Super 32 Recap & By the Numbers

Super 32 Recap
Willie Saylor, Editor

Another spectacular event has come and gone from Greensboro as the 15th edition of the Super 32 went in to the books on Sunday.

Big names fell, and new stars were born. Revenge was exacted. Some made history. PA dominated.

Below you find the placing and notes on the finals, followed by miscellaneous facts from one of our favorite events.

For notes and upsets from Day I, look here. 

Full Brackets Here.

106 Final: #4-Fr. Yianni Diakomahalis (NY) dec. #6-So. Gage Curry (PA), 3-0

Finals Highlight: Yianni was slick all weekend and his first takedown showed it. He used a great ride on top to blank Curry.

1. #4-Yianni Diakomahalis, NY
2. #5-Gage Curry, PA
3. #15-Ty Agaisse, NJ
4. HM-Ben Freeman, MI
5. #2-Tyler Warner, OH
6. #10-Luke Karam, PA
7. HM-Kennedy Monday, OK
8. Brandon Cray, NJ

113 Final:  #2-Fr. Spencer Lee (PA) dec. #1-So. Nick Suriano (NJ), 3-1, OT

Finals Notes: In a rematch from the 106 finals from last year, there was a a lot of hand fighting as both tried to pick their opening. That didn’t come until overtime when Lee was able to find and angle and score on a low shot.

1. #2-Spencer Lee, PA
2. #1-Nick Suriano, NJ
3. #6-Jose Rodriguez, OH
4. #7-Kyle Norstrem, FL
5. Dustin Warner, OH
6. #18-Christian Moody, OK
7. HM-Eli Stickley, OH
8. #8-Eric Hong, PA

120 Final:  #7-So. Luke Pletcher (PA) dec. #12-So. Micky Phillippi (PA), 5-4

Finals Notes: Pletcher opened up the scoring but Phillippi scored a lightening quick counter from front head to take the lead. Pletcher scored late in the third to earn the belt.

1. #7-Luke Pletcher, PA
2. #12-Micky Phillippi, PA
3. #1-Sean Russell, GA
4. #4-Nick Piccininni, NY
5. Bryan Damon, NJ
6. Troy Gregor, NC
7. Evan Cheek, OH
8. HM-Anthony Cefolo, NJ

126 Final: #4-Sr. Ryan Millhof (GA) dec. HM-Sr. Dom Forys (PA), 3-0 

Finals Highlight: The first period was filled with crazy, must-see scrambles as Forys was aggressive.

1. #4-Ryan Millhof, GA
2. HM-Dom Forys, PA
3. #6-Tommy Thorn, MN
4. #9-Zeke Moisey, PA
5. HM-Dylan Lucas, FL
6. HM-Kevin Jack, CT
7. HM-Anthony Tutolo, OH
8. #20-Davion Jeffries, OK

132 Final:   #6-Jr. Sam Krivus (PA) dec. #4-Jr. Michael Kemerer (PA), 2-1 UTB

Finals Notes: A very cautious bout between two foes that know each other well. Krivus rode Kemerer out in the second but was dinged with a suspect locked hands call late in the period. Krivus was able to escape in the ultimate ride out.

1. #6-Sam Krivus, PA
2. #4-Michael Kemerer, PA
3. #8-Brock Ervin, KY
4. #17-Colton Adams, NE
5. HM-Chase Zemenak, PA
6. #13-Anthony Giraldo, NJ
7. #5-Gary Wayne Harding, OK
8. #20-Coy Ozias, VA

138 Final:  #2-Sr. Jason Nolf (PA) md. #7-Sr. Brock Zacherl (PA), 17-7

Finals Notes: The first period was scoreless until Nolf got in deep and converted with less than 5 seconds left. What was a close bout quickly disintegrated as Nolf drilled for the final two periods, scoring at will.

1. #2-Jason Nolf, PA
2. #7-Brock Zacherl, PA
3. #11-Pat Duggan, PA
4. #20-Justin Oliver, MI
5. HM-Max Thomsen, IA
6. Kyle Lawson, OH
7. Blake Clevenger, MO
8. Joey Ghione, NJ

145 Final:   #3-Jr. Logan Massa (MI) dec. #8-Sr. Grant Leeth (MO), 4-3

Finals Notes: Leeth opened the bout with a takedown and looked to be superior for about the first half of the match. But Massa scored picked up the pace in the second half of the bout. Leeth was in on several low shots but couldn’t convert.

1. #3-Logan Massa, MI
2. #8-Grant Leeth, MO
3. HM-Nick Bennett, MI
4. HM-Mike Longo, CA
5. #19-Tommy Forte, IN
6. Malike Amine, MI
7. Thomas Dutton, NY
8. #19-Gary Dinmore, NJ

152 Final:   #4-Sr. Jake Danishek (OH) dec. #7-Jr. Zach Kelly (PA), 4-3

Finals Highlight: What a heartbreaker. Kelly led with just 8 seconds to go when Danishek put a couple shots together and scored the decisive points on the edge.

1. #4-Jake Danishek, OH
2. #7-Zack Kelly, PA
3. #13-Louis Hernandez, NY
4. HM-Jack Bass, VA
5. #3-Fox Baldwin, FL
6. Isaiah Crosby, FL
7. HM-Zach Hertling, NJ
8. HM-Austin Eades, OK

160 Final: #2-Sr. Garrett Peppelman (PA) dec. #6-Sr. John Schleifer (NJ), 5-2

Finals Notes: Peppelman got in on a deep shot in the first. Schleifer made him work for it, but it was eventually converted and ultimately decided the match.

1. #2-Garrett Peppelman, PA
2. #6-John Schleifer, NJ
3. Austin Reece, OH
4. #14-Logan Breitenbach, MD
5. Ben Schram, OH
6. Bobby Fehr, PA
7. AJ Kowal, OH
8. Dayton Racer, MN

170 Final: #1-Sr. Chance Marsteller (PA) dec. HM-Jr. Taylor Lujan (GA), 9-3

Finals Notes: Chance controlled the bout the entire way in his S32 swan song.

1. #1-Chance Marsteller, PA
2. HM-Taylor Lujan, GA
3. Ty White, PA
4. #6-Drew Garcia, MI
5. Joe Heyob, OH
6. #13-Ryan Harris, OH
7. David Peters-Logue, NC
8. Seth Williams, OH

182 Final:  #9-Sr. Zack Zavatsky (PA) dec. PG - Nicky Hall (NY), 5-2

Finals Highlight: Zavatsky scored in the second, then rode Hall the rest of the period.

1. #9-Zack Zavatsky, PA
2. Nicky Hall, NY
3. #20-Stephen Loiseau, PA
4. Rocco Caywood, OH
5. #19-Tom Sleigh, PA
6. #17-Tyler Wildmo, MI
7. #11-Tristan Sponseller, PA
8. Derek Hillman, MI

195 Final:   #2-Sr. Chip Ness (GA) dec. #4-Sr. Derek White (OK), 4-2

Finals Highlight: White was in on a deep shot in the first, but Ness did a split and eventually fought it off.

1. #2-Chip Ness, GA
2. #4-Derek White, OK
3. Tyler Worthing, PA
4. Drew Phipps, PA
5. Ralph Normandia, NJ
6. Michael Oxley, NJ
7. Corey Damiana, NJ
8. Wood Mancuso, NC

220 Final: #5-So. Jordan Wood (PA) md. Ian Butterbrodt (MA), 11-0

Finals Notes: Wood dominated from start to finish, winning a title as a Sophomore after taking 4th last year.

1. #5-Jordan Wood, PA
2. Ian Butterbrodt, MA
3. Matt Moore, GA
4. Vinny Feola, NY
5. Jake Gunning, PA
6. Ben Cruz, FL
7. #16-Trent Allen, NC
8. Antonio Pelusi, PA

HWT Final: #14-Sr. Patrick Garren (OH) dec. #15-Sr. Jesse Webb (VT), 2-1 UTB

Finals Highlight: You have to see the exchange that nearly took out the scorers’ table.

1. #14-Patrick Garren, OH
2. #15-Jesse Webb, VT
3. Austin Underwood, FL
4. Andrew Dunn, PA
5. Daniel Leon, FL
6. #16-Jake Scanlan, IA
7. Patton Gossett, SC
8. Dakota Bell, NC

By the Numbers:
56 - Number of ranked wrestlers that placed.
50 - Percentage of placers that are nationally ranked.
31 - Ranked wrestlers that didn’t place.
14 - Finalist for Pennsylvania. That’s half of all the finalists.
8 - Number of Champions that are seniors.
8 - Champions by Pennsylvania. More than half of the belt winners.
8 - Takedowns by Jason Nolf in a four minute span in the finals.
5.41 - Average rank of the 14 champions.
3 - Finals made in a row by Michael Kemerer. Next year he could join the exclusive club of 4x finalists. Only two others (Ashtin Primus, Joey Dance) have done it.
3 - Super 32 belts now owned by the Peppelman family.
3 - Number of this year's Super 32 Champions that competed in the PA AAA bracket at 160lbs last year: Peppelman (160), Marsteller (170), Zavatsky (182).
2 - Super 32 belts owned by the Massa family with Logan having one more year left.
2 - Number of titles won in a row by Sam Krivus. As just a junior, winning a title next year would make him one of only 6 to accomplish that feat at S32.
2 - Number of Champs that are Juniors.
2 - Number of Champs that are Sophomores.
2 - Number of Champs that are Freshmen.
0 - Offensive points that Chance Marsteller yielded.

Placers By State:
Pennsylvania - 29
Ohio - 16
New Jersey - 13
Michigan - 7
Florida - 7
New York - 6
Oklahoma - 6
Georgia - 5
North Carolina - 5
Minnesota - 2
Virginia - 2
Iowa - 2
Missouri - 2
Connecticut - 1
Nebraska - 1
Kentucky - 1
California - 1
Indiana - 1
Maryland - 1
Vermont - 1
South Carolina - 1
Massachusetts - 1 

Penn State Lineup Starting To Take Shape

Today at the Keystone Classic, there were two specific matches Penn State fans wanted to see: Brady Berge vs Jarod Verkleeren and Nick Nevills vs Anthony Cassar.

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Gable Steveson Set To Make Debut Against OK. State

285 lbs S - Christian Lance, NE-Unattached vs Gable Steveson, MN Unattached

The time has come for the redshirt to come off of Gable Steveson.

7 Reasons To Rock Out To #11 Lehigh vs #5 Michigan

174 lbs, q, Myle Amine, Michigan vs Jordan Kutler, Lehigh

Ladies and gentlemen, whom amongst you desires to rock? Because the Crisler Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is hosting a monster dual meet between two rad wrestling teams, the Moutain Hawks of Lehigh and hometown Wolverines.

U23 World Championships Update

97 kg Rr Rnd 1 - Kollin Moore, Ohio State vs Kyle Conel, Golden Pride WC

We're already most of the way through the U23 World Championships in Bucharest, Romania. Our Greco-Roman and women's freestyle teams have wrapped up their tournaments. Additionally, half the men's freestyle team had their preliminary matches today. Tomorrow will see the medal matches for those guys and prelims for the final five Americans, followed by medal matches for those last five weights on the ultimate day of the event. 

5 Reasons To Watch OK State vs Minnesota

285 lbs Dual - Rylee Streifel, Minnesota vs Derek White, Okst

The Oklahoma State road trip will head to Minnesota after taking on South Dakota State to get it’s dual meet season going. 

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2018-19 Preseason Girls National High School Rankings

USA Wrestling, FloWrestling and the National Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum are again partnered to create its preseason national rankings for high school girls wrestlers for the 2018-19 season.

What 2 Watch 4: There's Almost Too Much Wrestling This Weekend

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NCAA Week 3 Live On Flo

FloWrestling is streaming a plethora of wrestling events this weekend. Do you know what a plethora is? Well no worries, this link will make the definition crystal clear. 

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Why You Have To Watch Lindenwood Open

125 lbs Malik Heinselman vs Brakan Mead

You should definitely check out the entries for this year’s Lindenwood Open, taking a look at that will make you immediately set your alarm to make sure you don’t miss a second of the action starting Saturday morning.

Week 3 College Odds

165 lbs Consi of 4 - Evan Wick, Wisconsin vs Isaiah White, Nebraska

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BRACKASTROLOGY I: The First Brackastrology

125 lbs Final - Sean Fausz, NC State vs Daton Fix, UN-Oklahoma State

What is Brackastrology? It is an appeal to the stars for their celestial wisdom. It is an attempt by mere mortals to divine the future. It is two ding dongs, specifically Spey and Nomad, giving their best effort at projecting what the NCAA Tournament brackets will look like. 

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