Super 32

FlipsWrestling Super 32 Prediction Contest

FlipsWrestling Super 32 Prediction Contest

Oct 21, 2013 by David Williams
FlipsWrestling Super 32 Prediction Contest

Super 32 Confidence Ratings Contest
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It's too good!

The Super 32 is always a war. Who will run the gauntlet?

Everyone says they're an expert. FlipsWrestling wants to see who really is.

Confidence ratings are used to determine how sure you are that a wrestler you choose will win his weight class.

You'll make your picks in ten select weights and enter a number between 1-10. 10 will be your most confident pick. 1 will be your riskiest. You can not use the same number more than once.

 For each correct pick, your points will be totaled up. Your final entry should only have a number selcted next to TEN wrestlers names, and no number can be used twice.

Ex: If you rate Tommy Thorn a 10, the highest you can rank Jason Nolf is 9 since you already used your 10 rating.

The entry that has the highest point total will win an awesome pair of headphones from FlipsWrestling!

In honor of his return to competition, we'll provide the winner with a pair of these, as well as a Gorilla Hulk "Gotta Want It, Everyday" shirt. Frank Molinaro, obviously! 

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