FloNationals PreSeeds released

FloNationals PreSeeds released

This list is subject to change as weigh-ins are still looming Friday. Thanks to Josh Lowe at Intermatwrestle.com for all your help. Updated 3/27/12 at 8:37PM

106 pounds
1) Zahid Valencia (CA) – InterMat No. 1, state champion
2) Luke Pletcher (PA) – Super32 Challenge 4th
3) Jan Rosenberg (NJ) – state 3rd, Junior National double AA, NHSCA Jr’s champ
4) Lucas Malmberg (NY) – 2x state champ, NHSCA Jr’s 4th
5) Bobby Nachreiner (WI) – 3x state placer (runner-up this year), JN GR 2nd place
6) Nick Piccinnini (NY) – state champion
7) Scott Parker (PA) – state 4th
8) Isaiah Hokit (CA) – state 4th
9) A.C. Headlee (PA) – Cadet National FS 6th place
10) Jake Gromacki (PA) – state 6th
11) Angel Velasquez (CA) – NUWAY Vegas (FM) champion
*76 participants

113 pounds
1) J.R. Wert (VA) – 3x state champ, Super32 Challenge 3rd
2) Kyle Gliva (MN) – InterMat No. 13, 2x state champ, 2x Cadet FS 6th place
3) Jonas Gaytan (CA) – InterMat No. 14, 2x state placer (5th/2nd)
4) Emilio Saavedra (CA) – 2x state placer (3rd at 103/4th at 120), 2011 FloNationals champion
5) Sam Krivus (PA) – InterMat No. 20, state 3rd, Super32 Challenge 6th
6) Brandon James (IN) – state 3rd, Preseason Nationals champ, Cadet FS 8th place
7) Will Crisco (CT) – New England regional champion (120)
8) Mason Pengilly (CA) – 2x state placer (4th/5th), 2010 Cadet FS 5th place
9) Zach Hertling (NJ) – state 3rd (120)
10) Luis Gonzalez (NJ) – 2x state placer (2nd/4th)
11) William Koll (NY) – 2x state placer (2011 champ, 2012 3rd)
12) Tanner Shoap (PA) – 2x state placer (5th/7th)
13) Domenic Forys (PA) – InterMat No. 20 (106), state 3rd (106), FloNationals 6th place
14) Josh Newberg (WA) – 2x state champion, Cadet GR 7th place
15) Alex Elsea (TN) – Heart of Dixie and Prep Slam (FM’s) champion
16) Matt Noble (NJ) – Iron Horse Invitational (FM) champion
*71 participants

120 pounds
1) Godwin Nyama (PA) – InterMat No. 12, state champ/2x placer, FloNationals 3rd
2) Jason Nolf (PA) – InterMat No. 6 (113), 2x state placer (3rd at 113/1st at 103)
3) Ken Bade (MI) – 2x state champion/3x state placer, FloNationals 7th place
4) Garrison White (NC) – 3x state champion/4x finalist, FILA Cadet FS 3rd place
5) Ryan O’Boyle (MA) – 2x New England regional champion (126)
6) Zeke Moisey (PA) – 2x state placer (5th/2nd), 2x Super32 Challenge placer
7) Colton McCrystal (IA) – state champ/2x state finalist
8) Juan Torres (MN) – state champion
9) Ricky Carter (NJ) – 2x state placer (3rd/4th)
10) Anthony Giraldo (NJ) – 2x state placer (4th/5th)
11) Andrew Crone (WI) – 2011 state champion, CN double All-American
12) Victor Trujillo (CA) – state 6th
13) Corey McQuiston (PA) – Escape the Rock (FM) champion
14) Anthony Petrone (FL) – Prep Slam (FM) champion
15) Jordan Hart (NV) – Five Counties (FM) champion
*78 participants

126 pounds
1) Jeffrey Ott (MA) – InterMat No. 15, 3x National Prep placer (1st/3rd/2nd), FloNationals 4th, JN FS 3rd
2) Anthony Valencia (CA) – state champion, Cadet FS 3rd
3) Tyler Berger (OR) – 2x state champion (125/132), FloNationals 4th, Cadet FS 4th
4) Javier Gasca (CA) – state 3rd (132)
5) Nick Kelley (NY) – 2x state placer (4th at 130/3rd at 132), FloNationals 5th
6) Maverick Passaro (NY) – state champion, Super32 Challenge 8th
7) CJ Palmer (PA) – 2x state 3rd, NHSCA Jrs 5th
8) Brandon Brunner (TN) – 3x state champion
9) Sam Speno (NY) – 2x state 2nd
10) Nick Zanetta (PA) – state 2nd
11) Josh Maruca (PA) – state 5th
12) Gary Dinmore (NJ) – state 2nd
13) Nick Liguori (NJ) – 2011 state 4th
14) Billy Ward (NJ) – 2011 state 3rd
15) Mark West (NY) – 2010 state champion
*75 participants

132 pounds
1) Niko Villarreal (CA) – InterMat No. 12, 2x state placer (3rd/1st), Cadet FS 5th
2) Neal Molloy (IN) – 2x state placer/2011 state champ
3) Fox Baldwin (FL) – 2x state champion, FloNationals 5th place
4) Victor Lopez (CA) – 2x state placer (2nd 2010, 4th 2011)
5) Scott Del Vecchio (NJ) – state champion
6) Connor Lapresi (NY) – state champion
7) Jake Smith (CA) – 4x state placer (VA 1-3-2, CA 5), Super32 Challenge 7th place (126)
8) Joseph Galasso (PA) – National Prep 4th 2011, state 5th 2012
9) Christian Pagdilao (CA) – state 5th
10) Alex Yde (WI) – 2x state placer/2011 state champ
11) Dave Almavia (NY) – state 3rd (138)
12) Chad Walsh (NJ) – state 5th (138)
13) Matt Kibblehouse (DE) – 2x state champ
14) Josh Dutrow (PA) – state 4th
15) Jon-Jay Chavez (CA) – state 7th, Cadet GR champion
16) Frederick Perrine (NJ) – 2x National Prep placer (2x 7th place)
17) Xavi Ramos (NJ) – 2x National Prep placer (4th/8th)
18) Blayne Briceno (CA) – state 8th
19) Brock Zacherl (PA) – state 7th (138)
20) Joseph Esposito (NJ) – Mustang Classic (FM) champion
*69 participants

138 pounds
1) Alex Cisneros (CA) – InterMat No. 2 (132), 4x state finalist/3x state champion (2009-2011), 2x Super32
Challenge champion
2) Jake Short (MN) – InterMat No. 3 (145), 3x state champion, JN FS runner-up
3) Matt Cimato (PA) – InterMat No. 8, 2x state placer (3rd/4th), Super32 Challenge 4th place (145),
FloNationals 4th, 2x Junior FS All-American
4) Tony DeAngelo (NC) – InterMat No. 12, 2x state champion, Super32 Challenge 5th place, NHSCA Jrs
2nd/sophs champion
5) Willie Fox (CA) – InterMat No. 15 (145), state champion (145), NHSCA Jrs 3rd/sophs champion
6) Shayne Tucker (CA) – InterMat No. 17, 2x state placer (4th/2nd)
7) Mason Manville (MN) – state 3rd (152)
8) Tyler Hunt (NJ) – 2x state placer (4th/2nd)
9) Anthony Finochario (NY) – 2x state placer (3rd/2nd)
10) Corey Stasenko (NJ) – state 6th (145), Super32 Challenge 4th place
11) George Weber (MD) – 3x National Prep placer (6th at 120/5th at 130/3rd at 145)
12) Bryan Peralta (HI) – 2x state champion (152)
13) Jordan Henrickson (CO) – 2x state finalist/2012 state champ (145), NHSCA Jrs 5th
14) Jason Ladd (CA) – state 5th
15) Chad Pyke (GA) – Prep Slam (FM) champion
*65 participants

145 pounds
1) Joey Lavallee (NV) – InterMat No. 14, 3x state champion, Junior FS 5th, FILA Cadet FS champion
2) T.J. Fox (OH) – 3x state placer (7th/2nd/3rd), FloNationals 3rd place, 2010 Cadet double runner-up
3) Joey Moon (NC) – 2x state champion, NHSCA Jrs 4th
4) Chris Yankowich (PA) – 2x National Prep placer/2011 champion
5) Kevin Cooper (KY) – 2x state champion, Cadet FS 5th place
6) Logan Marcicki (MI) – 2011 state champion, CN double All-American
7) Cody Spinks (WV) – 2x state champion (145/152)
8) Wayne Stinson (NJ) – 3x state qualifier, Iron Horse Invitational (FM) champion
9) Myles Martin (NJ) – National Prep runner-up (152)
10) Jake Ryan (OH) – state 7th (138)
11) Nicholas Maselli (NJ) – state 6th (138)
*50 participants

152 pounds
1) Isaiah Martinez (CA) – InterMat No. 2, 3x state placer/2x state champion, FloNationals runner-up
2) Josh Llopez (MD) – InterMat No. 10, 2x state champion, Super32 champion, Cadet FS 3rd place
3) Nick Wanzek (MN) – InterMat No. 11, 3x state finalist/2x champion
4) Nick Becker (WI) – InterMat No. 12, 4x state placer/state champion, Preseason Nationals champion,
JN double 7th place
5) Hunter Gamble (GA) – 3x state finalist/state champion (160)
6) Isaiah Bradley (IN) – state champion
7) Peter Santos (CA) – state 5th (170)
8) Toby Hague (NJ) – 2x National Prep placer (7th at 140/2nd at 160), 2x Cadet FS All-American
9) Peter Renda (PA) – 2x state placer (5th/2nd)
10) Jason Fugiel (IL) – 2x state placer (2nd/3rd)
11) Nico Moreno (WA) – 2x state finalist/state champion
12) Alex Quinn (OH) – state 3rd
13) Dallas Poston (CA) – state 8th
*68 participants

160 pounds
1) Joey Davis (CA) – InterMat No. 2, 3x state finalist/2x state champion, FloNationals champion
2) Micah Barnes (MN) – InterMat No. 5 (170), 3x state finalist/state champion (170), JN freestyle 7th
3) Victor Pereira (CA) – InterMat No. 9, 3x state placer/2x runner-up, Super32 Challenge 4th place
4) Tyler Askey (GA) – 3x state champion (140/152/170), FloNationals 3rd
5) Phillip Bakuckas (NJ) – state runner-up
6) Cody Law (PA) – state runner-up, Cadet double All-American
7) Keaton Subjeck (CA) – 2x state placer (8th/5th)
8) Dakota Sizemore (OH) – state 3rd (152)
9) Kirk Johnson (IN) – 2x state placer (4th/3rd), Junior Greco-Roman 8th place
10) Francisco Colom (NJ) – 2x state 8th place (152)
*55 participants

170 pounds
1) Zach Nevills (CA) – InterMat No. 10, 4x state placer/state champ (5-2-3-1)
2) Steven Elicegui (NV) – InterMat No. 16, 2x state champion
2) Zach Zupan (NY) – 2x state placer/state champion, NHSCA Soph 2nd/Frosh champion
3) Tory Bennett (WV) – 4x state placer/3x state champion (160/171/182)
4) Shane Nelson (NJ) – 2x state placer (4th/2nd)
5) Jacob Taylor (PA) – state 3rd, Super32 Challenge 4th place
6) Geno Morelli (PA) – 2x state 5th (152/170), FloNationals 3rd, Super32 Challenge 6th place
7) Parker Vonegidy (NC) – 2x state champion, Super32 Challenge 6th place, Cadet FS runner-up
8) Shayne Brady (NY) – state runner-up
8) Forrest Przybysz (GA) – 3x state champion (160/171/182), Super32 Challenge 7th place, NHSCA Jrs 6th
9) Connor Moran (PA) – 2x state placer (5th/4th)
10) Adrian Salas (CA) – 2x state placer (7th/4th)
11) Brian Dorsey (TX) – 2x state placer (3rd/2nd)
12) Aaron Rothwell (WI) – Preseason Nationals runner-up (182), Cadet National double 4th place
13) Blaze Shade (NJ) – state 5th place
14) Spencer Neff (MD) – National Prep 5th place (182)
*44 participants

182 pounds
1) Nikko Reyes (CA) – InterMat No. 5, 3x state placer/2x state champion, NHSCA Jrs and Soph champion
2) Kevin Beazley (MI) – InterMat No. 15, 3x state placer/state champion (189), FloNationals runner-up,
Super32 Challenge 7th place, JN Greco-Roman runner-up
3) Ryan Wolfe (DE) – InterMat No. 18, 2x state finalist/state champion, Beast of the East champion
4) Raymond O’Donnell (PA) – 2x state placer (4th at 171/3rd at 195), Cadet double All-American (Greco-
Roman champion)
5) Chris Jastrzebski (PA) – state 5th place, NHSCA Jrs 8th
6) Trevor Smith (CA) – state 6th
*39 participants

195 pounds
1) Gage Harrah (IL) – InterMat No. 5, 4x state placer/2x state champion, 2x JN freestyle All-American
2) Dylan Devine (MD) – 2x National Prep placer (3rd/2nd)
3) Troy Mercer (TX) – 2x state placer (3rd/2nd), Super32 Challenge 8th place
4) Jeremy Sweany (CA) – state 8th place, Cadet GR 8th place
5) Tyler Rios (NJ) – 2011 state 4th place
6) Jerry Thornberry (OH) – 2011 state 8th place
7) Juan Hernandez (CA) – Five Counties (FM) champion
*34 participants

220 pounds
1) Kyle Snyder (MD) – InterMat No. 1, 2x National Prep champion, Cadet double All-American (freestyle
2) Nick Nevills (CA) – InterMat No. 8 (285), 2x state placer/2011 state champion (285)
3) Spencer Empey (NV) – InterMat No. 15, 2x state champion, NHSCA sophomore runner-up
4) Roy Lucas (NJ) – state 3rd
5) Zach Chakonis (NJ) – state 6th
6) Patrick Kopczynski (NY) – state 4th
7) Kody Bellamy (OH) – state 3rd
8) JJ Everard (CA) – Five Counties (FM) champion
9) Derek Jones (CA) – NUWAY Vegas (FM) champion
10) Carter Shipley (FL) – Prep Slam (FM) champion
*32 participants

285 pounds
1) Nick Tavanello (OH) – InterMat No. 9, 4x state placer/3x state champion
2) Dink Purnell (DE) – InterMat No. 11, 2x state champion
3) Alex Soutiere (NY) – state 2nd
4) Cole Lampman (NY) – 2x state placer (5th/3rd)
5) Chuck Boddy (PA) – National Prep 3rd
6) Skip Conner (MI) – state 3rd
7) Patrick Elflein (OH) – Medina Invitational (FM) champion
8) Cory Quintana (NY) – Iron Horse Invitational (FM) champion
*21 participants

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