blocked off by Tank. High pace for Logan early. Frank goes on the clock at 1:50. No score. So 1-0 Logan at 1:20. Logan continues to take shots from outside. Logan shoots now from an underhook but Frank circles and pushes him out. 1-1. at :40. Frank looks to expose on a quasi-cradle from front head but nothing. End 1.
Back to action. Stieber has been a shooting machine, but most without set ups. Beautiful snap by Logan has Frank all off balance and he converts low around both ankles, 3-1. Logie just keeps coming, but Frank sort of falls into a shot on the edge that's stalemated. On the restart, beautiful Hi-C by Frank, lifts and 4! 5-3 Frank!
Shot Logie, reshot Frank. Long scramble. Looks like Frank coming out back door but eventually stalemated. :30 to go! Logan pushing pace. Drives Frank to edge. Frank looks to push out but Logan ole's it for 2! 5-5. Molinaro holding criteria. That's it. Frank to the finals!

65KG: Reece Humphrey v. Aaron Pico
Heavy hands by Pico per usual. Reece cautious early. Pico finds a high single and converts just under the 2:00 mark. He's back on the attack chasing down another single but just gets the pushout. 3-0 halfway. He's really moving Reece around now and gets another pushout. Working on another standing single Pico kind of goes out on his own and Reece gets a point. High, high pace that Reece can't keep up with. Pico scores a takedown. 6-1, end of 1.
Back to action, Reece fakes Hi-C but Pico too strong and square, so he tries a front head pincher and Pico capitalizes for 2. 8-1. Reece going crazy now trying to get back in this thing but Pico counters twice for a 12-1 tech.

58KG: Alli Ragan v. Kayla Miracle
Ragan with a low stance with fake shots from space. She finds a low single and picks it up. Ragan walks Miracle to the edge before backtripping for the 2. Another Ragan shot and she works on it for a while but Miracle eventually rubber legs out. Miracle in deep now and into a seatbelt position on their knees. It's called 2 and that's how we go to the break.
Dump attempt by Miracle doesn't work but when they break, Miracle goes for it again and this time gets it! 4-2 at 2:09. Shot from space by Ragan and she's in deep. Miracle bouncing on a leg and Ragan converts to tie things up. 1:00 to go. Shot by Miracle stuffed by Ragan. She's trying to suck it up but they call them neutral w/ :40. Miracle shot again but Ragancircles behind. 6-4 and that will do it. Alli Ragan to the finals.

58KG: Teshya Alo v. Kelsey Campbell
Rematch from SR National finals won by Alo. Not much action and Alo called passive 1 minute in. Alo picks her spots. Sweep single to the right scores cleanly. 2-0 with a minute to go. Cambell active but cautious and that's the way the first ends.
Shot from Alo but from way far out. Campbell picks up the tie off it and is controlling things for quite a while. Halfway through and Campbell finds a single and gets rear standing. Alo in a quad pod that Campbell eventually breaks down. 2-2 Campbell leads. Under a minute now. Campbell controlling Alo's wrists preventing any shot. Desperation shot countered by Campbell and it's a 4-2 win for Campbell.

85KG: Jon Anderson v. Jake Clark
Anderson holding center. And he has Clark way off balance. Clark called passive after :45. Clark passive again w/ 1:14 left and goes underneath. Anderson doesn't really come close to getting his lock and they go back up. Anderson pushing the pace but Clark with a nice drag that almost scores a takedown. He does get the pushout off it though. 1-0 Clark at the break.
Anderson (somehow) called for passive and goes underneath. Clark scores on front headlock! But Anderson counters for the reversal and gets a lift and score. It's 5-3 Clark. Anderson an ill-advised attempt that Clark counters for another 4! Wow. The old vet Jake Clark. He leads 9-3 with 1 minute left. Working front head again he nearly gets his third 4, but just 2. 11-3 tech and he's into the finals opposite Provisor who upset Holm.

63KG: Amanda Hendey v. Erin Clodgo
These two got in a fight in last year's US Open. Keep it clean, ladies. Hendey looks for a dump after a slow first minute but nothing doing. Clodgo called for passive. Hendey looks ankle pick but Clodgo comes over the top with a super heavy whizzer and Hendey gets a passive. Clodgo in on a deep Hi C and trying to convert. She does at :45 to go. Nothing the rest of the way and we hit the break. Clodgo, 2-0.
Clodgo heavy with an over hook then separates and gets a snatch single that works. 4-0. Halfway through and Hendey takes a shot. Good whizzer again by Clodgo, but Hendey works through it and cuts the deficit in half. 4-2. :42 to go. Shot by Hendey has Clodgo on a hip. She tries to finish Iranian but Clodgo works out and counters. 6-2 final.

125KG: Tervel Dlagnev v. Dom Bradley
Slow pace early. Scoreless first minute and Dom gets warned. And then goes on the clock at 1:30. Tervel 1-0 when that expires. No real attempt by either guy. Dom warned for being across the throat in front head. End of 1.
Second begins with Tervel low single that scores and he gets a turn with it. 5-0 a minute into the second. Patty cake for a long while until Dom gets standing front head and works a pushout. 5-1. Tervel back into the finals!

125KG: Nick Gwiazdowski v. Zach Rey
A couple fakes and a snatch single attempt by Gwiz but Rey clamps down on his head before releasing. :45 gone by. That snatch single works for Gwiz who scores halfway through. Nothing much the rest of the way and we hit the break.
Rey with a half shot but Gwiz circles back in. A minute gone by without much action. Gwiz goes on the clock halfway through and gives up a point. It's 2-1 with a minute to go and Gwiz has blood. Just a short break and back underway. Rey shot and Gwiz might have had a counter available but Rey squared up well. Another shot by Rey and he gets it to 2-2 with a pushout but trials on criteria. Rey is chasing him down. Gwiz steps out! 3-2 Rey! Gwiz will challenge. Call stands. 4-2 Rey wins. Into the finals vs. Tervel.

65KG: Brent Metcalf v. Frank Molinaro
A lot of handfighting between these two. Shot clock for Molinaro and there's 1 for Brent. High C for Brent and now it's 2-0. End of first.
Back to action with heavy ties and digging for underhooks. Metcalf shoots but off balance and Frank gets 2 exposure. 2-2.
Frank goes on the clock 1:35 left. The point comes and Metcalf leads 3-2. Frank in Deep with short time. Standing single. Metcalf bouncing and Frank gets
a pushout with :13. Metcalf coming hard. Time expires. Down goes Metcalf.

65KG: Zain Retherford v. Logan Stieber
Zain scores early on a single. Stieber fires off a double right off the whistle and Zain drags to a counter but can't finish. Wrap arm from Zain scores at 1:10. Logie in super deep and gets the 2. Looking for a lace but time expires. 4-2 at the break.
Handfighting through the first :30 but then it's a Logie wrap arm to tie it. He's working an arm bar but it's called dead much to the chagrin of the crowd. Blood time out.
1:30, double by Logie scores clean. Back up. 6-4.
Nice head snap by Zain, working on a drag again but Logie snags a leg and a huge 2. 8-4 w/ :40. High pace for Zain and he gets 2 w/ :22. :14 on restart. Ref stops it with :07. Front head for Zain but Logan hangs on, 8-6.

65KG: Jordan Oliver v. Aaron Pico
Jordan with an outside half shot drives Pico to the edge and gets a push out. Pico taking ground and Oliver finds a low angle. He picks it up, loses it, but then Pico slips and he picks up the 2. 3-0 Oliver halfway. Level change by Pico but Oliver transitions to a leg. But he slips and Pico gets a counter 2. Oliver back in on shot and gets a push out. high pace. 4-2 at the break.
Low double by Oliver right off the whistle. Stuffed by Pico. Sweeping single gets Pico on one foot before Oliver drives through it. 6-2. Pico fires right back and scores two on a standing single. 6-4. Heavy snap by Pico into the snatch single and he gets a push out. 6-5. 1:48. Let's see if Oliver can maintain pace. Wrap arm finished called 2 for Oliver on the edge. These guys are trading blows. Pico with one on the edge, 8-7. This is awesome. Pico runs Oliver to the edge and gets in on a single. Finishes, 9-8. Pico's first lead. :55. Snap by Pico. Oliver counters for a push out. 9-9 with :34 left. Pico blasts through a shot. 11-9. Oliver coming, Pico defending. He holds on!

85KG: Jordan Holm v. Mark Stenberg
Holm right to his tie and dictating action early. He forces a passive call at 2:22. The second one comes at 1:54. Strong pace early for Holm as he puts Stenberg down. Get his grip and digs hard to the right. Doesn't look like he's gonna get it, but then the back arch seals it. He readjusts and gets two more turns to the right. Just like that. 6-0. Back on our feet and it's not long until Holm's pace forces a caution and 1 and Stenberg is right back in par terre. Strong gut and there's the tech.

85KG: Ben Provisor vs. Patrick Martinez
A 2012 Olympian vs. last year's WTM. Underhook for Martinez right away. Then he goes under-overs and snaps a headlock off it, but Provisor counters and gets rear standing. He back arches for 4! Provisor keeps faking this high-low motion. He looks nonchalant. Short time and that's how the first will close.
Provisor warned for leading with his head right off the start. Martinez to his underhook but looks like he's not powerful enough to do anything with it. Provisor simply lat pulls out of it. Provisor's second caution and he goes underneath. Martinez trying to get his grip but great work by Provisor who continually crawls forward. Later, with :30, Provisor gives up a point on a caution but Martinez keeps them neutral. 4-1 final for Provisor.

58KG: Teshya Alo v. Jenna Burkert
Burkert initiates contact. She's using an underhook and eventual scores from front head. The 2-0 lead goes under the 1:00 mark. Alo staying square and Burkert trying to control wrists. At :48 Alo finds an angle on a sweep single and ties things up. That takes us to the break.
Burkert taking ground and Alo wants space. Burkert finds a leg and works on a finish for quite a while but Alo elavates with her inside leg and gets a pushout. 3-2 Alo, who is injured. During the injury, Burkert's challenge was confirmed. She gets the pushout and the 3-2 lead and she's back in on another shot. Really deep. But a counter by Alo! She puts Burkert on her back. It's awarded 2 and 2. Scoreboard shows 5-4 Burkert, but Alo's corner will challenge. It's taking a long time. The brick is coming back. It's 6-3 Alo. 2 and 2 apparently. Back to action and Alo's pace slows while Burkert is working. From front head she circles for a TD that makes it 6-5. A long time in par Terre. They come back up at :35 and Alo is slow getting back to the center.Shot Burkert, counter by Alo who is behind but Burkert controls the wrist. Scramble and Alo comes out on top, 8-5 and time expires.

69KG: Tamyra Mensah v. Veronica Carlson
5-0 Mensah at the break. She's looking as tough as ever right now. Underway now again. Mensah clearing Carlson's underhook. 2:23 to go. Mensah witha go behind to go up 7-0 and now looking for an arm bar. Mensah looks considerably stronger than ever. Sick re-attack by Mensah and boy does she look sharp! Mensah moves on.

125KG: Tervel Dlagnev v. Connor Medbery
Medbery heavy on the head early. Really heavy. Works it for about :45 seconds. But ref warns Medbery and he goes on the clock. No score and Tervel takes a 1-0 lead at 1:06. Shot fakes by both guys and Tervel finds an ankle pic that drives Medbery out. Just 1. 2-0 Tervel. Then, Boom. Right off the whistle a takedown and a series of half guts/tips that get him the tech.

Saturday Round 1 Morning Session:
65KG: Frank Molinaro v. Kellen Russell
Tied up in a 2 on 1 from Russell. Push out for Molinaro early in the first. He leads 1-0. Another step out for Frank. 2-0 Molinaro. Flurry of points makes it 6-1 Molinaro with 2:00 to go in the 2nd. Now 9-1 lead for Molinaro. Hi c for 4 makes it 13-1 Molinaro but it's under review. Molinaro takes it!

65KG: Logan Stieber v. BJ Futrell
Stieber in on a leg immediately and beats the whizzer of Futrell for a 2-0 lead early. Another shot with a cutback finish by Stieber and now it's 4-0 with 1:33 to go in the first. Logan shoots, Logan scores. Common theme. 6-0 Logan after 1. TD to a lace finishes it in the 2nd for Logan! Wow. 10-0 Logan Stieber over Futrell.

65KG: Jimmy Kennedy v. Dean Heil
Pushout early for Jimmy. Then a quick TD and a gut to make it 5-0 right away! 3 more and it's 8-0 Kennedy. Another shot and Heil looks drag go bbehind and takes down Kennedy. Kennedy gets the tech soon after the takedown by Heil.

65KG: Zain Retherford v. James Green
Underway here and both guys are moving and hand fighting. Double by Green for 2. He works for a lace but Zain fights it off. 2-0 James. TD for Retherford! Retherford takes it over for 2 more and it's 5-2 Retherford at the break! Another td for Retherford and it's 7-2 Zain! Another 2 off a single for Zain and now it's 9-2! Zain does it! 9-2 final over World Bronze Green!

65KG: Jayson Ness v. Aaron Pico
Ness gets in deep on a shot and finishes, now he takes Pico over a few times and now it's 8-0 just like that for Ness! Pico storming back now and it's 9-6 Ness! TD to a lace for Pico and now it's 10-9 Aaron. Now it's 12-9 Pico after another takedown by Aaron. Now more turns for Aaron and it's 16-9 Pico! 16 unanswered!? 20-9 final for Pico! What a response. 20 UNANSWERED!? His pace was amazing.

65KG: Reece Humphrey v. Jason Chamberlain
No score after the first 30 seconds here. Takedown for Reece and it's 2-0 for Hump. It's 4-1 now for Humphrey with 2:10 to go. It's a takedown for Chamberlain and then a td for Hump to make it 6-3 with 1:04 to go in the 2nd. 6-3 final for Reece Humphrey!

58KG: Kelsey Campbell v. Arian Carpio
Kelsey up 6-0 early, now it's 7-0 after another step out. She looks very sharp. Campbell gets the win and moves on!

63KG: Leigh Jaynes-Provisor vs Hannah Jewel
Unreal! World medalist Jaynes-Provisor goes down in round 1 13-10!

58KG: Teshya Alo vs Megan Black
Alo is the hot name right now at this weight. She jumps out to a 4-0 lead QUICKLY. Black exposes Teshya in an odd scramble situation. Teshya answers with a takedown of her own and a turn now it's 8-2 for Teshya. 27 to go in the 1st. Takedown for Alo and it's 10-2 at the break. A great counter by Alo for the 12-2 tech.

125KG: Connor Medbery vs Eric Thompson
Whizzer kickover for Medbery 4! Too slick. Big thud. Another leg attack for Medbery and it's 6-0. End of 1. 2nd period now and it's 8-3 Medbery. That's your final! Medbery looks sharp.

125KG: Bobby Telford vs Justin Grant
Telford comes out to a nice ovation from the Iowa crowd. No score yet. Telford warned for passivity. Telford on the clock. Grant goes single to double for 2 and now has a gut locked and it's 4-0 Grant! Shot by Telford but exposure from Grant makes it 6-0 now! Telford gets on the board as it's 6-3 but time is running out. Grant holds on for the 6-3 final.

125KG: Tony Nelson v. Matt Meuleners
Quick 2 for Nelson with 2:30 to go in the 1st. Step out for Nelson. 3-0. 6-0 Tony at the break.

59KG: Nikko Triggas v. Ryan Mango
It's scoreless early as they're in over/under position. Triggas put underneath Mango. Two 4 pointers by Mango and the match could be DONE.

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FRL 354: The 133lb Pecking Order & Iowa Puts It On Wisconsin


FRL 354: The 133lb Pecking Order, Iowa Puts It On Wisconsin, and Oklahoma State Ends Missouri's Streak

Top 10 Upsets In Oklahoma State vs Iowa History


This is one of the best dual meet rivalries in NCAA wrestling. Iowa and Oklahoma State have arguably the most historical programs to date with iconic history making coaches at the helm for both of them. 

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State Championships Recap: "The I's"

There were a multitude of state championships staged around the country this week. And the "I's" take precedence: Iowa, Illinois and Indiana offer the most results of national impact.

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Complete List Of 2019 National Prep Qualifiers


With each of the 2019 National Prep qualifiers wrapped up, we now have the complete list of qualifiers.

Top JR Gerrit Nijenhuis Commits


One of the Top Juniors comes off the board today as Canon McMillian's Gerrit Nijenhuis has made his decision.

Match Notes: Michigan vs Rutgers


One of the biggest duals of the weekend, thanks to a titanic matchup at 133-pounds between #1 Stevan Micic and #4 Nick Suriano. Follow along below as we bring you live updates of the dual meet. 

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Oklahoma State Ends Missouri's 35 Dual Winning Streak, 19-15

Oklahoma State had to dig deep and win the last three bouts to end Missouri's 35 match dual win streak.  Check out the match notes below for details for each bout as well as final match scores.

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