Super Bowl Bound Broncos' Linebacker Shaq Barrett Credits Wrestling

What's that, another football player giving the world's oldest sport some credit for his success on the gridiron? Yup. That's right. This time it's Super Bowl bound Broncos Linebacker Shaq Barrett who talked about his days as a 215-pound state champ from Baltimore, Maryland. In an interview with Vic Lombardi of CBS Denver back in October, Barrett discusses his high school days on the mat.

There have been so many NFL and NCAA football players that have given a ton of credit to our sport for making them the athletes they are between the lines. A while back we had Florida State Linebacker Reggie Northrup and now Barrett saying how much wrestling has helped them on the field. 

Workouts You Need To Build Raw Power

Garage Strength Tour

When I think raw power the first wrestler that comes to mind is multiple time World and Olympic Champion, Kyle Snyder. If you follow him on instagram (which I don’t know why you wouldn’t) you’d see him putting up monster weight. 

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