Cadet Freestyle Results

Cadet Freestyle Results

Most Oustanding Wrestler - Nick Lee (IN) 132lbs.

Finals Scores
88: Malik Heinselman, CO tf. Jason Holmes, AZ, 16-6

94: Nic Aguilar, CA tf. Dylan D'Emilio, OH, 13-0

100: Roman Bravo-Young, AZ dec. Max Murin, PA, 9-0

106: Paul Konrath, IN dec. Ian Timmins, NV, 8-2

113: Austin Gomez, IL tf. Ben Freeman, MI, 11-0

120: Dylan Duncan, IL dec. Yianni Diakomahalis, NY, 12-4

126: Chad Red, IN dec. Jaden Enriquez, CA, 4-3

132: Nick Lee, IN tf. Jaime Hernandez, IL, 11-0

138: Ethan Karsten, MO tf. Shayne Oster, IL, 10-0

145: Jared Verkleeren, PA tf. Matt Park, ID, 10-0

152: Trey Meyer, WA dec. Johnny Blankenship, MO, 9-7

160: Brandon Dallavia, NJ dec. Owen Webster, MN, 11-7

170: Beau Breske, WI dec. Kamal Bey, IL, 9-6

182: Keegan Moore, MN dec. Wyatt Koelling, UT, 7-0

195: Matt Stencil, OH dec. Kobe Woods, IN, 13-4

220: Gannon Gremmel, IA dec. Luke Ready, MI, 8-7

285: Osuwaru Odigizuwa, OR dec. Hunter Mullins, WA, 3-2

By The Numbers
Finalists By State
IL - 5
IN - 4
AZ, CA, MI, MO, MN, OH, PA, WA - 2
CO, IA, ID, OR, NJ, NV, NY, UT, WI - 1

All Americans By State
IL - 20
PA - 13
OH - 10
MN - 9
NJ - 8
CA - 7
MO, OR - 6
CO, IA, IN, MI, WI - 5
OK, UT, WA - 4
NV, NY, VA - 3
AZ, MD - 2
AL, CT, ID, FL, KS, ND, TX - 1

Current Team Scores
1. Illinois  88.0
2. Pennsylvania  58.0
3. Ohio  51.0
4. California  34.0
5. Indiana  33.0
6. Minnesota  33.0
7. New Jersey  33.0
8. Missouri  25.0
9. Oregon  25.0
10. Michigan 24.0

Cadet - 88
1st Place - Malik Heinselman of Colorado
2nd Place - Jason Holmes of Arizona
3rd Place - Billy Simpson of Oklahoma
4th Place - Jarod Kosman of Connecticut
5th Place - Brandon Kaylor of Washington
6th Place - Forfeit Forfeit of Unattached
6th Place - Patrick McKee of Minnesota
7th Place - Joey Melendez of Illinois
8th Place - Jaret Lane of Pennsylvania

Cadet - 94
1st Place - Nicolas Aguilar of California
2nd Place - Dylan D`Emilio of Ohio
3rd Place - Peter Ogunsanya of Illinois
4th Place - Rhett Golowenski of Oklahoma
5th Place - Elijah Varona of Florida
6th Place - Ryan Chauvin of Colorado
7th Place - Brandon Meikel of Utah
8th Place - Izzak Olenik of California

Cadet - 100
1st Place - Roman Bravo-Young of Arizona
2nd Place - Max Murin of Pennsylvania
3rd Place - Matthew Parker of Pennsylvania
4th Place - Marcus Povlick of Illinois
5th Place - Joseph Thomas of Maryland
6th Place - Clayton Singh of Missouri
7th Place - Noah Fye of Iowa
8th Place - Jonathan Gomez of New York

Cadet - 106
1st Place - Paul Konrath of Indiana
2nd Place - Ian Timmins of Nevada
3rd Place - Kaden Gfeller of Oklahoma
4th Place - Drew Mattin of Ohio
5th Place - Zachary Sherman of New Jersey
6th Place - Anthony Madrigal of Illinois
7th Place - Sidney Oliver of Missouri
8th Place - Jordan Martinez of Colorado

Cadet - 113
1st Place - Austin Gomez of Illinois
2nd Place - Ben Freeman of Michigan
3rd Place - Ty Agaisse of New Jersey
4th Place - Bryce West of Iowa
5th Place - Dalton Young of Washington
6th Place - Josh Copeland of Oklahoma
7th Place - Ian Parker of Michigan
8th Place - Brent Jones of Minnesota

Cadet - 120
1st Place - Dylan Duncan of Illinois
2nd Place - Yianni Diakomihallis of New York
3rd Place - Vitali Arujau of New York
4th Place - Kanen Storr of Michigan
5th Place - Coltan Williams of Texas
6th Place - Garrett Lambert of Ohio
7th Place - Travis Piotrowski of Illinois
8th Place - Jake Bergeland of Minnesota

Cadet - 126
1st Place - Chad Red of Indiana
2nd Place - Jaden Enriquez of California
3rd Place - Taylor Lamont of Utah
4th Place - Corey Shie of Ohio
5th Place - Alex Lloyd of Minnesota
6th Place - Aj Jaffe of Illinois
7th Place - Chris Sandoval of Colorado
8th Place - Zachary Krause of Illinois

Cadet - 132
1st Place - Nick Lee of Indiana
2nd Place - Jaime Hernandez of Illinois
3rd Place - Eric Hong of Pennsylvania
4th Place - Ben Anderson of Utah
5th Place - Austin O`Connor of Illinois
6th Place - Hunter Shelton of Missouri
7th Place - Evan Eldred of Indiana
8th Place - Ryan Epps of Minnesota

Cadet - 138
1st Place - Ethan Karsten of Missouri
2nd Place - Shayne Oster of Illinois
3rd Place - Devin Bahr of Wisconsin
4th Place - Colton Clingenpeel of Iowa
5th Place - Adrian Ojeda of Nevada
6th Place - Dominick Demas of Ohio
7th Place - Hunter Willits of Colorado
8th Place - Collin Kraus of Wisconsin

Cadet - 145
1st Place - Jared Verkleeren of Pennsylvania
2nd Place - Matthew Park of Idaho
3rd Place - Brady Berge of Minnesota
4th Place - Anthony Mantanona of California
5th Place - Austin Hiles of Ohio
6th Place - Jonathan Ross of Pennsylvania
7th Place - Mitchell Willett of Oregon
8th Place - Brandon Kui of New Jersey

Cadet - 152
1st Place - Trey Meyer of Washington
2nd Place - Johnny Blankenship of Missouri
3rd Place - Luke Troy of California
4th Place - Jeremiah Moody of Wisconsin
5th Place - Nathaniel Morris of Illinois
6th Place - Anthony Sherry of Iowa
7th Place - Jake Woodley of Pennsylvania
8th Place - Avery DiNardi of New Jersey

Cadet - 160
1st Place - Brandon Dallavia of New Jersey
2nd Place - Owen Webster of Minnesota
3rd Place - Benjamin Darmstadt of Ohio
4th Place - Joe Grello of New Jersey
5th Place - Jacob Warner of Illinois
6th Place - Andrew Berreyesa of Nevada
7th Place - Gary Jantzer of Oregon
8th Place - Jacob Raschka of Wisconsin

Cadet - 170
1st Place - Beau Breske of Wisconsin
2nd Place - Kamal Bey of Illinois
3rd Place - Jack Jessen of Illinois
4th Place - Jared Siegrist of Pennsylvania
5th Place - James Handwerk of Ohio
6th Place - Matthew Wroblewski of Illinois
7th Place - Luke Drugac of New Jersey
8th Place - Brady Daniel of Maryland

Cadet - 182
1st Place - Keegan Moore of Minnesota
2nd Place - Wyatt Koelling of Utah
3rd Place - Haydn Maley of Oregon
4th Place - John Jakobsen of Pennsylvania
5th Place - Tyler Self of Oregon
6th Place - Isaac Luellen of Kansas
7th Place - Christian Brunner of Illinois
8th Place - Antonio Agee of Virginia

Cadet - 195
1st Place - Matt Stencel of Ohio
2nd Place - Kobe Woods of Indiana
3rd Place - Matthew Correnti of New Jersey
4th Place - Jeffrey Allen of Virginia
5th Place - Zane Black of Pennsylvania
6th Place - Wyatt Harden of Michigan
7th Place - Francis Duggan of Pennsylvania
8th Place - Troy Allen of Virginia

Cadet - 220
1st Place - Gannon Gremmel of Iowa
2nd Place - Luke Ready of Michigan
3rd Place - Brandon Metz of North Dakota
4th Place - Cole Nye of Pennsylvania
5th Place - Anthony Piscopo of Pennsylvania
6th Place - Cristian Ayala of California
7th Place - Brandon Musselman of Missouri
8th Place - Brett Winters of Alabama

Cadet - 285
1st Place - Osawaru Odighizuwa of Oregon
2nd Place - Hunter Mullins of Washington
3rd Place - Kevin Vough of Ohio
4th Place - Bryan Ditchman of Illinois
5th Place - Christian Rebottaro of California
6th Place - Blayne Burnett of Oregon
7th Place - Andrew Piehl of Minnesota
8th Place - Dominic Tudor of Illinois

Semifinal Results
88: Malik Heinselman, CO dq. Patrick McKee, MN
88: Jason Holmes, AZ tf. Brandon Kaylor, WA, 10-0

94: Nic Aguilar, CA tf. Ryan Chauvin, CO, 12-2
94: Dylan D'Emilio, OH  tf.  Elijah Varona, FL, 16-6

100: Roman Bravo-Young, AZ  tf. Marcus Povlick, IL, 10-0
100: Max Murin, PA  tf. Clayton Singh, MO, 10-0

106: Paul Konrath, IN dec. Zach Sherman, NJ, 1-0
106: Ian Timmins, NV dec. Anthony Madrigal, IL, 14-10

113: Austin Gomez, IL  dec. Ty Agaisse, NJ, 3-2
113: Ben Freeman, MI  dec. Josh Copeland, OK, 9-0

120: Yianni Diakomahalis, NY fall Colton Williams, TX, 3:36
120: Dylan Duncan, IL dec. Vitali Arajau, NY, 13-5

126: Chad Red, IN dec. Taylor LaMont, UT, 4-3
126: Jaden Enriquez, CA tf. Corey Shie, OH, 11-0

132: Jaime Hernandez, IL dec. Ben Anderson, UT, 6-2
132: Nick Lee, IN tf. Eric Hong, PA, 10-0 

138: Shayne Oster, IL inj. Dom Demas, OH
138: Ethan Karsten, MO dec. Devin Bahr, WI, 8-7

145: Jared Verkleeren, PA tf. Anthony Mantanona, CA, 10-0 
145: Matt Park, ID fall Jon Ross, PA, 1:50

152: Johnny Blankenship, MO dec. Nathan Morris, IL, 9-8
152: Trey Meyer, WA tf. Anthony Sherry, IA, 10-0

160: Owen Webster, MN  dec. Jacob Warner, IL, 9-8
160: Brandon Dallavia, NJ tf. Ben Darmstadt, OH, 16-5

170: Beau Breske, WI  tf. Jack Jessen, IL, 10-0
170: Kamal Bey, IL tf. Jared Siegrist, PA, 10-0

182: Keegan Moore, MN tf. John Jakobsen, PA, 11-0
182: Wyatt Koelling, UT inj. Isaac Luellen, KS 

195: Matt Stencil, OH dec. Matt Correnti, NJ, 16-10
195: Kobe Woods, IN tf. Wyatt Harden, MI, 12-2

220: Luke Ready, MI tf. Cole Nye, PA, 11-0
220: Gannon Gremmel, IA tf. Anthony Piscopo, PA, 10-0

285: Osuwaru Odigizuwa, OR tf. Kevin Vough, OH, 10-0
285: Hunter Mullins, WA fall Blayne Burnett, OR, 1:50

Pre Quarters Notes
- Phenom Brady Berge, our projected champ, was pinned in less than a minute by Greco Champ Matt Park.

- Eric Hong, who we projected as champ, and Austin O'Connor, who we slotted 3rd, met in a pre-quarter match! And it was finals-worthy. Hong led 8-2 before O'Connor stormed back to tie it, but Hong won on criteria. You gotta watch this match.

- 3x Fargo Finalist Austin Gomez survived two serious scares and incoming phenom Merola shocked multiple time AA Brent Jones.

- GR Champ Ethan Karsten had a 9-0 lead over Hunter Bolen. He won, but 9-7 in a great bout.

Quarters "Wow Factor"
 - GR Champ Ian Timmins pinned Returning FS Champ Kaden Gfeller. 

- Matt Park won GR and continued his assault, pinning his way to the semi's.

- Jared Siegrist beat GR finalist James Handwerk.

- In one of the most anticipated bouts of the round, returning finalist Austin Gomez teched returning All American Ian Parker.

The Semi Story

- Yianni, who missed making 113 by being a couple tenths over, had a big lead before he pinned Greco Champ Colton Williams.

- Chad Red had a 4-0 lead and held off a late rally to beat returning Champ Taylor LaMont.

- Nick Lee looked dominant in a win over Eric Hong.

- Matt Park won GR earlier in the week. Now he pinned his way to the finals where he'll face Cadet World Team Member Jared Verkleeren.

- There will be two rematches from the Cadet GR finals. 170 and 182.

- Another rematch from the GR finals happened in the semi's where Osuwaru Odigizuwa reversed the decision from Monday with Kevin Vough.

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