FloNats - Final Recap

FloNats - Semifinal Match Ups
Willie Saylor, Sr. Editor

On a night of fantastic finals, the guys let it all fly. The matches were high paced and wild. All Quarters, Semis, and Finals videos are now up.

Tip of the cap to:

- Tyler Berger who won his second FloNationals title and became the first ever 4x FloNationals All American.

- Sammy Krivus, who along with Berger join an elite group of just of just three other 2x FloNationals Champs (Morgan McIntosh, Jason Tsirtsis, Joey Davis). As just a Junior, Krivus will have a shot at becoming the only 3x FloNatioanls Champion next season.

- Nick Piccininni, who made his second straight Flonational final, this time winning the title at 120lbs over returning FloNationals Champ, #1-Luke Pletcher.

Team/Club Scores
1 Flat River Wrestling 127.5
2 Dark Knights Wrestling Club 95.0
3 Bison Legend Wrestling Club 80.5
4 Izzy style 77.5
5 Young Guns 62.0
6 Clovis 55.5
7 St Paris Graham 55.0
8 Brookville 51.5
9 Apex 49.5
10 Crook County Wrestling 47.0
11 Iowa Style 45.0
12 Perry Meridian 42.0
13 Lexington 41.0
14 North Allegheny 39.5
15 G2 38.0

Pro Bout: Ed Ruth, NLWC, dec. Matt Wilps, PWC, 10-3

Finals Match-Ups
106: Yianni Diakomhalis, NY dec. Rudy Yates, IL, 7-4
The #1 ranked wrestler in the country wins over the #17 113lber in the country. Yianni bookends his season with Super 32 and FloNational Titles.

113: Devin Schroder, MI dec. Vitali Arajau, NY, 7-3
A two-time state champion, this year at 119, Schroder dropped down and beat #7-Arajau, the NY State Champ with a big 5-point play.

120: Nick Piccininni, NY md. Luke Pletcher, PA, 10-2
Perhaps no one in the country has beaten more ranked opponents in the last year than Luke Pletcher. His last loss came to Piccininni 9 months ago. So everyone knew Piccininni was capable. But they didn't expect the dominant result.

126: Sam Krivus, PA dec. Zach Valley, PA, 2-1
For the second straight year, Krivus faced a PA opponent in the finals at Flo. He beat Darian Cruz last year. This year he got redemption over Valley, who upset Krivus in state semifinals, 1-0.

132: Brent Moore, OH  dec. Robert Lee, WI, 6-3
Moore beat four state champions and a PA Runner-Up during the tournament. And he's just a Sophomore.

138: Brock Zacherl, PA dec. Chandler Pyke, GA, 3-0
One of the best, yet least talked-about wrestlers in the country, Zacherl had been close before - 3rd at FloNationals last year, Runner-Up at Super 32. Now the #4-ranked wrestler in the country has his signature title.

145: Tyler Berger, OR decMikey Longo, CA, 8-5
We saved this as the last bout for a reason. Not only was Berger trying to make tournament history, but his finals opponent was a serious threat to that. Berger got out to a lead and Longo tried to make a comeback, with some mild controversy, just for good measure.

152: Louis Hernandez, NY dec. Kyle Bova, PA, 5-4
One of the most pleasant surprises of the tournament, state champ Bova knocked off nationally ranked Dayton Racer in the semi's and then scored the first takedown against Hernandez in the finals. But Hernandez might have been the hottest name in the building as he turned in a brilliant tournament.

160: Xavier Montalvo, IL dec. Josh Ugalde, NJ, 7-5 OT
In a battle of talented Juniors, #14-Montalvo used two beautiful finishes off Hi-C's to finish off his title run over NJ state finalist, Ugalde.

170: Josh Llopez, MD  dec. Taylor Lujan, GA, 3-1
Don't mind the low score; this match was filled with action. The story here was Llopez's several deep shots and Lujan's Dake-like defense. For Llopez it was his second trip to the FloNats' finals. It capped a great career in which the senior also won Fargo and Super 32 crowns. Just a Junior, Lujan has now been Runner-Up both here at Flo and at Super 32 to Marsteller. We're sure we'll see him again.

182: Dylan Wisman, VA dec. Christian Dietrich, NY, 7-3 
Last year Wisman lost in the first round at FloNationals to the eventual champ, Pete Renda. This year, he didn't lose at all. In another final where both were Juniors, Wisman beat NY Champ, and returning FloNationals' 4th placer, Dietrich with two well-timed shots and gritty finishes.

195: Tom Sleigh, PA dec. Bailey Faust, OH, 4-2
Highlighting how difficult it is to win state titles in PA and OH, the Bucknell-bound Sleigh came into the finals as a 2x state 3rd, while the Junior Faust was 5th in OH. Sleigh rode out the second period to give him a heavy riding time advantage and then scored off a Faust shot in the 3rd.

220: Michael Boykin, PA dec. Youssif Hemida, NY, 11-4
After remaining relatively anonymous until February, PA Champ Michael Boykin keeps impressing. Wrestling with a high ankle sprain, he was still able to be powerful and explosive in his win over double Fargo AA, Hemida.

285: Kevin Vough, OH dec. Ryan Prescott, MI, 7-5 OT
Diaper dandy Vough is going to be scary in the future. The Fargo AA defeated 3x state finalist Prescott in a wild heavyweight bout. Prescott had the lead early but got dinged for stalling which put it in to OT where Vough countered a Prescott shot for the win.

Semifinals Match-Results
106: Yianni Diakomhalis, NY dec. Gage Curry, PA , 5-2
106: Rudy Yates, IL dec. 
Sammy Sasso, PA, 3-1 OT

113: Vitali Arajau, NY dec. Jesse Dellavechia, NY, 8-2
Devin Schroder, MI  dec. Alex Martinez, MI, 2-0

120: Luke Pletcher, PA dec. Chad Red, IN, 7-3
120: Nick Piccininni, NY dec. Luis Gonzalez, NJ, 3-0 

126: Sam Krivus, PA md. Boo Leewallen, OK, 8-0 
126:  Zach Valley, PA dec. 
Davion Jeffries, OK, 3-2

132: Brent Moore, OH  dec. Keegan Moore, OK, 6-3
Robert Lee, WI dec. Trae Blackwell, KY, 6-2

138: Brock Zacherl, PA dec. Sergio Enloe, CA, 3-1 OT
Chandler Pyke, GA dec. Chris Garcia, IL, 1-0 

145: Tyler Berger, OR dec. Ralphy Tovar, CA, 9-4
145: Adam Martz, MD md. 
Mikey Longo, CA, 11-3

152: Louis Hernandez, NY vs. Cole Walter, PA, 11-4
152: Kyle Bova, PA
 dec. Dayton Racer, MN, 4-0

160: Xavier Montalvo, IL dec. Josef Johnson, NJ, 3-1
160: Josh Ugalde, NJ dec. 
Ryan Preisch, PA, 7-3

170: Josh Llopez, MD  wbf. Evan DeLong, PA, 5:15
170: Taylor Lujan, GA inj. Travis Linton, OH, 4:50

182: Christian Dietrich, NY dec. Derek Hillman, MI, 6-4
182: Dylan Wisman, VA dec. Boomer Fleming, OR, 6-3

195: Bailey Faust, OH dec. Kyle Conel, OH, 7-5
195: Tom Sleigh, PA dec. Cody Vigoren, WA, 3-2

220: Michael Boykin, PA md. Carl Neff, RI, 13-3 
220: Youssif Hemida, NY dec. Buzzy Maines, PA, 8-5

285: Ryan Prescott, MI vs. Scot Augustine, PA, 2-1
285: Kevin Vough, OH dec. Tate Orndorff, WA, 8-3

Quarterfinal Results
106: Yianni Diakomhalis, NY md. Mitch Moore, OH, 12-4
106: Gage Curry, PA dec. Brian Courtney, PA, 7-1
106: Rudy Yates, IL md. Vinny Vespa, NY, 8-0 
Sammy Sasso, PA dec. Justin Mejia, CA, 7-1

113: Vitali Arajau, NY md. Cornelius Elliot, IN, 13-1
Jesse Dellavechia, NY dec. Logan Griffin, MI, 3-0
Alex Martinez, MI dec. Ryan Friedman, MD, 5-4
Devin Schroder, MI  md. Tito Colom, NY, 13-0

120: Luke Pletcher, PA dec. Lincoln Olson, MI, 4-2
Chad Red, IN  wbf. Jake Gromacki, PA, 5:41
Luis Gonzalez, NJ  dec. Todd Lane, PA, 3-2
Nick Piccininni, NY dec. Mickey Phillippi, PA, 3-2

126: Sam Krivus, PA dec. Will Koll, NY, 3-1
Boo Leewallen, OK dec. Jamel Morris, FL, 7-1
Zach Valley, PA dec. Travis Passaro, NY, 2-0
Davion Jeffries, OK dec. Jaydin Clayton, MO, 8-6

132: Keegan Moore, OK dec. Jesse Rodgers, PA, 2-1
132: Brent Moore, OH wbf. 
Kent Lane, PA, 4:53
132: Trae Blackwell, KY dec. Jamal Morris, FL, 4-1
Robert Lee, WI dec. Tommy Cash, IN, 4-1

138: Brock Zacherl, PA dec. Kaleb Young, PA, 6-1
Sergio Enloe, CA dec. Myles Amine, MI, 6-3
138: Chris Garcia, IL dec. 
Joey Grable, WA, 3-1
Chandler Pyke, GA dec. Louie DePrez, NY, 4-1

145: Tyler Berger, OR md. AJ Pedro, MA, 10-1
145: Ralphy Tovar, CA wbf. Vinny DePrez, NY, 3:46
Adam Martz, MD dec. Austin Kraisser, MD, 2-0
Mikey Longo, CA  md. Jake Restrepo, NY, 12-0

152: Louis Hernandez, NY dec. Dominic Lampe, KY, 6-3
152: Cole Walter, PA dec. Dominic Kincaid, CA, 3-1
152: Kyle Bova, PA dec. 
Devin Skatska, MI, 9-5
Dayton Racer, MN  dec. Andrew McNally, OH, 7-0 

160: Xavier Montalvo, IL tf. Devon Pingel, MI, 17-2
160: Josef Johnson, NJ dec. 
Josh Hokit, CA, 12-7
160: Josh Ugalde, NJ dec. Connor Lawrence, NY, 15-7
Ryan Preisch, PA  md. Brett Donner, NJ, 11-1

170: Josh Llopez, MD  md. Jared Walker, PA, 19-7
Evan DeLong, PA dec. Max Dean, MI, 6-4
170: Travis Linton, OH  dec. Austin Flores, CA, 9-4
170: Taylor Lujan, GA wbf. Dakota Geer, PA, 3:50

182: Christian Dietrich, NY dec. Willie Bivens, NC, 10-3
Derek Hillman, MI dec. Shane Rodenburg, MI, 7-1
182: Boomer Fleming, OR dec. Jacob Cooper, MI, 4-2
182: Dylan Wisman, VA dec. Drew Kasper, OH, 8-7

195: Kyle Conel, OH dec. Tyree Sutton, NJ, 3-2
Bailey Faust, OH dec. Drew Phipps, PA, 9-2
195: Cody Vigoren, WA dec. Edgar Ruano, IL, 4-1
195: Tom Sleigh, PA md. Bubba Mancini, DE, 11-0 

220: Michael Boykin, PA dec. Seth Brennock, OH, 5-3
Carl Neff, RI wbf. Landon Pelham, MI, 1:46
220: Buzzy Maines, PA dec. Thomas Alcaro, PA, 3-2
220: Youssif Hemida, NY dec. Jordan Brandon, MI, 13-6

285: Ryan Prescott, MI dec. Jake Beistel, PA, 3-0
285: Scot Augustine, PA dec. Brian Darios, MI, 5-3
285: Kevin Vough, OH dec. Stephen Johnson, NJ, 3-2
285: Tate Orndorff, WA wbf. Tyler Poling, NJ, 5:49

Round of 16 Results
106: Yianni Diakomhalis, NY wbf. Riley Palmer, PA, 5:36
Mitch Moore, OH dec. Tony DeCessare, OH, 3-1
106: Gage Curry, PA wbf. Garrett O'Shea, NY, 2:37
106: Brian Courtney, PA dec. Lucas Hall, MI, 12-11 OT
106: Rudy Yates, IL dec. Daniel Planta, MD, 5-3
106: Vinny Vespa, NY md. Luca Crudo, 13-1
Sammy Sasso, PA dec. Carmen Ciotti, PA, 8-1
Justin Mejia, CA wbf. Max Murin, PA, 3:43

113: Vitali Arajau, NY vs. Trayton Libolt, OR, 5-1
Cornelius Elliot, IN dec. Kajaun Caldwell, 4-3
113: Logan Griffin, MI dec Luke Landerfield, PA, 3-2
Jesse Dellavechia, NY md. Tyler Schilling, OR, 11-2
113: Ryan Friedman, MD dec. Lane Peters, OH, 9-2
Alex Martinez, PA dec. Aaron Ehrgott, 12-8
113: Tito Colom, NY vs. Nick Lattanze, PA, 5-0
Devin Schroder, MI wbf. Jon Haas, 4:54

120: Luke Pletcher, PA dec. Bryan Lantry, NY, 5-0
120: Lincoln Olson, MI dec. Kyle Akins, IL, 4-0
120: Jake Gromacki, PA dec. Mason Smith, MI, 4-1
Chad Red, IN md Zach Trampe, PA, 10-2
Todd Lane, PA dec. Israel Saavedra, CA, 5-4
120: Luis Gonzalez, NJ dec. Tyrone Klump, PA, 3-2
120: Mickey Phillippi, PA dec. Brandon James, IN, 5-4
120: Nick Piccininni, NY dec. Dylan Duncan, PA, 5-3

126: Sam Krivus, PA md Tommy Oppendorf, PA, 15-2
126: Will Koll, NY dec. Dom Forys, PA, 10-9
126: Jamel Morris, FL dec. Angel Valesquez, CA, 4-1
Boo Leewallen, OK dec. Cameron Kelly, OH, 6-2
126: Travis Passaro, NY dec. Marty Margolis, MD, 3-0
Zach Valley, PA dec. Will Clark, NC, 11-7
Davion Jeffries, OK dec. AC Headlee, PA, 9-2
Jaydin Clayton, MO wbf. Newt Richardson, NJ, 1:11

132: Keegan Moore, OK md. Anthony Vasquez, FL, 15-5
132: Jesse Rodgers, PA dec. Chris Mauriello, NY, 8-5
132: Brent Moore, OH wbf. John Muldoon, NY, 2:00
Kent Lane, PA wbf. Cody Blankenship, PA, 1:18
132: Trae Blackwell, KY vs. Matt Gudenau, MI, 7-0
Jamal Morris, FL dec. Isaiah Hokit, CA, 5-1
132: Tommy Cash, IN md. Sean Peacock, NY, 8-0
Robert Lee, WI wbf. Darren Ostrander, NY, 1:24

138: Brock Zacherl, PA tf. Connor McDill, MI, 18-3
Kaleb Young, PA dec. McCoy Kent, CA, 4-2 OT
138: Myles Amine, MI dec. Alex Murray, NJ, 2-1 OT
Sergio Enloe, CA md. Alec Ward, MI, 9-0
138: Chris Garcia, IL dec. Jake Wentzel, PA, 6-5
Joey Grable, WA dec. Hayden Hidlay, PA, 4-3
Chandler Pyke, GA dec. Lucas Ortiz, PA, 8-2
Louie DePrez, NY md. Joey Alessandro, PA, 8-0

145: Tyler Berger, OR wbf. Drew Landerfield, PA, 1:48
AJ Pedro, MA md. Nick Kusich, PA, 8-0
145: Ralphy Tovar, CA dec. Brett Beltz, PA, 3-0
Vinny DePrez, NY dec. Kyle Kaminski, OH, 6-0 
145: Austin Kraisser, MD dec. Zach Ladich, OH, 2-0
145: Adam Martz, MD dec. Zach Colangelo, UT, 9-4
145: Jake Restrepo, NY dec. Anthony Bell, NY, 4-2
Mikey Longo, CA dec. Garrett Tingen, VA, 9-2

152: Louis Hernandez, NY md. Michael Beard, PA, 15-6
Dominic Lampe, KY dec. Tobias Barnes, 4-2
152: Cole Walter, PA dec. Ricky Padilla, CA, 5-4
152: Dominic Kincaid dec. Tyler Morland, MI, 5-2
152: Kyle Bova, PA dec. Boomer Burnham, WA, 7-2
Devin Skatska, MI tf. Max Elling, NJ, 15-0
Andrew McNally, OH wbf. Anthony DePrez, NY, 1:50
Dayton Racer, MN md. Austin Leon, PA, 16-5

160: Xavier Montalvo, IL wbf. Tony Polumbo, PA, 1:32
Devon Pingel, MI dec. Jesse Porter, NY, 13-2
160: Josef Johnson, NJ dec. Devin Austin, PA, 9-2
Josh Hokit, CA md. Nick Stephani, PA, 9-1
160: Josh Ugalde, NJ dec. Chad Reese, PA, 8-4
Connor Lawrence, NY dec. Logan Ritchie, MI, 6-2
160: Brett Donner, NJ dec.  Austin Bell, PA, 8-6
Ryan Preisch, PA dec. Nasim Banks, PA, 10-4

170: Josh Llopez, MD wbf. Alex Melliken, NY, 1:26
Jared Walker, PA dec. Alex Hoffman, PA, 2-1
170: Max Dean, MI md. Will Tindal, 11-0
Evan DeLong, PA dec. John Jakobsen, PA, 10-5
170: Travis Linton, OH dec. Triston Engle, NY, 2-0
170: Austin Flores, CA dec. Juan Ramos, NC, 3-0
170: Dakota Geer, PA dec. Tim Knipl, OH, 4-0
170: Taylor Lujan, GA wbf. Cody Vick, VA , 1:35

182: Christian Dietrich, NY dec. Jared Wehrrman, PA, 5-0
Willie Bivens, NC dec. Ryan Patchin, OH, 4-2
Shane Rodenburg, MI dec. Nick Weldon, AL, 6-5
Derek Hillman, MI wbf. Isaiah Burgette, PA, 2:34
182: Boomer Fleming, OR wbf. Payton Mills, NC, 1:10
182: Jacob Cooper, MI dec. Kemran Fayikov, PA, 4-3
182: Drew Kasper, OH vs. Nick Rodriguez, NJ, 1:05
182: Dylan Wisman, VA dec. Sawyer Root, AK, 7-4

195: Kyle Conel, OH wbf. Mike Colello, CA, 1:57
195: Tyler Love, VA dec. Tyree Sutton, NJ, 2-1
195: Drew Phipps, PA vs. Dalton Rosta, PA, 4-1
Brandon Faust, OH wbf. Dylan Alt, 1:09
195: Edgar Ruano, IL tf. Jacob Cretin, TN, 16-1
195: Cody Vigoren, WA wbf. Tanner Cahill, PA, 3:00
195: Bubba Mancini, DE dec. Cole Nye, PA, 6-0
195: Tom Sleigh, PA md. Randall Diabe, NC, 14-2

220: Michael Boykin, PA wbf. Erik Hobbs, IN, :50
220: Seth Brennock, OH tf. Bryce Town, PA, 15-0
220: Landon Pelham, MI vs. George Lahar, 14-3
Carl Neff, RI wbf. Carl Haines, PA. :55
220: Buzzy Maines, PA dec. Jacob Robb, PA, 5-3
220: Thomas Alcaro, PA dec. Eric Jessel, NY, 4-3 Ot
220: Youseff Hermida, NY md. James Ford, OH, 20-8
220: Jordan Brandon, MI wbf. Ali Beydoun, MI. 1:17

285: Ryan Prescott, MI wbf. Daniel Sheridan, KY, :28
285: Jake Beistel, PA dec. Nick Wimmer, NC, 4-2 OT
285: Scot Augustine, PA dec. Deakon McCoy, OH, 4-2
Brian Darios, MI wbf. Nathan Temple, OH, 4:22
285: Stephen Johnson, NJ wbf. Hunter Gill, PA, 1:51
285: Kevin Vough, OH wbf. Shane Lowman, MD, 1:54
285: Tyler Poling, NJ dec. Ryan Monk, PA, 6-4
285: Tate Orndorff, WA md. Ali Wahab, MI, 14-6 

79kg World Team Trials Primer: The Best Weight In America

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One of the nation's best juniors announced his college decision earlier today, as Michael Colaiocco verbally committed to Penn. The National Prep champ released the commitment on his instagram. 

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125lbs Quarter: Jay Schwarm, UNI vs Zeke Moisey, WVU

Zeke Moisey has been granted a release from West Virginia. The 2015 NCAA finalist at 125lb was eighth this season at NCAAs in Cleveland and has one season of eligibility remaining. 

Who's Left At 74kg For The Open And Trials?

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