Men's Junior Worlds Results

Sunday, August 16th

The 6th and final day of Junior Worlds goes down today!  Micic, Pico, Valencia and Butler will take the mat for Team USA. Links and Information via United World Wrestling

55kg R1: Ravi Kumar, IND dec Stevan Micic, 12-8
55kg CS: Stevan Micic tf. Samuel Jagas (CAN), 10-0
BRONZE: Stevan Micic dec. Zanabazar Zandanbud (MGL), 6-0

66kg R2: *Aaron Pico tf Balasz Kiss, HUN, 11-0
*Returning JR World Silver Medalist
66kg QF: Aaron Pico tf. Ilyas Zhumay, KAZ, 10-0
66kg SF: Teymur Mammadov (AZE) dec. Aaron Pico, 7-7
BRONZE: Aaron Pico dec. Enes Uslu (TUR), 13-4

84kg R2: Zahid Valencia tf Ben. Opitz (GER), 10-0
84kg QF: Musalaliev Arsen Ali (RUS) dec. Zahid Valencia, 7-4

120kg QF: Nathan Butler dec *Beka Kandelaki (GEO), 6-2
*Kandelaki was 5th at JR Worlds last year and a Silver Medalist at Cadet Worlds in 2012
120kg SF: Said Gamidov (AZE) dec. Nathan Butler, 5-1
Nathan Butler dec. Kamil Kosciulek (POL), 2-1

Final U.S. Placings


Spencer Lee




Stevan Micic




Joey McKenna




Aaron Pico




Mark Hall




Zahid Valencia




Anthony Cassar




Nathan Butler




Team USA



Finals Matchups
55kg GOLD:
 Mahir Amiraslanov (AZE) tf. Ravi Kumar (IND), 10-0
55kg BRONZE: 
Stevan Micic (USA) dec. Zanabazar Zandanbud (MGL), 6-0
55kg BRONZE:
Badrudinov Khasankhusein (RUS) dec.  Mohammad Namjou Motlagh (IRI), 6-4

66kg: GOLD: 
Teymur Mammadov (AZE) dec. Yuhi Fujinami (JPN), 6-6
66kg BRONZE: 
Aaron Pico (USA) dec. Enes Uslu (TUR), 13-4
66kg BRONZE: 
Sidakov Zaurbek (RUS) dec. Avtabdil Kentchadze (GEO), 9-4

84kg GOLD: 
Mojtaba Goleij (IRI) tf. Dzianis Khramiankou (BLR), 12-2
84kg BRONZE: 
Musalaliev Arsen Ali (RUS) dec. Shota Shirai (JPN), 5-1
84kg BRONZE:
 Iliskhan Chilayev (KAZ) dec. Krysztof Sadowick (POL), 5-2

120kg GOLD: 
Said Gamidov (AZE) tf. Amin Taheri (IRI), 14-3
120kg BRONZE: 
Nathan Butler (USA) dec. Kamil Kosciulek (POL), 2-1
120kg BRONZE: 
Yunus Dede (TUR) dec. Krivtsov Ravel (RUS), 8-5

Semifinal Results
Ravi Kumar (IND) dec. Zanabazar Zandanbud (MGL) 9-9
Mahir Amiraslanov (AZE) dec. Mohammad Namjou Motlagh (IRI), 4-2

Teymur Mammadov (AZE) dec. Aaron Pico (USA), 7-7
Yuhi Fujinami (JPN) dec. Sidakov Zaurbek (RUS), 5-4

Dzianis Khramiankou (BLR) dec. Krysztof Sadowick (POL), 8-4
Mojtaba Goleij (IRI) tf. Musalaliev Arsen Ali (RUS), 13-3

Said Gamidov (AZE) dec. Nathan Butler (USA), 5-1
Amin Taheri (IRI) dec. Yunus Dede (TUR), 7-2

Quarterfinal Results
Zanabazar Zandanbud (MGL) tf. Edemi Bolkvadze (GEO), 12-1
Ravi Kumar (IND) dec. Samuel Jagas (CAN), 9-5
Mahir Amiraslanov (AZE) dec. Badrudinov Khasankhusein (RUS), 11-2
Mohammad Namjou Motlagh (IRI) dec. Sezgin Pismisoglu (TUR), 6-3

Aaron Pico (USA) tf. Ilyas Zhumay (KAZ), 10-0
66kg: Teymur Mammadov (AZE) tf. Enes Uslu (TUR), 10-0
66kg: Sidakov Zaurbek (RUS) dec. Antony Montero (VEN), 9-2
66kg: Yuhi Fujinami (JPN) FALL Avtabdil Kentchadze (GEO), 3:34

84kg: Krysztof Sadowick (POL) tf. Michael Eugene Gaitskill (RSA), 10-0
84kg: Dzianis Khramiankou (BLR) tf. Praveen Kumar (IND), 11-1
84kg: Musalaliev Arsen Ali (RUS) dec. Zahid Valencia (USA), 7-4
84kg: Mojtaba Goleij (IRI) tf. Shota Shirai (JPN), 11-0 

120kg: Nathan Butler (USA) dec. Beka Kandelaki (GEO), 6-2
120kg: Said Gamidov (AZE) FALL Kamil Kosciulek (POL), 5:04
120kg: Yunus Dede (TUR) tf. Khaled Omr Zaki (EGY), 10-0
120kg: Amin Taheri (IRI) dec. Krivtsov Ravel (RUS), 5-2

Saturday, August 15th

Day one of men's freestyle is in the books.  Team USA had a mixed bag of results with the bright spot coming with Spencer Lee's dominance en route to a Junior World title.

Joey McKenna missed weight at 60kg

Links and Information via United World Wrestling

50kg: R1 - *Spencer Lee tf. Roman Gutsulyak (UKR), 10-0
*2014 Cadet World Champion. 
50kg: R2 - Spencer Lee tf. *Drahan Kalkanov (KAZ), 12-2
*Kalkanov won the 46kg Cadet World title in 2013.
50kg: QF-  Spencer Lee tf. Roberti Dingashvili (GEO), 10-0
50kg SF -  Spencer Lee tf. Bhart Datil (IND), 12-2
50kg F - Spencer Lee tf. Alireza Goodarzi (IRI), 10-0

74kg: R1 - *
Mark Hall dec. Yayuro Yamasaki, JPN, 6-2
*2014 Cadet World Champion
- Yamasaki was Bronze in Hall's Cadet World bracket last year.
74kg: R2 - Mark Hall p. Murad Suleymanov (AZE), 5:34
74kg: QF - Peter Nagy (HUN) dec. Mark Hall, 4-2

96kg: R1 - Anthony Cassar tf. Kristof Wittmann (HUN), 12-0
96kg: QF - Roubel Singh (IND) FALL Anthony Cassar, 1:55

Finals Matchups
50kg GOLD: Spencer Lee (USA) tf. Alireza Goodarzi (IRI), 10-0
50kg BRONZE: Arif Huseynov (AZE) dec. Razmik Misakyan (ARM), 4-2
50kg BRONZE: Roman Gutsulyak (UKR) dec. Bhart Datil (IND), 6-2

60kg GOLD: Iman Sadeghikoukandeh (IRI) tf. Ibrahim Abdelhamid (EGY), 12-2
60kg BRONZE: Dimitar Ivanov (BUL) dec. Amit Amit (IND), 12-10
60kg BRONZE:  Rashidov Gadzhimurad (RUS) tf. Jahid Hasan-Zada (AZE), 11-0

74kg GOLD: Nabiev Gadizhi (RUS) dec. Reza Mozaffarijouybari (IRI),  7-5
74kg BRONZE: Tarzan Maisuradze (GEO) dec. Alberto Yurchenko (LAT), 5-2
74kg BRONZE: Peter Nagy (HUN) dec. Saiakbai Usupov (KGZ), 7-6 

96kg GOLD: Nurmagomed Gadzhiyev (AZE) dec. Seyed Hossini (IRI), 7-2
96kg BRONZE: Bakdaulet Almentay (KAZ) dec. Taponi Heino Jere (FIN), 7-4
96kg BRONZE: Nishanpreet Randhawa (CAN) dec. Rouble Singh (IND), 6-6

Semifinal Results

50kg: Alireza Goodarzi (IRI) dec. Arif Huseynov (AZE), 6-5 
50kg: Spencer Lee (USA) tf. Bhart Datil (IND), 12-2

60kg: Ibrahim Abdelhamid (EGY) dec. Dimitar Ivanov (BUL), 8-5
60kg: Iman Sadeghikoukandeh (IRI) dec. Jahid Hasan-Zada (AZE), 10-6

74kg: Nabiev Gadizhi (RUS) dec. Tarzan Maisuradze (GEO), 3-1
74kg: Reza Mozaffarijouybari (IRI) tf. Peter Nagy (HUN), 10-0

96kg: Nurmagomed Gadzhiyev (AZE) dec. Bakdaulet Almentay (KAZ), 7-0
96kg: Seyed Hossini (IRI) dec. Rouble Singh (IND), 9-6

Quarterfinal Results
50kg: Arif Huseynov (AZE) dec. Kubanychbek Tahstanbekov (KGZ), 7-0
 Alireza Goodarzi (IRI) tf. Marco Azzarello (ITA), 10-0
50kg: Bhart Datil (IND) dec. Hakhbanov Abdulagav (RUS), 8-7
50kg: Spencer Lee (USA) tf. Roberti Dingashvili (GEO), 10-0

60kg: Dimitar Ivanov (BUL) dec. Shamil Surpayev (TKM), 10-4
60kg: Ibrahim Abdelhamid (EGY) dec. Amit Amit (IND), 4-4
60kg:  Iman Sadeghikoukandeh (IRI) tf. Albaro Ru Desindo (DOM), 11-0
60kg: Jahid Hasan-Zada (AZE) FALL Dzianis Maksimau (BLR), 5:37

74kg: Tarzan Maisuradze (GEO) dec. Omarou Abdoulla (BEL), 5-0
74kg: Nabiev Gadizhi (RUS) dec. Carlos Izquierdo (COL), 5-1 
74kg: Peter Nagy (HUN) dec. Mark Hall (USA), 4-2
74kg: Reza Mozaffarijouybari (IRI) tf. Raman Chytadze (BLR), 11-0

96kg: Bakdaulet Almentay (KAZ) dec. Erik Thiele (GER), 6-3
96kg: Nurmagomed Gadzhiyev (AZE) dec. Taponi Heino Jere (FIN), 7-0
96kg: Seyed Hossini (IRI) tf. Nishanpreet Randhawa (CAN), 11-0
96kg: Rouble Singh (IND) FALL Anthony Cassar (USA), 1:55

Sunday, August 16th

55kg: Stevan Micic vs. Ravi Kumar, IND

66kg: *Aaron Pico vs. Balasz Kiss, HUN
*Returning JR World Silver Medalist

84kg: Zahid Valencia vs. B. Opitz (GER) or A. Barbarosh (UKR)

120kg: Nathan Butler vs. *Beka Kandelaki (GEO)
*Kandelaki was 5th at JR Worlds last year and a Silver Medalist at Cadet Worlds in 2012

#4 Michael Colaiocco Commits To Penn

Rob Preston
120 R16 - Michael Colaiocco, Blair Academy vs Tristan Black, SCA

One of the nation's best juniors announced his college decision earlier today, as Michael Colaiocco verbally committed to Penn. The National Prep champ released the commitment on his instagram. 

Pat Downey's Greatest Hits

Tony Rotundo
86kg Patrick Downey III, Unattached vs Gabe Dean, TMWC

One of the most mercurial and talented 86kg wrestlers in the United States will compete at the U.S. Open in Las Vegas a week from now. Pat Downey, the "Unattached Assassin," has been notching impressive wins since he first started wrestling on the men's freestyle senior circuit. Join us as we take a look back at his career and tally up his greatest hits. 

Breakout US Open Performances From The Past

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74kg Match Jordan Burroughs (USA) vs. Luis Quintana (CUBA)

One of the most anticipated matchups in recent memory is going down May 17 in lower Manhattan at this year's annual Beat the Streets event. Four-time World Champ and 2012 Olympic gold medalist Jordan Burroughs is scheduled to scrap with two-time world champ and 2016 Olympic bronze medalist Frank Chamizo. 

Zeke Moisey Granted Release From West Virginia

Austin Bernard
125lbs Quarter: Jay Schwarm, UNI vs Zeke Moisey, WVU

Zeke Moisey has been granted a release from West Virginia. The 2015 NCAA finalist at 125lb was eighth this season at NCAAs in Cleveland and has one season of eligibility remaining. 

Who's Left At 74kg For The Open And Trials?

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74 kg Final - Isaiah Martinez, Illinois vs Chance Marsteller, Lock Haven

Now that there are 10 senior-level weights, the question at 74kg becomes who is left to challenge Jordan Burroughs for a world team spot? Kyle Dake and Alex Dieringer are both up at 79kg, and Chance Marsteller will not be competing at next week's U.S. Open in Las Vegas.

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