2015 NCAA D1 Championships

NCAA Match Notes

NCAA Match Notes

Mar 19, 2015 by Christian Pyles
NCAA Match Notes

149: Drake Houdashelt vs David Habat

1st per:
Habat in on a shot but can't convert as the go off the mat. Another shot by Habat, Houdashelt passes a leg and they are head and heel position...stalemate. First period ends scoreless.
2nd per:
Houdashelt starts on bottom. Habat hangs on the leg and is hit with stalling as Houdashelt attempts to get away as they go out of bounds. Houdashelt scores escape to go up 1-0 after the restart. Houdashelt shoots Habat off the mat. Second period comes to a close with Habat trailing 1-0 after some hand fighting.
3rd period: Habat starts on bottom. Habat up to his feet and is returned as they go out of bound. Habat gains escape after the restart. They shoot at the same time and go out of bounds. Shot by Habat, blocked off by Houdashelt, reshot Houdashelt. Time runs out...OT.
OT: Shot by Habat blocked off by Houdashelt and he scores the winning takedown to win 3-1!

157: Isaiah Martinez vs Brian Realbuto

1st per:
Shot by I-Mar, Realbuto almost scores on a go-behind (ref gives two but its waved off) I-Mar reattacks scrambling to a stalemate. Cornel challenging the waved off takedown. Cal stands - no takedown. I-Mar scores first with a double. I-Mar cuts Realbuto. Scrambling like crazy no points scored - out of bound. ends 2-1 (I-Mar leading).
2nd per:
I-Mar starts on bottom in second. Gains escape; 3-1. Stalemate on the edge. I-Mar in on a shot. Realbuto tries to go twister, I-Mar hides his ankles and gathers both legs for the takedown. Second period comes to the end at 5-1 (I-Mar).
3rd per:
Mat return double for I-Mar and he gets a 2-count on backs to extend lead to 7-1. Cuts Realbuto, gains another takedown to go up 9-2. I-Mar rides out Realbuto with  RT point he wins 10-2.

165: Alex Dieringer vs Taylor Walsh

1st per:
Takedown Dieringer, escape Walsh. Ringer in on another shot. Walsh fighting it off and they are stalemated. Stalling on Walsh. Takedown Ringer. Locked hands on Ringer. Going into 2nd Ringer leads 4-2.
2nd per:
Ringer on bottom. Escape Ringer. Ringer fires off a shot, Walsh ties him up, stalemate. Ringer with anothe takedown after the restart. Escape Walsh followed by another Ringer takedown. Out of bound - 26 seconds on the restart. Caution Ringer then caution Walsh. Escape Walsh. Ends 9-5 Ringer.
3rd per:
Walsh on bottom, Ringer cuts him and scores another takedown gives another escape, 11-6 (Ringer). Stalling on Walsh, one point to Ringer. Ringer in on a shot but it's stalemated after no improvement. Takedown Ringer, escape Walsh and it ends 14-7 Ringer wins!

174: Matt Brown vs Tyler Wilps

1st per:
Wilps in a a leg then Brown counter and is in but they are out of bound. Out of bound again. No score after first.
2nd per:
Wilps on bottom. Escape Wilps. Brown's attack get Wilps hit for stalling. Wilp in on a leg but Brown fights it off and they go off the mat. Wilps leads 1-0 going into third.
3rd per:
Brown on bottom. Escape Brown to tie it at 1-1. Brown with the takedown on the edge. Pitt challenging the takedown - no change, call stands. Wilps gets an escape as they go off the mat. Cael is not having it and wants to challenge the escape. Call is reversed - no escape. But Wilps gets escape on the restart. Wilps in on a leg and scores the takedown on the edge. Wilps now leads 4-3. Wilps down on a leg for 5 seconds and gets hit with stalling to tie it up at 4-4. Locked hands being challenged by PSU. And the call is locked hand but now Pitt is challenging if time was out at the time of the locked hands. The call stands and Matt Brown wins 5-4.

184: Gabe Dean vs Nate Brown

1st per:
Tons of hand fighting going on. Stalemate. Scoreless first period. Looks like the familiarity is controlling this one.
2nd per:
Dean starts on bottom. Escape Dean. Dean scores a takedown to go up 3-0. Escape Brown. 2nd ends 3-1 (Dean).
3rd per:
Brown starts on bottom. Escape Brown, 3-2. Takedown Dean and he will rideout and get RT point for the 6-2 win.

197: Kyle Snyder vs Kyven Gadson

1st per:
Scoreless first period. 
2nd per:
Snyder's choice he starts on bottom. Gains escape to take 1-0 lead. Shot by Snyder Gadson fights it off and tosses Snyder to his back and PICKS UP THE FALL!

285: Adam Coon vs Nick Gwiazdowski

1st per:
Takedown Gwiaz. Escape Coon. first ends 2-1.
2nd per:
Coon starts on bottom and gets escape and Gwiaz answers with a takedown. Escape for Coon. Blood time (Coon). Gwiaz in again and Coon feeds him some hips and they go off the mat. Shot by Coon, Gwiaz gets away and period comes to an end with Gwiaz leading 4-3.
3rd per:
Gwiaz on bottom to start period, gets reversal then cuts Coon; 6-4. Coon scores a takedown to tie it up at 6-6. Gwiaz gets escape with short time left and he wins 7-6.

125: Zeke Moisey vs Nathan Tomasello

1st per:
Tomasello in on a shot, Moisey shin wizzer; stalemate. Blood time Tomasello. Tomasello in on a shot, Moisey tries flying cement job, Tomasello counters and scores the takedown. More blood time for Tomasello (Caution Tomasello). Moisey gets escape, 2-1. (end of period) 
2nd per:
Moisey's choice he goes down to start the period. Moisey up to his feet and they go out of bounds. (2nd caution Tomasello) Escape Moisey, tied at 2-2. Out of bound with 58 left. (more blood time). Tomasello takedown, 4-2. (Tomasello with 1:04 RT) end of period. 
3rd per:
Tomasello on bottom (Caution Moisey) Escape Tomasello. Moisey in on a leg, Tomasello counters, PD (inj. time Moisey) (Choice goes to Tomasello he goes down) Backpoints Moisey on a throw, Tomasello fights off his back and gets escape then scores takedown 8-4 with 59 seconds left (RT down to 48 secs for Tomasello). Moisey up to his feet twice in a row and Tomasello pushes him off the mat. Escape for Moisey. Match ends with Tomasello winning 9-5. (RT point added).

133 Cody Brewer vs Cory Clark

1st per:
Takedown Brewer, escape Clark, takedown Brewer, near reversal by Clark but Brewer gets away and Clark gets escape. First period ends at 4-2 (Brewer).
2nd per:
Clark on bottom to start. Gains escape, takedown Brewer, escape Clark, Takedown Brewer. (I'm sensing a pattern)..but we are at 10-5 (Brewer).
Brewer starts on bottom. Stalling warning on Clark as they go out of bound. Brewer gets escape on the restart. Takedown Clark; 11-7. Second warning on Brewer for stalling but it doesnt matter he wins 11-8.

141: Logan Stieber vs Mitchell Port

1st per:
Stieber in on a shot and he scores the first takedown. Escape Port. Takedown Stieber. Mat return and inj time for Port. Looks like he twisted his knee. (Stieber's choice after inj time he goes down) and score escape as first ends. 5-1 Stieber. (Stieber has over a min of RT)
2nd per:
Port on bottom to start period. Escape Port. Shot by Stieber and he scores another takedown. Period ends with Stieber leading 7-2 (over 2min of RT)
3rd per:
Stieber on bottom to start. Gains escape followed by takedown. Escape Port. Takedown Port on an ankle pick. Logan Stieber wins 10-5 for his 4th title!

Medal Round Updates


3rd: Gilman vs Waters
Gilmans leads 4-3 after first period. Waters takes bottom and gains escape to make score 4-3. Stalling on Gilman. 2nd period closes out with Gilman leading 4-3. Gilman takes neutral i third and in on a leg and Waters hits a cutback for 2 and 2 to take 7-4 lead. Waters rides Gilman out and gets over a minute of RT to take the 8-4 win. 

5th: Garrett vs Youtsey

Garrett wins 9-3.

7th: Conaway vs Klimara

Klimara wins 5-4.


3rd: Schopp vs Dardanes

Takedown Dardanes, escape Schopp; 2-1. Dardanes choice in 2nd he defers to Schopp who takes top to start the 2nd. Blood time Dardanes. Schopp goes over a min of RT and Dardanes gets an escape. Dardanes takes neutral in 3rd up by 2. Schopp in on a leg Dardanes trying to pass a leg but Schopp comes out with the takedown. He gets RT point to take the match 4-3.

5th: Gulibon vs Beckman

Beck scores first takedown and Gulibon comes back with escape then takedown to take the 3-2 lead. Escape Beckman tied at 3-3. Beck starts 2nd on bottom. Escape Beckman, 4-3. Takedown and turn for Gulibon then an escape for Beckman makes score 7-5. Gulibon gets escape in third after starting on bottom and leads 8-5. With RT Gulibon wins 9-5.

7th: Bruno vs Taylor

Taylor scores first with a takedown. More blood timefor Taylor. Escape Bruno, takedown Taylor; 4-1 at end of 1st. Escape in 2nd period cuts score to 4-2 (Taylor). Another takedown and escape and Taylor beats Bruno 7-3 with RT point.


3rd: Carter vs Heil

Carter scores first, Heil gets escape then takedown and give Carter escape and they are tied at 3-3. Carter gets another takedown to close out first period and leads 5-3. Heil takes down in the 2nd and gets escape; 5-4. Takedown Carter, escape Heil. Another takedown for Carter. Escape Heil. Carter lead 9-6 and takes down going into third. Escape and takedown for Carter and an escape  for Heil makes score 12-7. Takedown Carter, escape Heil...another takedown for Carter (Do you see the pattern?). 17-8 Carter wins.

5th: Mecate vs Jack

Scoreless first period. Jack goes down in 2nd. Escape Jack to take 1-0 lead. Jack rides out Mecate and gets a point for stalling and RT; Jack wins 3-0.

7th: Mayes wins by med. fft.


3rd: Sorensen vs Tsirtsis

Scoreless first period. Escape Tshirts to start second. Escape Sorensen to tie it. Tshirts in on a leg no improvement on the edge so stalemate. OT tied at 1-1. Tshirts in on another shot but they are out of bounds again. Tshirts in again and converts...3-1 Tshirts.

5th: Villalonga vs Clagon

Scoreless first. Villalonga starts on bottom in 2nd and gets an escape. Takedown by Clagon and another escape for Villalonga and they are tied at 2-2. Escape and takedown for Clagon and he leads 5-2. Escape Villalonga; 5-3. Clagon gets 6-3 win with RT point.

7th: Richardson vs Neff

Takedown Neff, escape Richardson. Richardson with a body lock and takedown; 3-2. Cradle for Richardson and he gets the fall with 22 seconds left in the 1st. 


3rd: Green vs Brascetta

Takedown Green, escape Brascetta. 2-1 at end of 1st. Brascetta takes bottom in 2nd. Escape Brascetta, tied at 2-2. Going into 3rd, Green on bottom. Escape Green. Green hit for stalling. Green wins 3-2.

5th: Miller wins by med. fft against Ness.

7th: Murphy takes med fft win over Minotti.


3rd: B. Jordan vs Morse

Jordan scores first with a takedown. Jordan goes banana split and gets the fall in the 1st in a 1:00.

5th: Sulzer vs Ramos

Sulzer leading 4-1 after getting pair of takedown and giving escape. Sulzer opening up the scoring after getting escape in the second and now leads 9-2. Escape Ramos and takedown Sulzer. Sulzer wins by major.

7th: Wilson vs I. Jordan

Scoreless first period. Tied at 1-1 in the 3rd. Jordan takes lead with takedown with short time left. Gives Wilson escape and the match ends with Jordan winning 3-2.


3rd: Crutchmer vs Evans

Scoreless 1st. 1-0 lead for Crutchmer.  Evans goes down in the 3rd. Ecape Evans and we're tied at 1. Crutchmer with the escape and rideout and he knocks off Evans for 5th! 

5th: Kokesh vs Storley

Scoreless 1st. Escape Kokesh. Takedown for Storley on the edge being reviewed. 2-2 now in the 2nd. Low shot for Kokesh, wild exchange and Kokesh finishes.  4-2 lead for Kokesh now. 4-3 after the escape.  4-4 now in Sudden victory after the escape. TD Kokesh for the win! 

7th: Epperly vs Julson

Scoreless 1st. TD Epperly makes it 3-2.  Epperly in on a leg again but Julson evades. Epperly wins.


3rd: Stauffer v. Avery - 1-0 lead for Stauffer. Avery leads 3-2.  Avery wins.

5th: Zilmer v. Courts-1-0 lead for Zilmer but a td for Courts makes it 2-1 in the 2nd. Courts wins 4-3!  Team locked!? 

7th: Dudley v. Miklus-TD Miklus.  Escape Dudley makes it 2-1. Another TD for Miklus and it's 5-1 now. 5-5 Miklus wins. 


3rd: McIntosh v. Schiller- McIntosh wins a high scoring one 12-7.

5th: Cox v. Hartmann- After going into tiebreakers and each wrestler getting an escape Cox gets a takedown at the buzzer to win 4-2.

7th: Burak v. Huntley- Burak once again takes out Huntley.


3rd: McMullan v. Medberry- Medberry on the board first with an escape in the second. McMullan gets a takedown with 30 seconds left, and Medberry escapes, but its not enough.. McMullan takes third with a 3-2 win. 

5th: Telford v. Lawson- Telford strikes first with a quick takedown, and then rides out the first. Telford adds an escape, takedown, and riding time point in the third and wins 6-0. 

7th: Walz v. Kroells-Walz picks up a takedown in the first and second leads 4-1 going into the third. Walz picks up an escape, and riding time point to win 6-2. 


Cons Semi: Alan Waters-Missouri v. Conor Youtsey-Michigan
Scoreless well into the 1st. Dump for Waters makes it 2-0 to start the 2nd.  Turn for Waters makes it 5-0.  Waters wins 7-0


Cons Semi: Nahshon Garrett-Cornell v. Thomas Gilman-Iowa
Scoreless well into the first.  Scoreless after 1. Escape for Gilman. He leads 1-0 in the 2nd. Single for Gilman, long work for the finish but he gets it.  3-0 Gilman leads.  Escape for Nahshon and it's 3-1 after 2.  Nahshon takes bottom in the 3rd.  Stall warning Gilman. Gilman continues to ride there's the escape for Nahshon.  3-2 but Gilman has over 1 minute RT.  43 to go.  Nahshon shoots and Gilman pancakes him for the pin!  Gilman WB Pinfall! Iowa crowd erupts! 


Cons Semi: Jimmy Gulibon-PSU v. AJ Schopp-Edinboro
Gulibon takes a shot and struggles for awhile but gets the finish.  AJ on the leg now looking for a reversal.  2-0 Jimmy still.  Reversal for Schopp makes it 2-2 after 1. Schopp locks up the cradle, rolls it through for the pin!  


Cons Semi: Mason Beckman-Lehigh v. Chris Dardanes-Minnesota
Scoreless in the 1st. Scoreless after 1. 1-0 Beckman in the 2nd. Dardanes takes neutral. TD for Dardanes and he'll take it 5-3.  


Cons Semi: Chris Mecate-ODU v. Devin Carter-Virginia Tech

Scoreless in the 1st.  Carter leads 4-1 after 1. Now 4-2. Carter sticks Mecate!


Dean Heil-Ok State v. Kevin Jack-NC State

Heal up 9-4 after a peterson roll for 5. Heil wins 12-6.


Cons Semi: BJ Clagon-Rider v. Jason Tsirtsis-Northwestern

Tsirtsis in on a leg already trying to pull Clagon in.  1-0 lead for Tsirtsis. Tsirtsis wins 2-1. 


Brandon Sorensen-Iowa v. Chris Villalonga-Cornell

Underway here. Scoreless in the 1st. Escape for Villalonga and there's a TD for Sorensen, he leads 2-1. Sorensen wins 6-2.


Dylan Ness-Minnesota v. Nick Brascetta-Virginia Tech
Ness injury defaults.  Becomes very emotional as the entire crowd comes to their feet to show their support.  


Bo Jordan-Ohio State v. Nick Sulzer-UVA
TD and ride out for Bo Jo.   They start neutral in the 2nd.  TD for Jordan makes it 4-0. TD for Sulzer makes it 5-2 but RT is locked.  Jordan wins 6-2. 


Ian Miller-Kent State v. James Green-Nebraska
Green up 4-1. Now up 8-2.  Green wins 13-4 with riding time. 


Ethan Ramos-UNC v. Jackson Morse-Illinois
1-0 lead for Morse after a penalty point on Ramos.  TD Morse makes it 3-0. Morse wins. 


Mike Evans-Iowa v. Robert Kokesh-Nebraska
Huge one here underway. Shot by Kokesh but Evans passes the leg well.  Stalemated.  Scoreless after 1. Escape for Kokesh and a nice double on the edge makes it 3-0. Escape Evans and another escape in the 3rd makes it 3-2 but Kokesh has RT. TD for Evans!  OT! Kokesh gets the go behind for the win!  


Logan Storley-Minnesota v. Kyle Crutchmer-OK State.
Scoreless in the first.  4-1 Storley leads 4-2, now it's 4-4 Crutchmer after a TD! Storley escapes and Crutchmer gets the TD.  Storley escapes in the last second but goes desperation throw and may have given up the TD at the last second. This is a mess, 3 challenges of the same thing.  No TD and we are in Sudden victory! Wow.  Crutchmer moving Storley all around.  Crazy flurry but no points.  Headed to TB.  Storley gets the tilt for the win!  Crowd erupts!


Vic Avery-Edinboro v. Hayden Zilmer-NDSU
Zilmer looking for a single but can't get it. TD for Avery makes it 3-1. Avery wins 4-2. 


Morgan McIntosh-PSU v. J'Den Cox-Mizz
Scoreless well into the 1st period. Escape makes it 1-0 J'Den. TD late for McIntosh and he wins it 3-1! Wow!  


Kenny Courts-Ohio State v. Blake Stauffer-ASU
Underway, early in the 1st and scoreless. TD for Stauffer makes it 2-0. 4-2 lead for Stauffer now. Stauffer wins 6-2. 


Bobby Telford-Iowa v. Connor Medbery-Wisconsin
Medbery leads 1-0 in the 2nd. Tied at 1 with a minute to go. OT Takedown for Medbery and he wins it! Iowa's chances sunk!?


Mike McMullan-Northwestern v. Jimmy Lawson-PSU

7-0 for McMullan.  Just dominant. He'll wrestle for 3rd. 


Conner Hartmann-Duke v. Scott Schiller-Minnesota

Scoreless in the 1st. TD Schiller he leads 2-0 in the 1st. 2-1 now with 40 to go. Schiller wins.


3rd: Gilman-Iowa v. Waters-Mizzou-TD for Gilman. 

5th: Garrett-Cornell v. Youtsey-Michigan

7th: Conaway-PSU v. Klimara-Ok. State

Semi Final Updates


Alan Waters vs Nathan Tomasello

Scoreless first period. They will start the second period neutral. Stall warning on Waters as they go out of bounds. Caution Waters. Still scoreless after 2 periods. Waters will go on bottom to start third and he gets an immediate escape. Shot by Tomasello and he wraps up both legs for a takedown. Waters out for an escape and we are at 2-2. Waters in on a leg but they go out of bound; no takedown. Shot by Tomasello and he scores another takedown as time runs out to beat Waters 4-2!

Thomas Gilman vs Zeke Moisey

Takedown Moisey...he locks up a cradle on Gilman and gets the FALL IN THE FIRST PERIOD!!!....52 seconds!

Blood Round:
Klimara with the fall over Boyle in the first!
Garrett wins 11-0 over Mines
Youtsey over Dance 3-1.
Conaway over Terao 8-5.


Chris Dardanes vs Cody Brewer

Strong double by Dardanes for the first takedown as they go out of bound. Brewer scores escape off the restart; 2-1. Takedown Brewer to take the 3-2 lead and he goes to work on top. Had a crossface cradle locked up but Dardanse broke the lock and scores the escape to tie it at 3-3. Brewer gets takedown and backpoints and leads 8-3 to close out the first. Brewer starts on bottom and gains escape to start second. He collects another takedown and backpoints to lead 14-3 going into third. Brewer goes on to win 14-3 over Dardanes.

Cory Clark vs Jimmy Gullibon

Scoreless first period. Gullibon on bottom in second and scores a reversal. Escape for Clark and he fights off a Gullibon shot to score his own takedown. Clark opens the scoring and leads 6-2 now. Escape Gullibon. Takedown for Gullibon but it's too late and Clark wins 7-5.

Blood Round:
Taylor over Montoya.
Beckman wins 5-2 over Hall.
Bruno win 7-5 SV over Devoy.
Schopp get the fall in 2nd period.


Logan Stieber vs Kevin Jack

Stieber wins 12-2 with riding time over Jack.

Chris Mecate vs Mitchell Port

Port beats Mecate 14-2 in a dominate victory.

Blood Round:
Carter over Laster 18-7.
Myers over Abidin 16-8.
Ashnault over Cruz 3-2.
Heil over Martinez 9-5.


Drake Houdashelt vs Chris Villalonga

Houdashelt scores first takedown with 30 seconds left before they go out of bounds. 20 seconds on the restart and Houdashelt rides him out. Houdashelt starts 2nd on bottom and gets escape. With RT Houdashelt wins 4-0.

David Habat vs Jason Tsirtsis

Scoreless first. Habat starts on bottom in 2nd and gains escape. Habat in on a shot and gets both legs to score takedown and leads 3-0. Tsirtsis gets escape in 2nd and third and the score is at 3-2 where it will stay. Habat wins 3-2!

Blood Round:
Clagon wins 5-3
Richardson wins 2-0.
Sorensen wins 9-1
Neff wins 6-5 in OT.


Isaiah Martinez vs James Green

Scoreless first period. Green starts second on bottom and gets escape. I-Mar over with over min of RT. I-Mar starts third on bottom and gets escape and still has RT (1:07). 20 secs left tied at 2-2 but I-Mar has RT. Stalling on I-Mar, but it's too late. I-Mar wins 3-2.

Dylan Ness vs Brian Realbuto

Realbuto out to 7-2 lead early. Ness will injury default.

Blood Round:
Minotti over Collica 4-3 in OT.
Murphy 4-3 over Chino.
Brascetta wins 5-2.
Miller with tf.


Bo Jordan vs Alex Dieringer

Ringer scores first with a takedown to lead 2-0. Ringer with over 1:30 of RT already. Stalling on BoJo as the first ends. Ringer elects to go neutral to start 2nd. Takedown Ringer and he goes up 4-0. Escape Bo Jo. End of 2nd, Bo Jo takes top to start third. Stalemate at 1:37 mark. Bo Jo working tough on top with Ringer flattened out and theres another stalemate. Ohio State fans don't like it. Ringer gets escape after the restart with 36 seconds left. Ringer wins 6-1. 

Taylor Walsh vs Ethan Ramos

Takedown Walsh. Walsh working on a tilt but can't get a count on backpoints. Walsh leads 2-0 after first and starts on bottom. Walsh with a throw but only gets a reversal to extend lead to 4-0. Walsh wins 5-0 with RT.

Blood Round:
Wilson 7-5 SV over Moore.
Morse fall over England
Sulzer inj. def Harger
I. Jordan 8-6 SV over Moreno.


Tyler Wilps vs Kyle Crutchmer

No score after 1st. Wilps on bottom and scores escape to start 2nd. Stalling on Crutchmer. Caution Crutch. Overtime after being deadlocked at 1-1. Wilps scores winning takedown in OT.

Mike Evans vs Matt Brown

Scoreless 1st. Blood time for Evans. Escape for Brown, he leads 1-0 in 2nd. Second comes to a close with Evans trailing 1-0. They will start neutral in 3rd. Evans in on a leg but Brown kicks out. Now Brown in on a leg on the edge and tries to lock up a cradle and Evans stands up out of it. Caution on the restart on Evans. Evans in on a leg but Brown kicks out again and he wins 1-0.

Blood Round:
Kokesh 8-0 over Brunson
Julson 10-4 over Latham
Epperly fall over Butler
Storley 3-0 over Walters.


Gabe Dean vs Vic Avery

Scoreless first period. Dean starts 2nd on bottom. Escape for Dean, 1-0. Second closes out with Dean leading 1-0. Avery on bottom to start 3rd. Escape Avery. 1-1 with 30 left. No one scores and they are going to OT. Still no one scores after first OT period. Dean on bottom in first ride out period. Escape Dean, 2-1 going into final rideout period. Avery on bottom and gains escape. Still tied at 2-2 and more OT. INTENSE SCRAMBLE but not one point was scored and we get more OT wrestling. Avery on bottom and gets escape, nearly a reversal on the edge. Edinboro challenge. No change and they are back on their feet with Avery leading 3-2 at the end of 2nd ride out period. Dean on bottom and kicks out for escape. Dean wins with RT advantage, 4-3.

Kenny Courts vs Nate Brown

Ohio State challenging a call but nothing comes of it. Scoreless first. Brown starts 2nd on bottom and gains escape. Takedown Brown. Courts start 3rd on bottom. Brown with over a min of riding time. Brown rides out Courts and takes the 4-0 win!

Blood Round:
Miklus 13-7 over Meeks
Zilmer 7-1 over Thomusseit.
Stauffer over Brooks 7-2.
Dudley over McCutcheon


J'den Cox vs Kyle Snyder

Snyder takes lead with takedown. Cox scores escape. Cox now in on a shot but Snyder kicks out. First comes to an end with Snyder in the lead 2-1. Cox's choice and he goes down. Escape Cox. Cox in on an ankle but they run out of room. Tied 2-2. Escape for Snyder he leads 3-2. Shot by Cox, reshot by Snyder but they go out of bounds. 40 seconds left Snyder gets his first stall warning. 6 seconds left as they go off the mat. And Kyle Snyder beats J'Den Cox 3-2.

Kyven Gadson vs Conner Hartmann

Gadson strikes first and early with a takedown. Escape Hartmann. 2-1 after first. Gadson starts on bottom in 2nd. Escape Gadson; 3-1. Gadson wins 4-1.

Blood Round:
Schiller 8-6 over Studebaker.
Huntley 7-2 over McCall.
McIntosh 8-3 over Woods.
Burak 10-3 over Bethea.


Nick Gwiazdowski vs Connor Medbery

Gwiaz scores first with a takedown. Escape for Medbery. Gwiaz in on a shot but Medbery fights it off. Tied at 2-2 in the second after another Medbery escape. Escape Gwiaz in the third followed by a takedown to take 5-2 lead. Caution Medbery. Gwiaz cuts him on the restart 5-3. Gwiaz wins 5-3.

Mike McMullan vs Adam Coon

Scoreless first period. McMullan starts on bottom and gets escape. He nearly scores takedown but Coon fights it off and they go out of bounds. McMullan leads 1-0 with 30 left in the second. Coon gets escape in the third and they are tied at 1-1 with less than a minute left. Overtime after being tied at 1-1. Huge scramble in overtime and Coon comes out with the takedown and the 3-1 win.

Blood Round:
Walz 2-1 over Marsden
Lawson 4-1 Mellon
Telford 4-0 over Cabell
Kroells over Myers.

Quarterfinal Updates


Joey Dance vs Thomas Gilman

Joey Dance comes out firing and scores a takedown 10 seconds into the match. First period end at 2-1. Dance gets escape and takedown in second period to go up 5-2 after giving escape to Gillman. Tied up at 5-5 and in overtime. Body lock by Gilman, lift and takedown...Gilman moves on to semis with 7-5 win.

Nathan Tomasello vs Kory Mines

Nathan Tomasello with 2 and 2 to get the lead with a min left in the first. Tomasello finishes first with 9-0 lead. Tomasello extends his lead to 14-0 after 2 periods. Tomasello gets the 16-1 tech in the 3rd.

Zeke Moisey vs Eddie Klimara

Moisey leading 3-0 over Klimara in second period with 14 seconds left. Klimara gets an escape to make the score 3-1 in 3rd. Takedown Moisey. Moisey wins 5-1.

Alan Waters vs David Terao

Waters gets 4-1 win over Terao to move into the semis.


Chris Dardanes vs Kevin Devoy

Dardanes scores first with a takedown. Devoy escapes for 2-1 first. Another escape by Devoy in the second ties the score at 2-2. Takedown Dardanes to go up 4-2 in 2nd. Dardanes goes neutral in third period and gets another takedown. He wins 7-2.

Earl Hall vs Cory Clark

Takedown Clark on the edge. Nearly gets a count on backpoints, but they go off the mat. Clark turns Hall with a bar and almost gets the fall at the end of the first. Clark escapes to start the 2nd and will take a 6-0 lead into the 3rd. Stalling on Hall on bottom. Clark makes it two for Iowa with 7-1 win.

Jimmy Gullibon vs Bradley Taylor

Gullibon taked the lead 2-0. Gullibon now leading 7-4. Gullibon scores another takedown as time runs out to win 9-4.

George DiCamillo vs Cody Brewer

Takedown Brewer. He rides tough and extends his lead to 7-1 going into 2nd. Brewer is still putting on a tough ride as he leads 13-4 in the third. Brewer put in some work and wins 14-5 over DiCam.


Anthony Ashnault vs Mitchell Port

Port leading 5-3 in period 2. Port now leading 7-4 after another takedown and escape. Port working tough on top with over 2 min of riding time.

Logan Stieber vs Anthony Abidin

Takedown Stieber. 3 backpoints come shortly after. Another 3 backpoints for Logie, he leads 11-0 after 1st. Stieber extends lead to 15-1 after 2 periods. Escape for Stieber for 16-1 tech.

Kevin Jack vs Devin Carter

Carter goes ahead 2-0 with takedown on the edge. Jack takes Carter to his back after scoring escape and takedown. Jack leads 6-3. Jack gets escape and now leads 7-3 in 2nd. Carter scores takedown we are at 8-5 after Jack escape. Carter start on bottom in 3rd and get escape. Carter ties the score but Jack comes back with a reversal with 30 seconds left to lead 10-8. Jack rides out Carter and advances to semis with 10-8 win.

Dean Heil vs Chris Mecate

Mecate takes early lead with a takedown. Escape in 2nd for Mecate he leads 3-1. Heil with escape in third and cuts score to 3-2. Stalling on Mecate. Mecate has over a min of riding time. Another stalling call on Mecate makes final score 4-3 with RT point.


Chris Villalongo vs CJ Cobb

Scoreless first. Villalonga starts on bottom and gets escape in 2nd. Cobb ties it up with escape. Villalonga takes lead with takedown on the edge. Villalonga gets 3-1 win over Cobb.

Drake Houdashelt vs Alexander Richardson

Houdashelt comes out on fire with a takedown and 3 backpoints. Houdashelt locks up a crossface cradle for 3 more backpoints. He leads 8-0 in the first. Escape Houdashelt in second. Houdashelt goes on to win 10-0.

David Habat vs Tywan Claxton

No score after first. Habat gets escape to take 1-0 lead. Follows with takedown to make score 3-0. Habat opens up the scoring and wins 9-0.

Sal Mastriani vs Jason Tsirtsis

Scoreless first. Tsirtsis gets escape. Tsirtsis rides Mastriani out to get the riding time point and wins 2-0.


Mitch Minotti vs James Green

Green scores on low single. Escape Minotti; quick go-behind by Green. Score now at 4-1. Minotti gains contreversial escape at buzzer in 1st period. Green leads 4-2 going into 2nd. Green extends lead to 7-2 after escape and takedown. Takedown Green, escape Minotti, takedown Green and he wins 11-4.

Isaiah Martinez vs Nick Brascetta

Takedown I-Mar. I-Mar increases lead to 5-3 in third. I-Mar gets the 10-4 win.

Dylan Ness vs Brian Murphy

Takedown Ness and he's going to work on top. Ness leads 3-1 in third with 30 seconds left. Murphy gets takedown to tie it, but Ness has riding time and he wins 4-3.

***Ian Miller vs Brian Realbuto

Miller with the takedown. B-Real with the escape; 2-1. B-Real's escape makes it 2-2 but the Miller takedown gives him 4-2 lead. B-Real comes back with another escape, 4-3. Miller takes bottom and gets quick reversal to go up 6-3. B-Real escape and ANOTHER takedown for Miller. B-Real comes back and we are tied at 9-9 going into OVERTIME!...AND REALBUTO PULLS OFF THE COMEBACK!

There is an investigation with the scoring of this match. Kent State coaches are disputing the result of the match.


Jackson Morse vs Alex Dieringer

Ringer with a quick TD and tilt for a 5-0 lead. Ringer cuts. Another TD and set of backs. 10-1 with over 2mins RT to end the first. Ringer leads 14-3 in the third after cutting Morse again. Ringer cruises to 18-6 md.

Isaac Jordan vs Taylor Walsh

Walsh opened scoring with a counter halfway through the period. Walsh leading 3-2 after 2 periods and will go down to start 3rd. Escape by Walsh and he now leads 4-2. 18 seconds left Jordan putting on the pressure. Another stall warning makes the score 4-3, but it won't be enough and Walsh wins 4-3.

Bo Jordan vs Cooper Moore

BoJo nice low shot and goes to work on top. BoJo pins Moore in the second with 1:04 on the clock.

Pierce Harger vs Ethan Ramos

Harger with a heavily wrapped right shoulder. (If you missed it, he tweaked it pretty bad in warm ups.) Not much action through a scoreless first. Ramos gets a takedown and leads 5-3. Ramos with some backpoints and leads 8-3. Harger can't continue with his shoulder in bad shape and inj. defs.


Matt Brown vs Zach Epperly

Escape by Brown gives him 1-0 lead going into third. Epperly starts down this period. Brown wins 2-1 with riding time.

Logan Storley vs Mike Evans

Storley and Evans with escapes in 2nd and 3rd period. Tied at 1-1 with 1:24 on the clock. Still tied at 1-1 and going into OT. No score after first OT. Evans starts rideout periods on bottom and gets escape. Scrambling but Evans ends up on top as they go out of bounds. Evans rides out Storley and gets the 2-1 OT win!

Robert Kokesh vs Tyler Wilps

Takedown Wilps as they go out of bounds. Kokesh gets escape on the restart. Escape Wilps and he leads 3-1. Kokesh's escape makes score 3-2 but he runs out of time on his attacks. Wilps win 3-2.

Joe Latham vs Kyle Crutchmer

Tied at 2 going into third period. Crutchmer gets escape and takedown and wins 5-2.


Nate Brown vs Max Thomusseit

Brown gets takedown to take 2-0 lead. Thomusseit gets an escape and Brown answers with a takedown. After 2 periods, Brown leads 5-3. Stalling on Brown give Thomusseit a point, 6-4 in favor of Brown with 40 left. With riding time, Nate Brown wins 7-4.

Gabe Dean vs Sammy Brooks

Scoreless after the first. Escape Brooks. Brooks leads Dean 1-0 going into third with Dean starting on bottom. Dean ties it with an escape, 1-1. Takedown by Dean, escape by Brooks. Time runs out on Brooks, Dean wins 3-2.

Kenny Courts vs Matt McCutcheon

Takedown McCutcheon. McCutcheon's escape gives him 3-2 lead after giving up takedown. He starts down in the 2nd. McCutcheon escape in 2nd. Courts escape in 3rd. 4-3 McCutcheon but Courts gets a takedown and now leads 5-4. McCutcheon escape ties it and they are going into OT. COURTS GETS THE TAKEDOWN...7-5!

Taylor Meeks vs Vic Avery

Avery with an early takedown. Meeks with an escape. Avery leading 6-2 now. Avery up big now with 9-3 lead. Avery wins 14-5.


Kyle Snyder vs Scott Schiller

Huge lift and return for Snyder as he score the first takedown. Schiller gains escape quickly. Snyder gets escape to take 3-1 lead in the second. Schiller gets escape to start the third and trails Snyder 3-2. Snyder wins 3-2.

J'Den Cox vs Max Huntley

Scoreless first. Escape Cox in the 2nd and takedown gives Cox 3-0 lead. Huntley gets escape and they are at 3-2 in favor of Cox with 30 to go. Cox wins 3-2.

Kyven Gadson vs Nathan Burak

Scoreless first. Escape Gadson in the 2nd. He follows with takedown. Burak escape, 3-1. Another takedown for Gadson. Gadson gets 12-2 win after getting takedown and turning Burak.

Morgan McIntosh vs Conner Hartmann

Hartmann leading McIntosh 2-1 in 2nd. McIntosh gets escape and they are tied at 2-2 in the third. Escape Hartmann, he leads 3-2. Scramble at the end and Hartmann holds off McIntosh to win 3-2. But the PSU coaches are challenging that McIntosh had the takedown but the call stands and Hartmann wins 3-2.


Austin Marsden vs Connor Medbery

Scoreless first. Marsden scores first point with escape in 2nd. Tied at 1-1 in the third. Can't break the time so they will go to OT at 1-1. Marsden leading 3-2 in first rideout period after get reversal. Medbery's choice and he will go down for another rideout period. There is a challenge by Wisconsin on the takedown. It is reversed and Medbery wins 5-3.

Blaize Cabell vs Mike McMullan

McMullan with the takedown to take 2-0 lead. Cabell escape. McMullan leads 5-1 in the 2nd. McMullan leads 5-2 with Cabell starting period on bottom. McMullan now with over 2 min over riding time. McMullan wins 6-3.

Nick Gwiazdowski vs James Lawson

Gwiaz with the takedown. Gwiaz gets two backpoints and leads 4-0. Gwiaz is blowing the score open and leads 8-2. Gwiaz dominates to 11-3 win.

Spencer Myers vs Adam Coon

Scoreless at the end of the first. Coon's escape in second period give him 1-0 advantage going into third. Coon now with over a min of riding time as he gives Myers escape. Coon gets 2-1 win with riding time point.

Consolatian Updates

Cody Pack beats Demas 8-3.

Brandon Jeske storms out to a 5-0 lead on Nahshon Garrett. Garrett storms back and get 10-6 win.

Montoya beats Richards 10-1.

GW Harding beats Grey 6-1.

Beckman wins 3-1 in OT.

Dziewa beats N. Dardanes 18-4.

Round 2 Updates 

Fallen Higher Seeds Round 2 

#2 Nahshon Garrett-Cornell
#5 Sean Boyle-UTC

#5 Zane Richards-Illinois

#3 Lavion Mayes-Missouri
#6 Chris Dardanes-Minnesota
#8 Geo Martinez-Boise State

#4 Brandon Sorensen-Iowa

#6 Josh Demas-Ohio State
#8 John Boyle-American

#4 Nick Sulzer-UVA
#8 Peyton Walsh-Navy

#5 Blaise Butler-UVA

#3 Blake Stauffer-ASU
#4 Jack Dechow-ODU
#8 Domenic Abounader-Michigan

#7 Abe Ayala-Princeton

Round 2 Notes
**Kory Mines(Edinboro) strikes quick and leads 5th seed Sean Boyle(UTC) 4-1. Now 6-1 for Mines.  Escape makes it 6-2 now for Mines.  Review underway for something. Boyle now trailing.  Mines takes it! 

**Conaway(PSU) v. Gilman(Iowa) underway and scoreless. Scoreless after 1 and Conaway takes bottom.  Gilman with 45 seconds of RT already.  Escape for Conaway makes it 1-0. Tied at 1 in SV now.  TD for Gilman and he takes it!  

**Delgado (Illinois) v. Terao(American) underway and scoreless. Shot by Terao and a pass by Delgado that gets stalemated.  Scoreless after 1, Jesse goes under and escapes.  1-0 lead for Delgado.  Delgado gets hit for locked hands and gives up the escape so he trails 2-1.  IN on a leg Terao in splits.  Terao hits him with the shin whizzer tilt for the TD and it's 4-2 Terao! Terao runs the last 10 seconds for the 4-2 upset win! 

**Dance(VT) and Martinez(AF) knotted at 3 in the 2nd period. Dance wins.

**Moisey(WVU) up 4-0 on Nahshon Garrett(Cornell)!  Moisey with over 2 minutes of riding time after 1 period!  5-2 Moisey with 50 to go! Moisey takes it 5-2!  Down goes Nahshon!

**JDJ (Ohio State) v. Cody Brewer(Oklahoma) Now underway. JDJ in on a leg but struggling for the finish.  Scoreless after 1.  Wow Brewer runs it up.  9-1 win.  

**Cory Clark (Iowa) v. Rossi Bruno(Michigan) and Clark is up 4-2 in the 2nd. Clark wins 12-4. 

**Randy Cruz up 3-2 on Devin Carter.  Carter responds and is now up 4-3. Carter wins. 

**DiCamillo(UVA) knocks off Zane Richards!

**Gulibon(PSU) trails Jade Rauser(Utah Valley) 2-1 after 1 period.  Escape for Rauser and a TD for Gulibon makes it 3-3 now 4-3 Rauser after the escape.  4-4 now the score.  6-4 Gulibon after that TD.  8-4 Gulibon the final.  

**Grey and Ryan Taylor in a barn burner 1-0 lead for Ryan Taylor(Wisconsin) over Mark Grey(Cornell) Taylor with the late TD and NF and he moves on!  

**Chris Mecate(ODU) cradles Dardanes(Minn) twice!  He leads 5-0!  6-0 Mecate in the 3rd and he has 1:51 RT!  Another TD for Mecate and it's 8-0 now 8-1! Escape for Dardanes and a TD makes it 8-4 Mecate with 15 to go.  Mecate wins!

**Down goes Mayes(Mizzou) to Dean Heil(Ok State)!

**Cobb(Penn) takes a 2-0 lead against Sorensen(Iowa). 2-1 now after that escape. Escape for Cobb makes it 3-1 RT not a factor in the 3rd period. Sorensen falls to Cobb 3-2! 

**Beitz(PSU) and Villalonga(Cornell) knotted at 2 in the 3rd. Beitz leads 3-2 but Villalonga gets a td.  Beitz escape and it's 4-4 Rt not a factor in the 3rd! SV for Villalonga and Beitz now!  TD Villalonga and that's the win.

**Demas(TOSU) and Murphy(Michigan) scoreless so far.  These matches typically are not high scoring. TD for Demas makes it 3-2 Murphy in the 2nd period. Demas trailing 4-3 with 1:10 left in the 3rd RT not a factor.  Murphy takes it 4-3! 

**Tsirtsis(Northwestern) and Clagon(Rider) tied at 1 here in the 2nd.  Locked hands call on Tsirtsis but it's under review! 1-1 in the 3rd but Tsirtsis has RT locked up. Tsirtsis wins.  

**Bo Jordan(Ohio State) with the TD against Palacio(Cornell) in the first 10 seconds.  He's riding now.  2 minutes left in the first. Now 4-1 Bo after an escape and another TD.  4-2 Bo now early in the 2nd. 7-2 the final for Bo.

**Cooper Moore(UNI) with a TD against Sulzer(UVA) he leads 2-1 in the 1st. Moore pins Sulzer!?  Yes he does! 

**McCulley(Wyoming) and Evans(Iowa) knotted at 0 in the 2nd.  McCulley rides for 53 and Evans escapes.  TD for Evans and it's 3-0. Evans wins 4-0.

**Storley(Minnesota) and Brunson(Illinois) tied at 0 in the 1st.  Escape for Storley makes it 1-0. Storley up 3-0.  

**TJ Dudley(Nebraska) with the TD against Dean(Cornell) and he leads 2-1 as we head to the 2nd. 2-2 now 4-2 after another Dudley TD.  4-3 Dudley after  Brooks escape.  Now it's 6-5 Dudley.  7-6 now after the TD for Dean and an escape for Dudley makes it 7-7.  Now 9-7 Dean after another TD.  Dean wins 9-8.  Great match. 

**Sammy Brooks(Iowa) takes a 2-0 lead against Abounader(Michigan) Escape for Abounader makes it 2-1 heading into the 2nd.  Escape for Abounader and it's 2-2 but 1:50 RT for Brooks. Brooks wins.  

**Crutchmer(Ok. State) takes a 3-1 lead against Butler(UVA) late.  Now 3-2 after the escape. Crutchmer with the late TD and he wins 5-2!

**Dechow(ODU) and Avery(Edinboro) in tiebreakers tied 1-1.  Avery on top.  2-2  now on their feet.  Avery with the RT advantage late and he's going to knock off 4th seeded Jack Dechow.

**Adam Coon(Michigan) up 1-0 against Mellon(Mizzou). 1-1 in the 3rd.  RT not a factor.  TD for Coon makes it 3-1 in the 3rd.  Coon leads 5-2 late. Coon wins. 

**Walz(VT) and Cabell(UNI) tied at 1 in the 3rd period.  In sudden victory now.  TD Cabell for the win!

**Lawson(PSU) takes a 3-1 lead against Kroells(Minnesota). Lawson wins.

R1 Wrestlebacks:

Josh Kindig(Ok. State) about to wrestle his consolation pigtail match against Clayton Ream(NDSU).  Ream scores off of Kindigs attack and leads 2-0.  Ream with the legs in and a tight power half.   Kindig goes bottom in the 2nd and gets away.  Ream with 3:01 of RT already.  

Ream goes neutral in the 3rd and scores off of Kindigs shot once again.  He leads 4-1 with RT locked up. Reversal late for Kindig but it's too late.  Ream wins, Kindig eliminated. 

**AJ Schopp(Edinboro) wrestling Alexander(Maryland)  Scoreless early. Schopp now up 2-1 in the 3rd.  Schopp wins.

**Cox(Wyoming) takes a 4-0 lead over Peters(UNI). Cox up 7-2 in the 3rd.  7-4 now late in the 3rd. Cox wins.  AA Peters 0-2. 

**Beckman (Lehigh) v. Delvecchio(Rutgers) going on now.  0-0 early.  3-2  Beckman here. Now 3-3 still in the first. 5-4 Beckman in the 2nd.  Beckman up 6-4 with a minute to go. Beckman wins.

**Mizzou's Synon in trouble down 3-0.  4-0 final for Montoya. 
**Josh Dziewa up against Poncgracz.  Scoreless early.  Dziewa takes bottom in the 2nd. Dziewa gives up 3 NF but reverses him to his back and is close to the fall, but can't get it.  5-3 the score. Beckman with some more NF and it's 8-3 now. More NF coming and it's 10-3 after 2.  Poncgracz takes top.  Dziewa close to a reversal and gets it to make it 12-3 and he gets the major. 

**Hunter Stieber(TOSU) trailing Clayton Ream(NDSU) 4-3 in the 1st.  Now 5-3 after a Ream escape. TD and NF makes it 9-4 Ream.  Hunter injury defaults out.  Standing O from the Ohio State fans.  

**LaVallee wins big for Mizzou!

**Kelly of Iowa down 7-3 to Elder of Oregon State.  Kelly down 9-4 now late.  Kelly of Iowa eliminated. 

**Returning AA Anthony Perrotti of Rutgers goes 0-2 with a loss to Markus Schiedel of Columbia.

**Nick Moore of Iowa taking on Polkowske of Northern Colorado.  2-0 lead for Polkowske after a TD.  Now down 4-1 in the 2nd.  Down 6-3.  Moore eliminated. 

**Eblen(Mizz) leading Weatherman(ISU) 5-0. Now leading 7-0. Eblen wins. 

**Massa(Michigan) eliminated by Cousins(Wisconsin). 

**Zilmer(NDSU) and Pfarr(Minnesota) scoreless in the 1st period.  2-1 lead for Pfarr in the 2nd. Now 3-2 after that Zilmer reversal. Pfarr leads 4-3 now it's 7-6 Zilmer and that's the final.  Pfarr 0-2. 

**Bobby Telford(Iowa) on the mat against Jake Everard(SDSU). Telford gets the stick! Pinfall points coming for Iowa. 

**Nick Tavanello eliminated by Brooks Black.

Round 1 Notes


About to start here!  Wrestlers are on the mat just waiting for the go-ahead.

Whistles are blowing and we're underway!  

Tyrel White(Columbia) takes down Mizzou's Mike England for the first points of the tournament.

Not a lot else going on right now.   Jesse Delgado(Illinois) v. Tyler Cox(Wyoming) coming up soon. 

England tied 2-2 with Tyrel White late in the 3rd and he's working for riding time.  England takes it for Mizzou and the crowd gets going! 

Dylan Peters-UNI v. David Terao-American Terao gives up the first takedown but responds with 5 unanswered.  He leads Peters 5-2 heading into the 2nd.   Peters inches closer now 5-4 the score.  Terao reverses Peters to his back. 9-4 Terao. 9-5 Terao after the escape.  11-7 as Terao and Peters continue to score and score.  Terao starting to break a bit as he's giving up stall points and a takedown.  12-10 Terao the final! 

Jesse Delgado-Illinois v. Tyler Cox-Wyoming
1st Period: Delgado in on a single right away.  Whizzer from Cox and he's struggling to finish.  Stalemated. Cox takes a shot, Delgado passes the leg and we still have a scoreless match.  1:40 to go.  Jesse takes a high crotch, gets in deep, looking to scoop the ankle nearly gets the neutral fall but cant.  Takedown given and it's 2-0 Jesse with 17 seconds. Rideout for Jesse but he gives up a stall warning hanging on the leg.  

2nd Period: Delgado takes bottom.  Delgado up to his feet but Cox takes him out of bounds.  Delgado stands up again and is away.  3-0 Jesse. Long scramble and it's stalemated off a Cox attack.  

3rd Period: Cox takes bottom and escapes.  3-1 with riding time not a factor.  Delgado in on a single, they're scrambling  and scrambling. Stall point given but it's all over.  Jesse moves on 3-2!

Waters wins by decision, and Tomasello gets the stick for Ohio State!

Jordan Conaway-PSU v. Joaquin Marquez-Citadel-A lot of back and forth situations and it's 5-4 Marquez with 26 to go in the 1st period.  1st ends.

2nd period: Conaway takes bottom.  Marquez has been riding quite tough but gets a bit high and gives up the reversal.  6-5 Conaway now. 6-6 after the Marquez escape. TD to nearfall for Conaway!  10-6 Conaway now leads. 

3rd Period: M
arquez takes bottom.  Conaway get the win.  

**WVU's Zeke Moisey beats #15 Chasen Tolbert from Utah Valley  

**Gilman-Iowa majors  Silver-Stanford

**Chris Dardanes-Minnesota trailing Connor Schram-Stanford 1-0 in the 2nd period.  TD for Dardanes makes it 2-1 for the Gopher. Now 4-1 Dardanes as he's starting to attack more and more. Match looks to be in hand.  

**AJ Schopp(Edinboro) in trouble here against Caleb Richardson of Penn.  Down 4-1 with only 20 to go.  Schopp loses 4-2.

**Nahshon Garrett(Cornell) wins by decision over Lambert(Nebraska).

**Cory Clark(Iowa) up  5-3 on Ronnie Perry(Lock Haven) and riding. Clark wins 7-5 with riding time but he didn't look particularly sharp. 

Mason Beckman(Lehigh) trailing 3-1 in the 2nd period to Rauser(Utah Valley).  Rauser with another takedown and it's 5-2 heading into the 3rd.  Escape for Beckman and it's 5-3 riding time not a factor.  Mason can't score and he falls 5-3.  Huge upset for Rauser! 

**Danny Sabatello(Purdue) survives upset bid from Mizzou's Zach Synon. 

Lavion Mayes(Mizzou) v. Joe Spisak(UVA)-Underway here in a huge match for the Tigers.  Mayes gets to the single quick but Spisak evades out of bounds. Mayes in deep again but Spisak able to pass the leg.  1:13 to go.  Mayes gets the takedown.  2-0 with 55 to go in the first.  Escape for Spisak.  Mayes once again on the single but they go out of bounds.  TD and almost nearfall for Mayes but he runs out of time.  

2nd Period:  Spisak takes bottom, escapes and it's 4-2. Another TD for Mayes and it's 6-3.  

**Josh Dziewa(Iowa) in a dog fight with Kevin Jack from NC State 3-3 in the 2nd period.  Reversal for Jack and it's 5-3.  Only 1:17 to go.  Dziewa geting ridden like crazy and that's it!  6-3 final for Jack and the first TOP 5 seed goes down!  

**Nick Dardanes(Minnesota) wins 8-4 over Illinois Steven Rodrigues. 

**JDJ(Ohio State) strikes late in the 1st for Ohio State against Nickell(CSUB).  

**Houdashelt(Mizzou) wins 4-2 over Christian Barber(UNC).  

Brandon Sorensen(Iowa) v. Jake Langenderfer(Illinois)-Sorensen with a TD to take a 2-0 lead in the 1st. Another td for Sorensen makes it 4-1.  6-2 now as Sorensen looks super solid.  Sorensen rolls on. 

Josh Kindig(Oklahoma State) v. Dave Habat(Edinboro)- Scoreless 30 seconds in. Habat gets to rear standing and gets the finish.  2-0 with a minute to go in the 1st.  Habat up 4-0 now after a reversal in the 2nd. Habat wins 7-0.

Hunter Stieber(Ohio State) v. Cody Ruggirello(Hofstra)- Ruggirello up 2-1 in the 1st period.   TD for Stieber makes it 3-2.  Escape for Ruggirello and we're knotted at 3 in the 1st period. Ruggirello takes top and takes him over with double arm bars.  Gets the 5 count but Hunter fights for awhile.

Stieber takes neutral in the 3rd down 6-3. TD for Stieber and it's 6-5, now 7-5 after the escape.  42 to go. Another TD for Stieber and he lets him up.  Runs out of time and falls 9-7 to Ruggirello. 

**Sal Mastriani(Virginia Tech) looks to have lost to Cimato(Drexel) but a stall point makes it 11-11!  Sal was down 9-2 in the 3rd!  Mastriani does it!  13-11!

**Garrett Schaner(Stanford) knocks off #6 Pantaleo of Michigan!

Nick Brascetta(Virginia Tech) v. Joey LaVallee(Missouri) are scoreless 2 minutes into the 1st. Scoreless into the 2nd with Brascetta taking bottom.  Brascetta gets the escape and leads 1-0.  TD for Brascetta makes it 3-0.  Escape for LaVallee and it's 3-1 in the 3rd.  Another TD for Brascetta and it's 5-1.  5-2 final.

**Mascola of Maryland knocks off #5 Cody Pack of SDSU! 

**Spartak Chino of Ohio takes out Aaron Walker of The Citadel.

**Demas(Ohio State) takes down Kelly(Iowa) in literally 2 seconds at the start of the match.  Escape for Kelly makes it 2-1.  Another TD for Demas and it's a 4-2 lead for him.  One more TD makes it 6-3 Demas.  

**Ian Miller(Kent State) up 6-3 on Doug Welch(Purdue) of Purdue in the 3rd period.  Another TD for Miller makes it 8-3. Miller wins. 

**Down goes All American Perrotti of Rutgers as Noel Blanco(Drexel) pulls another upset.

**Bo Jordan(Ohio State) with the pin for Ohio State.

Nick Moore(Iowa) v. Pierce Harger(Northwestern)-Underway here in a huge match for Iowa.  Over-under position.  Double from Harger but Moore stops it.  Harger in on a single but Moore defends well. Scoreless after 1. 

Escape for Harger makes it 1-0. TD for Harger makes it 3-0 with 22 to go in the 2nd. Escape for Moore late in the 2nd to make it 3-1.   Moore takes bottom and escapes.  3-2 with 1:41 to go. Another TD for Harger and it's 5-2 now 5-3 after the escape. Harger wins 5-3. 

**UPSET!  England(Mizzou) downs Tristan Warner of Old Dominion. 

**Taylor Walsh(Indiana) wins close over Dakota Friesth(Wyoming). 

**#2 Seed Mike Moreno of Iowa State in trouble!  Down 7-4 late to Austin Wilson!  That's the final!  #2 seed Austin Wilson of Nebraska stuns Moreno!

**#4 seed John Eblen(Mizzou) in a battle with Joe Latham of Oregon State.  2-2 in the 3rd period and we're neutral.  TD for Latham and it's 4-2! 35 to go! Latham gets a go-behind and that's the match!  #4 Eblen falls to Latham!

**Dom Kastl of Cal Poly takes out Tanner Weatherman of Iowa State!

**Mike Evans in a dog fight with Nate Jackson tied 1-1 in the 3rd. Evans gets the TD to take a 3-1 lead in the 3rd. 

**Brian Harvey(Army) up 7-4 on Logan Storley of Minnesota! 7-6 after that Storley reversal. Now 10-9 Storley who has riding time.  Wild scramble and time is ticking away.  Storley going to hang on. 

**Kurtis Julson(NDSU) upsets Mark Martin of Ohio State! 

**Sammy Brooks(Iowa) up 2-1 on Ben Stroh of Wyoming.

**WOW! Lorenzo Thomas(Penn) v. Willie Miklus(Missouri).  It's 4-1 early for Thomas.  He nearly scored with a tilt but couldn't stop Miklus' momentum.  There's an escape and TD for Miklus and just like that it's 4-4.  Miklus takes him over with a bundle and gets the pin!  

**Scott Patrick NEARLY pins Brett Pfarr of Minnesota! Pfarr fights out of it but is down 7-2 in the 2nd period! TD for Pfarr and escape for Patrick makes it 8-4 with 1:10 on the clock in the 3rd! That's the final!  8-6 for Patrick!

**Trent Noon of Northern Colorado takes out 9th seeded Jace Bennett of Cornell!

**Down goes #6 Hayden Zilmer of NDSU to Ohio State's Kenny Courts! 

**#5 Scott Schiller of Minnesota down 2-1 to Bryce Barnes of Army.  As I'm typing this Schiller gets the go-behind.  Schiller handles business to win 7-2.

**Jeffrey Koepke of Illinois downs #16 Elliot Riddick of Lehigh.

**Oregon State's Cody Crawford pulls the upset against #12 Timmy McCall. 

**#11 Alex Polizzi of Northwestern falls to Jake Tindle of SIUE.

**Anthony Abro of EMU takes out Phil Wellington from Ohio.

**TD and 2NF for Maryland's Spencer Myers against #3 Bobby Telford!  4-1 now with 1:34 left in the 1st! 1st period ends 4-1 Myers.  Going neutral in the 2nd.  TD for Myers and it's 6-1!  Wow! Escape for Telford and it's 6-3.  Telford has backed him out of bounds a few times but hasn't been able get the TD!  TD Telford but it's too late!  7-5 win for Spencer Myers!

 Round 1 Fallen Seeds:
#8 Tyler Cox-Wyoming
#9 Dylan Peters-UNI
#16 Paul Petrov-Bucknell
#14 Josh Rodriguez-NDSU
#15 Chasen Tolbert-Utah Valley

#9 AJ Schopp-Edinboro
#10 Mason Beckman-Lehigh
#15 Nick Soto-UTC

#5 Josh Dziewa-Iowa

#6 Alec Pantaleo
#9 Gabe Moreno-Iowa State
#10 Christian Pagdilao-Arizona State
#16 Mike Racciato-Pittsburgh

#5 Cody Pack
#9 Joey LaVallee-Missouri
#15 Justin Staudenmeyer-Brown
#16 Aaron Walker-The Citadel

#2 Mike Moreno-Iowa State
#11 Tristan Warner-Old Dominion
#16 Harrison Hightower-Ohio

#4 John Eblen-Missouri
#10 Mark Martin-Ohio State
#13 Tanner Weatherman-Iowa State
#16 Frank Cousins-Wisconsin

#6 Hayden Zilmer-NDSU
#10 Lorenzo Thomas-Penn
#11 Brett Pfarr-Minnesota

#9 Jace Bennett-Cornell
#11 Alex Polizzi-Northwestern
#12 Tim McCall-Wisconsin
#14 Phil Wellington-Ohio
#16 Elliot Riddick-Lehigh

#3 Bobby Telford-Iowa