London Medal Count

London Medal Count

Bloodround Heartache

Tony Rotundo Gabe Dean Jack Dechow

Losses are always tough to take. The most gut-wrenching losses come Friday night at the NCAA tournament. Years of hard work have allowed wrestlers to make the final twelve at the NCAA tournament. In each weight class four guys have to swallow the pill of being one match away from earning All American honors. It's a loss that sticks with guys, and a lot of them use the loss to fuel future success.

Joe McFarland Retiring From Michigan

Tony Rotundo joe.jpg

Courtesy of University of Michigan athletics department.

NCAA Championships: FINALS Live Updates!

Austin Bernard Nick Suriano Spencer Lee NCAAs 125 lbs, Semifinal, Nick Suriano, Rutgers vs Sebastian Rivera, Northwestern

Folks, we're down to one mat. Hard to believe that it'll all be over in a few hours. The last 5 sessions have been outstanding. The crowd has been electric. The anticipation is palpable. 

2018 NCAA Team Race

teamrace.jpg 2018 NCAA Championships Team Race Preview

Penn State did it again.

What Does Penn State Have To Do To Win?

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Heading into the finals of the 2018 NCAA championships, Ohio State holds a 130.5 to 124.5 lead over Penn State in the team race. Ohio State has two finalists to Penn State's five, with one head-to-head at 184 pounds.

NCAA Championships: Placement Matches Live Updates!

Tonny Rotundo Darian Cruz NCAAs 125 lbs Semifinal - Louie Hayes, Virginia vs Darian Cruz, Lehigh

Top o' the Saturday morning to everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying some delicious green beverages on this Day of St. Patrick as we figure out the placements of our All-Americans from 3rd through 8th. Finals are this evening. Today, we have one round of consolation semifinals, and then matches for 7th, 5th and 3rd. 

2018 NCAA Wrestling By the Numbers

Tony Rotundo Scottrade

As the tournament unfolds next week in Cleveland, we'll keep on adding stats, such as champions, finalists, and All-Americans by grade, state, conference, and various other differentiators. 

NCAA Championships: Semifinals Match Notes!

Tonny Rotundo Troy Heilmann NCAAs 149 lbs QF - Ke-Shawn Hayes, Ohio State vs Troy Heilmann, North Carolina

That mats are in the classic dog bone arrangement. Thats means its time for everyone's favorite, session 4 of the NCAA Championships!

11 Mind-Blowing Blood-Round Matches

Austin Bernard Dean Heil NCAAs 141 lbs Dean Heil, OKST vs Jaydin Eierman, MIZZ

Do you want to have your mind exploded and your faith in reality shattered into a billion tiny shards of consciousness? Then check out these insane blood-round matches at the 2018 NCAA Championships. These hammers have all taken one loss in Cleveland. One more and their dreams of All-American status is over. 

NCAA Championships: Quarterfinal Match Notes

Austin Bernard Micah Jordan NCAAs 157 lbs Jason Nolf, Penn State vs Michael Kemerer, Iowa

Is this the greatest quarterfinals round in NCAA Championship history? It looks pretty good on paper. We'll see very shortly if the action on the mat lives up to expectations. I'll keep you covered as best I can will live updates as the 2018 tournament kicks off Day 2 with thermonuclear session two.