Freestyle Pound For Pound Rankings

The pound for pound rankings will be a little more subjective than the weight class rankings. Outside factors besides beyond credentials will be considered. Strength of weight class and competition will be heavily considered. You may see bronze medalists ahead of gold medalists due to competition at the weight classes. This will not be a list of most credentialed wrestlers.

I will also use subjectivity when viewing some results. The Yowlys Bonne Rodriguez loss to Viktor Lebedev is a perfect example. I rated Bonne Rodriguez ahead of Lebedev going into their match at worlds. The controversial match was marred by shot clock violations, missed confirmation on a caution, and a correct hold that confused everyone when Lebedev still held criteria advantage. You will find Bonne Rodriguez on the pound for pound list, you won’t find Lebedev. Nothing in their match changed my mind to believe Lebedev was the better wrestler.

Keep an eye out for full freestyle rankings in the middle of each month. Criteria used for those rankings is available below the pound for pound list.

Freestyle Ranking Criteria

- All reported results will be taken into consideration.

- A three-year running window of results will be considered with an emphasis on the most recent results.

- Importance of event will take precedent over recency. (ie. A win at the World Championships in September will take precedent over a Grand Prix win the following January)

- Weight class will be based off of competition weight. Wrestlers will be ranked at the weight that they have most recently had two consecutive weigh-ins at (any kilo allowances for a tournament do not affect this).

- One calendar year of inactivity will place wrestlers on the inactive list.

- Rankings be updated monthly and released around the 15th

- Olympic years will only rank Olympic weights. (ie. 61kg and 70kg will be suspended January 2016 until January 2017)

Gable Steveson Set To Make Debut Against OK. State

285 lbs S - Christian Lance, NE-Unattached vs Gable Steveson, MN Unattached

The time has come for the redshirt to come off of Gable Steveson.

7 Reasons To Rock Out To #11 Lehigh vs #5 Michigan

174 lbs, q, Myle Amine, Michigan vs Jordan Kutler, Lehigh

Ladies and gentlemen, whom amongst you desires to rock? Because the Crisler Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is hosting a monster dual meet between two rad wrestling teams, the Moutain Hawks of Lehigh and hometown Wolverines.

U23 World Championships Update

97 kg Rr Rnd 1 - Kollin Moore, Ohio State vs Kyle Conel, Golden Pride WC

We're already most of the way through the U23 World Championships in Bucharest, Romania. Our Greco-Roman and women's freestyle teams have wrapped up their tournaments. Additionally, half the men's freestyle team had their preliminary matches today. Tomorrow will see the medal matches for those guys and prelims for the final five Americans, followed by medal matches for those last five weights on the ultimate day of the event. 

5 Reasons To Watch OK State vs Minnesota

285 lbs Dual - Rylee Streifel, Minnesota vs Derek White, Okst

The Oklahoma State road trip will head to Minnesota after taking on South Dakota State to get it’s dual meet season going. 

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2018-19 Preseason Girls National High School Rankings

USA Wrestling, FloWrestling and the National Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum are again partnered to create its preseason national rankings for high school girls wrestlers for the 2018-19 season.

What 2 Watch 4: There's Almost Too Much Wrestling This Weekend

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NCAA Week 3 Live On Flo

FloWrestling is streaming a plethora of wrestling events this weekend. Do you know what a plethora is? Well no worries, this link will make the definition crystal clear. 

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Why You Have To Watch Lindenwood Open

125 lbs Malik Heinselman vs Brakan Mead

You should definitely check out the entries for this year’s Lindenwood Open, taking a look at that will make you immediately set your alarm to make sure you don’t miss a second of the action starting Saturday morning.

Week 3 College Odds

165 lbs Consi of 4 - Evan Wick, Wisconsin vs Isaiah White, Nebraska

Week 3 odds are up on BetDSI (you must be logged in to view).

BRACKASTROLOGY I: The First Brackastrology

125 lbs Final - Sean Fausz, NC State vs Daton Fix, UN-Oklahoma State

What is Brackastrology? It is an appeal to the stars for their celestial wisdom. It is an attempt by mere mortals to divine the future. It is two ding dongs, specifically Spey and Nomad, giving their best effort at projecting what the NCAA Tournament brackets will look like. 

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Full Lindenwood Open Entries

141 lbs Q - Jaydin Eierman, Missouri vs Matt Findlay, UN-Utah Valley

There will be a ton of the countries best wrestlers in the mix this weekend at the Lindenwood Open.