2015 NCAA's By The Numbers

2015 NCAA's By The Numbers

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Final Team Standings

National Champions - Ohio State Buckeyes - 102pts.

Runners Up - Iowa Hawkeyes - 84pts. 

3rd Place - Edinboro Fighting Scots - 75.5pts.

4th Place - Missouri Tigers - 73.5

Outstanding Wrestler Award - Logan Stieber, Ohio State

Gorrarian Award (Most Falls at NCAA's) - AJ Schopp, Edinboro

NWCA Coach of the Year - Tom Ryan, Ohio State

Most Falls Regular Season - Joe Stolfi, Bucknell

Final All American List

125: National Champion - Nathan Tomasello, Ohio State

Runner-Up: Zeke Moisey, West Virginia

3rd: Alan Waters, Missouri
4th: Thomas Gilman, Iowa
5th: Nahshon Garrett, Cornell
6th: Conor Youtsey, Michigan
7th: Eddie Klimara, OK State
8th: Jordan Conaway, Penn State

133:  National Champion - Cody Brewer

Runner-Up: Cory Clark

3rd: AJ Schopp, Edinboro
4th: Chris Dardanes, Minnesota
5th: Jimmy Gulibon, Penn State
6th: Mason Beckman, Lehigh
7th: Ryan Taylor, Wisconsin
8th: Rossi Bruno, Michigan

141: National Champion - Logan Stieber, Ohio State

Runner-Up: Mitchell Port, Edinboro

3rd: Devin Carter, Virginia Tech
4th: Dean Heil, OK State
5th: Kevin Jack, NC State
6th: Chris Mecate
7th: Lavion Mayes, Missouri
8th: Anthony Ashnault, Rutgers

149: National Champion - Drake Houdashelt, Missouri

Runner-Up: David Habat, Edinboro

3rd: Jason Tsirtsis, Northwestern
4th: Brandon Sorensen, Iowa
5th: BJ Clagon, Rider
6th: Chris Villalonga, Cornell
7th: Lenny Richardson, Old Dominion
8th: Dan Neff, Lock Haven

157: National Champion - Isaiah Martinez, Illinois

Runner-Up: Brian Realbuto, Cornell

3rd: James Green Nebraska
4th: Nick Brascetta, Virginia Tech
5th: Ian Miller, Kent State
6th: Dylan Ness, Minnesota
7th: Brian Murphy, Michigan
8th: Mitch Minotti, Lehigh 

165: National Champion - Alex Dieringer, Oklahoma State

Runner-Up: Taylor Walsh, Indiana

3rd: Bo Jordan, Ohio State
4th: Jackson Morse, Illinois
5th: Nick Sulzer, Virginia
6th: Ethan Ramos, North Carolina
7th: Isaac Jordan, Wisconsin
8th: Jim Wilson, Stanford

174: National Champion - Matt Brown, Penn State

Runner-Up: Ty Wilps, Pittsburgh

3rd: Robert Kokesh, Nebraska
4th: Logan Storley, Minnesota
5th: Kyle Crutchmer, OK State
6th: Mike Evans, Iowa
7th: Zach Epperly, Virginia Tech
8th: Kurtis Julson, North Dakota State

184: National Champion - Gabe Dean, Cornell

Runner-Up: Nate Brown, Lehigh

3rd: Vic Avery, Edinboro
4th: Blake Stauffer, Arizona St.
5th: Kenny Courts, Ohio State
6th: Hayden Zillmer, North Dakota St.
7th: Willie Miklus, Missouri
8th: Tim Dudley, Nebraska

197: National Champion - Kyven Gadson, Iowa State

Runner-Up: Kyle Snyder, Ohio State

3rd: Morgan McIntosh, Penn State
4th: Scott Schiller, Minnesota
5th: J'Den Cox, Missouri
6th: Connor Hartmann, Duke
7th: Nathan Burak, Iowa
8th: Max Huntley, Michigan

HWT: National Champion - Nick Gwiazdowski, NC State

Runner-Up: Adam Coon, Michigan

3rd: Mike McMullan, Northwestern
4th: Connor Medbery, Wisconsin
5th: Bobby Telford, Iowa
6th: Jimmy Lawson, Penn State
7th: Ty Walz, Virginia Tech
8th: Mike Kroells, Minnesota

All American’s By State
California (5)
125-Nahshon Garrett, Cornell
141-Chris Mecate, Old Dominion
157-Isaiah Martinez, Illinois
165-Jim Wilson, Stanford
197-Morgan McIntosh, Penn State

Colorado (2)
197-Nathan Burak, Iowa
285-Connor Medbery, Wisconsin

Connecticut (1)
141-Kevin Jack, NC State

Delaware (1)
HWT-Bobby Telford, Iowa

Florida (1)
133-Rossi Bruno, Michigan

Illinois (4)
125-Eddie Klimara, OK State
133-Chris Dardanes, Minnesota
141-Lavion Mayes, Missouri
157-Brian Murphy, Michigan

Indiana (1)
149-Jason Tsirtsis, Northwestern

Iowa (5)
125-Thomas Gilman, Iowa
133-Cory Clark, Iowa
149-Brandon Sorensen, Iowa
184-Willie Miklus, Missouri
197-Kyven Gadson, Iowa State

Maryland (1)
197-Kyle Snyder, Ohio St.

Massachusetts (1)
184-Vic Avery, Edinboro

Michigan (4)
125-Conor Youtsey, Michigan
165-Jackson Morse, Illinois
184-Gabe Dean, Cornell
285-Adam Coon, Michigan

Minnesota (4)
157-Dylan Ness, Minnesota
174-Kurtis Julson, North Dakota St.
184-Hayden Zillmer, North Dakota St.
HWT-Mike Kroells, Minnesota

Missouri (5)
125-Alan Waters, Missouri
133-Cody Brewer, Oklahoma
149-Drake Houdashelt, Missouri
184-Blake Stauffer, Arizona St.
197-J’Den Cox, Missouri

New Jersey (8)
141-Anthony Ashnault, Rutgers
149-Chris Villalonga, Cornell
149-BJ Clagon, Rider
149-Lenny Richardson, Old Dominion
157-James Green, Nebraska
165: Taylor Walsh, Indiana
165: Ethan Ramos, North Carolina
HWT-Jimmy Lawson, Penn St.

New York (2)
157-Brian Realbuto, Cornell
285-Nick Gwiazdowski, NC State

North Dakota (1)
197-Scott Schiller, Minnesota

Ohio (11)
125-Nathan Tomasello, Ohio St.
133-Ryan Taylor, Wisconsin
141-Logan Stieber, Ohio St.
141-Dean Heil, OK State
149-David Habat, Edinboro
157-Ian Miller, Kent St.
157-Nick Brascetta, Virginia Tech
165-Bo Jordan, Ohio St.
165-Nick Sulzer, Virginia
165-Isaac Jordan, Wisconsin
HWT-Ty Walz, Virginia Tech

Oklahoma (1)
174-Kyle Crutchmer, Oklahoma State

Pennsylvania (13)
125-Zeke Moisey, West Virginia
125-Jordan Conaway, Penn St.
133-Jimmy Gulibon, Penn St.
133-Mason Beckman, Lehigh
133-AJ Schopp, Edinboro
141-Mitchell Port, Edinboro
149-Dan Neff, Lock Haven
157-Mitchell Minotti, Lehigh
174-Mike Evans, Iowa
174-Ty Wilps, Pittsburgh
184-Nate Brown, Lehigh
184-Kenny Courts, Ohio St.
285-Mike McMullan, Northwestern

South Carolina (1)
Tim Dudley, Nebraska

South Dakota (2)
174-Robert Kokesh, Nebraska
174-Logan Storley, Minnesota

Utah (1)
174-Matt Brown, Penn St.

Virginia (3)
141-Devin Carter, Virginia Tech
174-Zach Epperly, Virginia Tech
197-Max Huntley, Michigan

Washington (1)
197-Connor Hartmann, Duke

Wisconsin (1)
165-Alex Dieringer, OK State

All Americans By Grade
True Freshmen - 3
Freshmen - 10
Sophomores - 19
Juniors - 21
Seniors - 27

Number of Blood Round Losers By State
7 - Ohio
4 - Illinois, New Jersey, Pennsylvania
3 - Iowa
2 - New York, Oregon
1- CA, CO, FL, HI, MA, MN, MO, NC, NE, ND, NM, OK, SD, VA, WA

Semi Slide (Made Semis, Fell to Sixth)
141 - Chris Mecate, Old Dominion
149 - Chris Villalonga, Cornell
157 - Dylan Ness, Minnesota (Injury Default)
165 - Ethan Ramos, North Carolina
174 - Mike Evans, Iowa (Second Year in a Row)
197 - Connor Hartmann, Duke

Ultimate Road Warrior (Lost First Round, Came Back for 3rd)
133 - AJ Schopp, Edinboro to Caleb Richardson (Penn) 

Road Warriors (Lost First Round, Came Back to AA)
HWT - Bobby Telford, Iowa to Spencer Myers (Maryland) - 5th
133 - Mason Beckman, Lehigh to Val Rauser (Utah Valley) - 6th
149 - Dan Neff, Lock Haven to Jason Tsirtsis (Northwestern) - 8th
184 - Hayden Zillmer, North Dakota St. to Kenny Courts (Ohio St.) - 6th

The Fourth
- Logan Stieber joins only Cael Sanderson, Pat Smith, and Kyle Dake as 4x NCAA Champions.

 - The last time a Davidson wrestler won a match at the DI Championships. Scott Patrick broke that streak this weekend winning two matches, a school first.

- The last time before IMAR that there was an undefeated freshman National Champion (Cael Sanderson, Iowa State).

2003 - The last time before Moisey that an unseeded wrestler (Carl Fronhoffer, Pitt) made the finals. 

2007 - The last time Lock Haven had an AA (Obe Blanc) before Dan Neff ended the drought in St. Louis. 

The "Sweet Hair" List
Chris Mecate, Old Dominion
Jason Tsirtsis, Northwestern
Bo Jordan, Ohio State*
Vic Avery, Edinboro
Alex Polizzi, Northwestern

* = Most Valuable Hair

Challenges Overturned
Challenges Overturned in 2015: 12 of 59
Challanges Overturned in 2014: 4 of 47


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