2014 NCAA By the Numbers

2014 NCAA By the Numbers

2014 NCAA By the Numbers
Willie Saylor, Sr. Editor

Final Team Standings

National Team Champions - Penn State Nittany Lions - 110pts.
National Team Runners-Up - Minnesota Golden Gophers - 104pts.
National Team 3rd Place - Oklahoma State Cowboys - 96pts.

Final All American List

125: National Champion - Jesse Delgado, Illinois
National Runner-Up - 
Nahshon Garrett, Cornell 

3. Nico Megaludis, Penn State
4. Joey Dance, Virginia Tech
5. Cory Clark, Iowa
6. Dylan Peters, Northern Iowa
7. Darian Cruz, Lehigh
8. Earl Hall, Iowa State

National Champion - Tony Ramos, Iowa
National Runner-Up - Tyler Graff, Wisconsin

3. Joe Colon, Northern Iowa
4. AJ Schopp, Edinboro
5. David Thorn, Minnesota
6. Mason Beckman, Lehigh
7. Joe Roth, Central Michigan
8. Cody Brewer, Oklahoma

National Champion - Logan Stieber, Ohio State
National Runner-Up - Devin Carter, Virginia Tech

3. Mitchell Port, Edinboro
4. Evan Henderson, North Carolina
5. Zain Retherford, Penn State
6. Joey Lazor, Northern Iowa
7. Stephen Dutton, Michigan
8. Ricky Durso, Franklin & Marshall

National Champion - Jason Tsirtsis, Northwestern
National Runner-Up - Josh Kindig, Oklahoma State

3. Eric Grajales, Michigan
4. David Habat, Edinboro
5. Drake Houdashelt, Missouri
6.Mitchell Minotti, Lehigh
7. James English, Penn State
8. Kendric Maple, Oklahoma

National Champion - Alex Dieringer, Oklahoma State
National Runner-Up - 
Dylan Ness, Minnesota

3. James Green, Nebraska
4. Ian Miller, Kent State
5. Derek St. John, Iowa
6. Bryan Realbuto, Cornell
7. Isaac Jordan, Wisconsin
8. Anthony Perotti, Rutgers

National Champion - David Taylor, Penn State
National Runner-Up - Tyler Caldwell, Oklahoma State

3. Stephen Monk, North Dakota St.
4. Nick Sulzer, Virginia
5. Mike Moreno, Iowa State
6. Turtogtokh Luvsandorj, Citadel
7. David Zilverberg, Minnesota
8. Pierce Harger, Northwestern

National Champion - Chris Perry, Oklahoma State
Natioanl Runner-Up - Andrew Howe, Oklahoma

3. Logan Storley, Minnesota
4. Robert Kokesh, Nebraska
5. Matt Brown, Penn State
6. Mike Evans, Iowa
7. Tyler Wilps, Pittsburgh
8. Bryce Hammond, Cal State-Bakersfield

National Champion - Ed Ruth, Penn State
National Runner-Up - Jimmy Sheptock, Maryland

3. Gabe Dean, Cornell
4. Jack Dechow, Old Dominion
5. Kevin Steinhaus, Minnesota
6. Lorenzo Thomas, Penn
7. Jake Swartz, Boise State
8. Ophir Bernstein, Brown

National Champion - J'Den Cox, Missouri
National Runner-Up - 
Nick Heflin, Ohio State

3. Scott Schiller, Minnesota
4. Kyven Gadson, Iowa State
5. Connor Hartmann, Duke
6. Chris Penny, Virginia Tech
 7. Morgan McIntosh, Penn State
8. Nathan Burak, Iowa

National Champion -  Nick Gwiazdowski, North Carolina State
National Runner-Up - Tony Nelson, Minnesota

3. Mike McMullan, Northwestern
4. Bobby Telford, Iowa
5. Mike McClure, Michigan State
6. Adam Chalfant, Indiana
7. Jeremy Johnson, Ohio
8. Austin Marsden, Oklahoma State

All Americans by State

CA (4)
125-Nahshon Garrett (COR)
125-Jesse Delgado (ILL)
174-Bryce Hammond (CSUB)
197-Morgan McIntosh (PSU)

CO (2)
133-Tyler Graff (WISC)
197-Nathan Burak (Iowa)

DE (1)
285-Bobby Telford (Iowa)

FL (2)
125-Earl Hall (ISU)
149-Eric Grajales (MICH)

GA (1)
141-Joey Lazor (UNI)

IA (6)
125-Cory Clark (Iowa)
125-Dylan Peters (UNI)
133-Joe Colon (UNI)
157-Derek St. John (Iowa)
165-Mike Moreno (ISU)
197-Kyven Gadsen (ISU)

IL (4)
125-Joe Roth (CMU)
133-Tony Ramos (Iowa)
184-Jack Dechow (ODU)
285-Austin Marsden (OKST)

KS (2)
149-Kendric Maple (OU)
165-Tyler Caldwell (OKST)

IN (3)
149-Jason Tsirtsis (NW)
174-Andrew Howe (OU)
285-Adam Chalfant (IU)

MI (2)
184-Gabe Dean (COR)
285-Mike McClure (MSU)

MN (5)
133-David Thorn (MINN)
157-Dylan Ness (MINN)
165-Danny Zilverberg (MINN)
184-Kevin Steinhaus (MINN)
285-Tony Nelson (MINN)

MO (3)
133-Cody Brewer (OU)
149-Drake Houdashelt (MIZZ)
197-J’Den Cox (MIZZ)

ND (1)
197-Scott Schiller (MINN)

NJ (2)
157-James Green (NEB)
157-Anthony Perrotti (RUT)

NY (3)
141-Stephen Dutton (MICH)
157-Brian Realbuto (COR)
285-Nick Gwiazdowski (NCST)

OH (9)
141-Logan Stieber (OhSt)
149-David Habat (EDIN)
157-Ian Miller (KSU)
157-Isaac Jordan (WISC)
165-David Taylor (PSU)
165-Nick Sulzer (UVA)
165-Pierce Harger (NW)
197-Nick Heflin (OhSt)
285-Jeremy Johnson (Ohio)

OK (1)
174-Chris Perry (OKST)

PA (17)
125-Nico Megaludis (PSU)
125-Darian Cruz (LEH)
133-AJ Schopp (EDIN)
133-Mason Beckman (LEH)
141-Mitchell Port (EDIN)
141-Zain Retherford (PSU)
 141-Evan Henderson (UNC)
141-Ricky Durso (F&M)
149-Josh Kindig (OKST)
149-Mitch Minotti (LEH)
149-James English (PSU)
174-Mike Evans (Iowa)
174-Tyler Wilps (PITT)
184-Jimmy Sheptock (MD)
184-Ed Ruth (PSU)
184-Lorenzo Thomas (PENN)
285-Mike McMullan (NW)

SD (2)
174-Logan Storley (MINN)
174-Robert Kokesh (NEB)

TX (1)
184-Ophir Bernstein (Brown)

UT (1)
174-Matt Brown (PSU)

VA (3)
125-Joey Dance (VT)
141-Devin Carter (VT)
197-Chris Penny (VT)

WA (2)
184-Jake Swartz (BSU)
197-Connor Hartmann (Duke)

WI (2)
157-Alex Dierenger (OKST)
165-Stephen Monk (NDSU)

Turtogtohk Luvsandorj (CIT)

Blood Round by State

CA - Sakaguchi, Hammond, Loder, McIntosh, Felix

CO - Burak, Medbery

FL - E. Hall, Bruno, Grajales

HI - Terao

IA - Clark, Lazor, St. John, Moreno,
Weatherman, Gadson

IL - Klimara, Roth, Dardanes, Gantt,
Smith, Gonzalez, Marsden

IN - Quiroga

KS - Maple

NJ - Grey, Preston, Villalonga, Green, Perotti, Taffur

OH - Collica, Neibert, Habat, Harger,
Thomousseit, Johnson, Tavanello

PA - Zanetta, Cruz, Beckman, Durso,
Port, English, Riddick, Wilps, Dallago,
Courts, Thomas, Bonnacorsi, McMullan

NY - Dutton, Veltre, Palacio,
Booth, Boley, Reed

NV - Lavallee

OU - Patterson

MI - Coon, McClure

MO - Brewer, Mango, Stauffer

MN - Thorn, Vaith, Zilverberg, Steinhaus

MD - Matt Miller

SD - Kokesh

TX - Bernstein

UT - Matt Brown

VA - Dance

WA - Swartz, Hartmann

WV - Arthur

MONG - Luvsandorj

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